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Pok(h)er Night
Posted:May 3, 2020 7:27 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 6:07 am

I had been babysitting for Mr. Johnson for several years and over those years we became very close. All quietly behind Mrs. Johnson’s bac I never felt very bad about it. She wasn’t very good him. He had taught so much about men and how please them and he rewarded very well for my efforts. I went away college shortly after we became sexually involved. I would call him every day from college, and he was usually either at the office of working from home. He was always very generous with me both when I babysat and when I went away for college. Always dropping extra into my account. I devised a plan and set it into motion the day I came home from school to him back for his generosity.

I knew he would be surprised see as he wasn't expecting for another week so imagine the look on his face open the front door see standing there waiting for him.

"Jessica! Welcome home! What a pleasant surprise! I wasn’t expecting you until next week!" I threw my arms around him and pressed my body up against his. I was already starting feel myself getting wet.

“Hi! Mr. Johnson. I just stopped by to say hi and let you know that I am home for the weekend and if you need me, I will be home” I said with a smile and a win

“Well, now that you mention it, how would you like make some extra cash this evening? I have a monthly poker night that I am hosting, and I could use a hostess.”

I could always use the extra I thought. "Sounds like it could be fun! Meeting all your buddies! What about Mrs. Johnson? Is she around? "

"She is planning on spending the night with the at her sister’s house." My eyes brightened a bit. I had not been with Mr. Johnson for several weeks now and was craving his attention.

"Awesome, Jessica. Come by about 7pm. It should be a really good time. I certainly have missed having you around.

I arrived back at Mr. Johnson’s house at the appointed time. His basement is styled after an old Irish pub. There was a huge bar along one wall, a pool table, several tables and chairs all arranged accordingly. There was also a poker table situated towards the center and as I went down the steps I saw the group of men that worked closely with him They hooted and hollered when they saw me and before long I could hear them all laughing and joking.

All of the men were, in some way or another, worked with Mr. Johnson. I had seen most of them at least once Like Mr. Johnson, they were all seemed very nice and driven so it was weirdly amusing to hear them carrying on like a bunch of stereotypical frat boys.

I let Mr. Johnson and his friends get a bit deeper into their game while I played the part of their personal server and, if things went according to plan, their entertainment for the night.

Now I'm no stranger to being the only female in a room full of men so I didn't really get the butterflies that I thought I might and when I stepped into their line of sight all eyes were firmly fixed onto me. Including Mr. Johnson there was 5 men and all 5 stared at me with the same lust filled gaze and I felt a tingle deep inside me.

I tended to the men, passing out drinks as requested and things started to revert to normal despite the obvious sexual tension in the room. Occasionally someone would drop something and ask me to pick it up for no other reason than to see me do so with my ass pointed near them and to get a peek at my ass. In turn I would make sure to bend at the waist when I gave them their drinks so they could get a better look at my somewhat exposed breasts. Eventually one of the men invited me to sit on his lap and I gladly accepted. I caught a surprised frown from Mr. Johnson which I slyly winked away.

"Jessica, sweetie, could I get another beer?" Mr. Abrams asked and when I brought it to him he gently guided me down onto his lap same as the pervious man had done. I could already feel his hardness and it only made me tingle more and I started to wonder if all the others were in the same condition.

Mr. Jacobs lap was my next landing area and like Mr. Abrams he too was already hard. This time though I took a little more initiative and discreetly directed his hand down between my thighs. His cock began to throb as he manipulated my wetness through the silky material.

My plan involved me going from man to man with the exception of Mr. Johnson so that meant that Mr. Finnegan was next and when I brought him his Jameson's he didn't have to invite me to sit, I just did it on my own. I smiled when I felt him squirm a bit and then that familiar feeling of a cock getting stiff against my butt and his hand on my inner thigh. I smiled sweetly at him and pushed his further along until it was resting on my salivating mound. Mr. Finnegan was a bit more opportunistic then the others and pushed a finger inside me. This would go on for another round of drinks with each man taking the opportunity to play with my little slitty. I was loving the attention, but I wanted more.

"Excuse me a minute guys. I need to take this call." Mr. Jacobs announced as his phone rang and he stepped away from the table. The other men decided to take a break and I made my way to the bar to fix more drinks. Mr. johsnon was soon standing directly behind me and I could feel his hardness pressing against my butt.

"Exactly what do you think you're doing?" his voice barely a whisper. I stood and turned to face him.

"What are you talking about Mr. Johnson?"

"MMMM don't you think I know the look you get on your face when your pussy is being played with?" he dared a quick glance down at my barely contained tits and then back towards his friends then stared directly into my eyes.

"Maybe I'm just trying to get your attention Mr. Johnson?" I purred and slide my hand along his crotch, feeling his hardness already throbbing.

"Jessica you always have my attention."

"Really? Because you haven't been spoiling me in weeks."

"Well wait until my friends leave and I'll more than make up for it."

"Why should we wait Mr. Johnson?" I gave him that sexy smile I save for when I'm feeling really devious. "Maybe you should fuck me right now, right in front of all your friends." I felt his cock twitching. "Maybe they should do me to. MMMM I know you'd love to watch me getting gang fucked by your friends Mr. Johnson. See that look on their faces as they watch you sink this hard fucking dick into my wet little cunt."

"This was your plan all along wasn't it?" the realization struck him and moaned while grinning wickedly, no doubt at the thought of seeing me getting spit roasted. “You have grown up so much since going away from college.”

"Maybe." I couldn't help but giggle a I started to feel the eyes of every man in the room focus in on me and Mr. Johnson. "Why don't you have a seat with the rest of the guys." I took his hand and lead him to where his friends were now sitting. I had undone a couple more buttons on my shirt and my black lace bra was all but exposed and each pair of eyes took notice. I stood there almost posing in front of them and smiled when I saw that they all had bulges in their pants.

"Well gentlemen I think the poker game is getting a bit stale. How about another form of entertainment?" It was then that Mr. Johnson, turned on the stereo and I began to dance slowly and seductively. They watched as my fingers slide up and down my body, opening the few remaining buttons on my shirt. When I let it slip off my shoulders and land on the floor they looked briefly at Mr. Johnson and he just shrugged and smiled. I began to move from lap to lap giving a nice deep lap dance before moving on to the next man.

"You've all been playing with my pussy all night. I think it's time I returned the favor." I moaned as bent over and ran my hand along Mr. Philp’s bulge. My tits barely contained in my bra and his hands quickly cupped them. I took Mr. Philip and Mr. Abrams by the hand and guided them to stand, next was Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Finnegan and then, finally Mr Johnson. I had them all standing in a circle around me and without much encouragement they all started touching and feeling on my body. My skirt was slid up over my ass and I felt hands roughly groping at it, my tits were receiving the same attention. Mr. Johnson just looked at me, smiled and pulled my face to his and started kissing me while at the same time someone plunged a finger into my soaked snatch.

I was so overcome with desire that I could barely discern one voice from another as the men began remarking on my body, how wet I was and how hard they were. Hearing this I broke my kiss with Mr. Johnson and slid down to my knees. I began feeling from one bulge to the next, feeling them all throb and twitch at my touch.

"Take my cock out Jessica." Mr. Johnson moaned and I responded by doing as he asked. His dick was swollen and already drooling pre-cum as it sprang free of his pants and landed soundly against my face. I know how Mr. Johnson likes his cock sucked and I licked up and down the shaft a few times before finally taking it into my mouth. I was sucking and slurping up and down as I heard that unmistakable sound of zippers being worked and clothes being removed. Next thing I knew I had five hard cocks presented to me. I smiled up at Mr. Johnson.

"Get on this cock baby." Mr. Philips muttered and pulled me from Mr. Johsnon to his own raging hard-on. I put on a show for the other men that had never had my mouth on their dicks before and it must have gotten the idea across because Mr. Jacobs pulled me from to him and I immediately swallowed him to the root.

"MMMM come on Mr. Jacobs, fuck my mouth. Fuck my face like a little fucking ." I growled and he grabbed my hair and shoved himself between my lips and began to fuck my mouth until I had pre-cum and saliva dripping from my lips.

"My turn. Suck my cock you little slut." Mr. Finnegan moaned and roughly pulled me by my hair. Like I had learned from Mr. Johnson I look up at them, look them in the eye as I suck on their throbbing cock and see the look on their faces as I blow them. Mr. Finnegan wasn't bashful and really pumped his length down my throat. Every time I gaged the men all moaned and cheered. My eyes were watering and my pussy was like a river.

"OK, don't hog the entertainment Finn. I've wanted to have my cock in this girl's mouth for years." Mr. Abrams announced and I felt my hair being pulled and my mouth found yet another cock to suck on. "Oh fuck yes. Even better than I ever imagined." He moaned as he watched me bobbing up and down his length.

As I continued sucking on Mr. Johnson and his friends I felt hands all over my body, especially my tits. Although my eyes were watering I could just make out Mr. Jacobs pulling and tugging at my bra.

"Take it off or I'll rip it." He growled.

"MMMM rip it." I moaned, smiled and went back to sucking coc I heard the fabric tear and felt it taught against my body just before it gave way and my tits were finally exposed.

"Fuck! Her tits are perfect!" Mr. Finnegan declared as he felt up.

"Alright, fuck this, get her up on the pool table. I want fuck this little ." Mr. Jacobs instructed and I was lifted up and carried over the table and laid on my bac I look at all 5 men as they stood there admiring me, all were hard and all were slowly stroking their cocks. I thought about teasing them a bit more but my pussy was in desperate need of some man coc

"Well, what are you waiting for? Are you just going stand there or are you going fuck ?" they all stood open mouthed and wide eyed as I played with my tits and rubbed my cunt through my thong.

"Well before we wreck this pretty little pussy I want to get a taste of her first." Mr. Jacobs smiled as he bent down between my thighs, pulled my now soaked panties aside and began eat out. My back arched in pleasure and I began moan. I felt hands on my tits again and realized that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Philips had both climbed up on the table and were on their knees, hard cocks motioning towards my open mouth. I was almost to my first orgasm of the night thanks to Mr. Jacobs tongue when Mr. Johnson plunged himself between my lips.

"Come on Jacobs, either fuck her or get out of the way!" someone screamed and I felt him pull away from my mound.

"Do it! Shove your fucking cock in me and fucking use me!" I yelled as I pulled Mr. Johnson from my mouth and before Mr. Phillips filled it back up.

"Damn...so fucking tight!" Mr. Jacobs moaned as she slipped inside me and started to fuck my pussy. His hands were rough and digging into my thighs as he bared down and pounded my accepting fuck hole. Mr Johnson and Mr. Philips started to slap their spit covered dicks against my face.

"Alright, alright let me get in there." Mr. Finnegan instructed, and I felt Mr. Jacobs withdraw from my needy slit. "MMMM such a pretty little pussy you have Jessica." His hand pulled at my thong until it ripped away. I watched, and felt, him club his insanely thick swollen cockhead against my wet mound.

"MMMM fuc..just...just shove it in Mr. Finnegan." He grinned at and guided his tool to my pussy and in one rough motion his cock rammed inside of me. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with that huge cock!" I was screaming and he was pounding me hard.

"Oh fuck! I've wanted this for so fucking long! Take it Jessica! Take it you little fucking cock slut!" his body tensed, muscles rippled in effort as he pummeled my pussy.

"Hey, Jessica has more than one hole you know." Mr. Johnson sneered as he waited for that to sink in and when it did I was repositioned. Mr. Abrams laid down and I straddled him, guiding myself down onto his engorged cock and started riding it. Mr. Johnson looked at me and mouthed the word 'slut' then smiled.

"Slow down a bit Jessica, let me get up in that ass baby." Jack was behind me pushing his cock against my butt. I reached back and spread wide so that he could drill himself up my asshole as I rode his friend. Jack had fucked me before but this was the first time he ever went in the backdoor.

"Ohhhhhh yesssssss! Fuck me! Fuck my holes! Come on you horny old motherfuckers...use me like a !" I was screaming as they grunted and groaned and fucked my ass and cunt. "More! Give me more dick!"

"MMMM yeah suck on my fucking cock!" Mr. Finnegan pushed him wet dick towards my mouth and happily opened wide and let him fuck my mouth as the other invaded my holes. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Jacobs gathered around so that I could stroke them and then eventually move my mouth from one dick the next.

"Shit, she's fucking cumming! Damn she's getting tighter!" he was right. My pussy tightened up like a vice as these men brought me one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had up until that point. "Fuck you're going make cum!" he shouted.

"Go ahead and cum. I'll fuck that little sloppy second hand pussy!" someone announced and I felt Mr. Abrams begin blow his load deep inside . Mr. Phillips was mumbling something and I felt his pace falter and then he too blew his load, this one being shot up in my ass.

No sooner had they both gotten off than I was pushed free of their cocks. I watched as fresh jizz spewed from both holes like a river. I slid my finger through it and liked it clean.

"MMMM yummy. I want more though. I need more coc" Mr. Finnegan was more than happy oblige but instead Mr. Johnson pushed him away and in one hard motion stuffed his cock ball deep in my freshly fucked pussy. "Oh! Ungh! Yes! Fuck Mr. Johnson! Fuck your little !" I watched as his dick speared into , his hand latching onto my neck, feeling him choke as he used my pussy in front of his oldest and closest co-workers.

"Jessica! Baby! I am going cum!" he growled at .

