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Submissive wife
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What would you consider excessive?
Posted:Feb 22, 2022 6:39 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2022 9:23 pm

I went out with a group of girlfriends a while ago and the topic of how many partners you had came up broken down into how many in one night, one week, one year and in your whole life time.

I deliberately didn't go first and was so glad I held back because I had to tone my quantities right down and just flat out lied about the real of sexual partners I had in all the categories!

My question is,

What would you consider be a reasonable amount of sexual partners for an average single in her twenties in one year?
Four to six
Seven to ten
Eleven to twenty
Twenty to thirty
7 Comments , 56 votes
Submissive Wife- Quivering
Posted:Feb 14, 2022 1:35 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 3:44 pm

I was on my hands and knees reaching out for hubby in front of me feeling like I had just run a hundred miles because I was panting so hard I could barely breathe then suddenly my mind was so consumed with pain all I could focus on was the intensity of it and the whole time wishing it would stop!

I was on all fours being fucked abruptly hard from behind with this incredibly thick fourteen inch dildo feeling more like I was being double penetrated by horses which were slowly splitting my petite delicate body into two halves. I could feel the massive girth stretching me open as it was pushed deep inside my pussy and as much as I was trying not to I couldn't stop howling out and tensing up as each hard thrust was powerfully and forcibly thrust into my shaking body. I kept begging for him to slow down but all I could hear was the roar of the men around me yelling at the guy fucking me with this thing to go deeper!

I knew I shouldn't have gone to Nicks house with his friends over for their ritualistic drunken drug fuelled boys night but loyalty to my hubby compelled me to do as I was asked by him. This wasn't the first time I had been used for sex by Nick's friends and with hubby's blessing and especially when hubby is in one of his moods and needing to watch me submit to his friends sexually depraved ways. I was tempting fate just being there and in the back of my mind just knew I was going be used by them and in a weird sense was also hoping it would happen but at the same time felt petrified at that thought but as usual just too meek to speak up and make my feelings be known to hubby. On these type of nights I have learned it is best just to accept being hubbys humble servant. I am merely there to tend to his every need and no matter how bizarre do as instructed. Whenever hubby wants me to be used by his friends I am considered by them to be nothing more than a slut for sex but in my mind I am always the obedient loyal submissive that loves her husband deeply.

I went there without complaint because hubby wanted me there although I knew that probably wasn't a great idea but by then hubby was so incoherent I really don't think he even knew where he was so it was impossible to reason with him. He wanted me to pick him up from Nicks place and take him and a few others to another friends place because they couldn't get there any other way. I was already out with a girlfriend and had to hurry to get there as soon as I could and in doing so didn't have a chance to change my clothing. When I arrived I could see all the cars of Nicks friends out the front and I could hear them being their usual loud rowdy selves from the street. I called hubbys mobile a few times to get him to meet me out the front but as expected he didn't answer so after a long pause of thought I really had no other choice than to go in the house to get him.

The front door was unlocked as it always is so I very cautiously went inside the house trying my hardest to be as invisible as I could hoping to find hubby before I was noticed by any of Nicks friends. I walked through the living room past a heap of guys I have never seen before ignoring their vulgar comments of seduction and into the hallway past the open bedroom doors with men sleeping on floor mattresses and through the rear door into the small enclosed patio area. Nicks house always looks and smells like a box because there are so many who are always there that never clean! I found hubby in the patio area but unfortunately with most of Nicks friends all sitting around on the old couches that have been placed in a circle against the walls around this very old and solid large coffee table in the middle which was now covered in empty bottles, cans and other apparel.

I silently stood in the doorway and took a deep breath before I made my presence known and called out to hubby. He was sitting on the couch opposite me looking quite relaxed with another guy at the other end looking the same and the both of them along with everyone else looked like they were barely concious. Hubby waved me over and tapped on the couch next to him indicating he wanted me to sit with him. I really didn't want to stay but did as he wanted because I knew I really didn't have a choice because I know hubby won't leave until he is ready to leave and if I complained about being there he would only stay longer. I had to squeeze between the table and everyone sitting on the couches stepping over their legs as I went past and already I was being viewed as fuck meat! Everyone of Nicks friends had their hands all over me as I tried to get past and hubby just sat there and said nothing. I had been out with my girlfriend so I looked super sexy in this tight fitting skimpy short blue dress I had on to impress. As my hubby always says I did look sensationally fuckable and every one of Nicks friends obviously thought so too!

I just smiled giving them a little flirtatous touch so not to encourage or offend as each of them couldn't resist the temptation to put their hands between my legs and lightly touch my pussy as I had to step over them to get to hubby. I can't say I didn't enjoy it because I did and I also know they love it when hubby lets them do things with me but I also knew when hubby sees other men do things like that it ignites this obsession inside him to want to sexually dominate and that did concern me a little. It really is like it awakens this dormant beast inside him where he loves to watch me suffer sexual pain which is the opposite to his loving adoring side but sometimes I can't stop myself from enjoying it when men touch me and especially men I know because it is just who I am and always will be and I must confess I do sometimes encourage this because I know how hubby reacts which is mostly exactly what I want too but then sometimes things happen that I absolutely do not anticipate.

I finally managed to get to hubby but not before one of Nicks friends grabbed me and pulled me down onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around me holding me there and rubbing his face in my boobs slipped his hand up my dress firmly grabbing hold of my pussy and squeezing it tightly. It happened so quickly so I was taken by surprise and quickly succumb to being so abruptly overpowered but being so roughly touched by him did make me feel so incredibly stimulated making me instinctively respond and enjoy the moments that passed long enough to make me quite moist. I just sat there on his lap with my legs slightly open looking at hubby who was sitting on the next couch only a meter away watching Nicks friend touching my rapidly moistening pussy. I slowly opened my legs more and more as he took firm control of my body forcing his hand between my legs then making me spread my legs wide by trying to force his fist into my pussy which was instinctively making me obey. I tried to pretend I didn't enjoy that but the reality was I loved feeling unbelievably slutty in front of everyone there and always have done. I could see the excitement in hubbys eyes as he watched closely and knew his mind would be wanting more! Nicks friend then slipped his hand inside my dress and started fondling my breasts pulling my dress open and pinching my nipples hard making me instinctively gasp and kept deliberately twisting them and pulling down on my hair telling me that every good slut deserves a good hard fucking! His tone and mannerisms were so abruptly aggressive and it made me feel strangely ashamed yet so exhilaratingly hot being treated like that.

The whole thing only lasted for a very short time but it was enough to stir the thoughts of the others. He then told me to stop being such a filthy and go and sit with my husband so I gingerly sat on this horrible looking old couch next to hubby. I tried not to show myself as I sat down but I simply couldn't help it because the shortness of my dress made it impossible to be an elegant lady. This attracted an immediate response from the guys and certainly aroused their attention to focus on what I had to offer. Then straight away it started with them trying to convince hubby to share me with the group saying why would he get me to come there if he didn't want me to be used by them. They kept going on and on about it and making so many continuous remarks I could see they were slowly swaying hubbys mind and at the same time they were trying to get me drunk too. I sat next to hubby in this room full of men listening to them telling hubby what they were wanting to do with me and the longer they spoke I could see the closer hubby was getting to letting them use me. I must confess the thought was stimulating my pussy and after consuming a few drinks and some other things I quickly fell into this mode of acceptance remembering who I was and why hubby so often brings me to these things.

Now that I knew the obvious truth I huddled into hubby feeling a little bit nervous about being there with so many of Nicks friends and wondered who actually sent me the message to come, was it hubby or Nick? The guy on the other side of me was talking to me with his hand placed high on my leg and I noticed that little glint in hubbys eye and just knew what he was thinking as he watched me tease Nicks friends with my subtlety. I was leaning forward to get my drinks from the table knowing full well my breasts were virtually falling out of my dress. My dress had twisted and was pulling down showing almost my entire full breast along with my nipples as it fell away from my body. Every move I made was being noticed and commented on trying to convince hubby to share me with the group telling him he shouldn't be so selfish and should be sharing me with his friends. Everyone was looking at my pussy every time I shifted because my dress kept riding right up but I didn't really care because I was just now having a great time drinking and mixing and chatting with everyone about absolute nothingness and although I knew they were probably all going to fuck me I felt so relaxed now I was amazingly comfortable with the thought that might actually happen.

I had my legs crossed to try and stop these guys perving directly up my dress and I was leaning toward Nicks friend who was sitting next to me talking with hubby on the other side of me slouching against the arm rest. The whole time Nicks friend was talking to hubby he was trying to convince hubby to get me to suck his cock right there on the couch infront of everyone. I have a reputation amongst these guys for giving magnificent blow jobs and I knew this guy has the biggest nicest thick cock. A real pig of a man, a complete fool and totally unappealing but the size of his cock does keep me going back to him. I silently sat there between them and just kept smiling as these two were discussing the highlights of my sexual skills and I kept coyly and softly whispering to hubby "no" but the other guys in the small cramped area could easily hear what was being said and kept shouting me down to convince hubby to tell me to suck their cocks too! I wanted too but didn't want too get into trouble with these guys because they have done that before to me where things spiralled out of control and their excuse is always that I wanted it like the time I was so drunk and they all decided to face fuck me in the kitchen while hubby was outside then made me walk around the house with cum all over my face.

It is so hard to say no to Nicks friends because of how convincingly persistent they are and with everyone there wanting me to suck cock hubbys thoughts slowly gave in to doing what they wanted. Nick came over and had his arm around me and kept slipping his other hand up my dress and lightly touching my pussy as he whispered in my ear repeatedly telling me to suck their cocks. My heart was beating so incredibly fast because I felt trapped. I felt like a tiny little canary surrounded by these huge hungry cats circling to eat me and taunting me for as long as possible before they pounced, playing with my desperation to want to escape, their mere mass and number intimidatingly menacing as they encircled me in this tiny room letting it be known not one of them would champion as my saviour and relished in watching me slowly lose hope to become a willing slut for them, a woman who loves to be dominated and watched by her husband.

Hubby was right next to me slouching against the arm of the couch looking like he was disappointed and when I asked him if I should do it he just grunted. I looked up at the others who were now all leaning forward in anticipation of what they knew I was about to do then turned to Nicks friend who was now standing in front of me and started to undo his pants. I kept looking around at everyone as if trying to get their permission to stop because although I knew what I was doing I doubted that's where it would stop. He leaned back putting his hands behind his head and pushed his hips forward making it easier for me to slip his pants down a little. I could see his magnificent looking cock was already hard and as I took it into my hand I could feel it pulsating. I slowly stroked it as I listened to the excited cheering of the others telling me to do it! I remember I just couldn't stop smiling as Nicks friend softly pushed my head down over his cock and all my focus turned toward concentrating on absorbing the massiveness of the head of his cock. My lips pressed against the girth of his throbbing meat and feeling the warmth of his body made me feel strangely guilty but also amazingly aroused. I could feel hubbys body pressed against mine when he moved to watch me give this friend a blowjob making me feel unbelievably aroused that hubby was right there next to me too. Hubby started to play with my pussy as I was giving his friend this slow eroticly stimulating blowjob which had made him harder than I had ever felt him before. I moved around a little so I was on my knees on the couch between hubby, Nick and Nicks friend feeling hubby and Nick slipping their fingers into my insanely tingly saturated pussy and his friends massive girth deep in my throat.

I couldn't help myself from rocking my hips back and forth as I felt fingers sliding past each other inside my pussy. The rest of the room just fell away into nothingness and all I was concentrating on was absorbing the feelings that were arousing my body and stimulating all my senses into slowly building this explosively violent climax I knew I wouldn't be able to prevent from happening. I could feel the pressure of Nicks friends hand now placed upon the back of my head holding my mouth down over his cock making me gag and splutter a little as he forced his cock deeper and deeper into my throat with hubby excitingly thrusting what felt like his entire hand inside my dripping pussy making me buck uncontrollably from the spasmodic response of my body as I tinkered right on the edge of gushing. I could feel myself losing control of my body as it started to spasmodically react to their touch and secrectly enjoying it as I was being so abruptly controlled with some of the others now participating in using my body as they pleased. Hubby had now stepped away letting some of the others play with my pussy and I could feel them stabbing at my pussy with their fingers deep inside me stretching my pussy way beyond a level of comfort and making me instinctively squeal and squirt with several hands trying to be inside me all at once. I couldn't stop myself from openly displaying my utter excitement as my hubby watched me being used. I was kneeling on the couch and was surrounded by these guys all touching my pussy, stimulating my nipples, pulling at my hair and endlessly using my mouth as a fuck hole making me feel so hot it was turning my body into this quivering uncontrollable mess of rolling mini orgasms. All the men in that room were now in this state of sexual hysteria stimulating every sensory of my submissively obedient body as it was twisted and shamed into nothing more than sexual meat.

Suddenly every single one of my holes were filled in this frantically hurried mood to randomly use me as their group slut! Trapped in this tiny room on this filthy couch and used as a free for Nicks friends and entertainment for the growing number of onlookers now cramming in through the door. Hubby was sitting across from me playing with himself as he watched other men take his wife from behind fucking me with such energetic forcefulness it compelled me to submit. In this frantic panic I was overcome with men shoving their cocks in my mouth, my pussy and filling my ass as they jumped on and off me and hurriedly swapped with each other. There was this atmosphere of not wanting to miss out with so many of them trying to be next all at once. Shouting out telling others to swap as they moved around for their turn with this group mentality of mayhem taking over as I completely submitted to each and every one of them.

They were all guilty of it too being just as eager as all the others to use me as a fuck hole and willingly sharing me with the many who were both in the room and now pouring in through the door to participate. I was dragged to the front edge of another couch and with my legs held high and spread apart by two men kneeling either side of me others were lining up in front of me to take turns fucking my pussy in this frenzied fuck session that would seem to last forever. I felt so exhausted I simply had no more energy to say or do anything! It felt like jelly had replaced my muscles as I was endlessly fucked into a state of complete submission not questioning or resisting anything that was thrust into my body and I was just simply accepting I was there for the sole purpose of being used by whomever and that’s when this fourteen inch dildo was brought out!

Hubby didn’t object to anything anyone else there did with me obviously thinking I was deserving of the physically punishing and sexually deviate way his friends were deliberately using my body. It felt like I was being punished by hubby because of my eager willingness to let every male there take me and treat me like trash the way I knowingly accept as being normal. Hubby left me there in that room by myself no doubt listening to every scream, every moan of ecstasy, every roar of excitement and every word of my sorrowful begging as he let them all use his wife as their own privately owned sex doll. It wasn't until hours later that he came back to collect me and take me from the few still wanting to use me depriving them of their desperate need to make me submit to their demands.

I was exhausted, feeling extremely sore and tender, bruised from the rough unrelenting sex and feeling quite subdued as if fucked into a state of complete submission. A state where I feel I belong to be, a servant to my hubby, compelled by loyalty and driven by love to be the best slut that I can be for him!
How many men should a girl have sex with in one day?
Posted:Oct 25, 2021 12:50 am
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2022 3:12 am

This would be a question for anyone really and is a topic that comes up quite a bit with my girlfriends. Assuming protection is used and and steps have been taken to freshen up...

Would you have sex with a girl if you knew that she has already had sex with another guy before you that day?

