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Nasty Erotica - TV Anal Squirting of Ping Pong Balls  

JimDallas10 55M  
8 posts
7/26/2014 7:57 am
Nasty Erotica - TV Anal Squirting of Ping Pong Balls

I was in LA a few years back and met up with a TV at a local motel. She was tall (~6' and had long sexy legs that seemed go beyond her lovely ass. She was a definite bottom and made that very clear. She loved to be fucked and before any fucking started she told me she wanted me to toy up her ass for a while. This was to be quite a while I came to find.

She had brought along a large purse and from it she remove several impressive sex toys. Three incrementally larger dildos. The biggest had to be 11" long and 4-5" around. She said she wanted me to work her hole up the ladder of pain to her limits of "taking the meat" as she called it, prior to my entering her. My thought as I looked at her sexy long red painted nails spreading her asshole for me was this would be fun and exciting.

I spent the next 30 minutes lubing my gurl and sliding the various toy dicks into her. Even the biggest was starting to gently slide up her. She was moaning and saying "do it to me, I am your slut fuck gurl," "Fuck yes, I want it all." Very arousing for me! At this point I start to insert my rock hard member into her fuck hole. I would do 8 to 12 hard strokes making sure not to come. Then I would reinsert one of the dildos, mostly the big one at this point. Oh, did she love this. I did too!

This was wonderful, I kept her moaning and begging like a slutty nymphet, while at the same time preserving my hard on and having a very extended pleasuring of my cock. About 50 minutes into this hot fuck session, my gurl said stop. She told me she wanted to be packed with the balls. I look at her with wonderment, knowing this would probably great as well. They fill me so good and I love popping them she moaned.

She grabbed her purse and with those sexy red taloned hands removed what must have been a dozen hot pink ping pong balls. She was turned over now and spread her ass and inserted the first ball into her now much used and lube dripping hole. She said to me, "you start putting them in my hole of fucking need." I obliged. "It only gets better for me as you load me up." "After each three you put in me I will suck your cock for 30 seconds." That sounded pretty good, as it was.

This was a fun game, we both loved the intermittent and incremental pushing up to our orgasmic brink. After about 9 balls she said, "stop, I want you to fuck me now and come.

I stuck my swollen dick in her hole and could feel the hard ping pong balls in her. I fucked my slut as hard as I could. She then grabbed my nipples and pinched them hard with here long nails. As she did this I exploded into her. What a great orgasm!

It was not over though. She look at me and said, now is what I really want. Now I want to pop!" "Get your face down in my ass she commanded, and with that she start shooting the balls out her ass at my face. These balls were cover with a dripping mixture of lube and seaman. The salty mixture hit my face and I stuck out my tongue to taste the nasty sex fluid. "Those are my treats," my nasty gurl uttered as she moaned while forcing the balls out with passion and pleasure. She grabbed a couple and started sucking on them. "This is my candy fuck treat," she told me. She continued to lick and suck the dripping balls when her man portion exploded with cum. She had me wipe her massive dripping with the balls and insert them in her mouth to prolong her tasty treat she had so elaborately brought to our table of nasty sex.

I would love do this again some day with another sexy gurl if there is one with this kind of kinky interest out there. I really was good!

jamieyes100 38T  
87 posts
1/7/2018 10:56 am

Very sexy, I have used an eight ball from a billiard set. I once let my guy fuck me hard and wild with it inside me, and I couldn't get it back out until he cam inside me and the seaman lubed my hole enough for it to pop back out again. I also like using milk with alka seltzer tabs, makes for creamy explosive orgasm. Another sweet thing I like is to take my anal beads and bend them in half stuff them inside me and let a guy go to town on my ass. Another is to stuff my panties in my hole and them pull them out and make my guy wear them as he fucks me.

JimDallas10 55M  
18 posts
3/1/2019 9:04 am

Jamie - you are an anal dream and know how to best make your self explode with deep anal sensation. I could learn from your methods!

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