"Do it! Cum hard! Cum inside ! Cum in my little sloppy fucking cunt! Put your load where it belongs!" his friends all watched as he tensed and drove himself in one more time and held it there. I felt him begin spurt stream after stream inside .

"Damn, you really made a fucking mess, huh?" Mr. Jacobs laughed as he stepped between my cum spattered thighs and filled the void in my cunt left by Mr. Johnson's dic I was getting a little sore and I gasped as he roughly plowed his way into . He gave a few really hard, really deep strokes then pulled out. I feared that he was going cum but instead he just rolled so that I was lying flat on my face and re-entered . His hands using my ass for leverage pull at him as he slammed into me. "Fucking Jac..your cum is still drooling from her ass." He mentioned but continued fuck .

"ungh! Give it Mister! Harder! Come one...harder! Fucking use me! I'm a dirty little fucking and I want you use like one!" he grunted and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back while at the same time ramming his throbbing dick into me.

"Fuck! Tell me ! Tell me where you want my fucking load." I could tell he was close.

"Inside me! Please! Shoot your cum into my sloppy little fuck hole!" I looked to Mr. Johnson and he just looked at me and smiled while I felt his friend start to erupt inside me.

After Mr. Jacobs was finally done he pulled out. I immediately felt all the cum drooling from my sore pussy and then realized that Mr. Finnegan hadn't cum yet. I knew that he would probably be the roughest and I also knew that of the five men he has the biggest coc Surprisingly he was actually kind of tender and caring towards ...at first.

"Come here Jessica. I want you ride ." He took by the hand and lead over the sofa. He sat there with that hard, thick cock standing at attention and even though I was starting get sore the site of that raging hard-on squelched any attentiveness I had. "MMMM that's a good little girl...take my fucking prick up your slutty little fucking cunt." His hand found my waist and he literally lifted up and down his pole, ramming onto it as he thrusted up. All I could hear was cheers from the other men, including Mr. Johnson, and the sound of his skin slapping against mine.

"Turn her around Finn so we can see that little pussy get fucked." Mr. Johnson instructed and I then riding reverse cowgirl so that everyone could see this thick cock stretching me. This turned me on even more than I thought possible.

"Oh yeah! You like that? You pervy old fucks...like watching this little cunt being stuffed?" I teased and cupped my tits as they had started to bounce wildly. "You like this Mr. Johnson? Seeing your little babysitter being used like a fuck toy? This is what happen when you don't fuck me enough Mr. Johnson." I leant forward and placed my hands on the floor. I popped my ass up and down, fucking the dick that was currently inside me. "MMMM come on Mr. Finnegan, blow your fucking load. Empty your balls inside me like you've always wanted to do!" he grabbed my ass and slammed me down one last time and exploded inside me.

By the time I had drained the last man the others were hard again but this time they stood in a circle around me and stroked themselves. I would talk dirty to them, lap up some cum that leaked from my pussy and at one point even talked about how'd I go down on their own daughters. When the first man began to cum he aimed it right at my forehead and milked himself for every drop. The next didn't wait for his friend to finish and he was already spewing a load that splattered against my cheek and nec Mr. Johnson was the next get off and he shot it directly into my open mouth and the last focused his aim to my tits. Mr. Finnegan was the only one not to partake in this as he had just gotten off (he would though give another load before the night was over).
Eventually the night came an end and Mr. Johnson’s co-workers all left. I was in the shower when I heard the last of them go and the door slam shut. A few minutes later Mr. Johnson was behind , his hands roaming all over . He kissed my neck and nuzzled in tight. "Thank you so much baby doll. That was exactly what I needed."
I grinned widely. “Mr. Johnson, thank you for a wonderful evening. I think you will agree that I am learning a lot at college.”
Posted:Apr 14, 2020 7:53 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 6:08 am
I had been babysitting the Johnson since I was . It was a great job. The Johnsons liked go out regularly so that meant I had steady work and I'd gotten know them well over the years.

As an 18-year old, I still hadn’t had any boyfriends. I just never was comfortable with their immaturity and childish mind games they played. I was really curious about sex and I masturbated regularly so I knew how have an orgasm but wanted experience one from a real man. The Johnson’s were going out a lot lately which meant I had chance make more money was good because I was saving buy my first car.

Mrs. Johnson picked at 6. When they got the house, I asked I clean the ' supper while I went upstairs finish getting ready.

While I leaned over the sink rinsing off the dishes, Mr. Johnson came into the kitchen. He greeted me warmly and made small talk about school and the weather. I looked at him and realized for the first time what nice blue eyes Mr. Johnson had. When he smiled, I noticed that he had a mischievous twinkle in those eyes - like he knew something fun and a little bit naughty that nobody else knew. I realized I was staring, and that Mr. Johnson had caught me staring. Embarrassed, I quickly turned my eyes back the dishes as I felt myself blush. I suddenly felt like perhaps the skirt I'd chosen wear tonight was just a little too short.

Mr. Johnson came over next to my and I wondered why he was getting so close. Was he going to tease my about staring at him a moment ago? I felt his hand brush across my ass and I jumped but then realized he was just reaching into the upper cabinet next to my for a glass. Now I felt silly. Of course, he wasn't trying to touch my ass, he needed a glass and I was in the way. Mr. Johnson was old enough to be my father and I'd known him for years. I was really embarrassed now and trying to hide the fact that my face was beet red.

Shortly Mrs. Johnson came down and I was relieved that they were leaving because I was so embarrassed about my behavior in the kitchen.

I got the in bed and sat down on the couch to read for school. I kept thinking back to Mr. Johnson and couldn't focus on the pages in front of face. I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to my name being softly whispered in my ear. My eyes fluttered open and I saw Mr. Johnson's face very close to my own. Smiling. That mischievous twinkle again. I realized that while I was asleep I had worked my hand inside my panties and my skirt had worked itself up high on my thighs. I quickly pulled my hand from my underwear when Mr. Johnson grabbed my arm.

I tried to sit up and reached to pull my skirt down but Mr. Johnson held me down and stopped me.

"Now why would you want to cover up those lovely legs, Jessica? You looked like you were having fun. A good dream perhaps?"

My eyes got wide. "Um, Mr. Johnson, where's Mrs. Johnson?"

"She had a headache and went straight up to bed. I said I would wake you up and make sure you got home OK."

"OK, well, I'm sorry I fell asleep. I'll just get my schoolbooks together and then you can take me home," I said.

"Jessica, there's no need to be in such a rush." I felt his hand gently stroking my thigh.

"Mr. Johnson, I'm not really comfortable with this. Can you take me home now?" I asked.

"Now I. I saw the way you looked at me earlier. And that skirt you wore tonight is quite short, isn't it?

I blushed and looked down.

Mr. Johnson interrupted, "You are curious about sex?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Are you interested in boys or do you want to learn from an experienced man?"

"I want to learn from an experienced man, Sir."

"Okay then. I'm going to show you how a man, not a boy, takes care of a young woman's needs tonight. And if you cooper I will get you that car you have been saving for. Deal?"

I thought about my options. I was hundreds of dollars short from my goal and Mr. Johnson was very convincing and I was a bit horny and turned on from of this.
"Yes, Mr. Johnson, we have a deal."

"Good I. I promise you won't regret it."

"Mr. Johnson, what about Mrs. Johnson?"

"She had a bit too much to drink tonight. she won't wake , trust ." He leaned in and softly kissed my lips. I could taste mint and a hint of the White Russians he'd been drinking. I was surprised by his kisses. Mr. Johnson's kisses were sensual, confident. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and it made my pussy start to tingle.

His hand began to wander now from the outside of my thighs to the inside. Gently, he started to push against my thighs to spread them apart so his hand could climb further . I let my legs fall open and his fingers reached my slit and started lightly stroke along the length of it.

"Jessica, you're already wet my dear." I blushed and he said "don't be embarrassed, that's a good thing. It tells you are enjoying this, too."

He pulled his hand away from my slit and put his fingers my mouth. I looked at him, confused. "Open your mouth and lick your juices from my fingers." I wrinkled my nose and he said "don't worry, you'll learn like it. Now do as I say." Reluctantly, I opened my mouth and licked his fingers clean. I was surprised at how good I tasted. It sent shivers down my spine and I noticed Mr. Johnson’s reaction. He was pleased with .

Now he took my hand and guided it down between his legs. I could feel his hard cock underneath his shorts and realized he felt so big. I wondered how that would feel. He pulled the waistband of his shorts down so I could see and touch his cock. I assumed he wanted to me to stroke it so I placed my hand around it and started to stroke and down but he stopped .

"Get undressed for ," he said.

"Everything?" I asked. I'd never actually been naked in front of a man before.

"Yes. Everything."

I turned my back him and started undress.

"No. Face ."

My face turned red again as I turned around and continued undressing. While I undressed, Mr. Johnson removed his shorts and I could see his hard cock. He stroked himself while he watched . When my clothes were off, I crossed my arms in front cover myself. He said, "Put your hands by your sides. I want see your breasts." Slowly I put my hands down and wondered why he was embarrassing like this. I already said I would fuck him.

"Very nice, I. Tell , what size are those lovely tits?"


"Come here and let me suck them." I approached and he reached his hands out and cupped my breasts. He softly sucked one nipple into his mouth, then the other. He moved one hand back down to my pussy. I didn't shave and it was covered with soft, dark hair. He loved it. As he continued to suck on my nipples, he gently inserted a finger into my now very wet cunt. I let out a soft moan as his finger went deeper inside my.

He stood in front of my and kissed my again, reaching behind my head to the hair at the nape of my neck and gently tugging.

I realized it made my pussy tingle even more when he pulled on my hair like that. But then the pulling got more insistent.

"Mr. Johnson," I objected, "You're pulling too hard."

"Only because I'm trying to pull you down to your knees and you aren't going," he said.

"My knees?"

"Yes, I, so you can suck my cock."

"Mr. Johnson, I've never done that before. I don't think I want to."

"Jessica, we had a deal. Having sex with includes sucking my cock. Now if you want renege our deal, I will just have never hire you again and your dreams of that car will be further away."

"No please don't, Mr. Johnson. OK. I'll do it."

I knelt down in front of him and opened my mouth. I leaned forward and took just the head in my mouth. I wasn't sure what to do next and he told lick around his cock and get it nice and wet, and then try get as much in my mouth as possible. He pushed his hips forward, and I tried pull my head back but he still had his hands in my hair and he held my still for a moment, then released me.

"See, that wasn't so bad," he said. "Now try go a bit faster." He pushed his cock back into my mouth. I may have been inexperienced, but my mouth was warm and wet, and knowing his cock was in the mouth of an 18-year old was turning him immensely. He held my hair and started thrusting his hips back and forth, starting really fuck my face with his hard dick.

"Jessica, in a moment I'm going cum and I want you swallow every drop. Do you understand?" I looked at him and gave as much of a nod as I could with my mouth full of cock. Seeing looking at him with those innocent green eyes was enough send him over the edge and he erupted into my mouth. Again, I tried to pull back, but he held my head still while he pumped his cum down my throat. His cock started to soften, and he finally released and pulled his cock out.

"Good girl, I. You did a very nice job taking of that cum I had for you."

"Thank you, Mr. Johnson. Does that mean you'll take me home now?"

"Oh no, we're just getting started."

I wasn't sure if I was glad or not. My pussy was wet, but he was making my do things I hadn't done before and I wasn't sure if I liked them.

"Now lay down on the couch and spread your legs for me." I did as instructed and he was pleased see I was putting less resistance now.

He knelt down between my legs and started gently rubbing my hairy slit again.

"You are going have get rid of this hair for the next time, Jessica. he said. “You should never cover such a lovely part of your body.
I nodded, My head spinning from the experience.
”Do you masturb Jessica? he asked.
"Um, well, um yes Sir." I couldn't believe I was admitting this him.

"Do you cum when you do?"

"Yes Sir."

I'm going show you how it's done with a man."

He leaned forward and pulled my pussy lips apart expose my clit, then he reached his tongue out to taste my sweet, young, wet pussy.

" my God, Mr. Johnson," I moaned.

"Has anybody ever licked your pussy before, Jessica?"

"No Sir."

"I'm glad I'm the first. Just relax," he said and went back licking my clit. He inserted a finger into my pussy, then two, and slowly pumped them in and out of while he continued lick my. Soon I started thrusting my hips meet his tongue and fingers and I knew he was getting close. He could hear my breathing getting faster and soon I cried out and shuddered and he knew I was cumming hard on his tongue.

"Fuck, yes, Mr. Johnson yes" I moaned as I pushed his head away. "Please stop, stop." The shuddering subsided as my orgasm wound down.

His cock was rock hard again and he was ready to feel this tight young pussy. He climbed on top of my and slowly sunk his cock inside my while he watched my face twisting in pleasure. I moaned softly as I felt him enter me.

He couldn't believe how wet and tight my pussy felt around his cock and he started to thrust harder. He reached down and grabbed my breasts as he fucked this beautiful young girl.

"Jessica, what kind of birth control are you on?"

"Um, I'm not on anything Mr. Johnson.”

He slowed down the pace of his fucking, thinking. He pulled out of me.

"OK, I have a solution," he said. "Come stand behind the couch and bend over the back of the couch for me."

I looked puzzled but said "OK" and did as he told me.

He caressed my beautiful ass and then sunk his cock back into my pussy. Incredibly, my pussy felt even better from this angle but he knew he had to stop or he would cum inside me. He pulled out of me.