Some guys don't care and some do, so which are you and would you have a limit?
None, it would bother me too much...
Four to ten
Eleven to twenty
It wouldn't bother me at all how many there were...
9 Comments , 92 votes
Wife watching...
Posted:Oct 5, 2021 7:06 am
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2022 12:22 pm
Hubbys obsession with wanting to watch me fuck other men had become excessive and it was like I had a for a husband who wanted to share me with everyone!

This happened back in the earlier days when I thought the things we did were just a diversion to enhance our already incredible sex life. Hubby went through a stage where he would go on and on about wanting me to fuck big groups of men. I was very submissively and naively obedient back then, a wide eyed trusting innocence who thought hubby was like a God who knew everything. I normally did anything he wanted because I wanted to impress him and show him I could be the wife he wanted me to be for him.

From the type of work he was into back then hubby had a massive circle of acquaintances and friends who seem to be just as erratic with women as he was with me. One moment hubby would treat me like a queen, who could never do wrong, I was his goddess who he adhored, protected and worshipped then in the next moment I was just some gutter that he treated like shit. I quickly learned what hubby liked from me, how he wanted me to look, to behave, what to wear and most importantly I quickly learned hubby wasn't going to change just because we were married.

His friends were always trying to out do each other and seemed to have a competition going on of who had the most sexiest beautiful women. They were all very ego driven and when we went out together they would often brag about how great the sex was with some woman they fucked and unashamedly brag about it right in front of me like they were trying to impress me. I was quite often really embarrassed with some of the things they shared with each other and the things I had done previously with hubby were eventually shared too and like all rumours and stories, they do tarnish and people will judge and treat you accordingly. I had only been married to hubby for a while and I was still blindly in love. We had already done a few things with some of his friends before we were married which I loved but now that we were married I thought things might change but they didn't.

He continued to me to have sex with other men and it didn't take long for the rumours to spread among our friends and at our regular entertainment spots that I was still an available hot slut wife. It was at our regular Saturday night spot where we could both get drunk, have a great night, relax, play pool and have a laugh with people we knew that I felt the most relaxed but it was also very well known among the people there that hubby was quite okay with sharing his wife!

Whenever we went there hubby always wanted me to look super sexy and this night I wore this very hot soft flared mini skirt with this tiny yellow blouse that was only covering half my massive boobs and I had patterned black stockings on with black heels. Hubby said when I danced and twirled the skirt would lift showing glimpses of my shaven pussy and bare bum through the stockings and my boobs would delightfully jiggle with every movement I made. This of course, which I think was hubbys intention, did attract a massive crowd of men constantly perving at me everywhere I went at the venue. I loved the attention and was being who hubby wanted me to be and I was doing it so well I became hot property among many of his friends who were constantly trying to fuck me. Hubby loved knowing so many of his friends always wanted to fuck me and I think he loved the power of having control over me and deciding which of his friends, if any, I would be allowed to fuc I would flirt with everyone but give myself to no one and not because I didn't have the opportunity but simply because back then I was just far too faithful to hubby. Many times friends of hubby would try to fuck me but I just wouldn't allow it and always pushed them away but this night hubby and I had this big talk before going out about how much he wanted to see me fuck a big group of guys for him. We had talked about this many times before but I really didn't want to because I wasn't sure if I could handle that many men.

With many of our friends there, I must confess it was the perfect night for something like that to happen and thoughts of making things happen for hubby were in my mind the entire time. I was having a great time dancing, flirting and getting drunk and hubby wasn't his usual tense pushy self but instead seemed surprisingly relaxed. There was nothing pre arranged with anyone but as always we did have a room booked close by where we intended to stay the night. By the end of the night I was quite drunk, very tired, hungry and ready to just relax and unwind before going to bed which would have been possible if half of hubby's friends hadn't decided to come back to the room with us to keep the night going drinking. I wasn't happy they did that because I wanted to spend some quality time with hubby alone but his friends were always quite difficult to control when they had been drinking and was just something I had learned to endure. Sex was the furtherest thing on my mind and all I wanted to do was go to sleep but it really was just an impossible dream with hubby's friends there so I thought I may as well keep drinking with them.

They were all sprawled through the room drinking, bragging about conquests to each other, behaving like idiots and trying their best to fuck me. I was being as politely rejectful as I could be with his friends but some of them just wouldn't take no for an answer. Hubby was quite hyped, bouncing around the room getting drinks for everyone and telling everyone to be quiet all the time because none of them were even supposed to be in the room. I didn't realise it at the time but back hubby must have virtually cum in his pants watchingme behaving badly withhis friendsthat night. He would have been super excited hoping I was about to let all these guys gangfuck my pussy but the truth was all I wanted to do was go to sleep but that was until hubbys friend kissed me.

That one unexpected kiss kind of woke me up, it jolted me out of my fatigued state. I could feel the rush of excitement course through my body when he gently fondled my breast making me slowly sit up and kiss him bac I felt half asleep, like I was dreaming and only focused on the way he was kissing me. I had forgotten I was the only female in a room full of men who wanted to fuck me. I became solely focused on the prolonged kiss between us, I could feel his eagerness of wanting to have me, I could feel the excitement in his body as he took control of mine holding me firmly in his arms as if not to let me escape. When my hand accidentally brushed over his crotch I could feel the massive hardness of his cock pressing against the material of his pants. I placed my hand over his cock and started to push against it through his trousers and I could feel the perfectness of its size pushing bac The kissing between us started to become quite passionate and for me everything else in the room ceased to exist. My mind had blocked everything else out and all I was concentrating on was feeling the size of his enormous cock through his trousers and how tingly he made me feel by the way his wandering hands were exploring my highly sensitive body. I could feel his hands slowly exploring every part of my body, massaging my soft tingling skin as he headed down toward my pussy. It felt amazingly seductive and I didn't it to stop, I quickly became mesmerised with the way he was kissing my lips, his tongue exploring my mouth and his fingers massaging my body, then finally my pussy through the stockings I was wearing. I could feel his fingers pushing hard against my clitoris and moving up and down along the wetness of my slit responding to his touch.

I couldn't resist his intense level of passion and my legs just naturally relaxed, falling away as I pushed my pelvis against the firm forcefulness of his searching fingers. My knees fell to the side spreading my legs wide and then he started to tug at my stockings with his fingers tearing at them and exposing my sloppy, drenched, sweet scented pussy. His fingers immediately slipped through the opening he made in my stockings and slid them deep inside my now saturated pussy. I had become so engrossed in what we were doing I didn't realise we were putting on a sex show for everyone else. It was only when we stopped kissing the realisation of my compromising position became apparent. I kind of woke up and suddenly became aware of my surroundings again and found myself sitting slumped down on the edge of the couch, my stockings ripped open at my crotch with my legs spread wide with several guys on the floor in front of me directly at my over stimulated swollen wet pussy that was now out for all to see and enjoy. I don't know why but I actually felt a embarrassed although at the same time extremely turned on. I was very coy back then and still had this obvious innocence that hubbys friends used to always be trying to take advantage off. I was a sweet harmless that both hubby and his friends were always desperately trying to corrupt, always trying to lead me astray and turn me into their . I was a shocked that I had allowed myself to have been so easily distracted but thought maybe I needed that nudge to get me over the edge to do the thing hubby wanted me to do for him.

I shyly looked around and noticed hubby wasn't in the room anymore and someone said he had gone to get something. I didn't know what to do and partly covered myself to look half respectful again but I kept thinking it may have been too late! As I looked around the room at the hungry eagerness I could see in the eyes of hubby's friends back at me I thought maybe I should just let this happen because deep inside I have always loved behaving like a slut for men. I secretly wanted them to forcibly spread my legs and line up to fuck my pussy and before I was married I probably would have done exactly that but I felt I needed to be more refined now. I felt I shouldn't be so easy and give myself to just anyone anymore unless hubby said it's okay. It just felt wrong to fuck another guy without hubbys approval. My top had been pulled at and my boobs were almost falling out, I looked down and noticed my nipples were so hard they were protruding through the thin material like massive long pointers making me feel quite awkward with everyone in the room now staring at them. The guy who was kissing me kept saying it was okay to have a fun with friends and he started to very slowly and gently rub the tip of his finger across my erect nipples. It felt absolutely awesome and I instantly felt a rush of excitement surging through my pussy and the tingling throughout my whole body became amazingly intense. I was holding my skirt down with both hands covering my pussy because another guy was trying to push his hand under it and at the same time another guy moved up to me and started fondling my other breast. Secrectly inside I was absolutely loving being fondled like this, being treated like a slut, being the centre focus of all their lust and it was making me feel so hot I was almost ready to gush. They were being so soft and nice with what they were doing, whispering in my ears telling me it was okay and that hubby wouldn't mind.

In that moment I felt so turned on but so deeply guilty feeling like I was betraying hubbys trust. We hadn't been married long and here I was ready to fuck his friends and he wasn't in the room anymore so I couldn't even pretend it would be for him. I started to softly giggle as another guy moved in to touch me and I just relaxed and let myself enjoy the pleasure of being so tantalisingly fondled by them. I closed my eyes and slowly relaxed releasing a noticeable sweet scent that lingered in the air like an animal instinctively readying herself to be impregnated. I remember feeling like I was dreaming about the men in there with me but knew it was real because I could feel more hands upon my body fondling my pussy and breasts. I was trying my hardest to pretend I didn't them to be touching me and kept saying I shouldn't but my words were feeble. I couldn't hide the fact I was enjoying this because of how strongly my sweet scent was wafting through the air and how incredibly saturated I had become. I was sitting slumped down on this couch, my legs splayed wide open over the edge, each arm around the guy either side of me, my knees felt weak, my legs were shaking, I had my eyes closed and I was on the brink of squirting. They knew I was lying when I kept telling these guys I didn't them to be doing this! My words continued to fall on deaf ears and I was totally ignored and they all decided to join in on the fun and fondle my entire body. I had multiple fingers inside my pussy, my top had been pulled aside to fully expose my ample soft breasts and I had guys either side suckling on both nipples. I wanted them to stop but was powerless to muster up the willpower to make them stop. It felt like I was struggling against myself to stop, my mind was definitely saying no but my body was screaming yes and the only thing these guys were listening to were the agonising groans of pleasure I was making along with the sensually inviting responses of my body.

These guys were now all over me, kissing me, suckling my nipples, finger fucking my pussy and pawing my entire body from head to toe. I was still begging for them to stop before hubby came back but they wouldn't and it only seemed to make them even more determined to have me. I don't think I opened my eyes that entire time up to that point but then when I did the whole thing suddenly became real to me. The first thing I noticed was the unbridled eager lust they had in their eyes, they each had this obsessed look of fixation on my body as if nothing else in the world mattered. All these men had been chasing me and wanting to fuck me for a very long time and I could see in their eyes they were like animals that had finally caught the scent of a female on heat and nothing was going to stop them from acting out the desires each of them have always had for me. I suddenly felt so hapless, so vulnerable and trapped like there was nothing I could do to stop any of them from doing what they wanted. I wanted every one of them to fuck me but didn't want to be known as a slut anymore and in my heart felt so incredibly conflicted. It was only a moment after I had that thought the decision of my future was made by those men. I was dragged off the couch and carried to the bed in the arms of one guy and literally thrown onto the bed on my back and a moment after I had some guy on top crushing me under his weight as he bit down on my nipples. He held my breasts in his hands squeezing them tightly making them bulge like balloons and kept biting the tips of my nipples so hard it was making me scream out! I was thrashing around beneath him trying to get out from under him and the more pain he inflicted upon my super sensative nipples the louder he laughed at my responsive screaming!

The mood had quickly gone from being slow and tender to harsh and brutal as if they were all fed up with my reluctant teasing and indecisiveness and had collectively decided they were going to fuck me on their own terms. I instinctively welcomed their lustful touching as I instantly reverted back to being the slut I was before meeting hubby. I grabbed at them as frantically as they all grabbed at me and in minutes I had three cocks in my mouth and four to six cocks sharing my pussy. It felt like I was in a sex show as they all cheered each other on to fuck me even harder than the last guy did making me feel proudly sluttish. In quick succession they took me one after another filling my mouth and pussy with as many cocks as they could stuff in me all at once. It felt like I was being ripped apart by a pack of sex addicts, tearing at my flesh and pulling my body in different directions to get the advantage of being next to stuff my mouth or pussy with their cocks. I couldn't talk, scream or breathe because I didn't have more than a second where there wasn't someone's cock down my throat. They pulled really hard on my beautiful long blonde hair to control my mouth, pushing my mouth down their cocks to their balls, making me gag with their cocks deep in my throat and making me almost spew on the two or three cocks being rammed deep into my throat immediately one after another. They all kept telling me they knew I have always wanted this and the time for teasing was over! They were brutally powerful and frantically , fucking me like possessed demons who knew this was their only chance to treat me like the they have always wanted me to be for them. I had been cock teasing every one of these guys for a very long time and to me it felt like they were fucking me as if they were all taking vengeance for being such a bitch to them all this time.

They were continuously fucking me so hard and treating me so rough I kept almost passing out. They barely gave me a moment to catch my breath as I was passed from one to another then back again in this hard, fast, fuck session, they called great sex! These guys weren't whimpy old men, they were younger, very solid athletic types who were literally picking my petite light body up and fucking me extremely hard in so many different contorted positions I eventually did spew. For them it had become an all in fuck competition to see who could fuck me the longest, hardest and most brutally! I was enjoying the extremely harsh sex but some of the men were going too far slapping my face too hard, purposely pulling too hard on my hair, forcing my mouth down all the way on their cocks and holding me there for too long and somewhere along the way they thought my ass needed fucking too. I was straddling one guy on the couch and feeling the really sharp pain of him biting down hard on my nipples, with another guy grabbing my head and pulling me to the side to suck his cock, when another guy decided he was going to fuck me in the ass from behind. I really didn't have much of a choice because the other two were holding me so tightly and I could feel this guy try to push his cock into my ass. I couldn't say anything because I had this other guys cock in my throat and when he pushed himself inside me all I could hear for what seemed like an eternity were my muffled screams of pleasurable pain. All three pulled my body in all different directions tearing my pussy and ass apart like it was tissue paper. These guys were swapping with each other regularly and using my body like a flexible variety of fuck holes for them to enjoy. They kept laughing at my pleas to be gentle telling me they knew I liked it rough because that's what hubby has been telling them which was true because hubby does like to dominate in the bedroom and I do submissively accept it.

This whole time I hadn't even noticed hubby had come back and was recording the whole thing on his phone for the private collection he has of me. It was then I realised hubby had planned this whole thing because he knew I was far too timid back then to make it happen myself. I suddenly felt lost, confused and left wondering why, but those thoughts were short lived as the brutality of the sex started to become quite extreme. I quickly realised if I struggled the harshness only increased so I willingly became submissively obedient for every one of those men letting them do anything they wanted with my body. I knew hubby was enjoying what he was seeing because he had such an expression of evil excitement on his face it made him almost unrecognisable to me. Hubby would get in close recording their cocks sliding inside my pussy and he didn't want to miss a single time someone cum. He recorded the cum oozing from my pussy immediately after someone had filled it and pulled out. The excitement I saw in him recording them squirt cum over my face and breasts was at such a level I have never seen before and he kept telling me what a good wife I was which made me feel so proud of myself.

