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Submissive Wife- Sprung by Hubby!  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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5/6/2020 6:46 pm
Submissive Wife- Sprung by Hubby!

The atmosphere of the night really changed for me when hubby walked into the room. I was being showered in cum by three men all jerking off over my face whilst straddling Mathew on the floor with his cock deep inside my pussy and waiting for their turn to also fuck me yet again was Nick and Brad, guys I had only met that night! That’s when hubby walked through the front door and saw what was going on but he wasn’t upset at me for fucking his work friend again and his four mates, he was upset because I had done it behind his back!

I wanted to make hubby feel jealous because he had been ignoring me but I didn’t expect the reaction from him I received. I hadn’t planned to be sprung by hubby at all and was going to tell him what I did later to get him to give me more attention so when hubby saw me, it looked like his head was about to explode! I hadn’t planned anything either but being at home all by myself with hubby gone for so long days and nights working I was feeling very lonely and horny. I was online with a bottle of wine looking for men to meet and one bottle turned into two and yes, I was quite tipsy and horny. Then out of nowhere I thought of Mathew who was the guy I was with a short while ago who was right into the rough sex scene with his friend which I did immensely enjoy.

I found his number in hubby’s little sex book of contacts and called him pretending it was a work matter, which he saw through pretty quickly and promptly worked out I was horny and just wanted sex so after a short chat I had somehow agreed to letting him and four of his friends to meet at my place for a little play time fun.

Hubby is always really late home from work so it didn’t bother me they would be arriving when he was due home but I suppose I should’ve told hubby but was in one of my bitch moods so felt why should I tell him. Mathew arrived first then in a space of around twenty minutes the other four showed up too. Mathew was definitely the dominant male and Justin and Nick very similar in build and attitude with Dan and Brad still arrogantly confident but much more sexually considerate. Once the last to arrive showed none of them wasted a minute further before having sex with me. I was sitting on the couch with my wine in hand feeling quite tipsy and very horny dressed in my skimpy little black dress surrounded by five men all licking their lips and ready to pounce for sex.

I was wanting to have a few more wines and maybe chat a little to get to know more of Mathews friends but didn’t get that chance. Mathew being as he is took the wine from my hand and set it down on the table then picked up my petite tiny frame and sat me down on his lap straddling his cock. I started to giggle a little when he hurriedly pulled his cock from his trousers then grabbed me by the hips and pushed me down over his very adequately sized hard erect cock. I felt it slide inside me filling my pussy making my entire body tremble as all my senses started tingling. I looked around at the other guys watching on and could tell in their eyes they were very excited and sexually stimulated watching my petite well shaped body being impaled by Mathews sizable cock and enjoying the response I was giving as he bounced my body up and down the shaft of his circumcised thick veined cock. I was wetter than wet and two of them even commented at how seriously responsive I was to the sex saying they have never seen a chick “Go off” the way I was reacting.
I just couldn’t help myself screaming out and clutching onto Mathew as he spoke dirty to me telling me what a dirty little I was and he was going to fuck my ass next and watch his friends use me like a complete slut. They all kept saying “C’mon slut, ride his cock harder!” The derogative, demeaning verbal abuse was non stop from all five of them and so was the physically torturous painful sex. I was bouncing on Mathews cock and the others kept grabbing my nipples and pulling and twisting them really hard making me scream out and winch from the pain. The more intensely I responded the more enjoyment they received laughing at my discomfort and pain which only made the sex even more intense for me keeping me right on the brink of gushing.

Mathew hadn’t cum yet when Justin came up behind me and with one hand leaning on my back and the other on his cock, he slowly filled my ass. The angles were all wrong and it hurt like hell as they brutally tore me apart going at it as hard and fast as they could fucking me like excited dogs! I threw my head back in pain knocking Justin in the face then he grabbed me by the hair and aggressively pulled my head back as he fucked me in the ass with Mathew still holding me by the hips and bouncing me over his cock. They kept looking at each smirking as they both took great pleasure in making it as painful for me as they could and listening to me screaming out begging for them to stop.

The deafening screaming, I was doing along with the desperate pleading for them to stop only seemed to excite them all even more!

Nick jumped up on the couch and grabbed my head forcing my mouth over his cock and started making me gag on his cock while Mathew and Justin were still fucking me in the ass and pussy. I was being pulled in every direction and not one of them cared a bit at how the sex was for me and were only interested in how much they were enjoying it. I felt so used and disrespected by the way these guys were treating me but I truly felt I deserved to be treated this way by them because I am worthless to them other than for them to use me for sex. I let men treat me this way because I enjoy being treated this way and deserve to be treated like this because as my hubby always says, I am only alive to pleasure him and every other male I meet, to let them enjoy me in any way they please.

Then Dan and Brad joined in behaving like excited puppies wanting to fuck me too. I think originally, they only came along to watch but I think the way I was reacting so very intensely to the sex was just too much for them to stand idly by anymore and not be part of the fun. I was abruptly dragged away from Mathew and Justin by Nick as he held be by the hair and literally pulled me out from between them. I was confused at first and didn’t know what he wanted with me but his strength and the pain of him pulling my hair was my guide. He pulled me to the end of the couch and lay me down on my stomach with my head over the edge then demanded I get up on my knees and held my head in position against the couch arm. Brad and Dan and Mathew then started taking turns fucking me from behind while Justin and Nick were face fucking me as fast and as hard as they could.

They stood next to each other grabbing me by the hair and fucked my mouth forcing their cocks down my throat while the other three were taking turns fucking my ass and pussy from behind. The entire time I was being pinned down by their weight upon my back or some other physical force preventing me from moving. I could barely catch my breath and really had no idea what to expect from any of them as they all just individually whatever they wanted with me but all at the same time. They were verbally abusing me, calling me a cunt, a slut, telling me to move here or there and put me in a heap of different position and fucked me with such contempt it felt like I was just a fuck cushion for them to cum all over.

I didn’t even realise hubby was standing there watching until the guys just suddenly stopped fucking me and a deafening silence fell upon the room like a cloud of doom. My heart simply sank and I suddenly started to tremble a little because I knew I was in serious trouble with hubby. He just glared at me and went straight to the bedroom, probably to calm down a bit. I didn’t want them to leave but the guys thought it would be best and left me there alone to face the wrath of my hubby who was still in the bedroom.

I put my clothes back on and wiped my face clean of cum, then just waited in silence in the lounge expecting hubby to come out and be seriously angry at me for what I did. He came out of the bedroom and made me wait for a very long time while he did his things before he finally spoke to me and when he did he simply said in a very calm precise tone and manner “I am not upset, just disappointed and you know how much I dislike being disappointed by you so from now on things will change for you” Then he went out again and left me there on my own and didn’t come back until the next day.

I obviously hurt him deeply and so will have to make amends, but how is obviously a mystery at the moment but no doubt I will find out soon enough.

Cum_Happy 107M
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5/7/2020 3:07 am

What a turn on! You had me ready to cum in my pants from the first paragraph, and my little dick has been dripping from then on. By the time I read your slut story, it was dripping precum so much I could hardly lick it from my fingers fast enough.
Thanks! Can't wait, but will cum for more.

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olderozman050 64M
117 posts
5/6/2020 9:12 pm

Great Story! Cant wait for the next installment!

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