He spit on my asshole and started gently working a finger into my virgin ass.

"Mr. Johnson, NO, I will not do that."

"I, I can't cum inside your pussy because you might get pregnant. If I cum in your ass, there's no danger. You don't want to get pregnant, do you?"

"No, Mr. Johnson but why can't you just cum in my mouth like you did before?"

"Because I already did that and I want to cum somewhere else."

"But Mr. Johnson, it's going to hurt..."

"I, I'll be gentle. It's either this or no car for quite a while."

I sighed. "Okay I guess. Please don't hurt me."

He placed his cock between my ass cheeks and rubbed and down between them, then placed the head at the opening.

"I'm going start push in now, try relax," Mr. Johnson told .

Slowly he began push his cock inside . He couldn't believe he'd talked this innocent, sweet, lovely 18-year old girl into letting him fuck in the ass but he was not going waste this moment.

"Mr. Johnson, it's starting hurt."

"I know baby, it's just going hurt for a moment but once I'm the way in it's going feel better. Take a deep breath for ."

I took a deep breath and he gave one hard thrust to sink his cock the way into my ass.

"I'm going to hold still for a moment and let you adjust, OK? Tell me when you are ready."

"Um OK Mr. Johnson," I said. I was still for a moment and then he could feel my start to relax a little.

"OK I, if you're ready I'm going to try to fuck your ass now."

"Yes Sir," I said.

Mr. Johnson smiled as he slowly started pumping my young, tight ass. He knew he wasn't going to be able to hold off long. He bent over me so he could reach around and grab those gorgeous young tits of mine and started thrusting harder.

"You're doing great, I. You're such a good girl. I'm going to cum in your ass. Are you ready for me to cum, baby?"

"Yes Mr. Johnson, please. Fuck my ass hard Mr. Johnson!"

That was he needed and he filled my ass with his cum, shooting into my pretty little round teenage ass.

"OK I, get yourself cleaned and dressed so I can take you home. By the way, Mrs. Johnson is going out of town for the weekend soon. I'm going to need you to stay with us for the weekend to help me take care of the . Don't wear any panties."

"Yes Sir, Mr. Johnson," I said as I got dressed, knowing that there would be lots of naughty fun in my future with Mr. Johnson. And lots of cars!
Bus Ride Home
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twenty years old and had never dared to leave the house without wearing panties. This morning when I opened my underwear drawer, I found only clean socks and bras. Barefoot and bottomless, I padded down the hallway to the laundry room. Digging through the laundry hamper looking for underwear I quickly realized that everything in the hamper had the same unpleasant odor.

"Fuck it." I murmured. I didn't have time to wash and dry a pair, so my decision had been a no-brainer.

I put on my waitress uniform blouse and skirt. I stood in the mirror and examined myself. I liked the way my white lace trimmed bra flirted through the crisp white cotton fabric of my blouse. The starched collar, cuffs, black skirt and name tag looked business ready. But my brain's x-ray vision screamed, "Jessica, you're naked."

I slowly pulled the hem of my tight black pencil skirt until my nub was exposed. I always knew how short the skirt was, but I never gave it a second thought until now.

"Oh, my god." I muttered. Only inches of hemline hid my labia from exposure to my customers. I was going to have to be incredibly careful or it could my job.

I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my handbag and was the door.

During the bus ride to work my knees were clamped together so tight that I couldn't have inserted a between them. I normally carry my handbag over my shoulder but today I used it to cover my lap. I was terrified that someone on the bus could see up my skirt. Sitting across from me two men I guessed to be around 45, one was looking at my pale smooth legs and the other man was reading a newspaper. I swung my knees to the side and exposed a little more thigh rather than running the risk of flashing them.

At work even when we were busy, I never lost consciousness of my nakedness. I must admit that I did get a bit of a rush when I was standing within inches of a customer. I knew that they didn't know, but I thought the twinkle of guilt in my eyes might give my secret away.

I walked up to table to take a new order from two men who were a few years older than me.

"Would you like to start off with drinks before you order dinner? I said with a smile.

"Yes, I'd like a pint of Stella." Said the older of the two men.

"I've got to check ID's, it's a formality?" I explained.

"Of course, but are you old enough to serve us? He replied with a grin.

I took their driver's licenses, confirmed that they were both legal and returned them.

"Yes, I am, thank you. And you sir what would you like?" I said to the one.

"The same, but I'd like the 20 oz."

"You've got it, I'll be right back to take your orders." I said as I turned towards the bar.

I noticed that they were both looking at the hem of my short skirt as I turned my tight ass towards them. The skirt had ridden up a little but not enough to expose anything. I could feel my nakedness as I walked away from them and felt a little heat on my chest and .

"Jessica, are you feeling Ok?" Mr. Lowe asked.

"Yes. Why do you ask?" I replied.

Mr. Lowe was the owner of the restaurant, he was in his sixties and was a nice man and a great boss.

"You seem a little pre-occupied." He said with genuine concern for my well-being.

"Oh, it's nothing, just stuff." I stammered.

"Your is a bit flush, perhaps you should take a break. I could have Julie cover your tables for a few minutes.

Slightly embarrassed I replied, "No, good, but thank you for offering."

I was thankful that the -collared blouse and long sleeves hid the heat I was feeling on my chest and arms.

"Ok then, table four needs their water pitcher filled." He said as he walked towards the kitchen.

I returned to table with their beers and overheard the older one whisper to his friend, "You're on, hotshot. Now prove it."

"Prove what?" I asked as I set their beers on the table.

"My friend here made a twenty-dollar bet that he's going to have difficulty proving because it's a socially unacceptable bet."

"It's not either, it only requires her to answer yes or no." The friend responded

"I wouldn't want two friends to spend the rest of their lives guessing. However, something tells me that going to regret this but ask your question." I said.

"Your uniform is really cute, but my friend here thinks the reason theirs no visible panty lines is because you not wearing any." He said in a hushed voice.

"You're right, one of you would have lost twenty-dollars. But with modern underwear you wouldn't know either way. So, all ties go to the waitress, it's her choice. Enjoy your beers." I said with a sly smile.

Twenty minutes later, I was at the maître d station checking the reservation blotter. The lower half of my body was hidden by the reservation station. Feeling totally liberated and weirdly emboldened, I reached down and shimmied the hem of my skirt up and exposed myself. I stood their bottomless looking over at the tables in my section when Julie walked up. I pushed my belly closer to the counter and tried to act normal. She couldn't see that I had lifted my skirt.

"You can hide whatever it is from old man Lowe, but you're not fooling . You're acting like you just saw two pink bars on a home pregnancy test." Julie said with a chuckle.

"Unless God is involved, there's no way for that to have happened. If I remember correctly there has to be a penis involved." I chuckled.

"Ok. There you are. I thought maybe you'd been hijacked by aliens." Julie said with a smile.

"Sorry Julie, I haven't been myself today. But I'll be back to normal tomorrow." I replied honestly.

"Anything I can help with?" Julie said with a compassionate smile.

"Yeah, you could let me borrow your panties," I thought, but instead I said, "Nope, good. How's it going tonight?"

"Good, they are all tipping about twenty percent. Can you pick up table three for , I need to take a quick break?" Julie requested with both a smile and a mini happy dance.

"Go, I got it, take your time." I said with a nod. When she turned to go to the lady's room, I quickly pulled the hem of my skirt back in place and went to table three. What a rush that had been.

I cleared table three and table . When I opened the table wallet there was a tip on the receipt and a twenty-dollar bill with a note on the bar napkin that read, "After watching you work your tables, we collectively agreed that you chose not to. Thanks for being a good sport."

I smiled to myself and pocketed the twenty.

The evening ended without any staff discovering my secret. I was relieved, but I was feeling different. I liked not having to deal with my underwear. It was strange and exhilarating to be that free in public. I chuckled at myself for the cheap thrills I was getting from my very poor laundry skills. I guess that I was beginning to feel comfortable in my own nakedness. I had the next two days off and I was looking forward to the break.


On my way home, I plopped down into an empty seat on the bus and sighed with relief. My shift was over, and it was the beginning of my weekend. My purse was slung over my shoulder and the bus was not crowded. I was celebrating in my head that I had made it through the entire shift without being discovered. I looked up and my eyes met for an instant with the old man sitting across from me.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. His eyes immediately darted down to his hands which were in his lap. I shifted in my seat and then I realized what had happened.

My knees were apart, and I was sure that my pussy was exposed. A naughty thought flashed directly to my knees and I widened them instead of clamping them shut. If he had a heart attack it was on him for looking. But he didn't look back, in fact he looked out the window and never looked back all the way to my stop.

Perhaps, I had imagined it. Maybe he hadn't seen my clean-shaven pussy after all. I fought between feeling ashamed of myself and recognizing that I enjoyed the naughty rush that it had given me.

When I looked out of the window I realized the next stop was mine. I flashed the old man one more time as I stood up, pressed the bell and sauntered down the bus to get off. As my skirt rode up I made no effort to pull it down, I hoped the other passengers got a glimpse of my wet thighs as I walked past. When I got in I was so turned on I had my fingers inside myself as soon as I'd closed my front door and I was cumming in minutes lying on the hall floor.
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The act of cumming on a picture

When a girl uploads an attractive or sexually orientated photograph of herself. A male will then print the photograph, masturbate to it and then cum onto it. They will then take a photo of the end result and send it to the girl. It is growing in popularity with young couples, as it shows the males appreciation of his partner.

Thank you Urban Dictionary....

I will never forget the first time I received a "cum tribute". I was perplexed and disgusted a little bit. Seeing my picture covered in a strangers semen was just so wrong. Who would do such a thing. Were they trying to be mean to me? Rude to me? I just didn't get it.

But then after some reflection and talking to some of them men that sent them to me in a non-judgemental way, I realized it wasn't from a bad place it was coming from (pun intended), but a good place.

I realized it was actually a form of expressing lust, love, passion - a form or artwork. I began to admire the passion and effort that it took these men to do this act.. all for me...

Once I understood, I was hooked.. I wanted to see more and more of them. I craved strange men showering my pics with their love. To see their creative juices flow. Knowing it was me that caused it. All my fault.

And for a girl like me... shy on the outside... finding it so hard to express myself to the outside world many time except from a keyboard, it was the ultimate compliment. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder for sure, however, sometimes you need to really reflect on it from the artists standpoint. Try and understand the passion and intention from it.

So what do you think? Is it perverted? sick? or a reflection of passion? Artwork to be admired? I know my thoughts..

And if you are so moved to send me a tribute pic or vid... know I will appreciate it and treasure it how you intended it to be...

xoxo Jess..
Mr. Hamilton - Part 5 (final)
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Time seems to stretch to almost infinite terms as those few days pass. I replay every conversation Anthony and I have had since my pursuit of him began in earnest. I hear his denials of any feelings of attraction or love, but never discern a word of truth in them. I examine my feelings for him -- both lust and love, but cannot find an iota of self-delusion. I believe in true love. I believe in destiny. I believe we were...are destined to fall in love.

How could I not love him? He is the first human being to really open up the world to me -- speaking of literature and history and of the world as it actually is and has the potential to be. He has given me Shakespeare and Irving (both Washington and John), he gave me Mary Shelley and Walt Whitman and Alice Walker and Borges -- and the list goes on and on. Anthony has shared his joy of the written word and the necessity to always stay true to oneself. He was the first to treat me as a thinking adult and I couldn't but fall in love with him.

Yes, there are years between us. I am just turned eighteen...I can't even legally an alcoholic drink. He is fifty-four years old, but his soul is young and I feel it reaching out to ...needing to complete him.

He is a good man. I did not have to stalk him to discover this. Being perceived as a ...and a shy and quiet one at renders invisible to most of the adult world. Since I was a freshman, I've heard others talk about him...both students and teachers. He is a private person with a sad life...married once to a terrible shrew who he suffered for nearly twenty years before she left him, leaving him in near ruin. He is a gentle and talented lover to hear Ms. Hemmings, our theater arts teacher talk about it. A vain and reckless woman, she found him not as she put it, "Enough of a bad boy to suit ." When I heard her confiding to one of the newer teachers in their department, I wanted to run over and slap her for being so .

Anthony is a beautiful man...still in great shape for a man in his fifties. His black hair gradually turning a lovely shade of gray, I know he runs to keep his weight steady, although his build is more along the lines of a wrestler -- stocky and muscular without being overly so. The first time I say him jogging near the city park, I nearly had an orgasm and had to pull my car over...the way his leg muscles flexed as he ran, sent incendiary bursts of pleasure racing out from between my legs.

He has a reputation for being stern but fair, although I doubt few students beyond myself know what a wonderful teacher he is...one would be missed when he's gone. Yes, I know thirty six years separate us, but is not an insurmountable gap -- I envision decades of passion and lust and love being shared us. I will be his lover. I will give him babies...sons to carry on his name and daughters for him to dote over -- it makes me shiver with excitement and more than a little arousal to think of our growing to adulthood, instilled with his wonderful virtues.

Yes, I believe in love. I believe in destiny. I believe Anthony and I will truly live 'happily ever after!'


It was a beautiful day...the kind of Sunday was meant for lazy lovemaking and cuddling under God's sky in the great outdoors. The sun hung brilliantly in the middle of a azure sky while the tall trees above the falls stirred in a gentle, cooling breeze as I arrived at Shyler's Falls, carefully negotiating my little car along the neglected dirt track led from the gravel road towards the falls.