Hubby was the one who instigated the really rough sex calling his friends whimpy names if they were being too soft with me. I was positioned on my stomach over the mattress. My arms stretched wide with my wrists tied to the bedhead posts and hubby placed a blindfold over my eyes. I was feeling really nervous but dared not question him about doing this although he assured me I would be okay and told me just to remember my safe word. Just before I was blindfolded I could see everyone of those guys in that room licking their lips like they were starved animals about to receive their feed. Half these guys were so messed up already it was scary but for hubby to do this with me was simply petrifying! This was a side of hubby that was still coming out, a side to him I found intriguing, sexually exhilarating, yet also so petrifyingly concerning that he would even want to let his friends do these things with his wife!

He made me kneel on the mattress, so my ass was positioned high in the air, he positioned my knees apart so my pussy was left gapeing, vulnerable and open for them to do anything they wanted. I started to tremble a because I felt so vulnerably exposed and could only think of the worst! I could hear them laughing, sniggering and clapping their hands to applaud hubby for being so thoughtful and offering up his wife to be used for their perverted entertainment. So many horrible thoughts were going through my head and not knowing what to expect was the worse thing. I could hear them talking about me, discussing between each other what they may do and everything they asked hubby he just automatically said yes with no hesitation at all. Hubby had also gagged me and when I felt the harsh sting of the whip across my tender sensative pussy I just instinctively bucked and screamed. I felt the pain from the first strike shimmer through my entire body, then after a long pause of silence I felt the second strike upon my pussy that left a lasting intense sting that felt deeply concentrated throughout my clit. I could hear and feel the excitement bouncing from one person to the other in the room as they kept watching what was to come next. The sting was so intense it brought tears to my eyes as they welled up from the painfully intense throbing that I had through my pussy flaps. Again and again I was whipped making my swelling sore pussy throb and I could feel my clitoris responding. I knew I shouldn't have been feeling this way but I was actually enjoying being whipped across my clitoris. I think it was hubby or it may have been several different guys or maybe the whole lot because it was so hard to tell who was doing what. I was fucked from behind, then whipped then fucked again, or fisted, then slapped, whipped and stretched with giant dildos. I didn't even know if it was the same guys fucking me and still don't because hubby would never tell or if he had invited even more guys to the room to share his wife with in this night of depravity.

For what seemed like forever I was subjected to this tense, sexually painful, game of suspension, a game of confusion, a game of undelivered anticipation. A game as I discovered hubby liked to play and played very well, especially with his friends as participants. I was eventually untied and made to kneel on the floor with my arms tied behind my back, still left blindfolded my mouth was used as a fuck hole so they could each cum over my face. I could feel the cum drip off my face onto my body and like a good submissively obedient wife I never complained, not once through out that entire night and to this day hubby is still so very proud of me.
Who likes to watch?
Posted:Sep 23, 2021 4:27 am
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2022 11:11 pm

Some who know me say I am blessed with a near perfect marriage but then others just call me a slut for having sex with other men with hubby watching.

I would love know how many people out there regardless of your sexual orientation secrectly want watch their partner have sex with someone else?

If your answer is YES then how often would you let them do it with the person and why?
Just once
Three times
Four to six times
Seven to ten
Eleven to twenty
As many times as my partner wanted
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Hey slut!
Posted:Sep 22, 2021 4:06 am
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2021 1:36 pm
I couldn't believe it when I heard these guys call out using those words but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't resist the temptation to turn around to see who it was so after a short pause I slowly turned my head.

I was waiting by the car for hubby to come back from this late night food shop and decided to scroll through my phone and look for someone to hookup with for him. We were both hungry at this late hour and this place was only a few minutes from the bar we just came from and I could see hubby was still waiting for the order I asked him to get me. He was among a heap of others waiting for their orders too and the shop was really busy with more people piling in every minute so it was going to take hubby quite awhile. I was leaning against the side of my car in this extremely short halter mini dress feeling quite tipsy, very hungry and just a tiny bit horny from flirting with guys all night at this bar. When I heard the "Hey slut" call, I turned and saw three guys in a car parked two rows further back from where I was, they were parked against this fence at the back of the car park. I knew it was them who yelled out because they were hanging out of the windows with their eyes bulging from staring at me but I just calmly continued scrolling through my phone and didn't give them another thought. It wasn't until they walked past me several minutes later and made another really crude remark about how I looked that I thought, yeah maybe, I would, so I looked up and smiled. The dress I had on was a deep blue with a super low front cut showing a heap of cleaverage and side boob and the only thing stopping my boobs from bouncing out was the tight fit of the dress, although the thinness of the material did still make me feel naked. The open back was very low covering only half my ass and the length was extremely short just barely covering my pussy and hubby being the control freak he is wouldn't let me wear any panties that night to the bar so beside this tight fitting dress that barely covered my body I was totally naked underneath. I was dressed for sex because hubby and I had specifically gone out that night for sex but we couldn't find anyone who was willing to fuck me with hubby watching. We had planned to meet up with several guys I met online but they didn't show and hubby wanted to watch me fuck them in the back seat while he sat in the front watching. It sometimes amazes me how hard it is to meet men for this type of thing because they always seem to be happy to fuck me on my own but not with hubby around watching.

These three guys came past again shortly after on the way back to their car with their drinks from the shop and as they approached I could hear them talking about me. I could hear their conversation carry in the night talking about how much they wanted to fuck me. They were cute younger guys around my age, not too bad looking, one was a little heavier than I usually like but the other two were quite fit looking and they had a playful sense of humour between them. I smiled at them again as they came close to me and one of them commented on the scent I was wearing saying it reminded him of his girlfriend. I laughed and told him that maybe I was his girlfriend but just in disguise and that seemed to break the ice between us. They stopped and started to chat a little and because I was tipsy I was being my naturally flirtatous self which did encourage them to hang around and keep talking. These guys weren't one bit shy about commenting on my body and perving at my breasts and even when I pointed out that hubby was in the shop only thirty meters away they were still super keen on trying to fuck me.

We stood around talking for a while but it only took about five seconds for the conversation to turn toward sex! These guys were obviously horny and wanting sex and I think my dress made them even hornier and especially with the way I was laughing at their dumb jokes, touching them all the time and after a short while leaning all over them because I was quite tipsy gave them all the right signals I was wanting the same. I was staggering a little going from one to the other feeling their beards, telling them how soft and nice they looked, trying to kiss them and leaning all over them behaving just a little bit like a slut in desperate need of a good hard fuck. Hubby was really disappointed I couldn't meet the right type of guys for what he wanted me to do that night and I thought maybe these guys would be interested in fucking me with hubby watching? They just seemed to have that right type of deviate confidence about them and we did have a good friendly connection.

I could see hubby was still waiting for my order and I must have been behaving quite badly with these guys because I attracted a number of vulger comments from other men and a couple of women walking past about my dress and a few telling these guys they may as well just fuck me right there! I kept teasing them by bending over the bonnet of the car to look at my phone and I knew my pussy would be showing just a little which made me feel incredibly hot! They kept coming up to feel the shape of my ass and I would let them, giggle or smile and tell them they could only touch and that's it but being the submissively obedient girl I am with men, I quickly fell under the spell of my addiction to want to please in any way they wanted me to please them. I knew these three guys wanted to fuck my pussy and they knew I was wanting them to do it too but I couldn't just let them fuck me in the middle of this car park outside the shop next to a busy street with heaps of people coming and going every two minutes, or could I? As the minutes continued to pass the thought of actually doing exactly that did start to grow in my mind.

Hubby had been almost 30 minutes already and I was getting a little annoyed it was taking so long so to keep myself entertained I kept teasing these guys with my body to keep them around until hubby came back and told them just enough about hubby and myself to have them almost beg for me to let them fuck my pussy but I really didn't want to do anything, if I did anything at all, until hubby returned. I didn't care there were other men walking past us to and from this shop who kept stopping to stare and I was even trying to involve them too by behaving as slutish as I could with the three men I was already with, letting them publicly touch my body in a way nice girls wouldn't. I started to kiss each of them and thought hubby would be so pleased with me if I could convince these guys to fuck me with him involved too.

I was playing the game of wanting to be fucked but being too coy and nervous to actually let them do it. I was next to the car leaning against the side with one guy in front of me kissing me and gently fondling my breasts under my dress. It felt so good and I knew I should be stopping him but I simply couldn't. I could feel my nipples harden, I could feel my breast swell and when I felt his other hand sliding across my thighs then lightly touch my pussy I just instinctively pushed my pussy hard agains his hand. I wanted to fuck but knew I shouldn't, I was paralysed with anticipation and excitement and tried so desperately hard to contain my impulses. With so many people walking past I just knew I shouldn't be letting them do this with me but I felt so conflicted with doing what I knew hubby would be wanting me to do and what I knew in the back of my mind how I should be behaving. Hubby still wasn't back but I couldn't see him in the shop anymore because of how many people were waiting and these guys were starting to get impatient. They started to accuse me of just being a cock teasing slut and started to become a little aggressive saying if I was serious about letting them fuck me then I would just do it! I begged them not to leave then started to let these guys touch me to show I was serious about what I said earlier about hubby. A lot of other people were walking past but I didn't want them to leave so I let them do whatever they wanted but the people going past were making some of the most vulger disgusting comments I have ever heard. I kept thinking to myself why do all men want to treat me this way, is it because I'm pretty, is it because I have sex appeal or is it because they can simply sense I am just a slut who loves to fuck!

I was too drunk to resist any longer, too horny to want it to stop and had become far too much of a slut for them to care anymore what other people thought of me behaving this way. Like always with me, I let things go a little too far, I let my desire control my mind and once again I allowed the touch of another man stir my sluttish cravings for any man's cock in hubbys absence. These guys started getting really pushy and almost forcing themselves onto me but as much as I wanted to resist, as much as I wanted to wait for hubby to return, I simply couldn't stop myself from reacting so obediently to their wandering hands upon my body. I knew I had lost any hope of regaining control of myself when I was being finger fucked by all three against the side of my car. These men walked past right next to us and just stopped and stared in silence. I could see them right there only meters away watching me being treated like a by these guys but I was so deeply fixated on climaxing I just didn't care. I had my arms wrapped tightly around one guy, with all three fingering my pussy altogether. I leaned against the side of the car with my legs slightly spread completely focused on my body reacting to them stimulating my pussy into this sloppy wet mess. I could clearly hear the swishy sloshy noise of half their hands being thrust in and out of my pussy and all I could do was hang on tightly and try not to scream!

My bare nipples exposed to the cold night air made them feel super sensative and every time they were touched I almost instantly gushed. With my breasts being fondled, my pussy pulsating from the finger fucking and knowing I was being watched by random men passing by put me right on the brink of gushing and kept me there making me squirt just a little every few seconds. I wanted them to stop but I was now so desperate to climax and so swept away in the torrent of sexual pleasures I couldn't pull myself away. With the strength of their combined touch overpowering all my senses and weakening my willpower I was now more than theirs to have and they knew it, they now knew by my wonting moaning and physical reactions that my weakness to resist the pleasures of the sex was now their absolute empowerment over my body and mind.

I kept telling them I wanted to wait for hubby to return but they very quickly became very impatient and insisted I come back to their car with them. I didn't know what to do because either way I knew in hubbys mind it would be wrong. I stood there being mauled by these guys, publicly humiliated in front of other men passing by who were now starting to gather. I was in this small busy car park with three guys who definitely wanted to fuck me and a number of others who had stopped to take advantage of the situation. I was taken to the guys car next to the fence and by now the fresh air with all the things I had earlier had really taken their full affect and I was totally incoherent. I was anyone's and everyone's who wanted to have a little play with my pussy. They kept trying to get me in the back seat of the car but I kept trying to wander off to find hubby. They would grab hold of me to stop me leaving and all I could feel were hands and fingers all over my body in places they shouldn't have been. I was very drunk and didn't even know who was doing what with me but I do know that most of the time it felt really good! It seemed every time I tried to get back to my car to find hubby I became closer and closer to finding myself in the back seat of their car, then one of them said if I got in the car with them they would find hubby for me. In that moment, in my hazy state of mind that seemed like a really great idea, so with my usual drunkenly naive stupidity I finally got in the back seat of their car with one of the original three guys.

It took him about two seconds to have me on my back with my legs spread wide and high in the air. Kneeling on the back seat between my legs to stop me from closing my legs together he hurriedly slipped his protection on and then grabbed his cock in his hand and slid it into my gapeing slippery wet hot pussy. He pushed my legs right back so my knees were beside my head and started pumping my pussy hard! Both rear doors of the car were wide open with men on either side looking in and cheering him on and all I could do was enjoy the extremely hard pussy pounding he was giving me as he continued to ask me if I was enjoying being fucked! I couldn't reply because I couldn't speak from the violently hard thrusting he was doing making me gasp and pant until I heard him yelling out "I'm coming" then pulled his cock out of my pussy, ripped his protection off, then jerked off squirting this huge amount of cum all over my dress and pussy. I just lay there with my legs spread feeling completely exhausted looking at all the cum he spread over my sloppy drenched fuck hole.

I felt so horrible about myself and in that moment I was so disgusted at what I had just done because once again I would have disappointed hubby. There have been so many times hubby has missed out because I simply can not control my instinctive urges to fuck! I just continued to lay there with my legs spread waiting for the next guy to climb on top of me and fuck my desperate hyper sensitive pussy. From the mixture of things I had earlier it was tingling like I was in pain and I was in desperate need of feeling more cock deep inside my body.

Almost seconds later another guy clambered on top of me and was all ready to go with his protection and just started fucking me like a piece of meat! Guys at both open doors were cheering him on too with others looking over the front seats grabbing at my nipples and pinching them hard. I wasn't sure if I was in sexual heaven or sexual hell being gangfucked like this by these super excited hyped up randoms because the sex felt both amazingly awesome but at the same time shamefully wicked. I wanted these men to fuck me but it wasn't really for hubby, I was fucking them simply because I was behaving like nothing more than a drunk slut! That thought just wouldn't leave my mind and became clearly poignant when I realised just how excited I actually was seeing the third guy to fuck me squirt his load of cum all over my breasts. I watched these big globs of thick cum pour from the end of his tiny little cock covering my erect nipple like icing and then felt an excited sexual rush run through my body as I watched him spread it all over my boob with the head of his cock.

To be totally open about my feelings, at that moment I had no idea where hubby was and I didn't actually care! The only concern that was going through my mind was that I was wanting the next guy to fuck me to have a nice big thick cock so I could really feel it inside me.

Hubby must have known where I was that night but he claimed he was waiting by the car wondering where I had gone thinking I may have walked back to the bar and that explains why hubby wasn't there anymore after I had been gangbanged in the back of this car. I think it was from that night onwards that hubby started to really control my sexual mind because he also started to realise I wasn't having sex with other men just to please him but I was really in a subconscious way so willingly having sex with so many other men because I simply can't stop myself.
Mirrors of reflection...
Posted:Sep 4, 2021 3:15 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2021 1:06 am
I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror striking poses in my very short black dress feeling very sleek and super sensual and thinking about what hubby had said earlier.

