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Submissive Wife- The Deceitful Party Girl  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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4/14/2020 7:21 pm
Submissive Wife- The Deceitful Party Girl

We were at Ricks place mixing with his revolving group of friends at one of his regular Friday drinks night he has with his mates. It is always more like an open invite for anyone to drop by, drink, take other things and try to hook up with any female brave enough to be seen there. Hubby used to always take me there and it was common knowledge that after a few drinks I would become the good time party girl for everyone to share. At that early stage hubby was still very over bearing and extremely possessive and protective of me, scared I would become emotionally involved with someone else and want more than just the sex.

I was outside sitting at a table with a bunch of Ricks friends having a drink wearing my black dress which is quite revealing but not obscene either. It is a short length tight fitting black dress, thin cotton material, nothing special about it except I did have the front buttons undone down to the bottom of my boobs giving quite an abundance of skin for everyone to look at and enjoy. Compared to other things I have worn out this was quite a casual tame dress just perfect for these fun nights at Ricks gatherings.

Hubby was inside while I had been sitting at this table outside in the patio area getting quite friendly with Josh who I had seen around but never actually had a chance to talk with and I found him to be quite an interesting and funny guy. He wasn’t like the other guys who only ever seem to want to fuck and that’s as far as it goes with them, Josh seem to be genuinely interested in what I had to say and I felt we definitely had a connection there above just the physical. We became quite comfortable with each other sitting outside together and drank for a very long time blocking out everyone else around us almost like we were the only two there that night.

I was really very captivated by this guy and to look at he seemed to be nothing special, just another out of shape guy around his mid-thirties, a scruffy black beard but he had really kind looking brown eyes and very big hands! I was really infatuated with this guy and was hoping he wanted to take me somewhere quiet for a little fun play time but he just didn’t seem that interested and seemed more concerned drinking and mixing things than he was in wanting to fuck me. Then I thought maybe he was gay and not into women but he kept perving down my top at my breasts and there was definitely a physical magnetism there between us.

I was a little confused because this guy showed all the signs he was right into me but was so stand offish as well like he was playing a game with me as some sort of test. We were sitting right next to each other and very close, almost close enough to kiss and even our legs were pressed against each other as we sat in the tight circle around the table with the rest of the men there.

All he had to do was touch me and I would have been his to take and eventually he did, he was very laid back about it and just put his arm around my shoulder leaning into me with his other hand on my leg and asked what the situation was with hubby and myself.

He told me he had heard rumours about hubby and me and heard that I was freely available for any man to fuck at these gatherings. I couldn’t deny it so I just admitted to being the party slut for hubby because that’s what he enjoyed. I could see his mind ticking over then he said to me, so if your husband wanted you to give everyone at this table a blowjob would you do it?

The other men at the table started to join in on our conversation and instantly volunteered to offer me their cocks to suck too. I started to nervously giggle because I knew I was supposed to get hubby’s permission first and at that time he was very strict about that! They were all pressuring me to give everyone at the table a blowjob but I kept playfully saying no I can’t but of course, deep down I really wanted to give them a blowjob but was just scared how hubby might react.

Josh kept hugging me with his arm around me kind of pushing me down toward his cock saying go on, hubby won’t know, with the other five guys at the table all eagerly agreeing. I really did want to suck Josh’s cock because I had heard he has a really nice one but I was also really scared of hubby’s possible reaction. I put my hand on Josh’s crutch and could feel his cock moving under the material of his trousers from my gentle light stroking with my fingers. I was getting excited, really excited as I huddled into josh’s body with his arm around me and my hand on his cock with the other men at the table watching me with wide eyes and gaping mouths, holding their breath in in anticipation to see if I would actually suck Josh’s cock!

I poised for a little while teasing Josh, still gently touching his cock and nestling into his body and slowly sinking lower and lower bringing my head slowly toward his cock. He slid his chair back a little to give me more room, leaned back and undid his zipper and belt. I kept saying to him I really shouldn’t be doing this but with every word I sank lower and lower letting myself slide from my chair to kneel in front of him. He pushed his chair back a little more and pulled out his very beautiful circumcised large lengthy cock.

I held it in my hand, slowly stroking it and looking up at him asking him not to make me do this because of how much trouble I can be in with hubby. He just smiled and softly told me to suck his cock, then gently pushed me on the back of my head guiding my mouth over his cock. I tried to resist a little but couldn’t, I loved the beauty of his cock, it stood so strongly and proud, a beautifully veined large pink cock already pulsating a stream of pre cum down the shaft onto my hand. I licked the pre cum from his cock like I would lick a melting ice cream. I looked up at him once more begging him not to make me suck his cock and this time in a stern low voice commanded me to suck it!

The guy sitting next to him reached behind me and started to finger fuck my pussy pulling me onto Josh’s cock then his cock effortlessly slid into my mouth. The taste so delightfully yummy and smelt amazingly wonderful with his hairless cock and balls looking so appealing compared to many others I have sucked. I looked up at him and his eyes rolled back along with his head then slumped in the chair. I had one hand cupped around his hairless balls feeling a little like the skin of a hairless cat and my other hand gently stroking the shaft of his cock with my mouth engulfing the head of his cock as I lovingly moved my tongue and lips over the sensitivity of the head in a circular motion.

I could hear Josh getting really excited with what I was doing for him but I couldn’t stop thinking about hubby and how wrong it was. I felt so bad and I stopped, telling Josh I really shouldn’t be doing this but he was just so convincing and kept convincing me to continue. The other men at the table were in awe at how skilled I was at giving head and were jumping out of their chairs to watch me wrap my lips and tongue over Josh’s sizable cock. Another two sat on either side of Josh and unleashed their firm erect cocks for me to suck and all three were amazed at how good I was at giving head.

I was so worried about hubby I hid under the table making sure I was hidden from view from anyone else there because if he found out the consequences would have been severe. I finally made all five guys cum and swallowed every drop of what they had to give and about forty minutes later hubby came out looking for me, absolutely furious, accusing me of being a saying some guy was inside bragging about some slut giving everyone a blowjob. Hubby knew it was me, but I vigorously denied it and because he was so mad even the guys still with me at the table vouched for me saying I had been there drinking the whole time but what they left out was that I had been drinking their cum the whole time!

I think back then hubby wasn’t feeling that secure about us because I was running a little wild and being very difficult for him to control. I must confess I was being a totally deceitful bitch and had sex with many men without him knowing anything about it. We had a huge fight that night about it in front of everyone and he ended up storming out and leaving me there on my own.

A big mistake on hubby’s behalf because I didn’t go back home for three days and being the spiteful bitch I was back then because of the growing pains we had in our developing relationship, I fucked almost every male that visited Ricks place during that time and there were a lot of men who visited especially when word had circulated about what had happened.

Every night I was the party slut for everyone to share and it was only on the fourth day when hubby came by to apologise I stopped being the local free and went back to being hubby’s obedient submissive wife, but that didn’t last long until I once again strayed at a bar we were at only a week later.

geeguy7778 43M
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4/15/2020 7:46 pm

Love your stories. Thanks

RobK2006 53M
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4/15/2020 3:02 am

I have an absolute raging hard-on from reading this. My cock is pretty much aching it is so hard.

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