Shyler's Falls was one of those little wonders of nature is so often forgotten in our computer age. A large stream ran over a cliff some thirty-five feet into a pool below before gathering itself together to meander off southward. Above the falls towered a gathering of ancient trees stood guardian to this almost magical place.

I imagine just a few generations back, it had been an oft visited place randy teenagers and young families, but now was neglected. I'd discovered it two years ago after running across mention of it in an old newspaper while research a paper for ironically, Anthony. In two years of coming out here to meditate or write or simply be alone with my increasingly passionate thoughts of my darling teacher, I have never encountered anyone.

To be perfectly honest, it was here, sitting under this mighty oak, I first shucked off my jeans and panties, spread my legs and masturbated while imagining Anthony , my screams filling the air as my fingers plunged and twirled in my wet pussy -- shocking when I came so intensely I ejaculated pussy juice nearly three feet, fertilizing the grass with the product of my love and lust.

I hiked up above the falls with a picnic basket in one hand and a thick quilt in the other. The quilt was a prized possession -- something my Granny Mills had given me before she passed away. My maternal grandmother had been the only other person I had felt was a kindred spirit...with a love of books rivaled mine and a passion for her late husband, my grandfather, I hoped I would experience with my soon to be lover. Granny Mills had given the quilt, an heirloom from her grandmother... "From my wedding bed, sweetie. I leave it to you -- may you someday lay on it with the man of your heart and be half as happy as your grandpa and I have been."

At the base of my beloved tree, I spread the lovers' quilt and knelt slowly on it. I was wearing a short and strapless summer dress -- the elastic material clinging to my upper arms, but leaving my shoulders bare as well as my upper chest. I glanced down to confirm my nipples were as hard as they felt, almost painful as they poked against the thin, silk material. I curled my bare legs underneath , throwing my shoes off to the side. I'd dropped my wristwatch into the picnic basket before I'd left, but I didn't want to look and see if one o'clock had come and gone yet. Minutes blew away in the soft breeze wafted through the trees as I waited and prayed, my ears perked to hear his approach.

"Do you have any clue how beautiful you really are?"

I screamed as the words came seemingly out of the air, spinning around and falling back on my arms only to see Anthony sitting in the crotch of an old, wizened apple tree's branches. He was wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt, jeans and old, battered sneakers, his peppered hair windblown.

"How...where did you come from?" I gasped. "You scared the shit out of me!"

Anthony chuckled softly and said, "I've been here a while...watched you climb up the hill."

I scrambled to my feet, suddenly feeling foolish. "I never saw your car, Anthony."

He shrugged his shoulders and replied, "There's more than one way to get to Shyler's Falls, Jessica. I was coming here before you were born." He paused and shook his head and added, "Hell, I was coming here before your was born."

He looked around and said, "This is such a beautiful place. I'd pretty much forgotten I and my friends used to come here to swim in the pool and to fish and just goof off." He looked down at me with his dark brown eyes, seeming to fix me in place with the intensity of his gaze. "When I was a , I always thought this would be the perfect place to kiss my true love." He sighed and said in almost a whisper. "Never happened."

I felt my heart, already pounding powerfully, leap up into my throat. In a voice sounded more confident than I suddenly felt, I said, "Well, not yet, but here's your chance, Anthony." I held out my hand. "Could...would you come down to me please.

I watched as my teacher became stock still, staring down at me with an expression of such desperate desire it nearly broke my heart. I silently willed him to be brave and daring and come down...to come into my arms. Anthony took a deep breath and suddenly was there -- half sliding and half jumping from the tree to land with his knees bent and straightening up with a slight wince.

"Are you okay," I said breathlessly, reaching out my hands to clasp his forearms as if to steady him.

"Can't make jump like I used to, Jessica when I was your age," he replied with a slight chuckle. He didn't pull away from my grasp, but rotated his arms so he could hold my forearms as well. His grip, firm, yet gentle, sent quiet ripples of ecstasy through . "I'm an old coot, Jessica. Are you sure you want to waste your love on an old fool like ?"

I stepped up and into him, putting his face between my hands, subtly pulling his head down towards . "You are not old, Anthony. You are not a coot and you are not a fool!" I pressed my body against his, hoping it wasn't simply imagination made think he was hard beneath those jeans -- it was his erect cock pressing against my belly.

There was anger and exasperation in my voice as I hissed, "You are the man I love, Anthony. My heart belongs to you, today and forever. I want to fuck you. I want to marry you and have your babies and we will, God, live happily ever after!"

I could see the fear in his eyes bleeding away, only to be replaced wonder and maybe amusement. "Anthony, if you don't kiss me right now, I will simply die!" I moaned, my voice edged still with a touch of anger.

"Well, we can't have , can we?" he whispered and then the world began to spin as his arms seemed to envelop me and lift me and his lips were on mine as my arms went around his neck. I felt his tongue brush between my lips and I opened my mouth wide, thrusting my own tongue forward and then we were kissing as lovers should, tongues twirling and dancing, curling about as we tasted each other.

I felt Anthony's hands pulling me closer as they slid down my back and I trembled as I felt his fingers slip underneath my short dress and cup my naked butt cheeks, murmuring approvingly at my naughty lack of panties while I drew my legs up around his waist, unable to encircle his body with my slender, but short legs. I dug my heels into his flanks to him in supporting my body, but I knew he would never drop . For the first time since I was a little girl, I didn't mind being picked up like a . In his solid grasp, I felt loved, safe and incredibly aroused.
Time seemed to stand still, the world an almost silent cathedral in which we kissed...the only noises being the leaves rustling in the breeze, the muted roar of the falls below us and the wet and sweet noises of our deep and passionate kiss. I became lost in the long yearned for sensation of his lips on mine, his tongue teasing and darting in my mouth and the taste of his saliva was somehow utterly him.

Somewhere during wonderful first kiss, Anthony lowered us to the quilt, going to his knees and then gently easing onto my back and stretching out alongside . I was jarred out of the bliss I was feeling as I suddenly became conscious of his hand on my stomach, slowly caressing me in a circular motion, his fingers trailing paths through the silky material. I trembled underneath him as his hand slid below my stomach, but above my mound only to circle up and just brush the edges of my small breasts.

Suddenly unable to breathe, I broke the kiss and said as I gasped for air, "I love you so much, Anthony!" I reached out and guided his hand to my left breast, his palm resting against the hard nub of my swollen nipple. "Feel my heart, darling. Feel how it beats so fast for you." I curled into him, one of my slim legs slipping between his denim clad thighs and then pressing upward until I could confirm the pulsating beast lurked between his legs under denim. I glanced down our bodies and saw a gap between his jeans and sweatshirt and slipped my hand through and up to caress his chest, feeling his hair pass through and entangle amidst my fingers.

I felt his shirt give way as I worked my arm up, almost gasping as my fingers brushed over his nipple, pebbled and hard as mine. I glanced upwards to his face, seeing his gentle smile beaming down at and he said, "Jessica, I love you. I'm sorry it's taken this long to admit it, but I do adore you and love you with all my heart."

Even as long as I had dreamed and fantasized about this moment, I was unprepared for the impact his words had on me. Suddenly, I burst into tears, both relief and joy almost overwhelming me as I finally heard him utter those wonderful words. When his eyes widened in concern, I shook my head and said, "I love you. I love you, I love you!" and kissed him again, throwing myself into him with such force suddenly I was astride him, reworking my leg to straddle him...my wet and aroused pussy slipping around on his bare stomach.

As our tongues danced and dueled, I was feverishly grinding myself against him...the hem of my dress working its way even as his hands again cupped my ass cheeks, squeezing them and spreading them apart. Anthony's fingers trailed down the crack of my ass, making moan as fingertips brushed over my asshole and then further down until they teased over my spread labia, stroking my wet cunt flesh.

Knowing it was him...my beloved teacher, touching in my most intimate place triggered a brief but violent orgasm and I sat up, sobbing with pleasure, quivering and wiggling my ass on his stomach, my mouth opening and closing without forming words until finally my pleasure addled mind allowed to moan, "Make naked, Anthony! I want to be naked for my daddy-teacher!"

Anthony's eyes grew wide and wild and he sat up, his hands moving in a blur, raising and pulling my dress over my head and flinging it away behind him. His eyes and hands were all over , his palms coming up to cover and then squeezing my small breasts before he leaned in and said, "You are so beautiful, Jessica," before he placed his mouth over my right nipple and began to suck and lick it while I moaned with pleasure and run my fingers through his salt and pepper hair.

His tongue eventually trailed across my small chest to tongue and suck my left nipple, teasing with little nips of his teeth, making gasp as each flicker of pain translated into great bursts of pleasure. Suddenly, his hands were on my waist and I was lifted off his lap and onto my feet. Anthony scrambled to his knees, now kneeling before my naked body.

"So beautiful," Anthony breathed, his hands on my waist. "So soft," he continued as his hands slipped around, "So warm...ohhhh, Jessica!" he sighed as his fingers brushed against my labia, expertly and gently spreading my lips apart as one fingertip rolled up and down my wet pussy.

"All because of you, Anthony. I think of you and I get soooo wet!"

"Sweet Jessica," he whispered and then before I could respond, Anthony pressed his face into my pussy, sending an incredible ecstatic shock through , my knees going weak even as I felt his tongue race up the length of my pussy!

"Ohhhh yes, 's it, my teacher-daddy!" I moaned, my body simply overflowing with pleasure. I clutched at his shoulders, fingers plucking at the collar of his sweatshirt and then stroking his neck and up through his hair. His mouth felt incredible on my pussy, in scant seconds teaching secrets about myself, his tongue somehow discovering sweet spots between my legs before scraping so sinfully sweet over my emerged bud of a clitoris.

"OMIGOD!" I screamed, startling birds in the trees around us, an orgasm stronger than any I had ever experienced making me convulse in Anthony's grasp. Everything began to swirl around me and I seemed to go weightless as ecstasy beyond my wildest dreams rocked my world. When my head seemed to clear...at least as much as it could considering I had Anthony's tongue rolling maddeningly around my cunt, I was shocked to find myself literally sitting on his shoulders, my cunt grinding against his face and legs draped over those broad shoulders -- my heels kicking wildly against his back while his hands cupped my ass cheeks..

As I writhed against Anthony's loving mouth and tongue, I could feel his hands massaging my ass cheeks, opening and spreading them, a finger teasing my asshole, making me feel nasty and wicked in a way fueled my arousal to a higher level. His tongue felt so wonderful, delving deep inside my flesh, scouring my pussy walls of my copious juices -- my teacher making hungry, slurping noises as he lapped my wet pussy while his recently shaved cheeks, already growing scratchy rubbed deliciously against my hairless pussy.

Another orgasm began to swell within and I began to beg him, "Fuck , Anthony...don't make wait anymore. Fuck , claim as your woman...your wife...your little nasty girl!" He ignored my pleas as I gushed pussy juice into his mouth, my orgasm building and building until as his tongue tortured my clitoris with carnal expertise, I began to gray out.

Coming to, I was again on my feet, Anthony's hands holding up as he kissed , smearing my lips with my own juices as our tongues danced. With a snarl, I began tugging at his clothes, yanking his sweatshirt up so I could shower his chest with kisses, running my tongue over his hard nipples. "I want you naked, Anthony," I panted as he finished the job of ripping his shirt over his head while I fumbled at his belt, almost screaming with frustration as my fingers worked the leather out of the buckle.

"Yes!" I crowed in triumph as I finally undid the button on his jeans and unzipped them. Anthony laughed as I yanked and tugged his jeans down, reaching out to pull his boxers down as he stepped back and kicked his legs free of his pants along with his shoes. "C'mere, teacher-daddy! I want your cock!" I said as I staggered after him, falling to my knees as I hook the waistline of his shorts and pulled them down.

Even as I tried to take in the enormity of my teacher's erect penis, it slapped me in the face as I gasped, reaching out to take it in my hands. I had dreamed and suspected he was huge, but nothing prepared me for holding a cock in my hands for the first time! I was in awe of how long and thick Anthony's cock was and I was again on the verge of tears as I knew it was hard just for !"

"You are so big and beautiful, Anthony!" I gasped as I stroked up and down his long shaft, my fingers not quite long enough to wrap completely around his throbbing meat. The head was dark and swollen, his slit dripping with fluid -- I opened my mouth and tried to get the whole crown of his cock inside even as I flicked my tongue out to taste his slightly bitter pre-. The sound of my teacher moaning in pleasure because of my mouth, triggered a groundswell of ecstasy between my legs, a gush of my juices splattering my thighs and his ankles.

My facial muscles were complaining, but I got Anthony's cock head in my mouth, my tongue fluttering madly, trying to memorize his taste even as I vowed never again would a day pass without his cock in my mouth. He slipped free of my lips and I rubbed my face against the dripping crown and then over his shaft, my tongue extending to lick his long pole like a frozen pop.

Anthony moaned and stepped back. "Careful now, sweetheart. I think I might be on a hair trigger."

I giggled and fell back onto the quilt, pulling my knees back and spreading them wide. "It's time, then, Anthony. I want you to fuck me...be my first man. Please, put big cock in and make your woman!"

My teacher stared down at , breathing heavily, the dew of my pussy glistening on the shadow of his beard. "I love you, Jessica," he said in a lusty, hungry voice. He fell between my legs, his hands gripping my hips as he leaned forward and kissed , again sharing my own tastes with as his tongue slipped between my lips.