My curved hips drawing the eye to my pussy gap and showing my stunning body line along with an ample amount of firm white breast bulging making them impossible not to notice. The thinness of the clingy stretchy material clearly showed the shape of my large breasts with a defined outline of my firm nipples. It was an off the shoulder design made of a stretch nylon cotton mix that clung closely to my body like a second skin and felt very soft to the touch. The fabric was an open stitch, so stretched over my body as much as it was on some angles made the material translucent. I lifted the front of my dress and admired the perfectly shaped camel toe I could see under my beautiful lacey black G string and thought some lucky guy or guys will probably be sliding their hard cocks inside my tight firm pussy tonight and felt a little tingling shimmer shoot through my body as the thought lingered.

I kept looking at myself in the full length mirror and as hubby said when he walked past I did look sensationally fuckable and thought to myself it would be impossible not to meet some guy who would want to fuck me tonight. Hubby and I had planned to go out to a bar but this was in the very early stages of us being together, when we kind of had an understanding of each other's desires, but we weren't all that confident with each other to be as open and forward about things as we are today.

Hubby took me to this popular night spot where the women were there just to look pretty and out do each other and every male was there to do nothing more than fuck any slut that came their way! This place had an upmarket glamour to it but a very dark undercurrent and you could just feel the sexual sleaziness hovering everywhere. We walked in together and I knew the second we walked in hubby had brought me to this place for a special reason. Hubby had been dropping little hints here and there all week long that he was wanting me to fuck some other guy. Just little things that only a woman would pick up on and for those who know me they know once a sexual thought is planted in my mind I simply can't stop thinking about it!

There was a band playing and people dancing in front of the band and hubby and myself found this very open spot on this raised platform overlooking the dance floor. I had to stand because my dress was too short to sit on the bar stools placed along the railing but hubby found himself a nice spot tucked in a forward position with a great view. Almost all the men there were early thirties or older and after we had a few drinks together I was really enjoying dancing to the music and attracting attention on this raised platform. I could see everyone and everyone could see me and I was getting a lot of eye contact from heaps of hot looking men. I was dancing around and all over hubby but I wasn't doing it for him. It was something hubby said earlier that was still stuck in my mind that made me want to play up with some men.

With out being to obvious I was being as sexually seductive as I could to catch the attention of a bar full of hunks! The whole place had a vibrant atmosphere and there were plenty of guys looking for sex in the packed venue so I did what I have always done best and started to tease and flirt with the men around me. Even with hubby sitting right next to me men were coming up to me and talking with me trying to hookup. I was loving all the attention and flirting with every guy who did approach me and hubby must have been enjoying it too because all he said was that I seemed to be very popular. I looked amazing, I felt sexy and I was getting tipsy and super horny. The more flirtatous I was being the more men I seemed to attract and even when I introduced hubby as my husband and kissed him or he had his arm around me or his hand on my ass guys were still trying their luck with me. Hubby was sitting on the stool and leaning on the rail facing the band and watching everyone on the dance floor. I was standing right next to him with guys interrupting me every two seconds trying to get my attention talking. Whenever I turned around to lean on the railing next to hubby and watch the band too I could feel guys around us deliberately feeling my ass. Some of them would be saying something to hubby telling him how lucky he was to have a woman like me and at the same time they would have their hands on my legs or be "accidentally" rubbing themselves against me or dangling their hands in front of me and sneakingly sliding their fingers across my pussy! These guys were drunk, very sleazy and courageously sneaky but maybe they kept doing it because I was actually enjoying it. I didn't say anything to hubby and the more these slimy drunks touched me the hotter I was getting.

I couldn't help but give these guys a little smirk of approval every time one of them did something and I wanted to tell hubby what they were doing but wasn't sure how he would react. I sensed that he may have known what these guys were doing although he didn't seem bothered by it but it was always so quickly done it was hard to even know who it was that was touching my body. Hubby and I were against this railing with several small groups of men standing behind us and guys from the separate groups were getting very friendly with me and started buying me and hubby drinks. I thought they were just being really nice and friendly which they were but really they were trying to fuck me and before long both hubby and myself were having a really great time drinking and chatting with all these guys. It kind of became our little spot for the night and if anyone left the area to get a drink they would always come back to where we were sitting.

I started to feel really relaxed and comfortable with these guys and more importantly with hubby there watching because he seemed to be enjoying the night and I was always with hubby giving him hugs and kisses and including him as much as I could with everything. A few hours passed by and every time one of these guys had their arm around me or were grinding themselves against my body or just blatantly gorking at my breasts it didn't bother hubby at all and he kept reminding me he didn't mind and kept suggesting I dance with some of the men hanging around.

This was when I was quite new to all this type of stuff of having a partner plus the freedom to fuck other men and the thoughts in my mind were on a completely different level to hubby.

I thought he meant although I was his partner I was still allowed to flirt with other men but that would be it, however, hubby was talking about it not bothering him if I fucked these other guys! Before I met hubby I was always used to being with men who were obsessively possessive and controlling of me, men who treated me like dirt and viewed me as property to be shared with their friends. I wasn't used to having someone love me but still wanting to share me so to me it was very confusing!

I didn't know it at the time but hubby had casually suggested to several of our new friends that he would like them to come back to our apartment for some drinks and goodies later if they wanted to keep partying and knowing that I would be there to share in the fun was a massive attraction but the seed hubby planted with just a few selected guys quickly grew amongst many of our new friends that night. I kind of suspected hubby was doing something but he hadn't actually said anything to me about anything so I wasn't sure and by then was too tipsy to care because I was just having a great time with everyone dancing, drinking and having harmless flirtatous fun.

There were several men there I really liked and the rest were nice but then a few of them were just slimy! I kept dancing with different guys near hubby to the music and when I did they took full advantage of my scantily clad body. Every one of them had their hands all over me and they were doing it right in front of hubby with him looking and it didn't bother him one bit! A little more time passed and I was getting quite drunk and physically amorous with all the guys in our newly formed group of friends. With a lot of enthusiasm and passion I started behaving like a total slut with these guys. I was dancing with them like I was having sex, going from one to another kissing them and getting very passionate with all of them and hubby too! We had moved to the back corner of the venue near the bar tucked away in this little corner of our own where I was surrounded by these guys in a booth behaving more like a than someone's wife. Not one of these guys believed hubby was actually my husband anymore because of the things I was letting them do to me right in front of hubby!

Everything had become a little unfocused for me and half the time I didn't care or even realise these guys had their hands all over my body and pussy. I was sitting in the booth and hubby was opposite me with these guys sneakingly playing with my pussy and whispering to each other about how wet I was getting and telling the other guys to have a play. I couldn't resist because I was enjoying it too much, I knew I was behaving badly but didn't care and I kept thinking if hubby didn't like what I was doing he would certainly stop me doing it but I sensed that he knew and was getting seriously excited by it but was pretending he wasn't aware. I kept giggling and laughing and was very receptive to these guys sneakingly playing with my pussy under the table right across from hubby. For hours I behaved like a slut right in front of hubby and would sit in the booth with guys either side of me with my legs spread feeling them sliding their fingers inside my dripping pussy and hubby must have known because he would be sitting right across the table from me looking at my expressions of pleasure. I tried to hide it but I was so drunk by then it was impossible to hide how much I was enjoying it. As each different guy sat beside me I could feel them sliding their fingers along my legs, pushing past my lacey panties, then work their way inside my pussy making me flood from the sexual excitement of being the groups slut and hubby didn't do a thing to stop me! I wasn't aware of it at the time but hubby had been spreading the story that we weren't really married and were only friends masquerading as a couple so I could hookup for a gangbang. As far as these guys now knew I was really wanting a gangbang with every one of them and hubby was nothing more than a friend only there to keep me safe and look out for me but as far as I was aware I was just having a great time behaving like a slut which was starting to get a little out of control.

Looking back, hubby definitely had an agenda that night that he had probably been planning for a while and I really was absolutely clueless that I was slowly being set up for a gangbang by my husband.

I must confess I don't remember some patches of what happened after we left the venue and can only go with what hubby has told me but I do remember ending up back at the apartment with quite a number of these guys we met that night. I remember feeling really wet when I walked into the room from being fondled by so many against the wall whilst hubby was fumbling around trying to get into the apartment. I was standing next to the door with my back against the wall with guys fingerings my pussy. I don't know how hubby managed to concentrate being right next to me pretending to only be a friend when guys were taking turns finger fucking my pussy and making me pant like a as I stayed on the brink of climaxing the entire time. Hubby gave me something just before we left the venue before we walked back to the apartment which turned my pussy into a cock craving fuck hole which was now sensationally over sensative. They kept impatiently telling hubby to hurry up as he took forever to get this door open only realising after around twenty minutes or so of franticly trying, cursing and being abused that he was trying to open the door with the wrong key!

The second the door swung open I was dragged inside by this group of guys and I went to feel myself because it felt like I had just peed myself and noticed my panties were gone and I had cum spread all over my pussy. I must have looked shocked or something when I was looking at the fresh cum dripping down my fingers because everyone started laughing at me. I thought as hard as I could thinking I must have been fucked by someone on the way there and couldn't remember exactly what happened but I think it was when we stopped outside the apartment. By the time we arrived at the apartment I was so desperately horny and drunk I wanted to spread my legs and fuck everyone all at once so the guys who were there to fuck me probably just couldn't wait a second longer! I remember my clitoris just wouldn't stop tingling feeling like it was on a constant high speed vibration and I was begging to be fucked to make it stop. It would only temporarily stop after I had climaxed and gushed and when I was being fucked hard by cock I was desperate to climax screaming for them to fuck me hard but then almost immediately after climaxing the painfully intense tingling would start again and keep building until I was screaming out for someone to fuck my pussy hard and deep again.

I cursed hubby for giving me whatever it was he tempted me with because I was now in this room which hubby had paid for being fucked like a drugged up by this large number of random men hubby had invited back for drinks. I thought hubby only wanted me to cock tease and I felt so bad but I couldn't stop, I couldn't help myself, I was obsessed with wanting sex and I didn't care who I was being fucked by or how many! Hubby was sitting on this chair and I was kneeling in front of him frantically sucking on his cock trying to make him cum again and there were men crowded around behind me shoving as many fingers inside my pussy as they could stretching my pussy beyond feeling comfortable. It felt like I was being gang fucked by a herd of elephants as these guys were brutalising my pussy and ass one after another in as rough a way as they possibly could and trying to fist me as deeply as they could. Hubby had become just like one of them, grabbing me by the back of the head and forcing my mouth down over his cock making me gag and choke almost making me spew before he would let me up again. I had absolutely no control at all with these guys because I couldn't even control myself, I was the one turning them into animals because I was behaving like one myself yelling at them to fuck me harder and grabbing at anyones cock put infront of me and trying to mount it like I was a crazed sex slut. It was making me squirt every two seconds, my body was heaving, I was panting so hard I could barely breathe and almost kept passing out, my legs wouldn't stop shaking and I could feel their hands inside me. I could hear my pussy sloshing and I could hear them laughing and yelling at me to spread my legs wider.

I couldn't turn around to say anything because hubby was grabbing my hair and holding my mouth down over his cock. The rougher the men behind me were being with my pussy the harder I could feel hubbys cock become. He kept telling them to slap my pussy and double fist me which they so willingly did without mercy! I felt hubbys cock grow massively hard when I started screaming because it felt like I had two whole hands inside my pussy and another deep inside my ass tearing me apart in different directions. I couldn't control them, I couldn't control body and I certainly couldn't control my high pitched screaming begging for them to go deeper to make me climax and stop the painfully intense tingling that had now gripped my entire pussy. Of course, they did it, my screaming only made them do it more, go deeper and harder and literally try to split me in two. Hubby had a very firm grip on my head making me gag on his cock as he forced it deeper into my throat making him become more and more excited watching me thrash about between him and all the men huddled behind me torturing my body with the groups unyielding forcefulness in the combined domination of physically controlling my body and torturing my pussy. The booze, the goodies and the whole sexually dominate situation being dragged from one guy to another, one room to another, one sexual position to another and one cock to another in this dramatic highly energised fuck fest of hard domination. The frenzied fucking and sinister domination simply too exhilarating and consequently exhaustive rendering me within the five hour of sex becoming nothing more than a totally submissively obedient piece of meat for them to use, abuse and enjoy as this groups sex slave.

Looking back on the night I have always known it was my own doing that made me become a slut for all those men that night, it was me who really made it happen and hubby just enjoyed what I offered him. He loves me being a slut for him and still very much does and because of that I have never regretted doing anything I have ever done.

Hubby later told me I fucked eighteen men that night and he loved every second of watching me being used like a by them. He said he especially liked it when I was lying face down on the mattress and he watched one guy after another get on top of me and fuck me from behind. He said between my spread legs he could see their cocks sliding in and out of my cum soaked pussy and watched everyone's cum ooze out of my stretched and battered cum pit as their cocks pumped me hard spreading it everywhere and it made him get so hot he cum several times watching this whilst playing with himself. He said there was this huge wet patch on the mattress of their combined cum and my juices that just became this massive mess! He said he watched them fuck me in the ass and fill that too as he jerked off and cum all over himself. He said I was behaving like a crazy girl and the sex was so frantically intense he was amazed I managed to keep fucking for five hours. He said he absolutely loved watching me hop off one guys cock and jump straight on another and do that with four or five at a time. I remember being on the floor next to the bed straddling this guys cock and sucking off several others around me and watching myself in the full length wardrobe mirror. I couldn't resist wanting to see myself being fucked, looking at everyone's thick cum smothered over my breasts and seeing myself being used by multiple men. It was such a turn on for me and made me feel hotter than ever watching myself being filled and covered in so much fresh cum by men who were just as crazed as I was fucking me with this kind of possessed madness.

I felt so pleased the next day because hubby seemed to be so very proud of me but barely able to move or walk or talk from doing what I did. At the time I was very confused as to why hubby was so pleased with me but just accepted I had done something good.
A young pretty cum slut...
Posted:Aug 19, 2021 4:54 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2021 3:15 am
"I can't believe it... You really are a fuckn! SLUT!!!!"

These were the words my boyfriend kept yelling at me over and over again when he woke and caught me fucking this group of guys who were sharing the same room as us for the night. Even then I had a developing reputation for being a bit of a slut.

I have been thinking about all the really dumb things I have done with men and the situations I have been in where I have allowed men to use me and this is probably one of the dumber things I have done. I was eighteen at the time and really naive back then and my boyfriend had taken me to his friends 24th birthday party.

I had been going out with this guy for a few weeks so I already knew some of his friends and I suppose I was just as unpredictable and spontaneous back then as I am now except back then I thought the boys who fucked me actually liked me but now I know better. I was always the kind of girl who used to let the boys play with my breasts in the store room, or the girl who let the boys finger my pussy at the back of the bus on the way home, or the girl who would give a guy a blow job in the back seat of a car and let his friends watch. Sex was the one thing I knew all boys wanted and I always gave them what they wanted so that they would always want me.

I certainly had the right type of body to get noticed so I was always very popular and became sexually active with many boys older than myself. It wasn't just that one night that led to all those boys having sex with me it was everything that had happened leading up to that night. My reputation was well known but that night was one of the first times I was properly gangbanged by a group of boys. It was the first time sex made me climax multiple times and it was the first time I was fucked bareback but probably the most poignant memory would have to be that it was one of the first times I was so firmly branded a slut!

I didn't think I was that drunk, I hadn't taken anything and I certainly wasn't forced into doing anything either but I was convinced of something that I should've known wasn't true although I think I really convinced myself because I was so desperate to be so popular with this group. I foolishly believed the older boys at that party actually liked me and not just for the sex I so willingly gave everyone. It was a typical party where the boys were grubby, rude and uncooth because the boys I hung around with at that time were only ever interested in me when they wanted sex otherwise they would just ignore me or treat me like shit.

