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Jessygirl23 28F  
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4/4/2021 7:13 am

It had been a while since I was allowed to see Tyrone or any of his friends although I still secrectly kept in touch messaging or talking to them and they were always wanting me to come over for a visit.

Hubby had forbidden me to ever see them again but despite his demands it was almost impossible not to bump into them especially at the local shops because of how close they were to where we lived. I think that's why I stayed in touch because it just isn't in my nature to shut people out like that and besides I wasn't the one who was upset at them because for me I actually really missed the sex.

I was recently on my way to my girlfriends place to head out for a meal so I stopped on the way to some beverages at the local shop. I was in the isle looking at what I wanted to get when I heard someone call out my name and when I turned around I saw these two very tall, muscular and physically intimidating looking dark skinned men standing behind me. It was two of Tyrones friends and the last time I saw these guys I was kneeling on the floor at the end of a bed and bound to the bed end in Tyrones room being gang fucked them and a heap of their friends. I was left there tied to the bed and used all of them throughout the entire night and when they had finally finished with me I was absolutely shattered and had been torn to pieces every one of them over and over!

I couldn't remember their names and was too embarrassed to ask because they seemed to know me very well. They were very friendly and followed me out to the car where we kept chatting and they obviously weren't aware I had been banned from seeing them because they kept asking if I could come to catch up with everyone. I wanted to but felt it would be wrong if I did although to me these guys were super sexy and just talking to them was getting me excited. They kept saying everyone would be there and would love to see me and deep down I did want to go but had already promised my girlfriend we would go out so I told them I might come later.

My girlfriend and I went out and had a meal followed a few drinks and the whole time I was getting a heap of messages from Tyrone and his friends asking me to drop so those guys I bumped into obviously told everyone about seeing me. I really did want to drop but if hubby found out I would be in so much trouble! I came up with an excuse for my girlfriend to leave early and headed straight for Tyrones place and I was super excited about seeing him again especially after reading all the messages he sent me because it sounded like he really missing me too. I sat in my car outside his house for a long time before I mustered up the courage to go in and even then I was still thinking of running away when I was walking down the long driveway from the street. The front yard and street was packed with vehicles and from the music blaring there was definitely something going on! I was at the front door checking how I looked one last time and instead of just walking in I messaged Tyrone to let him know I was at the front door and to my surprise several minutes later he was at the door welcoming me inside.

All his friends were there, some girlfriends and others and everyone was having a really great time which was something I really missed with these guys. I had only intended to stay for a little while and be back home before hubby became suspicious but once the drinks started to flow and things were mixed I totally lost track of time and once again I fell back into my old habits which only strengthened my reputation of being a slut and I became the focus of conversation. I didn't realise just how popular I was with his friends because they were really glad to see me again and couldn't keep their hands off my body.

At first everyone was just friendly and flirting with me as men usually do but then slowly the flirting became a little more seriously directed by the majority of the men and before I knew what was going on I was well on my way to becoming the party slut! Yes, I was a little drunk and yes, I had been my usual self flirting and yes, I wasn't rejecting any of the suggestions or blatant groping they were doing but I didn't go there for sex although in the back of my mind I knew it was a definite possibility. There were several guys there that I was quite attracted too and as the atmosphere of the night slowly shifted from being just friendly and flirting to becoming more sexual I started seriously considering hooking up with these guys. I didn't want to be doing any of that bondage stuff these guys were right into but I would have definitely be saying yes to some good hard straight sex!

The guy I was really into was this very tall well built slim man who was a lot quieter than the others like a mystery man. A deep thinker who didn't say much but did as he wanted. I was definitely drawn to him and he made me feel safe with his hot body and amazing smile towering over me. Despite all that was going on around us in the we were kind of drawn to each other and we did kiss and I did let him fondle my body quite a lot in front of the others. I sat on his lap most of the time kissing and when we did kiss his hands were all over my breasts and inbetween my legs teasing my pussy but it was only him I let do these things to me. I didn't care amongst these guys I was flagrantly displaying myself in front of others as this guy took advantage of my care free state of mind. I didn't mind that he pulled my dress partially down to expose my breasts and offered me to other guys to fondle them and lick my nipples. I loved the attention, I loved the arousal and I loved being a cock teasing sexual extrovert for these guys and amazingly enough I didn't end up having sex with anyone there but I think that's because Tyrone wouldn't allow it.