My whole body began to shake with excitement and maybe a little fear as I felt his huge, blunt weapon of a cock, drag along my inner thigh and settle heavily on my abdomen as I kissed Anthony. My fingers clawed at his back and shoulders while my hips shifted back and forth, undulating against his solid body. "I love you, Anthony...please fuck me now...love me and fuck me!"

My teacher raised himself up on his arms and he lowered his body downwards, the head of his cock sliding against my belly and then over my shaved mound to pause between the lips of my pussy. I could feel my labia fluttering, wanting to kiss his erect penis and swallow it. Anthony looked down between us as the thick head of his cock gently probed my flesh, almost instinctively finding the entrance of my cunt.

As his long and thick cock poised on the precipice of entering me, he looked up and into my eyes and said, "Last chance to turn back, Jessica. I won't...can't stop after this."

I felt so much love for my teacher then, more than I had thought possible. Even now, amidst the riot of his own desires, his primary focus was still my happiness. "Yes, darling," I whispered. "I don't want you to ever stop. Make me a woman now...fuck me, Anthony, fuck me now!"

I began to fling my hips upwards only to have my breath ripped away as he plunged downward, his thick cock slowly slipping inside me -- filling me, expanding me as I had not thought possible. Any remnants of my hymen left after years of self and experimentation were gone and there was very little pain from , but as Anthony's thick meat spread my flesh wide, I understood finally the razor thin line existed between pleasure and pain.

I flung my legs wider, feeling my inner thigh muscles protest as I tried to open myself as much as possible, my mind almost refusing to believe my pussy could contain something so massive. My mouth opened in a silent scream as inch after inch of Anthony's cock wormed its way into me and I began to see glittering lights before finally I was able to take in a deep, desperate breath and finally exhale with a scream of disbelief, pain and absolute pleasure.

Anthony paused in his efforts at the intensity of my cries and as alarming as my first time felt, I said in a quavering sob, "Oh fuck me...don't stop, Anthony, please don't STOP!" I emphasized my need for him to keep filling with his cock somehow summoning the wherewithal to fling my pelvis upwards, impaling myself with almost another inch of his cock...the effort leaving me sobbing like a baby and continuing to whimper, "Don't stop, Anthony, keep , please!"

"I...ummm, I don't think I can," gasped Anthony as he leaned in to kiss the tears off my face. "You feel so fantastic...so hot and wet and tight, Jessica, I want to stay inside you forever." His lips found mine and we kissed passionately as he continued to steadily thrust downward until I wondered how I would hold all of his wonderful throbbing cock!

Suddenly in addition to the sensation of filling as if my pussy would come apart in orgasmic fury, my eyes widened as I felt a new sensation -- my bald mound being scratched something thick and wiry. I moaned, breaking the kiss while Anthony chuckled in a voice was filled with both happiness and disbelief, "You have all of , Jessica. You took all of my cock."

He rose up to allow to try and look down, my pelvic region lifted up, hoisted and joined to his crotch with just a hint of his shaft peeking out around my widespread labia. "OmiGOD!" I cried out as Anthony gently rolled his hips, making his cock just minutely shift back and forth, the hint of friction suggesting even more unsuspected levels of pleasure!

Anthony began to slowly withdraw and thrust, barely sliding more than an inch or two of his erection inside , but within scant seconds, I went mad with carnal pleasure -- my arms and legs flailing wildly as I convulsed madly beneath my teacher's naked body.

There was pain intertwined with the ecstasy I was experiencing, but it only served to enhance the pleasure rather than detract from it -- the sensations so intense, I thought my body would fly apart unable to contain it.

Anthony moaned in counterpart with my sobs and cries for maybe a minute before he shuddered and gasped, "Fuck...no, no, no. So sweet, so tight and perfect...FUCK, I can't ...CUMMMING!" He let loose with a bellow and rocked into , nearly taking my breath away and then I was screaming with utter pleasure as I felt his incredibly thick cock swell even more and then there was a fierce, liquid heat filling my insides.

My eyes fluttered and I moaned wordlessly as pleasure reduced to near madness amidst the realization for the first time in my life, my womb was being flooded with a man's hot semen...specifically, Anthony was flooding my virgin womb with his hot semen! I imagined his sperm, a thick fountain of boiling white seed filling my insides until it leaked from every opening...cumming so much inside me I could almost taste it. I could see a tidal wave of hot semen flooding over me, turning everything completely white and for maybe a moment or for an eternity, my whole world became nothing but hot, baby-making semen...a blanket of carnal white.

I came back to myself, feeling Anthony atop me, panting for breath, his body trembling with effort as I lay underneath him, legs splayed wide and quivering and aching from exertion. My own orgasm still echoed from between my legs, never far from rising up and erupting again as I became aware of the birds and squirrels chittering in the trees, making commentary on the furious, carnal activity below them. Then, I could hear Anthony whispering over and over, "I love you, Jessica."

"I love you too, Anthony!" I murmured, bringing my shaking arms up around his neck, kissing his chest and neck before he lifted his head from my shoulder. His slightest movements made my body convulse with orgasmic energy and I felt my hips momentarily leave the quilt as he adjusted, making me suddenly aware he was still completely erect and jammed tight inside my cunt!

"You...you're still hard, Anthony," I whispered in a hoarse voice filled with disbelief and awe."

He raised his head enough to show me his gratified grin and kissed me on the tip of my pert nose. "I'm surprised too, Jessica...must be your fault. I think you maybe be my fountain of youth." He shifted slightly, his cock lubricated my own juices and his semen moving slightly within me, making me cry out with sexual pleasure. He frowned a little and said, "Should I...do you want me to pull out, baby?"

My mind reeled as I tried to sort out all my emotions...the knowledge I finally had Anthony inside and my body was quivering from an overdose of pure carnal ecstasy...my muscles sweetly aching with exertion, my pussy burning with a wildfire of sexual pleasure and my nipples aching from being so incredibly engorged with blood.

Having processed all my body was experiencing and how my mind felt about all this incredible pleasure and having finally fulfilled my longtime dream of having my beloved teacher as my lover, I sighed happily and squirmed underneath my man and said, "Absolutely not...Anthony. I want you to keep on and make while you put your hot, baby-making seed in my pussy!"

"My pleasure, sweetheart," Anthony grunted and then I began to cry out as he began to really work his cock in and out of , his hands gripping my hips for leverage as he began to thrust in and out of my pussy. My fingers clawed at his shoulders and back as he rocked atop as his long thick meatstick wormed back and forth in my cunt, forcing out a flood of mixed pussy cream and semen with each steady stroke -- my sobs and groans escalating each time I felt his massive cock head poke my cervix.

Out of the intense pleasure came orgasm rendered limp and lifeless, my arms falling away spreading wide along with my legs as I felt my torso jerk and convulse as fiery ecstasy overwhelmed me, never quite ceasing even as the intensity retreated. I felt myself becoming almost weightless in the wonder of Anthony's steady loving thrusts.

I felt my pleasure beginning to grow again when without warning, my teacher suddenly swept his arms out to catch my legs and raised them up and to his shoulders, my pussy having no choice but to tighten even more around his moving shaft. My heels kicked against his shoulders as he leaned into me, almost curling me into a ball of cumming flesh, and slightly picking up speed.

I began to orgasm even more powerfully than ever. As gouts of ecstatic fury tore through me, I screamed and drooled and wept and writhed as my body seemed to catch fire with the intense pleasure of his never ceasing thrusts, finally and totally understanding the mean of truly being 'fucked' and 'fucked well!'

I became lost in a sea of orgasmic love which suddenly grew stormy and stronger as I felt Anthony pick up his pace and his moans penetrated my universe of orgasm until he shoved himself deep inside me and began to cum again. As again, my womb was bathed and filled with his thick, hot semen, I felt myself being ripped asunder orgasmic ecstasy...my body melting in wave after wave of intense fiery pleasure until all remained was a bodiless consciousness wrapped in heavenly delight, knowing only the love I shared with Mr. Hamilton, Anthony...my teacher, my man, my lover...


I awoke from a deep sleep, feeling sore and happy and more contented than I could have imagined. I was face down atop Mr. Hamilton's strong body, my legs splayed out on each side of his torso while my face nuzzled his neck. His arms were wrapped around my body and I could feel his now flaccid, but still sizable penis lying wetly under my left thigh.

I drew a shuddery breathe, shifting slightly, my battered and sensitive cunt rubbing against Mr. Hamilton's stomach and making shiver with orgasmic aftershocks. "You're awake, Jessica," Mr. Hamilton said softly and I raised my head up to find his smiling face. "Hi."

"Hi," I replied in a quiet voice.

He reached out and tugged a long and sweaty strand of my hair off my face. "Are you okay, Jessica? You had worried for a few minutes. No regrets?"

The enormity of the moment swamped over me as I brought myself up to speed. I was lying naked on top of my equally naked teacher who was three times my age -- suddenly aware from my pleasantly aching pussy, his semen was slowly dripping out. Months and years of fantasy, yearning and planning had finally culminating in all of it becoming reality. For a second, I wondered what my response should be, but in the next, I felt myself begin to sob as I cried out, "I'm wonderful! I love you so much and you...you love me too, don't you, Mr. Hamilton?"

I hugged myself to him, my tears flowing across his face as we kissed and he stroked my arms and shoulders and back soothingly and softly replied between kisses, "Yes...maybe its wrong, but I love you, Jessica...I love you more than I ever thought I could love a woman."

His words comforted me and in the sweet warmth of fall afternoon, we cuddled and talked about our future together... sharing my fantasies of what was to come and Mr. Hamilton calmly adding his thoughts and suggestions. Our ideas meshed together almost as perfectly as our bodies seemed to fit together.

I wanted badly to fuck my teacher one more time wonderful Sunday, but I found myself terribly sore and unable to take his cock again. Still, I found myself riding another tidal wave of powerful orgasms as Mr. Hamilton had ride his face and he showed how truly talented his tongue was. I bucked and writhed on his mouth and his soothing, yet sinfully talented tongue as he kissed and licked my tender flesh, teasing and taunting my slick labia and semen coated pussy flesh and throbbing clitoris to orgasm after orgasm.

Not to be outperformed, I eventually squirmed around on his body and as Mr. Hamilton made love to me with his mouth, I began to learn to orally please him as well, coaxing his mighty cock to a third erection and lovingly sucking and licking him until finally as I saw him struggle to control and restrain his orgasm, I looked up into his eyes and said, "Mr. Hamilton, please give me your . I want you to spray your semen all over your little girl's face!"

I could hear the birds taking flight again from the trees around us as he cried out in complete and utter joy while his cock jerked and sprayed hot semen all over my face and I learned the pleasure of tasting his seed and feeling the steaming, life giving fluid running down my face.

And so it began...our love affair, both passionate and secret...at least at first. I wept with sadness as I watched him pull away from my house after seeing me home, daring to come to my car and kiss me goodnight both tenderly and passionately as the first day of our lives together came to an end.

Our hours apart were unbearable...those moments in class when we could not be ourselves sheer torture. We tried to be cautious and careful and through the rest of Fall semester, we tried to spend as much time together as we could, both of us shocked to discover how insatiable our need for each other was and how reckless desire could make us. Mr. Hamilton tried to keep his hands off in school, but more than once, our school day ended with his cock inside and his mouth on mine, squelching my sobs of pleasure as he fucked atop his desk or I rode his lovely cock while we sat in his chair behind his desk.. it was the best year of my life..

The End
Mr. Hamilton - Part 4
Posted:Aug 29, 2019 9:52 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2019 12:33 pm

Oh, I feel as if you are an eternal muse for me as I find myself constantly writing of the day we become lovers. My fingers fly across the keyboard as I imagining you taking me in so many wonderful ways. I can barely restrain myself from masturbating as I envision you taking me in the missionary position, my slender, but short legs spread wide, trying unsuccessfully to wrap around your waist as you plunge your long, thick dick into my wet and willing pussy. My cunt is like flame itself when I imagine myself kneeling submissively, my little butt in the air, cheeks spread by your strong hands as you take me roughly from behind. My leg muscles tremble with anticipation as I see myself squatting atop you, slowly impaling myself on your hard penis until I've taken as much of you as possible and then crying in glorious orgasm as somehow you thrust upwards and bury yourself inside me.

I imagine you standing with me astride your cock, my arms and legs hanging limp and only your massive hard-on holding me up, making me cum with each step you take. I can see us in every possible position and you in every one of my openings and I dream of you being triplets -- each one feeding me cock...in my mouth, in my pussy and in my asshole, almost tearing me apart, but instead wreaking nothing but wonderful, carnal ecstasy on my behalf.

I long for the day that will come that will find us not bothering to rise from our bed of passion, your cock never leaving me...making me cum over and over again -- your lovely, semen filling my womb, my bowels and my belly...each climax declaring that I belong to you...each cry I make in orgasm being my confession to being yours body and soul.

Your resolve to resist me for my own good does nothing more than inflame my desire for you, making me kneel naked before God in supplication, praying that my destiny to be your lover...your mate...your wife, be fulfilled. I want you inside of me. I need you inside me. I must have you inside me. I will have you inside me.

My writings have moved you...each week, I can see your love and desire for me grow. I have painted portraits in words of how I feel...what I have to offer. Now, I will offer you more. I will etch who and what I am on your mind forever, where no paper shredder or delete button can erase my declaration of my love and lust for you.