It was a typical party of drunk boys, drunk girls and a lot of people hooking up and compared to now I was quite reserved back then and although I was sexually active, if I really liked a guy, I generally tried to stay faithful but it was always so hard because I was always favoured by boys and when they found me in this room with my boyfriend it was an opportunity they couldn't resist. We had our own spot on a mattress on the floor surrounded by other mattresses and bodies asleep from the nights partying. All the nice girls were altogether in another room but my boyfriend wanted me with him because he didn't trust me but I was so hyped I was still wide awake and started talking with a couple of guys when they came into the room. They seemed nice and we talked about all different things whispering closely to one another so not to wake anyone. It was so hot that night and I was lying next to my boyfriend, who was snoring his head off and on the other side of me were these guys who I was having this deeply meaningful conversation. I must confess I had been keen on these guys for a while but they had never shown me any interest until now. I felt like a wide eyed puppy hanging on their every word and totally believing all the bullshit they were telling me. They had me totally convinced that they had always liked me but never approached me because of all my previous boyfriends.

I really liked my boyfriend but had always been keen on these older boys too and believing they wanted me as a real girlfriend I didn't stop them when they tried to seduce me. They were sitting to my front as we talked and I was lying next to my boyfriend with his arm around my body when one of the older boys touched me. All I had on was this short length cotton shirt I borrowed from my boyfriend to sleep in for the night. I remember I was lying on my side supporting my head with my arm and had my legs huddled up. I knew the shirt was short and half my curvy butt was showing and I had to hold the shirt down at the front with my other hand to cover my pussy while we all talked. Thoughts were going through my mind as we chatted and I was thinking how much I wanted to kiss this guy who was there and kept thinking about wanting to be with him. He kept casually slipping his hand along my thighs and because I was wanting something to happen I just let him do it, then he started to move his hand between my legs. I very quickly became wet with the excitement of being so tenderly touched by this boy but was petrified my boyfriend would wake so I didn't move a muscle! I just stayed there looking into this boys eyes and enjoyed feeling his fingers slowly moving their way closer and closer to my pussy. I moved my legs slightly to push my pussy forward because I was simply aching to be touched and he moved his hand fully between my legs right below my pussy. It was almost painful waiting for him to touch me as he continued to talk moving his fingers closer and closer to my pussy. His friend was watching him do this and started to do the same with my breasts. They both desperately wanted to touch me but were both unsure how I would react with my boyfriend being there right next to me. I was seriously excited but absolutely freaking out about my boyfriend who was starting to stir because I started to twitch from their touch. I knew I was disturbing my boyfriend because I could feel his cock getting hard and pushing against my bum but I couldn't stop myself from reacting to the boys fondling.

They kept testing my response and I did nothing to stop these two boys from touching my breasts and pussy. I was getting so excited I could smell the sweetness of my pussy flowing so freely. I just couldn't help myself anymore and pushed my pussy against this boys hand making his fingers brush against the wetness. I smiled and he started to push his fingers deep inside me. I was now being fingered by this older boy I liked on one side of me with my boyfriend who was still half asleep obviously thinking I wanted sex and was trying to fuck me from behind on the other side of me. My boyfriend would get very upset if he didn't get sex whenever he wanted it so I reached behind and slipped his cock inside my pussy from behind. I was being fucked by my boyfriend from behind while I was being felt up by two older boys from the front and my boyfriend was so comatosed he had absolutely no idea this was happening.

In his sleepy half comatosed state my boyfriend fucked me from behind with the other two boys now just watching, touching me and smirking as they became more involved in this live sex show I was giving them. It happened by accident but I was seriously turned on having sex with my boyfriend while these two boys fondled and watched me. My beautiful young supple breasts bouncing around under the shirt, my legs spread, with my boyfriends arm around me pulling my body tightly into his as he slid his long thick cock into my pussy from behind. The room was dimly lit but still bright enough for these boys to be getting a generous view of the sex show which they were immensely enjoying. I kept eye contact with the two boys watching and loving the excited look in their eyes as I knowingly let them watch. My boyfriend didn't last very long at all and the second he cum inside me he passed out again. I felt kind of embarrassed I had just done that or maybe I felt guilty that I had been so turned on doing it and was now feeling extremely horny. My boyfriend rolled over the other way taking the sheet with him and spreading himself across the whole single mattress virtually kicking me off. I was quickly pushed of the mattress completely and was very uncomfortablely lying on the floor when one of the boys offered me his mattress. I thought he meant I could take his mattress to myself so I accepted but he obviously meant to share the mattress which was quite close to where my boyfriend was sleeping. I was very excited these boys were showing an interest in me and felt maybe they really did like me just like they said because of how differently they were treating me compared to my demanding boyfriend so I thought perhaps the boy I was really keen on would want to be my boyfriend instead if I showed him how much I liked him.

I had thoughts of romantic moments in my mind with this boy I I was sharing the mattress with but he had different thoughts going through his head. He obviously thought I agreed to share the mattress with him because I wanted sex and his friend obviously assumed he was going to be involved too. I was lying on my back with each boy either side of me and at first we were just talking but then in only minutes I felt their hands on my body moving over my pussy and breasts. At first I kept pushing them away saying I had a boyfriend and shouldn't but they were very persistent. The boy I liked kept whispering in my ear telling me everything I wanted to hear, making promises that if I let them play with me he would be my new boyfriend. Believing his lies I let them both play with my breasts and pussy only meters away from where my real boyfriend was sleeping. I started to really enjoy what they were doing and was getting insanely wet and forgetting where I was kept moaning very loudly. The boy I liked rolled on top of me and because all I had on was my shirt his hard more than ready cock slipped straight into my pussy. It felt like heaven to me being with this boy I had been wanting for so long. He slowly fucked me in this tenderly passionate way and kept whispering in my ear telling me how much he adhored me and how hot I was and how much he wanted me. I instantly fell under his spell of seduction but he was a complete bastard and was only saying what he knew I wanted to hear. We were making love for a long time before he cum and in that moment I felt so close to him I was ready to believe and do anything for him! After he had finished his friend wanted to fuck me too but I thought I was now with this other guy so at first I said I didn't want to do anything with any other boys.

The boy I really liked who had just fucked me kept saying if I wanted to be with him I would have to be nice to his friends too. I felt really confused about what to do but slowly he convinced me to let his friend fuck me too. I was kneeling on the mattress with this boy fucking me from behind when these other boys came into the room making such a ruckas it woke everyone else. What started out as a sneaky quiet moment with two boys was now quickly turning into a full blown sex show for everyone! After the second boy had cum inside me from behind the others started to fondle my breasts and pussy then they took my shirt completely off leaving me with nothing. Some more much older boys came into the room and saw what the others were doing with me but I think they were intentionally told what was happening. Soon there were nine boys in this room with only my boyfriend and one other guy still asleep. First, the guy I liked fucked me, then his friend fucked me, then when he finished the other much older boys started to play with my breasts keeping my nipples so hard and erect making me feel so aroused I started squealing with excitement from what they were doing. I was on my knees on the floor straddling one boys chest and leaning slightly forward facing his hard erect cock and stroking the full length very slowly and deliberately. He was finger fucking my pussy from behind and there were other boys rubbing their cocks over my breasts and into my face wanting me to suck them.

One thing led into another and in front of all the others the next one fucked me too. I was having sex with these older boys on this mattress only meters from my boyfriend who was still fast asleep. I started to feel really guilty with what I was doing and I was starting to have my doubts if what I was doing was right but the boys with me kept assuring me it was okay to be doing what I was doing with them because they would all keep it a secret. I was on my knees surrounded by these boys dangling their cocks in my face and I kept looking into their eyes and slowly moving my head from side to side swallowing their cocks in turn.

I felt so ashamed yet so free and aroused with all my sensual sensors being stimulated all at the same time. I was drowning in my own sexual impulses letting all these boys fondle my breasts and pussy which was making me feel insanely aroused and when I touched my pussy I was flooding like a river. Not one of the boys knew where my clitoris was and only seemed interested in trying to shove as many fingers inside my pussy and as far up as they could but I didn't care because getting stretched like that with all these fumbling fingers inside me pulling my pussy apart in all different directions felt incredibly awesome!

I felt so overwhelmed with sexual desire it simply possessed my mind. I couldn't stop myself, I couldn't resist, I couldn't reason with the fifthy I so swiftly became and in that moment I just completely surrendered my mind into believing I was the beautiful sexy girl they had all so deeply desired for so long. A sixth, then the seventh and eighth older boy fucked me on the mattress. I was straddling the ninth older boy with my naked body poised over the top of his with my legs spread wide, my knees on either side of his body, my pelvic thrusting pushing down on the full length of his cock to feel it deeper inside my pussy. I was behaving like a crazy sex starved trying my hardest to climax again. I kept thinking with all these older boys watching I wanted to show them I was the best fuck ever because I knew these boys could make or destroy a girls reputation. I had just fucked all these guys to be accepted into their social circle and I wasn't going to ruin it now. I was looking down at the boy I was straddled over but he kept talking to his friends telling them how tight my pussy still felt even after half of them had cum inside. I could see some of the other boys cum glistening on my breasts as I fixated on watching my perky nipples bouncing up and down. When I reached behind I could feel the hardness of his balls cupped in my hand and when I gently squeezed his eyes widened and I could tell he was about to cum.

That's when I heard my boyfriend yelling out, screaming at me in this angry high pitched tone saying all sorts of horrible things about me. I was totally surprised, shocked he was awake and scared he had caught me fucking these boys but also weirdly relieved all at the same time thinking at least now I won't have to break up with my boyfriend because he now knows that deep down I really am just a slut and won't have to pretend anymore. I don't think all the boys who just fucked me laughing at him helped much because a huge argument broke out. I was pulled of this boy fucking me just as he started to cum and I still remember seeing him shoot this long thick stream of cum all over himself and across his own face. It all happened so quickly and I was basically thrown back by my boyfriend. I was naked, covered in cum, filled with cum and shamed as being the biggest slut ever with no one wanting to claim me as their girlfriend anymore!

In the following days the rumours and lies spread quickly and despite my constant denials I was firmly branded a skank slut by everyone but I suppose the one good thing that came out of it was that my reputation of being the hottest looking, best fuck in town, became legendary.
A Gullible Slut!
Posted:Aug 7, 2021 8:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2021 4:10 am
I have been thinking about how gullible I am sometimes and how easily I am taken advantage of by men when I go out and drink too much. I have always been very much like that and would like to share a night I had that made me feel so dumb!

I have always been drawn to the strong silent type of guy. Men who just have that level of self assured confidence most men don't have but these types are also normally complete assholes. I met one of these not long ago, a Leo, a self assured arrogant prick who basically just used me for sex whenever he couldn't find anyone else to fuck but I thought this guy was just amazing, which he was in the bedroom, but outside the bedroom he was simply a total bastard! He used me as a fuck doll, something to show off to his friends, someone to blame for things and someone to run around like a for him. He was rude, obnoxious and emotionally void of feelings treating me like an object.

He knew I was married but didn't know about the lifestyle hubby and myself have together so he thought I was just a cheating wife looking for a little extra fun. I don't know why I always go for these types of men but he really did have nothing but total distain for me and truly did treat me like trash. He wasn't rich or well positioned in life, in fact he was a bit of a loser but possessed a sexual magnetism that I couldn't resist. Hubby knew I was spending time with some guy and he also knew it was great sex but what I didn't tell hubby was that I was starting to really like this guy. During the seven months I was regularly hooking up with this guy we would almost always meet at bar somewhere. I never gave it any thought at the time but now realise it was probably because he had a partner too. I would get dressed up and look amazingly sexy in some skimpy outfit and before leaving the house I would show hubby how I looked and tease him a little. Hubby always becomes so hard looking at my body, touching my pussy and listening to me telling him what a slut I am going to be for him with another man. I would quite often swallow his cock whilst doing this and gently cup his balls in my hand and he very nearly always left hot cum in my mouth for me to swallow before I had finished my story.

I would never tell hubby who I was meeting up with because he said it was more exciting for him having to guess but I would always leave little clues for hubby around the house, sometimes true, sometimes false, to let him know, or to keep him wondering, who I was or wasn't being a slut for him with.

I know I am sexually experienced but have been told many times I'm still very naive, I know this and have been taken advantage of many times by many, many men. I am frequently told by men my body is insanely hot and I look like sex on legs which does inflate my ego but also heightens my already over stimulated sex drive which increases ten fold whenever I drink too much. In short, whenever I drink too much and some guys flatter me with comments about how beautiful I am, I will always turn into a complete slut for them!

This guys friends knew this and would always be trying to get me drunk. A few times his friends tried to gangbang me and although I was always sexually playful, I would always resist the temptation and wriggle my way out of the situation because this guy I was seeing was an insanely jealous type. There were a number of times I did do some things with some of his friends which only made the rest of them want me even more. This one night I had a few too many drinks at a bar I went to with this jerk and his friends and somehow I ended up having this huge argument with him because he kept accussing me of fucking his friends which was true becauseI did fuck some of his friends but was scared so denied it.

It was the excitement of the tease that I always loved, teasing the friends of my lover, the sexual innuendo, the sneaking around, suggestively making promises I knew I would keep but to me it was just harmless flirtatous fun and nothing more. This guy was so possessive it felt like I was being smothered, a sexual prisoner isolated to just one man and this one night everything that was wrong with us and had been bubbling below the surface just suddenly exploded and was aired in front of everyone!

I was really upset and was comforted by his friends who decided to take me back home. The three of them listened to me pour my heart out all the way home as I sobbed through my sad story of how used I felt. Hubby was out when I arrived home and I really didn't want to be on my own so I decided to go back to the bar. I felt really upset at that bastard for treating me the way he did and I really don't know why I thought this but I felt if I went back to that bar he would apologise.

I changed my clothes and fixed myself up so I looked absolutely sensational! I wore a red mini dress which clung to my body like a second skin and left absolutely nothing hidden. I had my hair up, make-up looking perfect with my boobs popping out of my dress with the length of the dress barely covering my pussy. I wasn't horny, just upset and had a point to prove. When I arrived back at the bar and walked in on my own the place went silent as every male there just stared at me in this mesmerised trace. I looked amazing, felt confident and was determined to show this jerk I didn't need to put up with his shit. It took about two seconds for me to become swarmed by men trying to fuck me and just as long to be despised by the women who all paled in comparison.

My lover was there looking at me with sheer resentment in his eyes, I could tell he wanted to fuck me but his stubborn pride wouldn't let him, but that certainly didn't stop his friends trying. I deliberately flirted with all his friends, letting them place their hands on my ass when they spoke to me, purposely squashing my breasts against their bodies, kissing them and just behaving like the biggest slut I could possibly be with all of them and at the same time completely ignoring that jerk! I knew he was watching, I knew he was getting insanely jealous, especially when I was behaving like a slut with his friends right in front of him. I could tell he desperately wanted to stop me behaving like that because it was embarrassing him but his friends were loving it! It was like there was no loyalty from his friends for him and they were quite prepared to step in and take his place because they were trying their hardest to fuck me. I was getting really drunk and had mixed some things so things were starting to get out of control and still this jerk hadn't stepped in to stop me. I had expected him to come begging for me to make up with him but he was so stubborn he just let me continue to degrade myself with his friends.