I was about to leave to go back home but I had drunk way too much and thought I had better not drive so ended up getting a lift with a few of Tyrones friends who were on their way out anyway. These guys were just guys who I could either take them or leave them but because I was drunk I was still being a big flirt. There were six of us squashed into this tiny car and I ended up in the middle of the back seat sitting on this guys lap.

I had been drinking, I was now seriously horny and I had definitely been sexually flirtatious all night with these guys and others so it didn't surprise me the second I was in the car I was being groped in the back seat all the way to my place. I was in the car with five young horny men who all knew how big a slut I can be and they knew when I'm drunk and horny I will fuck almost anyone! At first I was playfully pushing their hands away when they kept grabbing at my boobs but because I couldn't go anywhere and all three guys in the back seat where groping me it was only a matter of minutes before their hands were down the top of my dress and they had their hands all over my boobs stimulating my nipples into a hard sensative state. I instantly started to really enjoy what they were doing and just let it happen. Their hands just as quickly found their way up my dress too and in minutes their probing fingers were all over and inside my pussy. I was really enjoying this and just spread my legs and relaxed leaning back into the guy whose lap I was sitting on. The whole minutes or so it took to drive back to my place these guys were all over me making me feel as horny as hell and the time we arrived in my drive way my pussy was saturated and they still weren't finished with me yet!

When we stopped in my driveway I tried to get out but they kept pulling me back into the car and slipping their fingers inside my pussy which felt absolutely amazing and I simply couldn't resist because of how good it felt. I quickly ended up sitting in the back seat with the top half of my dress pulled down to my waist with my legs spread wide watching these five guys all positioned around me in the car finger my pussy altogether. I had all these fingers stuffed in my pussy stretching my pussy in all directions and I had to kept asking them to please just do it one at a time but of course they didn't listen to me and just kept telling me to shut up! Even being as rough as they were it still felt incredibly good or maybe the roughness was why I was enjoying it so much! I was slumped down in the middle of the back seat, with my legs spread as wide as I could spread them with my knees against the back of the front seats looking down at my pussy and watching these guys taking turns plunging half their hands inside my pussy. I watched them take turns to slide all four fingers and the thumb inside my wet sloppy mess right up to their wrists and keep trying to go even further. The interior light was on because the doors were open and I could see my saturated pussy glisten in the light and all this was happening in the driveway right outside of my lounge room and I knew hubby was in the there because I could see the lights were on and I could hear the TV. All he had to do was open the front door and he would have been able to easily see everything that was going on inside the car! I think it may have also being the thought of taking such a of easily getting caught whilst having sex with these guys I knew I shouldn't be with, was making me so hot for them to keep doing what they were doing. I was so worked up I was panting from the sexual excitement and these guys liked to make it rough which made the whole thing feel even more intense.

I knew that they had no respect for me at all and to them I was just another slut willing to give them my body for free because of the size of their cocks. They didn't care if hubby came out and the way they handled me it was easy to work out they cared even less about me. I was scared shitless of getting caught by hubby with these guys and after many attempts I finally managed to get out of the car but it didn't stop there. Every time I told them to stop because I had to get inside they would just start talking loudly so I would have to let them do what they wanted with me. I was at my front door now trying to get the key into the slot to open the front door and it was hard enough to do being so drunk but with five guys all over me trying to drag me back to the car made it impossible! My dress was hanging off my shoulder because the strap had been snapped so my breasts were just bouncing around loose under the material and half exposed. I was pinned up against the wall right next to my front door with my back against the wall trying to be as quiet as I could with my legs spread and these five guys all finger my pussy as hard as they could, one after another, without giving me a seconds break and as they each had their turns they would come in close to me and say horrible things to me in a really aggressively mean tone and the most common thing they kept saying was they weren't letting me go until they decided they have had enough!