It takes hours to accomplish, but with a modern digital camera, the sky is the limit in the options one has once one has figured the mechanical details of operation and posing. First, a portfolio of pictures...dozens of pictures of me wearing everything from jeans and T-shirts to negligees to only my birthday suit. One of my favorites was a head shot of me, my hair hanging down below naked shoulders, my lips puckered and gently sucking on my forefinger while my eyes gaze upon you -- the love of my life.

My absolute favorite is, I think, very erotic. I am sitting on a wooden kitchen chair, completely naked save for a pair of three inch black high heels and sheer black thigh-high hose. My legs are spread wide with my hands on my knees. My long, brown hair has been brushed until it nearly glows and hangs down forward, framing my face and my small breasts ending as it brackets my pussy which is blossomed in arousal from imagining the erection my pose will no doubt inspire in you. My cunt glistens with wetness between my parted labia. I personally think it is very erotic...almost obscene in its intensity. It conveys my love and lust for you perfectly.

Second, I set the camera to record video and then as I sit in that kitchen chair, with my legs spread wide and back, I masturbate with my fingers as I tell you how much I love you and how much I lust for you and how good it will feel to have your big cock wedged inside my , wet and very tight pussy. I tell you nothing I haven't said before, but now you see the complete me...the me who bravely confesses her love for you while fingering herself into orgasm, imagining that it is your big, bad, -teacher cock that makes me cry and scream with pleasure...pleasure that I want to make forever...a lovely dance of just us two.


Weeks have truly passed and I could see Anthony's resolve crumble with each new naughty assault. September had passed into October and the Fall Break was upon us. I stood behind my teacher as he gazed in awe at the images my zip drive was conveying through his lap top. He murmurs over and over, "This has to stop, Jessica. It's never going to happen." Still his fingers keep flickering over the controls, moving to each image as he gasps at some new lurid or lewd photograph of me.

I'm not sure that he's even aware that I'm massaging his tense shoulders as he watches the nearly thirty minutes of video of me declaring my love and lust for him while plunging up to three fingers up and inside my cunt. Looking over his shoulder, I have an excellent view to observe his penis harden, rising up steadily in his pants.

As my last moans of ecstasy fade and my video image straightens up in the chair -- my long hair now a bit unkempt, I hear Anthony moan as I begin to lick my wet fingers of my juices and then stare at him through the scene. My lips move as my digital image speaks, silently echoing my own words.

"Anthony. The time for fantasy is coming to an end. You cannot deny me...us, forever. After this Friday, we're on two weeks of Fall Break. On Sunday, at one o'clock sharp, you must drive to Shyler's Falls at the end of Shyler Mill Road -- you grew up here -- I know you know where it is. Nobody ever goes there anymore except me. I go a lot to think and write and dream. Thirty feet above the falls on the hill there is a stand of trees including an ancient and massive oak. I will be waiting for you there. I'll pack a picnic lunch and a large blanket and all this terrible waiting and longing can come to an end."

My video image licked her fingers one last time, obscenely sucking her middle finger slowly between her tightly puckered lips. She stared at Anthony. "I love you and you love me. It's time we quit denying ourselves all the love and pleasure we have to offer each other. I'll be waiting, Anthony, my love!"

My teacher sat there silently staring into the now frozen image of myself naked on the screen, a sexy, yet beatific smile on my face. My fingers slipped from Anthony's shoulders and around his upper body. He finally started as I kissed his earlobe and whispered, "I'll be waiting, Anthony, my love!"

I sauntered away from him, swinging my plaid skirt covered ass saucily, halting only when I heard his strained voice rasp, "It will never happen. I will not be there, Jessica!"

I turned and smiled gently at my soon to be lover. Feeling totally in control, I replied softly, "Yes you will, Anthony." I pointed to the laptop and continued. "You can say no, but it's Wednesday and between now and Sunday, you'll look at my pictures and video a hundred times. You'll reread my essays and letters and masturbate to them and my...visual aids and my love, come Sunday, you will come to me and then we can begin loving and cumming together."

"You don't understand, Jessica" Anthony sighed. "You can't know that, Jessica."

"Of course I can," I replied. I raised my schoolgirl skirt to reveal my naked pussy, plunging a finger into my wet flesh as I said, "I've always known it would happen. I knew it here..." I plunged two fingers inside my wet cunt for emphasis. I pulled them , dripping with my juices and pressed them against my chest...against my heart, the creamy cum smearing on my white blouse. "And I know it here...in my heart where my love for you waits."

I began walking backwards towards the door, never taking my eyes off my future love. "And you know it too, Anthony. You know it from the way your cock gets hard when you think of me...the way it is hard right now and you know it from how the thought of me makes you feel in your heart. You love me...once you say the words, it will get much easier.

I opened the door to his classroom and looked back one last time. "I love you, Anthony." I winked at him and added, "I'll see you, Sunday, my love," and was gone leaving him alone to make the only decision he could make.
Mr. Hamilton - Part 3
Posted:Aug 28, 2019 7:38 am
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The dream always begins with me on my knees before you. Sometimes I'm wearing clothes, sometimes not and sometimes I am partly clothed. The only real constants are that your cock is and it is very, very hard. I try to imagine how your hard penis will feel and taste on my tongue. I imagine it as an iron bar wrapped with silk, tasting of salt and pee and sweat and sperm. I want so badly to taste your seed...to feel the heat and texture of semen....is it liquid or jelly? I don't worry about the taste, it is your -making seed and I know I will love it.

I imagine you staring into my eyes, seeing the joy I feel as my soft lips slide over the head of your cock...wondering how I will get such a big and long thing all down my throat...not that I won't -- I will be happy to devote my life to being able to deep-throat my man...that's of course when you're not fucking me silly.

Mom always said that my eyes were my best feature and I guess in some ways, she is right. I know I have the most luminous green eyes...huge like in those Japanese cartoons that I still watch. I love the thought of you staring into those eyes as I bob my face up and down on your cock, sucking you, licking you, never taking my eyes off of you while I use your facial expressions to learn what you like when being sucked off. I start to drool just imagining my tongue rolling over your swollen flesh, lapping at you like the world's sweetest ice cream cone.

I want to watch you reach climax while in my mouth, able to sense that moment when you lose control...the moment you gush semen into my mouth. I know I will live for feasting on your sperm. It takes me almost to orgasm just thinking about it. And I can't wait for the day that you shower my face with your semen, allowing me to rub it into my skin or scoop it off my face so I can suck it off my fingers. It makes me so wet just knowing that as soon as you cum on my face, I'll start sucking you again to keep you hard so you can fuck me or hose me down with your semen again!"


"Jessica, I'm begging you to stop this craziness. If someone were to find what you're writing...what if your mother discovers this on your computer?" Anthony was sweating, although whether from the stress of the moment or the fact that I was rubbing my breasts through the thin blouse I was wearing today after shedding my school sweater, revealing that before I'd showed up for the last class of the day, I'd removed my bra...not that I really needed it with my little peach sized breasts. My nipples were hard and made little pencil eraser sized nubs against the white, almost transparent cotton cloth.

"My mother doesn't really care what I do, so long as I don't keep her from cruising the bar scene for her latest pick-up. All that matters is you and me, Mr. Hamilton. You always have taught us to write the truth and the truth is that I want to suck your cock so badly, it makes my mouth water with anticipation."

"You've got to stop writing this stuff and saying it. Jessica, I'm too old for you. I'm old enough to be your father...even your grandfather!"

I crooned with pleasure as I pinched both my erect nipples hard, closing my eyes for a moment and then opening them, imagining that they were shiny with excitement. "Oh, god...that would be so nasty ! If you were my father, we could fuck 24/7, Anthony! I would love that...begging my teacher- to fuck me with his big dick!"

Anthony put his head in his hands and groaned. "Jessica, you're just a damn . Why would you want some old fart like me as your lover?"

"Now, that's a good question, Anthony. The answer is that you're the best man I've ever known and that you're the only person -- man or woman who's ever treated me like an adult." I strolled around the table, suddenly feeling a bit nervous. Teasing this lovely man was one thing as was steering him towards our inevitable union, but now I was opening myself up emotionally.

As I approached him, my teacher reflexively pushed himself away in his office chair until he bumped up against the wall. I continued forward until I was almost touching his knees. Looking steadily into his eyes, I said as I began to slowly run my hands up and down my petite body, "I long ago accepted that until I'm old and gray, I'm going to pretty much look like a girl just entering puberty."

My hands slipped up to cover my smallish breasts as I continued, "I know I'll never had big and bouncy tits to show off like Josie or miles and miles of leg like Tonya, but this is a woman's body...with all the needs of a woman...all the desires of a woman." I continued to caress myself, "accidentally" tugging my skirt up momentarily to reveal that I was sans panties as well this afternoon. "Anthony, you were the first man to treat me like an adult...you are still in the minority of folks that consider me an adult. My mother doesn't, my father in Oregon doesn't, and the rest of my teachers don't."

"Jessica, maybe there is some truth in that, but you are still a very young woman and if you have needs and um...desires, you should be experiencing them with someone close to your own age."

"No! Age doesn't matter when love is involved!" I stepped closer, leaning in and placing my hands on the armrests of his chair, my legs pressing against his, hoping that my blouse gaped open enough to see my small breasts with their pointed nipples. "And I love you, Anthony -- I have since I was a freshman."

I moved a little closer, forcing my knees between his legs while my hands slid up the armrest to grip his wrists. "And I know you have feelings for me too! I'm young, but I know how you look at me...the way you look at me...I can hear how you feel about me when you're talking to me. You can't deny how you feel and you know it!"

I could feel my teacher trembling under my grip and my nervousness slipped away as I smiled triumphantly at him. A flickering glance downward told me that he was aroused and I ached to reach down and caress him. Anthony licked his lips and said hoarsely, "Jessica...I...can't deny that I have feelings for you -- that I care for you, but not this way. I...um, just...Jessica, if I love...if I have feelings for you, it's the way a father feels about his ."

"HAH!" I cried even as I jumped into his lap, my mound landing against the large bulge in his pants. "If you have fatherly feelings for me, Anthony, they're really naughty fatherly feelings. I know what I'm feeling right now..." I rolled my hips for emphasis -- my bare pussy rubbing wetly against his khaki covered erection. I leaned in close till our mouths were almost touching. "I know how you watch me every day, watching my tight little ass as I walk away from you or appreciating my bare legs when you're lecturing and I sit in the front row. You look into my eyes and study my nose and my lips and wonder how it would feel to rub your cock over my skin and cum in my face."

"Jessica..." he began to reply, his hands suddenly on my waist, sending a thrill through my body as he touched me for the first time.

I leaned in closer, my lips brushing his as I stared him in the eye while saying, "And it's more than sex. I can see how much you love me...I see how much you just flat out care for me every day!" I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, my mouth open and flicking my tongue on his mouth. "I know you love me, Anthony!"

Suddenly I was in motion, almost flying through the air. Mr. Hamilton stood up, picking me up effortlessly like I was a as he did so -- both surprising me and pissing me off. I was suddenly on my feet, Mr. Hamilton holding me at arms-length. In a voice that was torn between anger and frustration, he said, "This just can't happen, Jessica! It's not right! He spun me around and I squealed more in surprise than in pain as he slapped me on the ass! "Go home and get this nonsense out of your head!"
I took a few steps forward and then looked over my head at him while lifting my skirt up to expose my naked butt cheeks which I rubbed. It stung, but in a good way that made my pussy almost glow with heat. "Ohhh, Anthony, I didn't realize I much I'd like to be spanked by you."

I spun around and walked backwards away from him as I brought my hand around to my front, lifting my skirt up to reveal my naked sex. I rubbed my fingers over my labia, spreading them slightly to show off my glistening pink flesh. "See how wet you make me, my naughty -teacher." I grabbed my backpack off my student desk and slung it over my shoulder. "I can't wait for you to fuck me, Mr. Hamilton."

My teacher moaned and dropped his head as if suddenly unable to look at me. "Go home, Jessica," he sighed.

I laughed and clapped my hands. "See -- that's progress, Anthony. You didn't say 'no,' did you?" I shot him wink and blew him a kiss as I slipped the door, feeling as if I was several steps closer to my goal. My last glimpse of him was staring down at the bulge in his pants, fingers hovering over it, but hesitant as he examined the wet spots I'd left there moments before.
Mr. Hamilton - Part 2
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I could feel the last of the other students' eyes on as they shuffled out the door while I stood before Mr. Hamilton's desk. I had my eyes on my feet, unable to face my teacher's piercing gaze. He said not a word as the door snickered shut and we were finally alone. I felt my face burning as the noise of students moved down the hall, down the stairs towards the lockers and then out to the awaiting buses and into the student parking lot. Still, I was comforted the fact Mr. Hamilton was gazing at and I offered him a pleasing sight.

I was skirting the limits of our school's dress code, wearing a white blouse and a green plaid skirt ended at the extreme limit under school guidelines...the hem a full five inches above the knee. White bobby socks and saddle shoes completed my sexy little school girl look and I finally braved a glimpse at my teacher. Mr. Hamilton was indeed staring at me uncomfortably. I took a deep breath and said in a whispery soft voice, "Is there a problem, Mr. Hamilton? Why did you ask me to stay after class?"