His friends eventually took me to a nearby night spot and by then I was so drunk I really didn't care what I was doing or who I was doing it with! I was kissing any man there, dancing with any man and encouraging them all to constantly touch and fondle my body! I had been taken to a very sleazy not so reputable night spot where morals where non existent and women like me were regarded as nothing more than free entertainment. I eventually found myself upstairs in this smallish room with a pool table trying to play a game of pool against this very serious looking man. It took me a little while to realise I had ended up being the only women in this room and it took me even longer to realise these men weren't letting me go anywhere! I was in this room playing pool with a number of men all standing around the table watching. There really wasn't a lot of space in this room and I almost had to squeeze past them to move around to take my turns and every movement I made attracted hands over my body like I was a magnet. At the time I didn't care and would just smile and flirt with them letting them have their feel and enjoy the prolonged experience I willingly allowed them to have showing their friends I didn't mind one bit.

I knew when ever I bent over the table to take my turn my tight fitting dress rode half way up my ass and it was so obvious to me from all the comments I kept getting that my pussy was sometimes showing too! My breasts were barely contained in this dress and even less when I bent over the table. I was drunk and deliberately cock teasing every guy in that room and knew exactly what was going to happen if I kept cock teasing. I would dance to the music in this sexy slutty way rubbing my barely covered ass against their cocks and kiss them and encourage them to kiss the bare flesh of my breasts as I laughed and giggled about it. I had quite quickly and unintentionally united all the men there to have one singular thought and that was to fuck my pussy but I crave that type of attention and flourish from the sexually charged atmosphere that overwhelmingly possessed everyone including myself! I was drunk, I was now extremely horny and I was certain I wanted to have sex with someone! These thoughts kept running through my mind everytime someone touched my body. A hand sliding over my ass, a kiss with some guy, another groping at my breast, someone else slipping his hand between my legs and touchingmy pussy. All these things building up and turning my sexually promicuious mind into this insanely desperate wonting !

I didn't care how many men were in this room, I didn't care about the men still coming and going, I didn't care where I was and how vulnerable it made me, I didn't even care who I fucked because my mind was simply going insane with all this sleazy touching. The men in that room were now well and truly united in their goal to fuck me and their sleaziness had become contagious. They knew I was enjoying behaving like a slut, they knew I wanted to be fucked and they knew I was getting weaker by the second and almost ready to spread my legs for every one of them. They started to openly discuss with each other right in front of me exactly how they were going to fuck my pussy, who was going to be after who and how they were going to do it.The friendly subtle touches and flirting had well and truly been replaced with very deliberately placed hands upon my body. The fun atmosphere changed dramatically as I was touched by one guy after another. I was mesmerised by my response as I felt hands moving over my body and especially over my pussy. I was squashed between men, held tightly, feeling hard cocks pushed against my body. I felt more hands sliding up my legs lifting my short dress up over my naked ass. I could barely contain my excitement and could feel my body starting to quiver from their energetic lustful touch. I could feel fingers moving in and out of my pussy from both front and behind making me instinctively move my legs further apart. I could smell the scent of my pussy wafting through the air as I became saturated in response to what they were doing. I then turned around and saw everyone had stopped what they were doing and were just staring at what I was letting these guys do with my body. I wasn't stopping them, I wasn't trying to get away as I was doing before, I was just letting them do it and absolutely loving every second of it. I became lost in my own mind, reacting to their purposeful lustful touching, making my senses invoke a song of audible responsive murmurings of pleasure, moving my hips and pussy against their touch and becoming totally lost in the whole atmosphere of the room, the music blasting, my pussy pulsating, the absolute lust the men in this room had for my body and ultimately my wonting willingness to let every male in that room fuck my pussy, with everyone watching!

I simply couldn't resist wanting it any more when this guy I was kissing took me by the hips and moved me to the table and bent me over lifting my dress. I simply didn't care that he pushed my mini dress right up over my ass and pulled my legs wide apart in front of everyone. I just stayed there waiting, looking at everyone watching and hearing the vile comments they were making as this guy took his hard cock out to fuck me from behind. He grabbed me by the hips and very hurriedly and abruptly pushed his cock deep inside my very ready wet pussy then started to fuck me from behind pushing me and the table along the floor bit by bit as he slammed his cock deep into my body in this forceful fucking motion. The whole time all I could think about was I wished the Jerk was there to see what a good little I was being and wishing the Jerk was there to witness how much I was enjoying it but knew he would certainly find out about what I did with all his friends soon. This guy cum loudly, yelling out as he filled my pussy with his vengeful style of lust then stepped back waving his cock at everyone claiming I was the hottest slut he has ever fucked. I thought it might stop there but knew it probably wouldn't and several others fucked me on the table too with the rest looking on cheering and clapping and making me feel worthless with their disgusting comments.

I always feel imprisoned with my need to feel wanted, like it strangles me as I let one guy after another fuck me, controlling my mind with this in built need to please and manipulating my body to feed its hunger for acceptance. Listening to the repulsive comments being made and being jostled about, pulled at, groped and fucked only makes me feel compelled to want to try harder to please every man letting them do more. I was later taken to some guys house where the sex continued well into the late morning hours with every guy there having fucked me in every available hole many times over.

I arrived home that afternoon and luckily hubby wasn't home to see how I looked. My beautiful red dress completely ruined with stains and my pussy feeling like it had been bashed with an iron bar, my ass feeling sore and my jaw feeling just as bad. A lot happened that night with a lot of men that I would love to tell hubby about if only I could remember but what I can remember of that night does make me feel a little gullible for being so openly slutty!
Young, pretty, gullible Slut!
Posted:Aug 2, 2021 1:13 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2021 6:38 pm
This is something that happened quite a few years back but thought it would still be worth sharing because it does show how submissively obedient I can be for hubby.

Whenever we went out with the friends we had at that time I always knew I would probably end up having sex with someone. We had just moved into another area with hubby's work and my reputation followed me so it very quickly became known amongst the work people we started to socialise with that I was available. At bars, hubby would let me flaunt my body and quite often people didn't even realise we were actually married and I very quickly became known as the local tease, the girl who would probably fuck anyone, the girl whose hubby kept trying to share with half the male population. It wasn't always good though and in many ways I was shunned and shamed because I was known as the town slut! I was extremely popular with men but didn't have any female friends because most women didn't want to associate with me socially but I still always had hubby.

This was in the very early days when we moved around a lot and I was kind of new to the cuckold/Dom thing. Hubby did tell me not to fuck work friends when we were out socially having a few drinks but I always became quite drunk and things just happened. It was very exciting for me, deeply stimulating, like the ultimate sexual pleasure between myself and hubby. Hubby would be constantly trying to convince me to fuck other men when we went out and I must confess I didn't mind doing it either! We had only been in this place for around three months and although I promised myself we would do things differently it was so hard to keep things a secret. Everyone knew everyone, or at least their business anyway, and, as much as we tried, there was no way of hiding the fact hubby and I had a kind of open relationship. The population was big enough to lose yourself in, but the stories did follow me around because there was always someone who knew someone who knew someone else and after having had sex with several men the stories of my promicuious nature started to get completely out of control!

It was a lot of fun though going to the bars we went to regularly and I would get so drunk and be so sexually flirtatous with anyone! In the three short months we had been there I honestly think 90% of the male population had tried to fuck me. I was a lot more gullible then, far too trusting and easily distracted by men. Hubby let me roam so freely I often forgot I was actually married. Men would take me to dark secluded places outside the bars we went to and play with my pussy while hubby was still inside drinking. Sometimes I was that drunk groups of guys would be with me in some secluded spot all taking advantage of my intoxicated state. They often finger fucked my pussy and fondled my boobs whilst trying to convince me to let them fuck me too. There were a few times things just happened and I was fucked by a number of guys before I drunkenly made my way back to the bar and hubby.

When I confessed to hubby the things I just did he never became angry. He would just slyly touch me under the table or in some corner somewhere and feel the sloppiness of my pussy whilst whispering in my ear in this excited horny tone telling me what a dirty little girl I was. He would hook his fingers inside me and pull my pelvis toward his body telling me he only loved dirty little whores and that's why he loved me. It truly did made me feel so dirty, it made me feel like I had been a naughty little girl and was being told off for doing sexually forbidden things with other boys and it always took me back to my school days when I would let boys do things to me in the classroom at lunch time. Hubby loved to shame me for being a slut, he would watch me go from one guy to another confessing my sexually promicuious sinful acts to them, then watch me leave the bar with them and go outside knowing I was about to do the very same things again with a different guy. Hubby once confessed to me when I did this he would go into the male toilets and jerk of thinking about what I would be doing in that very moment with someone else. It was such a turn on for me knowing he did that and made the sex with these other men so fucking hot I would almost climax the instant they started to fuck me. He would always tell me if I wanted to be a slut then I had to be a slut with everyone!

I had become very well known as the girl who would fuck! There was this one guy who was well liked by everyone who seemed to really like fucking me and he was seriously cute looking too. He had this slender body, with this sexy butt and a cock any would be proud to brag about because this thing was monstrous! A nightmare of pleasure and pain penertrating deep inside my body and brutalising my uterus. He quite quickly became a regular thing for me, getting me outside the bar, away from hubby, in the seclusion of the dark car park area behind the building and fuck me on the bonnet of his car sometimes with his mates watching him do it too.

Quite often hubby would see me leave the bar with him but pretend he didn't notice then come out a little later to follow me and watch him fuck me from the shadows.

This one night hubby and I went out to our regular bar and the atmosphere was super hyped! There had been a local game on and I think the entire town had come out to celebrate and me being the type of person I am very quickly found myself at the centre of attention with both familiar and new faces. Hubby became lost in the crowd after we had walked in but there were plenty of men to keep me entertained. I wasn't dressed up at all, didn't have any make-up on and my hair was a mess from the days activities. I was just wearing a pair of old jeans and this very thin, overly stretched, red polyester tank top. I wasn't wearing a bra and the top was pretty much transparent so the top did make my boobs look big and perky giving every guy there a very good view of my nipples which I was so flagrantly offering. I was in a party mood too, drinking, laughing, having heaps of fun, cock teasing guys and giving them everything they wanted! I was also seriously tempting fate with so many men which was okay until I was convinced by the guy with the huge cock to go outside with him.

I was drunk but not that drunk I didn't know what I was doing and I knew when I went outside with him and his cluster of friends following that things will probably happen. I remember thinking I didn't care if they all fucked me, I knew hubby didn't care and it was almost expected of me to fuck half of hubby's work friends whenever we went out with them. I was once told most of the men that socialised with us only hung out with us to fuck me but at the time I refused to believe men could be so shallow and believed they really did like me for me.

I walked out with a guy either side of me loving every second of feeling their hands boldly smothering my entire body as they were putting me on show for everyone to see allowing me to live up to my name of being the town slut. I kissed them without a care in the world, and as I walked past the street shop windows to the car park I clearly saw my image in the reflection. My very sexy, petite, sexually curvy body surrounded by this ontarage of young, very fit looking, very drunk and seriously horny men. I wouldn't have been there doing this if it wasn't for hubby. He was the one who always kept wanting me to let guys fuck me. He was always the one who planted the seed in my mind and manipulated the situation to make it happen. We were moving again in several months so I didn't care what I did, at that moment I was just super drunk and seriously horny!

A rumour had spread that night I was going to let the entire bar gangbang me in the car park and although I knew about it I really didn't care. Deep down I wanted it to happen, I knew hubby wanted me to do it and I trusted hubby's workfriends. I always did what they wanted and I knew hubby wanted me to be doing these things too!
I was in the middle of this cluster of guys all slobbering over me. They seemed really cheerful, very excited and talkative. They kept calling out to each other telling friends to join them as I was taken through the bar. I knew what they were doing but I was drunk and just swept up in the moment of the hysteria pretending I wasn't concerned half the men at the bar were now with this group all wanting the same thing. All these guys were super hyped and fully expecting to be having sex! Apparently, rumours had been spreading amongst hubbys work friends for weeks that I was going to have sex with the entire work team. I only learned about this when I was outside and that certainly explained why so many guys had followed me out there!

I was the only girl in this secluded area of the darkened car park, the only light from the street showing this mass of men surrounding me as I sat perched on the bonnet of someone's car. I suddenly became nervous knowing what was about to happen was actually going to happen but at the same time I was insanely horny too! It was exciting, frightening and seriously stimulating knowing I was about to be fucked by all these guys. I sat on the bonnet just waiting for one of them to make their first move thinking to myself was hubby somewhere hiding in the shadows watching me do this or was he in the toilets jerking off or was he still at the bar enjoying his beer completely oblivious to what was about to happen.
My senses were struggling to cope when the first guy came up to me and started to fondle my breasts, his hand slipped under my top with his fingers tweaking my nipples. I remember just looking at him and smiling letting him do what he was doing. Then another guy stepped forward and started doing the same and another and it felt fucking awesome! I responded quite naturally rolling my shoulders back and pushing my breasts up and out enjoying the feeling of these guys fondling my nipples. I tried to kiss them but they wouldn't kiss me back and instead removed my jeans pulling them partly down my legs to my knees. A few more guys moved in and I felt hands slipping between my thighs with fingers pushing against my pussy. I remember I just couldn't control myself and closed my eyes flicking my head back and lifted my feet onto the bonnet and spread my legs. My jeans were completely removed and I suddenly felt so exposed and vulnerable sitting on this bonnet of someone's car, half naked, my knees lifted high with my legs spread wide looking at this mass of guys all reaching past each other to finger fuck my pussy. In that moment I truly did feel like a complete dirty slut! I was so wet but I simply couldn't help it, I had so many fingers fondling my pussy and watching all these fingers slipping in and out of my pussy just looked amazing.

This didn't last very long before the first guy took complete control and pulled my body to the edge of the bonnet. Lying on my back with my knees high in the air and my dripping wet pussy poised over the edge. He stood in front of me with one hand on his hard erect cock, guiding it as he pushed the head against my pussy searching for the right spot to enter my body. With his other hand on my knee he spread my legs wide apart and pushed his cock inside me. I was so wet I could barely feel him but it still felt amazing! Lying on my back over the bonnet with almost all of hubby's work friends watching me being fucked was absolutely exhilarating. I had never done anything like this before and I was absolutely loving it. I felt so openly available it made me shudder and squirt just thinking about it as I was being fucked hard by this first guy. I was looking around at the display of utter excitement and easily felt the hyped atmosphere of the sexual lust these men had for my body. Looking back I don't think they viewed me as a person who was married to their work colleague because by the way they fucked me I think they viewed me as just some slut who was really enjoying being fucked that way.

Their wide eyed excitement as I let one guy after another fuck my pussy over the bonnet of this car was and still is unforgettable. No one had any protection with them or if they did want to use it they were teased to not to use it. One after another these work friends of hubby's filled my pussy with their hot loads until it started to flow all over the bonnet of this car making it so slippery I kept sliding off. I was drunk so lost count of how many guys fucked me that night but I do know it was quite a few. The entire team hubby worked with along with a whole lot of others fucked me that night giving me the reputation of being a filthy ! With so many witnesses it was impossible to later deny and I truly did become a free ride for anyone until we left.

