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Who's Next?  

Jessygirl23 27F  
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10/14/2020 5:12 am
Who's Next?

There is a little more to my last blog than I let on because I still feel just a little embarrassed about the whole thing.

I was bound to a wooden coffee table, my thighs strapped around the legs of the table with tightly fastened leather belts. I was on my knees, bent over the table, with my wrists bound together under the table making it impossible for me to move. I was completely at the mercy of my sexually deviate hubby, my shaven pussy bulging out for him to use and was actually really quite enjoying being fucked with the long thick cane he was using to tease, torture and torment my mind and body.

I thought it was just going to be him and myself for a little playtime but after hubby had whipped my red sore bottom numerous times, fucked me with the very same cane and tormented my mind with sexual threats of giving me to a group of men, he then left the room and actually came back in with a group of men!

When I saw them come in I just froze and tensed up straight away. I recognized some of them who Hubby had let play with me before and they were complete bastards with me. There were six of them and as they walked into the room and saw me there bent over and strapped to the table they would clap their hands or rub them in excited anticipation or make some disgusting vulgar comments about how they were going to destroy my pussy.

At first, I was petrified! Hubby had left the room and I had been left in this room with six men who hubby had promised me too. At first they just stood around looking at me, then a few came a little closer and started to touch me. Slowly moving their hands over my body, feeling my pussy, my legs and everything else they could get too. If I wasn't so nervous and scared it would have felt incredibly sensual but instead it felt kind of creepy. I was completely vulnerable with my pussy totally accessible and bound to a table in a room full of sexually sadistic minds. I was their gift, a gift given to them by hubby, a gift for them to use and abuse for their pleasure until hubby decided I have had enough and takes me back.

My entire body started to quiver from sheer fear but yet I could also feel my pussy starting to moisten and become exceedingly sensative. I was being lightly touched, teased by all of them, showing me the massive dildos, vibrators, whips and restraints they had brought with them.

My mind was going crazy and not having hubby there controlling everyone was simply terrifying! These guys were all over me behaving in such a sexually addictive way, like animals feeding on my flesh, feeding off each others sexually dominant sadistic and aggressive nature. I could feel the tension building inside them as they edged closer to doing the things with me that they really wanted and it felt like they were trying their best to out do each other.

Before hubby left the room he told me to make sure I was a good girl for his friends and I know exactly what that means, meaning don't disappoint any of them by complaining or saying no to any of them and like I had a choice anyway!

Leegs2012 48M
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10/14/2020 11:26 am

Whoa!! Some nice erotic gathering! HOT!!

allgud69xxx 47M
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10/14/2020 8:53 am

Sounds like hubby definitely had a plan in mind for you. I wonder what else he might have (had?) dreamed up. I personally would put a catch basin between your legs, to catch all of your dripping wetness, plus whatever-else eventually cums out of your pussy ... guess who’s drink it all up, after the “fine gentleman” have had their fill of you? Or, are done filling you up ...

I must admit, the part about fucking you with the cane sounds like fun. And, pussy is veeeery nice, but what about your other tight, little hole? Imaging you strapped down like that, ass red, and a cane sticking out of you is quite a mental image. I would definitely take a picture of that!

“Who’s next”? Well, depending on what you want, I could be enticed...

Nice story. Thx for sharing.

-- allgud69xxx

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profcoquin27bis 56M
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10/14/2020 7:00 am

splendid gift !!!

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