My teacher opened his mouth and then closed it. Finally, he sighed and opening up a side drawer of his desk, pulled out a blue folder and placed it in front of him. He looked down at it and then at me and sighing again, said, "Jessica...the work you turned in...it..." His face was reddening and he said almost too soft to hear, "Jessica, this is completely inappropriate and worse, it's dangerous. If anyone else read this, it would...I could be fired."

I shrugged my shoulders and replied, "I don't see why. I wrote it, not you."

"You handed me a description of yourself sitting naked in your bedroom and ended it with an expression of your desire to have...to make love with me."

I grinned and rubbed my hands across my lower stomach. "On the contrary, I stated I wanted to fuck you, Anthony. Don't you just love word? 'Fuck.' It sounds so nasty, so dirty, so...sexy."

Anthony made an odd noise and his face grew redder. "Jessica...you...I am three times your age. I'm a teacher and you're a student. Even thinking of it is wrong!" His voice sounded strangled and he shifted nervously in his seat while tugging at his tie.

I sauntered a little closer to his desk, feeling an incredible rush of desire and understanding I was more or less in control of this situation. I leaned forward, the front of my blouse gaping open to let him see my smallish breasts enhanced the special bra I'd picked up. "Again, I don't see why...I'm now... I'm a big girl and I love the fact you're older. You're a man, Anthony...a mature man." I waved my hand dismissively. "There's no way I'd allow one of these immature boys to be my first lover. I want a man...a sexier, older man who will know how to please a woman and you know how to do , Mr. Hamilton. I can see it in your eyes and in the way you look at us young ladies. I know you will be the greatest experience in my young life!"

My teacher shook his head violently and said. "This is not going to happen.. Teachers are not supposed to fu...have sex with students, no matter their age. Jessica, I want you to never to turn something like this in again or I'll have to take this to the Principal."

I giggled as I slowly strolled around the desk and hopped up on the corner of the old wooden desk, letting my legs dangle while the hem of my plaid skirt rose almost to my crotch -- my feet almost brushing his trousers. "Now, Mr. Hamilton, we both know you're not going to do . Like you said, you would get fired. And, let's be totally honest, as much as I want to fuck you, Mr. Hamilton, you want to fuck !"

Anthony scooted away from as if to avoid even a hint of physical contact. "'s not true, Jessica, not true! I would never take advantage of a student."

I sighed and replied, "It's only taking advantage if it was something I didn't want to do, sir." I turned towards him, drawing my right leg up and setting it on top of his desk, causing my skirt to rise up and expose my light green cotton panties. "I want to fuck you, you wonderful man...I want to fuck you so much, just thinking about it makes me so incredibly wet!" I ran my hand over my partly exposed belly and then down over my panty covered mound, drawing his attention to the very dark stain there...a stain glistened with wetness. I rubbed a finger over it and tried unsuccessfully to not shiver with carnal delight.

As I rubbed my crotch, I said, "Tell you're not hard right now, Anthony. Tell your cock isn't stiff and long just thinking about sticking big ol' thing in little ol' !"

Anthony’s hands dropped into his lap, trying to hide the bulge was already there. His eyes dropped guiltily down to the floor between us, but I could see him struggling to not look up at least as far as my exposed crotch. I felt a happy thrill shoot through as his eyes rose to rest on my now clearly outlined labia and it made even wetter to know he was staring at my "camel toe." Finally, he lifted his gaze to my face, seeing the arousal there. "This is not going to happen, Jessica. Never, do you understand me?"

I shrugged my shoulders and hopped off the desk, my skirt falling into place and I was pleased the look of disappointment on my teacher's face. "I'm a patient girl, Anthony. I know it will take some convincing to get you to see things my way." I held up my fingers gleamed faintly with my own juices and winked at him as I started to walk away, looking at him over my shoulder as I sucked my fingers clean.

When I reached the door, I glanced back at him and said, "You'll come around to my way of thinking, Anthony. I know you will. I think it’s encouraging for all your protests, you never actually said the word 'no.'' I giggled at his panicked expression and slipped out of his classroom, pleased with how things were unfolding.
Mr. Hamilton - Part 1
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As I sit on the edge of the bed, stark naked, staring at the full length mirror before me, I know that many would see me as simply a -like waif, a fey nymph of legend without the requisite womanly attributes necessary to accomplish my goal. I am eighteen, but look much younger, some, I am sure, would say that I look obscenely young -- far too innocent and wide-eyed to be considering the lewd thoughts that run constantly in my mind.

Long brown hair hangs down almost to my hips, parting in the middle to frame a face that looks virginal and innocent with a pert nose, perfectly sized lips and gloriously big, green eyes. My naked body does nothing to betray my age -- flawless porcelain skin on a slender, five foot six frame, breasts like budding apples and coltish legs between which lies a hairless mound...my slick, glistening, aroused pink flesh the only note betraying me as an adult rather than a .

I run my hands slowly down the top of my thighs until I can grip my kneecaps and spread my legs wide, making my small, but thick labia spread to reveal that I am so wet. As I admire my nakedness in the mirror, I can feel my small nipples harden into rocky pebbles and I shiver a bit as the need to caress them, to pinch myself is almost overwhelming.

I stare at myself for what seems an eternity, measuring the sexuality of my body with its -like dimensions, knowing, feeling the burning restless within me, pulsating in my tight, hairless slitty and throbbing in my blood gorged nipples and yearning for that perfect moment...that perfect union with the mate of my dreams. I imagine myself in his arms, enveloped in his strength and his passion, confident in his ability to master me and teach me everything I do not yet comprehend in the art of love.

Slowly, my fingers begin to trace a path backwards from my knees -- now tickling the velvety soft flesh of my inner thighs until the very tips of my fingertips brush across my nether lips, drawing the softest of moans from me as pleasure threatens to rise up and consume me like a fire gone wild. I gasp for air and stare at my image at my reflection, my great, pale green eyes becoming hooded and my mouth gaping open as the need to orgasm makes my face go slack.

I draw my legs up until I am squatting on the edge of my bed like a lewd fairy on a mushroom, my knees on either side of my face as my torso leans into my legs, affording my hands better access to the simmering wet flesh between my thighs. I wonder if he would find this attractive, erotic -- this image of a fairy tale Lolita, his very own woman , putting herself on display...offering herself freely and obscenely to him.

I think to myself that such a display would provoke an erection and I feel myself getting wetter imagining his cock growing harder...longer....thicker because of me. I watch myself bite my lower lip, conscious that among the many things that make me pretty is the slight overbite I possess. I gasp as I slowly slip two fingers...my long and delicate fingers, inside me, curling them upwards to where my sweetest spot resides and I keen with carnal delight as fingertips gently brush the spots that seem to turn my insides into liquid ecstasy even as I brush my thumb over my swollen clitoris which has emerged like a flower bud from it's bulb, throbbing with its own pulsating pleasure.

I glance at my scandalous reflection through strands of hair hanging in front of my eyes. With one hand, I finger myself, the two fingers inside my wet slitty picking up speed even as they appear more covered in my own creams with each in and out motion of my arm. My other hand is busy, one second rubbing my palm over a hard nipple, trying to soothe the intense itch of desire and then the next second pinching the engorged nub tightly between forefinger and thumb as if to both extinguish and inflame the exploding sensations in front of me.

I can feel and see my orgasm approaching and I call to him again and again, using his formal name -- not daring to speak so casual to him, knowing that it is our unique relationship that creates the maddening taboo that makes my desires for him all the more sinfully sweet. I can envision him standing before me -- naked and hard for me. I can envision him inside me, thick and long, making me..."OH GOD, I'M CUMMINGGGG!" I sob aloud, feeling the room spin around me as my world becomes centered around the eruption of pleasure radiating outward from my pussy to flood every cell of my body with sexual ecstasy.

I fall back on the bed, my hair fanning out all around me as I keep my knees spread wide and both my hands are rubbing furiously over my pussy, fingers vying with each other to spear between my labia and keep my lovely orgasm from fading. When finally, my hands fall away, trailing my juices across my belly and thighs with the smell of my aroused sex hanging thick in my nostrils, I gasp for air until finally I can breathe normally again and the sweat on my aroused skin begins to cool.

I gaze up at the ceiling, wishing I had a mirror up there to allow me to witness the condition that imagining him making love to me produces. Finally, I struggle to sit up, again looking at my now disheveled appearance, feeling somewhat pleased and aroused at the wanton look of my body now cooling down from orgasm. I know he would find it pleasing...that even after being fucked by him -- that in the afterglow of my...our orgasm with his seed planted deep within me, my appearance would make him hard again and we could -- no, would begin our dance of love and lust once more.

I lick my lips, almost tasting him on them as I say to my reflection, "Mr. Hamilton...I really want to fuck you."

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“Finally!” I thought to myself, “I will be alone with Daddy for a whole long weekend! And SHE won’t be there!” A big grin developed on my face as I rolled on my bed, almost giggling like a little girl. I was very happy to hear mom wouldn’t be able to attend my cousin’s wedding this weekend. It would just be Daddy and me. It was also nice I would be missing 2 days of school and we would be driving several hours away in the truck, just Daddy and me.

My mood was getting better. It was only a week ago I had witnessed just how cruel and mean mom was to my dad. I had come home a little early from work and went right to my room. I didn’t notice mom and dad weren’t in the living room. As I walked closer to my room I heard my dad moans coming from their bedroom. I peeked into their room from the hall and I saw my mom on her knees in front of dad. His pants were on the ground, his bare rear on my view. She was giving him head! I was shocked at what I was witnessing. I didn’t ever imagine my parents having sex, let alone my mom sucking dad like . He was certainly enjoying it. His big strong hand on her head. His hips moving rhythmically moving to mom quickening pace. It was strangely erotic and a bit of a turn on to observe. As I observed my ’s work, she suddenly stopped and told daddy it was enough for now. The look on his face was of shock and surprise. He begged mom to finish the job. He pleaded to allow him to but she insisted there wasn’t time and I would be home any minute. She would finish the job later. The look my daddy’s face made me so sad. He worked so hard for mom and me. To keep us both happy and spoiled and this was the way she him back? No sex would be more merciful than what she just did to him. He struggled to get his hardness into his pants while mom grinned. She was almost taking pleasure in making him have to stop. She was always so mean to daddy. I was going to make it up to him. I was determined to show him how much I loved him and appreciated his dedication to making us happy.

My plan would be executed this weekend at the wedding.
I had to beg mom to let me get a new dress for the wedding reception, a very nice black cocktail dress with a wonderfully low cut in the front and the hem coming down to my mid-thigh. It was nice enough for the reception but also sexy enough to get the attention I like to get from men. I am sure Daddy would love it. It was the Sunday before we were to leave and dad was going to take me to get the dress at the mall. We hopped in Daddy’s truck and headed to the mall.

"Dad, I saw the dress mom likes and I do want it, but I need shoes to go with it. I need some heels will look good," I said shyly. I was an expert at getting my dad to spoil me. A quick shy smile and batting my big green eyes at him always worked.
Sure sweetie," he respond.

I could tell he wasn’t too excited but I led him through the mall. I was excited and worked through the crowd quickly. I knew my short jean shorts and tank top were turning some of the older men’s heads which I enjoyed. I was getting older. Not the naïve little girl I was just a few years ago. I was good in school and would graduate this year from school. I learned if I was to be treated like an adult I needed to make sure my boyfriends showed proper respect to my parents. I grew bored of those boys though. They didn’t treat me properly. They just wanted sex. They didn’t care about me really. Not like my daddy did. I loved showing off my body to him. I would sometimes walk around in my panties or in a shirt with no bra. I could see he admired me and I loved his attention. Knowing how mom treated him though made me more determined than ever to make it up to him this weekend.
We arrived at the store and I walked directly to the rack with the black cocktail dress.

"I want this one. This is the one." I said with a smile.

"You better try it on to be sure, but let’s not stay here all day," he replied.
I could tell he was impatient and I know he didn’t like the weekend mall crowds, so I worked quickly to show off my new dress.

I came out of the dressing room and saw my dad’s eyes look me up and down. I could tell he approved and I smiled and spun around letting the hem rise up a little. It was perfect. I could feel his eyes on me and it excited me. Dad walked behind and asked,

"Is this the one?"

He smiled.

"Yes, but only if you like it Daddy. You are my date this weekend." I grinned. He was clueless as to what I had planned this weekend.

"I do sweetheart," he said with a big smile.

Daddy for the dress and I quickly found a killer pair of some sexy heel ankle boots. As we continued our walk through the mall, I guided dad Victoria Secret’s. I had to get some new sexy panties for this weekend. I wanted it to be perfect!

"Can I stop for a minute Daddy?" I asked with a smile in my eye.

"Sure," he responded.

He looked at his watch. He stood near the entrance and watched me walk to the panty table where I picked up several small thongs. I knew they were his favorites. One day I saw him feeling them as he picked them up from my bedroom floor. I could tell he was very interested in them. Probably imaging how I looked in them. Thursday couldn’t get here soon enough!!!

On Thursday, we were all packed and ready to go. Dad’s truck was packed perfectly for the both of us. I made sure I packed a cooler with some water for later. Dad’s clothes where in the back behind his seat and mine were behind mine. I hopped in the truck and smiled ready to go.

"I’ll be right back," dad said as he walked into the house.