Like I previously said I was very naive back then and both hubby and myself suffered deeply with the humiliation for the rest of the time we were there. I deeply regretted what I did with all those men that night because it did make the rest of our time there feel quite awkward and uncomfortable but for me, because of my sexual nature, history has seemed to repeat itself.
Hubbys Sex Puppet...
Posted:Jun 18, 2021 11:27 pm
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2021 8:04 pm
Hubby suggested it, although, I didn't exactly argue with him when he said he wanted bring these guys home.

I had been out drinking with my friends and I knew hubby would be horny when I arrived home because I had been sending him pics night long of with these random guys I kept meeting. There was this really powerful sexual chemistry between me and these particular that was impossible for ignore and I thought these guys would be perfect take home so hubby could watch them fuck me. It wasn't a planned thing like we have done before but they were just perfect, the situation was perfect and I knew hubby would want me bring tthemhem home. They knew why I wanted them come back with me because I was very honest about everything and told them which hubby and I have found is always the best thing to do otherwise it can create problems.

They were young hot looking bulls in their very early twenties, totally full of themselves and arrogant as hell with their sexual prowess to prove and I just knew altogether they would be awesome sex trying their best to out do each other. They were very keen to get back to my place and fuck and I had to keep taming them until I gently teased hubby enough to convince him to invite these guys to our place which is something we don't normally do but these guys were just sex waiting to happen!

On the way home I thought they were going to fuck me in the car before we even arrived because the blue dress I had on was very thin and flimsy making me virtually naked and made it very easy for them to maul my body touching every part of me as I giggled and feebly fought back trying to stop them. I was very drunk and by the time I did arrive home I had already swallowed one guys massive amount of cum which he spilled deep in my throat. Hubby knew I was bringing these guys back to the house and when he opened the front door to see my breasts being slobbered all over by one of them he just looked super pleased! He had this massive smile on his face and I knew he was already excited because as I walked in I could see his hardness in his trousers.

At first the men I brought home were excited about fucking me but then when they met hubby I think they felt a little intimidated and things suddenly became a little awkward but hubby quickly lightened the mood again with his super friendly nature. He offered them a drink and talked while I went to the bathroom to check how I looked and by the time I walked back into the room hubby was showing them some gangbang footage he had of me with his friends from months before. I was kind of a little embarrassed while I stood there half naked with them listening to hubby so proudly telling them how many men fucked me that night and saying they can do whatever they wanted with me and he won't intervene.

Hubby then went into the kitchen to get himself a drink and by the time he came back I was already sitting on the couch kissing one guy next to me with his hand between my legs fondling my pussy and another sitting on the other side gently caressing my breasts with the third standing back watching. I saw hubby walk back into the room and I smiled at him as these guys continued fondling my body and becoming more relaxed with hubby being there. Hubby sat in his "viewing chair" with his drink in hand reassuring these guys they can have as much fun with me as they wanted because despite their earlier bravado and confidence they were being a little apprehensive.

Hubby sat in his chair mostly obscured by the dim lighting of the room but still being able to clearly define every detail of what I was doing from the lamp next to the couch. It was by no accident the room is set up the way it is because hubby had deliberately and very thoughtfully done everything just the way he likes it to be. It took these guys about twenty minutes to regain their sexual dominance over me again and when they did they certainly did not hold back one bit! They very quickly worked out I loved being fucked like a slut because that's what hubby always wants me to do and anything is allowed!

The rougher they became and the more verbally dominant they were toward me the more hubby was loving watching what they were doing wth my body. I could see he had his drink in one hand with the other down his pants playing with his cock as he watched me enjoying letting these guys do whatever they wanted! They very quickly worked out they had full control and could do as they wished with me and I could tell they were really starting to enjoy putting on a show for hubby.

I was sitting spread legged on the couch with one guy either side of me really pushing their fingers as deeply into my pussy as they could and taunting hubby watching from his chair only two meters away. They were being a little disrdisrespectful toward hubby or maybe they were just getting into the sex with me because of how much I was showing that I was loving being mistreated by them and they kept both finger fucking my pussy as hard as they could making me scream out and would ask hubby if that's what he wanted. They were definitely enjoying having free sexual reign over me and the more intensely verbal I became responding to the things they were doing the more excited hubby became watching these men fuck his wife. I was starting to lose myself in the sex with these men as I straddled one with his cock deep inside my pussy and another behind pushing his cock deeper into my ass. I was screaming out loudly in absolute ecstasy in this high pitched squealing drowning out the music, the grunting and groans of the men then above all that I heard hubby yelling " FUCK" as he cum yet again over himself!

I looked over at hubby and he had this expression on his face like he had been a naughty boy which instantly turned embarrassment when the guys fucking me started teasing him about how many times he had already cum in such a short amount of time. I knew why, because hubby has told me the more I'm enjoying the sex the more excited he gets. I love showing hubby how much I'm enjoying the hot physical passion he allows me to have with other men. I'm not afraid to experiment with other men, or show the unbridled lust I have when I'm fucked by other men and that is what I think hubby loves. He loves the fact I am now so sexually uninhibited and willing to do anything for him.

These men were making me hot by just looking at them. Their sexy well groomed bodies, the tattoos and more so just the manner in which they were sharing me amongst themselves was making me squirt and I was amazed at how turned on hubby was watching these guys fuck me. I was on my knees on the floor between the two couches situated parallel to each other and I had just been fucked by one guy who emptied himself deep inside my pussy from behind whilst I was giving the other two a blowjob on the couch opposite hubby. My pussy was facing hubby and I could feel his fìngers playing with the cum that I knew was dripping from my pussy. I had my ass high in the air, my legs spread wide with my pussy pushed out just praying hubby would do what I was hoping he would do. The two guys I was giving a blowjob to were daring hubby to lick my cum drenched pussy and I looked behind me to see hubby poised behind my pussy with his face only centimeters away looking so intently at the cum oozing out my pussy that he has such a fascination about. It is like an addiction to him to watch another man's cum drip from his wifes pussy!

I kept moving my hips trying to push my pussy in hubbys face and I was begging for him to lick it but he wouldn't. He would only tease me holding my hips tightly in place with his hands as he kissed and ran his tongue over my previously cum smeared ass. He wanted to lick my pussy but wouldn't and I had become so worked with the sexual anticipation that when hubby slipped his whole hand inside my pussy from behind my whole body just suddenly shuddered and I had these spasmotic fits that just wouldn't stop making go insanely crazy! I bit down hard this guys cock that was in my mouth and grabbed the other with this vice like grip as my body simply spasmed and bucked uncontrollably from hubby fist fucking my pussy from behind. I had absolutely no control over myself at as I was thrust into this world of sexual suffering at the hands of these men and hubby, being physically teased, tormented and pleasured in ways only sexually aggressive men know how, making the pain feel so pleasurable on so many levels and leaving me with nothing more than a clear conscious as I drowned in the deep depths of forbidden lust and knowing what hubby and I are doing is so very wrong making the sex so much more deeply gratifying.

In amongst the heavy breathing, self gratification, uncontrolled climaxing and involuntary releases hubby then in the heat of the sexual moment suddenly grabbed me by the ass and shoved his face into my very wet, very sloppy, cum filled pussy and started to slurp on my juices mixed with the other men's cum. His eager tougue delving deep into my pussy and I could hear him slopping away and grunting like an animal swallowing the mixed juices. The men I had brought home for sex had almost become a side event for me, simply a means of sexual stimulation for hubby, trigger the passion he has for trapped inside his complex mind. Everything I did that night with them I did for hubby, tormenting hubbys desires, like we were feeding off each others sexual kinks and meshing as one. My deep addictive desire to have sex and fuck every male alive and hubbys need to watch me do it making us a very rare compatible couple simply enjoying physical pleasures to continually strengthen our emotional connection.

I went on having sex with these men putting a deliciously deliberate display for hubby as he watched the vile manner in which they treated bring him so much satisfaction. With his ever increasing involvement and guidance I was sexually degraded, abused and fucked hard in every possible scenario between all four of them as the bond between hubby and these men grew with one common interest in making me suffer sexually for their own personal amusement and gratification. I was bound, whipped, throat fucked, ass fucked and made beg for them stop, at hubbys provocation.

I was kneeling on the floor in front of hubby sitting on couch and bent over his knees with my head in his crotch and his soft cock in my mouth. He was holding there in that position by my hair telling he hadn't finished with yet. Then he told spread my legs, reached over for his leather strap and told close my eyes. I could feel the long leather laces being dragged over my back and I braced expecting be whipped but wasn't. Then he told spread my legs even wider and asked if I enjoyed being a slut for him. I replied yes, then I felt the sharp sting of the tips of the individual long thick leather laces slap against my already swollen sensative pussy creating this intensely amplified, sharp, long producing sting that just lingered making winch from the pain.

Hubby thought I had enjoyed the sex with these guys a little too much or perhaps he was just jealous, or maybe he just wanted an excuse to punish for behaving so eagerly. He whipped my ass and pussy again and again and I could feel his limp cock starting grow inside my mouth. I started suck his cock but he told stop and pushed my head down over it forving it into my throat. He kept asking if I liked the sex I had and every time I answered yes he would whip my ass and pussy from where he was sitting and said he took joy in watching me flinch with every strike. The other had finished with and left leaving alone with hubby and his further punishment that night.

I found pleasure from the excruciating pain hubby so very meticulously inflicted upon my body make confess the things he found disturbing. He wants fuck other men but doesn't want me enjoy it, but if he doesn't see enjoy it he becomes disappointed, so I do express my pleasure but if I show too much pleasure he becomes jealous and punishes me for it!

It is a delicate balance being a for hubby...
Hubby Cuckold or Dominant Master...?
Posted:May 22, 2021 7:35 pm
Last Updated:May 31, 2021 1:09 am
I sometimes just don't know if hubby is simply being a cuckold hubby or if he is skillfully manipulating me into doing the things he wants me to do as a dominant Master.

I have often done things and later thought how did I possibly end up in that situation with those men doing the things with them that hubby so gleefully and intently watch them do with his wife that would probably make most men cringe. I certainly can't say I haven't enjoyed doing all these things for hubby because I do and love the fact that he loves me even more for doing them but sometimes I think hubby does lose control and things just happen turning him into a hapless cuckold having no choice but to let the men with do the things they do with my body, or maybe that is hubbys intent all along?

This one recent night hubby did lose control and was turned into this begging cuckold desperately trying to reclaim his wife as I was used by one man after another with completely oblivious to his plight because of the intensely satisfying sex I was having with the same men that hubby did initially introduce me to as his slut slave.

We had been invited to a friends property for what could be described as an unruly gathering of sexual animals who had no boundaries or respect for women. It was a back porch celebration with a limitless flow of alcohol, goodies and an abundance of single, , horny men, parading themselves like stud horses looking for any available female to fuck! I went with hubby because I was his partner but looking back on the night I think hubby must have been insane to have taken me knowing what these men would be like and leaving me to wander alone to fend for myself in the state I was in at the time. I have no doubt he knew I would hook up with other men and that's what he was wanting but I don't think he anticipated me being as promiscuously popular as I was or how much my frame of mind and insanely sensative tingling pussy would desperately crave cock!

It was a casual event and the host supplied his house to stay for the night which most people were doing and there were several rooms with mattresses placed over the floor, plenty of food, wine and spirits plus other things so all I needed was myself and hubbys protection from the type of misogynistic men I know are always present at these things. I just wore this very casual but still quite sexy short grey knitted dress. It was an off the shoulder design and felt very cosy yet still showed the sexy curves of my body and although my beautiful breasts were fully covered the dress still emphasised the abundant fullness of them hidden beneath. My legs and ass looked crazy sexy in this thing and although simple in design it still had this very obvious sexually provocative and desperately wanting look about it which hubby loves.

We were probably one of the last to arrive and to the men prowling for sex I think I was an arrival of reprieve for their needs. I was friendly, flirty, sexy and open to the idea of being fucked and half the men their very quickly found out I was an anyone's that hubby loved to share. This type of crowd were people I felt comfortable with who didn't judge and would readily accept my promiscuous nature making feel very comfortable and ease being amongst them. I was inundated with men's interest especially when hubby started to introduce me to everyone as his slut slave that he did in a jokingly manner, but I knew he wasn't joking at all and meant it!

About midway through the night hubby and I became seperated leaving me to mingle alone in this massive semi rural outdoor backyard area. The porch area at the back of the house where most of the people were was well lit up but the rest was an oasis of dark hidden spots behind sheds, water tanks and vehicles where a like could easily be taken then return to the party without anyone even knowing! I attracted the attention of quite a few men and I was having fun getting drunk and shamelessly flirting with every there. I wandered throughout the house area, porch and dark yard area teasing men with my body, deliberately giving them little samples of what they could have if they were lucky. I was quickly seen as being the party slut by the men there who quickly started to treat me like a free because I was letting every there openly fondle my body.

We had been there for several hours or more and by then I was quite drunk, horny and my mind was consumed with thoughts of sex. Hubby had been making me cock tease men knowing full well how horny that would make me feel then forbidding me to do anything with anyone and it wasn't until later he finally gave me permission to fuck this guy I really liked!

I was so excited when hubby finally said I could have sex with this guy I had been flirting with because he was seriously ! It was so easy for to find him again because he had been following all night like a devoted fan. I came across him in the house and we started talking and he was obviously one of the many who had heard the rumours about hubby and myself. He kept asking if I wanted to go somewhere quiet and after teasing him with my body he just grabbed me by the hand and hurriedly led me through the house looking for an empty room and finally into an ensuite. He was excited we finally found a room to ourselves and he quickly closed the door then pushed me up against the wall and kissed me and I could feel his hands sliding up the inside of my legs between my inner thighs until I could feel his fìngers pressed against my moist pussy. I opened my legs to give him room and with a hurried intensity he slipped all his fìngers inside me and forcefully rubbed his hand against my clit in this pressured up and down motion. I was paralysed with pleasure feeling my body react so instinctively to the rough nature of the sex. Then he turned me around facing the wall and pressed himself against my body squashing me against the wall with his hands and fingers around the front of my body firmly and hurriedly sliding over my pussy and clit making me instantly flood from the intensity of his desire. He was in a huge hurry to fuck my pussy and now he had me to himself he wasn't going to miss that chance! I was as horny as anything too and we were both just super sexually hyped and needed to fuck! He pushed my dress up and kept firmly rubbing his hands all over my legs, my ass, midriff and pussy with such an intense sexually passionate energy while he kept kissing me and it almost made me climax! We were breathing so heavily it was almost deafening then I simply couldn't stand it anymore and I lifted myself onto his cock. I was up against the wall with my arms being held behind my back with my dress pulled up over my ass. My breasts squashed against the coldness of the wall and my pussy pressed hard against his naked cock. I knew I was being naughty, I knew hubby told me not too, but I was so swallowed up in the physical lust that was burning so intensely between us in that moment that I just couldn't stop myself from lifting myself up a little and pushing back against his ample rock hard cock.