They then held me up my legs with one guy either side of me, my back against the wall with the other three taking turns to shove their hands as far inside my pussy as they could and be as rough as they could whilst doing it. I couldn't breathe because all I could do was pant and every time they slapped my swollen super sensative swollen clitoris which felt more like a punch it made me want to scream out but I had to grit my teeth and hold it in so hubby wouldn't hear.

I could still hear the TV going and I could even hear hubby moving about and I was just so glad he obviously couldn't hear us outside. I was finally let down and then they insisted on wanting to come inside to fuck me and I really started to freak out! I told them no and because they now knew I didn't want hubby to know I was with those guys they took advantage of that and threatened to make heaps of noise again. I didn't want them to fuck me right outside my own front door but these guys were bastards and insisted on doing it right there. Luckily the front light hadn't been left on so no one would probably see us from the street but there was still always that chance someone could walk by along the path that was only meters away. I begged and pleaded for them to fuck me somewhere else instead and promised they could do whatever they wanted with me. It took me a lot to convince them to do this but they finally agreed to take me to a nearby park. This park was a two minute drive away and the parking area was reasonably dark and private. I was excited but also annoyed at myself for being so foolish and trusting of these guys especially after already knowing what they are like with women like myself.

As soon as we stopped in a corner of the off street car park I was taken out of the car and promptly sat on the bonnet. One of the guys started to kiss me and I undid his pants and in seconds I had his beautiful big black cock in my hand. I started to stroke his cock while he kept kissing me and in no time at all it was fully erect. This enormous black throbbing muscle in my hand feeling so warm and hard squashed between our bodies as I stroked the full length from tip to base. He took me off the bonnet and turned me around bending me over the bonnet and lifting my dress up over my waist to expose my very ready wet pussy between my widely spread legs just waiting for his cock to enter me from behind. I felt him place his hand on my ass then I felt his enormous cock pressed against my pussy then I could feel it spread my pussy apart and fill my body inside. I knew that they all had large cocks but this guys cock was on a level all on its own. Without any exaggeration it was as big as a cock and as he slipped it further inside me working the full length and massive girth into my pussy stretching it past its natural expansion I could do nothing more than flail about on the bonnet. I couldn't even scream because I was just in way too much pain and I just held my breath and winced as he held me tightly the hips and pushed this thing inside my body splitting my pussy into two halves!

He finally worked this thing fully inside me and started to fuck me hard and to the amusement of the others watching I screamed out with every hard thrust of his massive cock feeling like I was being fucked an elephants cock with a sharp tip because the pain I felt deep inside my body was simply excruciatingly mind numbing. He fucked me bent over the bonnet for a long time without cumming until some of the others became impatient and wanted to fuck me too. They kept me bent over the bonnet of the car swapping with each other because now they were running late for where they needed to be and just wanted to fuck me, cum and then leave. The first guy had stretched my pussy so much I honestly couldn't even feel the other guys inside me and they themselves were quite large. Each and every one of them cum deep inside my pussy and were proud of their efforts to leave me barely able to stand when the last one finally cum. I had cum trickling down my legs and when I stood up it just poured out of me like a flowing river and I had to use my dress to wipe myself.

I assumed they would give me a lift back home but those bastards said they were running really late and left me there to make the ten minute walk back to my place myself. That wasn't the first time that had happened to me so I almost expected it and when I did finally make it home and snuck into the bathroom to shower all I could think about was how much I will be dreading going back the next day to collect my car and of course, as usual, the overwhelming guilt got to me and I told hubby what I did the next day.

Sircumsalot0001 40M
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4/4/2021 11:55 am

Great read

Leegs2012 49M  
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4/4/2021 10:08 am

Very HOT!! I adore you!!

Sub4yourneeds 47M
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4/4/2021 10:04 am

Sounds like you really enjoyed it. You should be able to truly enjoy and your husband should not mind either!!

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