I was so wet and ready, his cock just slipped straight into my pussy and I felt his body buckle against mine as he groaned and grabbed me by the hips. He fucked me so hard over the wash basin it later left bruising on my pelvis and his fingers dug so deeply into my flesh it hurt. There was so much physical passion between us it felt magical and he fucked harder than anyone has ever fucked before! I jiggled around in his grasp, my small petite body partly being suspended in mid air with my hands hard up against the wall pushing back against his force with this giant of a man lifting up by my hips and pulling my body back and forth along his cock. I started screaming because I just couldn't stop myself going into spasms as I edged closer to gushing. He started yelling he was coming then suddenly stopped and stiffened and pulled his cock holding it in his hand frantically telling to suck it, so I spun around, knelt down, then a micro second later he was pouring the most of I have ever seen from a guys cock all over my and breasts as he jerked himself whilst having these contorted fits whilst he . This one man covered my and breasts in so much it looked like men had over ! Then as soon as he had finished he walked yelling to his friends nearby in this super excited manner bragging he had just fucked that slut!

After I had cleaned myself up and coyly walked to find hubby again I had to walk past him and a few others with him and although I couldn't clearly hear what they were saying I could feel the intensity of the disdain just by the way they were looking at ! I felt a little self conscious as I had to squeeze past him and his friends with those smutty smirks on their faces looking making feel like I was nothing. As I walked past, one of them made this disgusting remark and shoved his hand up my dress grabbing my pussy and another tweaked my nipple. I simply stopped and smiled, pleased that I had a reputation of being a good fuck but once again disappointed at the low opinion men always seem to have off me after they have fucked my pussy. When I was with hubby again I could sense heaps of guys looking at me and I could see the whisperings spreading from one guy to another. I was getting that look, that obvious expression men just can't hide which says they know a slut! I stayed with hubby because I knew what would happen if I didn't but that still didn't stop a flood of men following the scent of sex wafting through the air.

After we had mingled for awhile hubby left me alone for a moment to get some more drinks. I was at the back of the house on the porch and in minutes I had this guy talking to me. I saw hubby heading back thinking he would stay but he just gave me my drink and left again leaving me with this guy who he obviously wanted me to fuck! We talked and flirted for a while and by this time I was drunk and this guy was getting quite candid about wanting to fuck my pussy until completely out of nowhere he just said "Well, lets go somewhere and fuck!" His words cut straight through the conversation we were having and a moment of silence fell as this guy just looked straight at me and all I could do was look back and coyly smile.

Then this guy suggested we go down into the darkness of the open yard where the cars were and I could immediately feel the butterflies in my stomach building as I was led by this guy to this area while hubby stayed on the porch. As we moved through the crowd on the porch I saw this guy whispering to some friends and following this guy I walked straight past hubby and I gave him that look I always give when some guy is about to fuck my pussy and as expected hubby said nothing meaning he approved. I was with this guy for a few minutes and whilst he was kissing and playing with my pussy a of men had followed us down there and were congregating. I just stood there not knowing what to do and although unusual for me felt a little lost until this other guy came up to me and started feeling the wetness of my pussy too. I stood in the middle of these men being fondled and I could feel my pussy just flooding with my scent spreading as all these hands and fingers searched my pussy.

Like a true party slut I was letting them all touch me and it felt amazingly awesome to be hubbys slut wife! This guy stood behind me and I could feel his rock hard cock against my hand as I massaged it through the material of his trousers. I could feel the excitement of his heavy breathing against the back of my neck and I could hear whisperings of him telling me how much he wanted to fuck me. His nibbling at my ear felt amazingly seductive as his fìngers searched the sensativity of my pussy with a multitude of others. I was drowning in this sexual seduction of desire and despite the of men who had gathered to participate I was willing to fuck them all just to satisfy my insatiable need for sex and hubbys addiction wanting me to be this way.

I ended up on the bonnet of one of the cars having sex with one guy with the others crowded around watching this guy fuck me. I knew hubby wanted me to be doing this so I was loving every second of it! I was lying over the bonnet on my back with my head near the windscreen and my legs spread and pushed back watching this guys cock being thrust hard into my pussy. Everyone was crowding around the car trying to get the best view and shouting some disturbingly obcene comments turning the whole scene into mayhem! My boobs were flopping about with more guys crowding in grabbing at my boobs, trying to pinch my nipples, yelling out they wanted to be next, and almost fighting with each other about it because this was just pure fucking and everyone wanted to be involved and the ones that didn't were getting a great view. I knew hubby was close by but I couldn't see him because I was kind of trapped on the bonnet inside this wall of men all around me celebrating the fact they were all going to fuck me too. After this guy I immediately started to give some other guy a blowjob then after that everything became a bit hetic! I think I may have been mixing too much earlier in the night and I was with one guy after another not even noticing hubby was right there the whole time. It must have been great for hubby to have that perfect close up view to watch me gush every two minutes, watch men all over my or see them fucking then get off to let the next guy in line fuck straight after. The whole situation quickly turned into this chaotic mess of bodily fluids, cocks and half naked men all clambering over each other to be with me next. After the initial rush of mayhem hubby managed to get me into this car with him in the front seat to watch me have sex with men in the back seat and as I rode other men's cocks I could lean through to kiss hubbys cock too. His cock was drenched in pre and it really did feel like he instantly every time I touched his cock with my lips.

I teased his cock with my lips while other men fucked my pussy and I could feel his balls were swollen and hard and if their was all over my I would use hubbys cock to wipe it into my mouth. I was the lone slut hidden in the shadows of the yard in the back seat of this car willing to fuck any guy who came along and there were many who wanted to ! I truly did feel like a with men getting in the back seat to fuck me then get the second they and brag to the rest of the men waiting. For most of the time hubby was right there having sex with me inbetween the others, and enjoying the left overs that many other men had left behind.

The more men that were with me the more hubby craved my body. One guy had just all over my nipples and hubby rubbed it all over my breasts with his finger tips then licked my nipples. It was like he had gone into a trance and was kind of bathing in the these men were so hurriedly smothering over my body. I was lying on my back across the back seat looking at this of men huddled the open door all reaching in and playing with my covered pussy, more men on the other side reaching in and grabbing my breasts and twisting my nipples, with hubby lying across my body from the front seat, with my hand gently squeezing his cock until he in my hand while he was licking my iinsanely sensative clitoris above the many fingers inside my oozing pussy like he was licking a dripping icecream and this type of thing went on all night! I was going back and forth all over the place! To the house then back to this car, then behind the shed, then back in the house, all with different men! Most times with just a few but the first time with that big and hubby spent most of his time for the rest of the night trying to keep up with where I was, who I was with and what I was doing! The men at this place kind of kept me to themselves after the first fucked because after that it was almost impossible for hubby to find again in this game of hide and seek they were playing with him.

I had sex with so many different men that night and in so many different places it was starting to make my head spin. Hubby later told me everyone was playing a cruel game with him and sending him to the wrong place all the time, every time he would ask someone if they knew where I was, he said where ever they sent him he would find the used protection, soaked tissues or some guys who would confirm I had been there and fucked by whoever but he never managed to catch up with me.

It wasn't until the following morning when he found me naked and asleep on a bed in a room full of snoring men in an upstairs bedroom that he said had been locked all night that I learnt of his plight! While I was being fucked like a true free by every man there that night hubby was being deliberately misled as a cruel joke and left going in circles looking for me and missing on all the fun!
Hubbys long wait...
Posted:Apr 25, 2021 11:43 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2021 2:14 am
We were at at a friend's place help celebrate their anniversary and there was the usual crowd of hubbys friends doing what they always do at these events with their partners close by watching them because I was there too. Sadly, with this crowd I have developed quite a bad reputation for being promiscuous with the men but every time something has happened it hasn't been my fault because it was them who have always taken advantage of my sexually promiscuous nature. Half the guys there always cheat on their partners and I know half the partners have cheated on them because I have been there when it has happened and they are always arguing in this endless circle of dysfunctuality abusing each other about it and accusing me of being the culprit which in most cases has been true but not every time!

Despite hubby asking me not too I did get quite drunk that night but again that wasn't my fault because he knows what I'm lìke when I mix things and if he was so worried about what I might do then he probably shouldn't have become so incredibly intoxicated himself. We had kind of become seperated half way through the night and because hardly any of the women there would talk to me because of an earlier disagreement I spent most of my time talking to this group of guys who I had gravitated toward because they were pretty much the only people in this crowd who would have anything to do with me. I couldn't go home because hubby wouldn't let me and I really didn't want to be there because I wasn't having that much fun so I decided to get serously drunk and in a way I think I only did that because I was kind of swept into this mode of thinking that I had just had enough of all the bullshit!

I ended up spending most of my time outside with these guys just drinking and talking or more like bitching about everything and although they all seemed to be very empathetic which was very comforting I couldn't stop thinking the real reason why they were probably there listening to me whining was because like most of the pigs in this crowd all they really wanted to do was fuck my pussy. I was determined not to do anything with anyone so no one could accuse me of any wrong doing but like most things in my life and with the exception of hubby when it comes to men despite all my good intentions not everything seems to go to plan. I didn't realise it at the time but looking back they were definitely slowly drawing me away from the main crowd. I was unaware of this at the time and what was nothing more than harmless flirting for me was obviously a message for them that I was wanting sex.

I ended up in the gazebo tucked away in the corner of the yard sitting there by myself feeling very sad as I thought about different men I had fucked and the appalling way I was treated by them and their friends afterwards. As much as I always enjoy the sex because lets face it I really do enjoy having sex it has always been hard for me to accept the label of being commonly known as a slut because not every one understands the type of relationship hubby and I have together and these guys, the ones that had been following me all night were definitely part of that circle. I didn't trust them and the little voice inside my head was screaming out loudly to runaway but instead when they slowly migrated toward me and started to gather in numbers around me at the gazebo the attention I was receiving from them was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up. They were continuing to be very understanding, friendly and supportive giving me one compliment after another and responding so positively to my naturally flirtatious mannerisms that I was very quickly back to my usual positive self.

These guys were in their early thirties, very fit looking and only knew me by my reputation. They kept asking me all these different questions about the things they had heard about me and some of them I would admit to but then there were plenty that I simply had to vigorously deny! The conversation kept typically revolving around my sex life and I started to really trust these guys and started to slowly open up to them about my past which most of the time left them in complete shock and the more I opened up to them the more interested they became in wanting to have sex. I sometimes wish I wasn't so sexually desirable to almost every I meet because as usual, it was only a matter of time before they were all trying fuck .

I was still in the gazebo area with these guys when hubby came up looking for me because he thought I had left and sat down with us. He was so drunk I don't think he could even see properly talking about absolute nonsense that not one of us could grapple then he kept telling me show my breasts everyone. At first I wasn't sure if he was serious or not but he kept persisting. I was wearing this very sexy backless blue halter neck top that cupped my breasts perfectly showing this very eye catching plunging neckline that squeezed my boobs together creating a sexually alluring cleaverage that was very hard not to notice. With that I had these very thin partially transparent white cotton pants with high heels that esentuated the shape of my body and hubby said created this sensuous and very fuckable ass. His persistence was in direct contrast to what he was telling earlier so I just kept smiling at all these expectant eyes looking at . The guys were all agreeing with hubby telling show them my breasts and I couldn't stop myself from giggling then they started to chant it and making a racquet and drawing too much attention so I slowly slid my fingers under the inside of my top. I was loving this because they were all getting so excited watching do this as I seductively started very slowly pull my top away to the side showing more and more of my breasts until I was right down to my nipples which were just about to pop out then I would quickly cover myself again. This was getting excited teasing these guys like that and I was even more excited because hubby was right there watching do it getting excited himself!

I went and sat next hubby and he put his arm around my shoulder with his hand nestled upon my breast slowly moving his fingers over my nipple and arousing every sensory in my body. He knows what gets going and touching my nipples is a guaranteed way of making my pussy juices flowing. I was snuggled into hubby enjoying what he was doing and looking around at the other guys all intently watching his hand moving slowly over my breast and ever so delicately and intentionally expose my nipple by pulling the material of my top away with his fingers. The conversation between everyone started to slow to almost nothing as hubby purposely exposed my entire boob and he just casually kept talking about some random thing then out of nowhere he asked the guy sitting near to me on the other side if he wanted to suck on my other nipple. He didn't answer because I think he may have been in shock but then a moment later he slid along the circular bench seat we were all sitting on until he was right next to me. I looked around and giggled a little looking at everyone's stunned expression as they had gone completely silent with this shocked wide eyed open jaw loo

This guy next put his hand on my other breast and kept looking at hubby as if he was expecting him suddenly get really upset at what he was doing and try hit him but as expected hubby did absolutely nothing and instead asked this guy if he thought I had nice boobs. This guy just grunted as he concentrated on uncovering my other boob and looking down at both my boobs being fondled by different men was making me feel incredibly horny! The rest of the guys were looking at what was going on in a state of absolute disbelief and when I started really respond in this sensually passionate way at having my nipples flicked, sucked and twisted I don't think they actually knew what do! Hubby was directing these guys telling them what he wanted them do with as he sat opposite watching these total strangers fondle his wifes half exposed body. My pants were soon undone and I had eager hands and fingers sliding down over my pussy then they were prompty removed when still hubby continued to sit there watching and doing nothing to stop any of this happening. Some of the guys made quite a few comments about what they were doing and even telling hubby they couldn't believe he was letting them do this with me. I had my legs spread and enjoyed the feeling of having so many fingers stretching my pussy and each time I looked up at hubby and told him I loved him he would just smile back at me. Once the first guy took his cock out of his trousers the rest were very quick to follow and in minutes I had a wall of cocks in my face all wanting to be sucked. I instinctively started to give all these guys a blowjob altogether and moments after that one of them was fucking me.

I was balancing on my ass over the edge of this skinny hard wooden bench seat with my legs pushed high in the air and looking down at some guys cock being thrust in and out of my pussy at this record breaking speed. I had a cock in each hand with guys circulating to get their cocks sucked and the whole time hubby was right there watching me behave like a complete with every guy there. I looked up and saw hubby playing with his half hard cock as he watched me having sex with these guys right infront of him and enjoying every dirty second of my dirty sex with these random men most of whom I didn't even know their names. I straddled some, others fucked me from behind but most I swallowed their abundance of cum.

Tucked away in this private little setting with probably only the neighbors being able to hear us fuck I enjoyed having sex with these men in front of hubby but no matter how much he tried he just couldn't cum despite watching me have sex with six other guys. My pussy flooding with their cum, my face and tits covered in it and with the taste in my mouth I sat there on the edge of the bench seat opposite hubby with my legs spread displaying the cum slowly dripping out of my pussy from the last guys who emptied themselves inside . I could feel it trickling down my ass and as a joke I asked hubby come over and lick my pussy.

He must have been really drunk because everyone's shocked horror including my own he crawled over and started clean up my cum filled sloppy pussy! I couldn't believe he was actually doing it after refusing for so long and it looked liked he was really enjoying it too! I was looking down at him and holding his head against my pussy with my legs raised watching the cum oozing out of my pussy all over his face. I could hear him slurping on my pussy and I couldn't stop myself from twitching because of how sensative it felt with his bristles rubbing against my super sensative tingling flesh but I wasn't going to make him stop! The guys who had all just finished fucking were absolutely disgusted and couldn't stop laughing but I was loving it that hubby was willing to do something for me even though he was so drunk I don't think he even knew what he was doing.

I still haven't told him what he did and he hasn't said anything either so I'm not sure if he just doesn't remember doing that or he is just pretending he can't remember doing that because he's too embarrassed to admit that he really enjoyed it!

I can't wait until he gets really horny and drunk again...

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