I peered thru the windshield wondering what daddy could have forgotten. My thoughts quickly turned to our weekend. I had been dreaming about this for several weeks and became increasingly excited every time I thought about it. I was becoming impatient and got out of the truck to go get dad. I walked into the house not seeing daddy anywhere. I quietly walked back to their room. I caught a glimpse of dad and I saw my mom once again on her knees. My dad’s thick hard cock in her mouth.
I heard him growl as she sucked his cock slowly. Mom’s wet, warm mouth gliding up and down on his cock making his balls swell. Her hand holding and carefully milking his balls, She moaned with passion on his throbbing cock. He stroked her hair as she licked, kissed, and sucked him.

“I am better than .” I thought. The anger building inside me. She was going to ruin everything. I was going to make he feel great. Not her!

Mom bent further and sucked under his balls and right back to his wet shaft. She tipped her head and wrapped her lips softly sideways on his shaft and slid them across his cock up and down. Her wet lips softly making love to his hard cock. My hard cock!!!! I ran back to the truck and slammed the door shut. I was so mad at her. What did she think she was doing? Teasing him again? In anger I honked on the horn. Time to go daddy!

I saw him coming out of the door. I could tell he was still very excited. I felt bad. I probably interrupted him before he came but I would be sure to make it up to him later. I waved to mom from the truck as we pulled out of the driveway. I knew dad and I were going to have a great weekend and forever change our relationship.
It was a 3 ½ hour drive and we quickly settled in after getting on the highway and out of the city. Dad was happy I packed the cooler with ice and bottled water. I was tired and closed my eyes for a bit. I curled up on the seat making sure dad had a good view of my long smooth legs. I had waxed myself last night to make sure my skin was extra smooth. Everywhere.

We got to my aunt’s house a little sooner than we had planned. I guess dad was speeding. The house was busy with activity as the wedding approached. I got out of the truck and went to go to talk with my cousins as dad checked in with my aunts and uncles and other older relatives. Dad then called me to the truck where he informed me we were going to stay in the hotel where the reception was being held.

"There is too much going on here and we wouldn't get any rest.” he told me.

I grinned knowing if things went as I planned he still wouldn’t get any rest.

We drove to a very nice hotel. It was really fancy and luckily there was one room left. We unloaded our belongings and hauled them to the room. It was a huge room with a view of the lake.

“This is nice daddy” I said with a smile and I put my things on the big king sized bed.

“Wow...This is much nicer than I thought," he replied.

We hung our clothes and got our things in order. After about minutes we are settled and both laying on our own beds and scanning through the TV channels. It was very relaxing and put me in 'vacation mode' as we enjoyed the room in a new city.

Over the next few days we attended many lunches and dinners leading up to the big day on Saturday. I spent time visiting with my cousins and dad with all the parents and in in-laws. At night we watched TV and fell asleep. I dreamed of our upcoming night together and I woke to the noise of the bathroom door closing. As dad showered I gently caressed my newly waxed skin sending shivers down my spine. Dad suddenly appeared from the bathroom freshly groomed. I quickly got up wearing a long T-shirt and pink panties. I know he can see them through the material as I walk around the room gathering my clothes. I bent to open a bottom drawer on the dresser and I knew he could see my butt cheeks just a bit. It excited me knowing I have such power over men.

I quickly went to the shower but left my wet panties from this morning in my suitcase. I was hoping my daddy will see and enjoy them while I showered. My thoughts drifted to the upcoming evening and how badly I want to show my daddy what a big girl I am. The warm water running over my body. I caressed my firm breasts. My nipples hardened quickly at my touch. As I pinched them, it sent shocks down my spine to my wet slitty. I realized I had been in the shower too long and turned off the shower. I wrapped a towel around my body and wandered out to see dad was very flustered and I noticed my panties I had left for him to discover were moved. I quickly dressed so we could go to breakfast and out for another day of visiting and seeing family.

The next norming I again woke up to the bathroom door closing and again excited from my dreams of tonight. I dressed in my church clothes for the wedding ceremony. It was a wonderful ceremony and I felt very romantic after seeing the ceremony. We took lots of pictures after the wedding and saw even more relatives and friends I hadn’t seen in several years or had never met. I could tell dad was pretty bored and looked tired. He needed a nap if he was going to last through this evening. We got back to the room where dad turned on the TV again. I decided I needed to start getting daddy ready for what I had planned. I grabbed a pillow from my bed and tossed it on dad’s stomach and crawled on his bed next to him. I curled up and he placed his hand on my hip as we laid there. He was gently stroking my side and I felt so good and close to him. Dad then started to stroke my hair which sent shivers down my spine. After a few minutes I could hear him lightly snoring. I could see how hard his cock was through his pants. I resisted the urge to take him there while he slept. It would be so easy to unzip his pants, reach inside and feel his hardness. It was exciting me so much I had to run to shower and release the stress. I quickly came after several minutes of intense fingering of my wet slitty. I came hard thinking about how much I wanted to pleasure my dad tonight. I got out of the shower which woke dad. I hope I wasn’t too loud when I came. I finished dressing and came out of the bathroom.

."WOW sweet heart !" he exclaimed, "You look fantastic," he said smiling.

"Thanks Dad. Thanks for the dress and shoes," I told him, also smiling.

"And the expensive underwear?" he asked playfully

."Yes Dad, and thanks for the expensive, pretty underwear," I added with a smart ass smile.

I knew this dress made me look like a model and much older when I put on make-up and jewelry. It fit me perfectly and dad smiled with pride as I spun around for him. I made sure dad got a look at my butt. I was wearing my smallest thong so no lines were visible. Dad kissed me on the forehead and walked me to the door holding my hand.

We sat together for the formal but not stuffy dinner which was very nice. I could tell Dad was in a good mood and I also enjoyed it as well. Dad was beaming as he walked me around the room with me on his arm. I could tell he was so proud of me, his little girl all grown up. He introduced me to everyone and it seemed he enjoyed watching me interact with all the older men there. I could tell dad was making sure all the guys my age were keeping a distance. I could see them checking me out. Dad was is a great mood and snuck me some champagne which we drank at the table.

"I’m sorry we didn't spend more time together sweetheart," he whispered.

"It’s okay Dad. We were both busy and having fun," I responded with a smile.

"I am so happy we had a chance to snuggle a little today," he offered.

"Me too, Daddy," I said with a nice smile. "Did you like it?" I asked shyly. I knew the answer but I was feeling brave with a little champagne rushing to my head.

Smiling big, he said, "I did sweetheart. Very much. We don't do anymore."

"We could if you like Dad," I said as we looked in each other's eyes. For a moment I felt the deep bond we share. As I stared into my daddy's eyes, my heart pounded and my soul felt his. Dad broke our stare and asked,

"Would you dance with me?"

"Sure," I responded quickly.

We both walked to the dance floor as a slow, romantic song began. Dad wrapped his big strong arms around me and slowly held me as we swayed together. I was letting him hold me much tighter than a Daddy and would normally. I loved the feel of his big strong, mature body so tight against mine. His big arm around my waist and the other holding the back of my head. My face nuzzled in his neck. His cologne was intoxicating, taking me back to a time when I was much and we would snuggle more. I felt something special happen as we danced. I was holding my proud Daddy so tightly. I felt as if I was melting in his arms.

"I love you sweetheart," he whisper in my ear.

"I love you Daddy," I softly responded.

Daddy and I danced for several more songs. Holding each other tight, we just wouldn’t let go. My thoughts were completely consumed his strong embrace. I was getting tingly feeling between my legs and I realized daddy’s cock was hard under his pants as we danced. He was starting to get really warm but he wouldn’t let go of me. He took a deep breath and exhaled quietly

"Would you like to go snuggle sweetheart?"

My head was spinning from the alcohol and the heat in the room and the closeness we were sharing. My heart pounded as I knew this was it. The moment I was waiting for. I could see a slightly worried look on daddy’s face. It seemed like forever before I could choke out an answer. I gripped daddy tighter. His heart was racing fast.
"Yes, Dad," I whispered.

He pulled my head back and looked deep into my eyes and smiled. His smile looks so wonderful in the dim light on the dance floor. I felt the both of us sharing a very private moment.

"Let’s get out of here," he said, his arm around me firmly. He grabbed a bottle of champagne as we walked past the bar. I giggled as I saw him grab it on the sly.

We both walked arm in arm through the hotel to the elevator. When we got in the elevator he held me tight from behind, and he pulled me back tight against him. He kissed the top of my head.

"I had a great weekend," he smiled.

"So did I Daddy." I said looking back and up at him. His smile making my heart melt. I knew where this was going, and I had so many thoughts running through my head. My heart was beating hard and thoughts of his hard cock from this morning was running through my head. I could feel his thick cock so hard and pushing against his dress slacks. He reached down to re-arrange himself trying not to have me notice but it was obvious he wasn’t trying to hide is excitement. I felt like a sexy young woman on a great first date with a sexy man. Knowing I was going to be with my daddy - the man created me - made it more delicious and exciting.

When we got back to the room, he removed his jacket and took off his tie.

"I’m going to get into PJs." I told daddy walking to the bathroom. I was going to come out in just my thong for him.

"No sweetheart.....please don't...you look great," he said as he uncorked the champagne.

"OK," I told him a little disappointed my plan didn’t work but he was in .

He poured some champagne for us and sat on the edge of the bed. I stood in front of him in the dim light as he handed me my drink. We both sipped and he reached out and pulled me close. I was still in my ankle boots/heels which made me much taller. Daddy’s arm around my waist, he hugged me with my tummy against his cheek. He looked up at me and said,

"You look so beautiful."

I looked down at him and half whispered, "Thanks Dad. I’m glad you think so."

"I do baby girl," still looking into my eyes.

He stroked my cheek up and down slowly. He was against my firm tummy. His arm still around my waist. He placed his hand on the small of my back right above my butt. He looked up to see my best attempt at a sexy smile. He looked too handsome and strong. I was melting. We finished our drinks and he poured another. I was now leaning against him as he sat on the bed. His hand now stroking my lower back and the top of my butt.

Daddy stood up and moved me in front of him and he pulled me back firmly against him. He reached around and held my lower waist. I set my glass down and held his arms. I closed my eyes lost in the moment. I felt so safe and warm. He softly kissed the base of my neck where it met my shoulder. I moaned softy as his lips sent tingles down my spine. He opened his mouth a bit and gently ran his tongue back and forth as he kissed my neck. I pushed back against him. I was beginning to burn inside with passion. This must have encouraged Daddy and excited him further. I could feel his hard, thick cock pressed against my butt. I started to grind my hips. Moving and rotating very slowly. I ached for more of my Daddy. He slowly and warmly kissed up to my earlobe where Daddy’s tongue moved lightly across it. It was almost too much to handle. As he kissed me on my cheek, I turned my head to him and our lips met in the most wonderful warm kiss of my years.

"MMMMMMMMMMM" he growled quietly.

I let out a very soft moan into our kiss. Our lips feel so warm and wet together. My lips testing and tasting his. He carefully and gently sucked my lower lip between his. He then released and repeated it. He was such a good kisser. I held his arms tighter and pushed my butt back against him harder. I started to moan slightly louder and I opened my mouth just a bit and Daddy’s tongue explored mine. My thoughts were racing along with my heart. I had never felt this completely in lust and love. As our tongues danced together he slid up one of his hands and found one of my firm breasts. He gently, but firmly cupped and massaged it through my thin dress. Almost instantly my nipple hardened as he dragged his palm across it as he played. Our kisses got deeper and more passionate as he breathed directly into my mouth. I could taste his breath and I was moaning into his mouth. My slitty was soaking and my nipples were on fire as I kissed my Daddy like never before. He reached up with his left hand and stroked the side of my face and he pushed against me from behind. Our kiss was so romantic and wanting. Daddy’s big hand cupping and holding my right breast, He found my nipple through the material and rolled it between his fingers with care. I immediately start to breathe deeper and faster. Daddy followed my reactions and pulled slightly at my nipple as we kissed and moaned into each other quietly.

He broke away from our incredible kisses and lit several candles in the room. I watched him in the candle light and felt so sexy. He walked over and kissed my mouth deeply and stroked my face. He reached behind me and unzipped my dress. He slid the zipper down and guided the dress off of my shoulders. He stood back and removed his shirt and stood before me in a T-shirt. He removed his dress slacks and threw them over a chair. He reached down and took off his socks. He walked back to me in his boxer briefs and t shirt. He kissed me again deeply, totally in command of me and slid my dress to my ankles. He bent and helped me step out of it, still wearing my sexy heeled ankle boots. He sat back on the bed and looked at me as I stood before my Daddy wearing a small thong and the sexy heels he bought me.

He looked at me in the candle light and his hard cock is clearly visible through his shorts. He motioned for me to come closer and I obediently walked in between Daddy’s legs. He reached up and held my bare butt cheeks and pulled me closer. My nipples were right in front of his face. He bend in and positioned his mouth an inch over my left nipple. My Father's hot breath all over it. Very gently he kissed it and tease it with his mouth. It was so intense. I heard him growl quietly as he teased my inflamed nipple. Daddy’s big hands holding my cheeks firmly and softly exploring them, holding me close to him. I placed my hand on his shoulders as he sucked my nipple into his mouth. I tipped my head back and closed my eyes, lost in the ecstasy of it. I moaned softly and begged daddy to continue with his kisses. He sucked me into his warm wet mouth and nursed on my little hard, sensitive nipple. I moved one of my hands behind his head as he continued his expert work on my nipple. I held my Daddy’s head as he sucked, licked, and kissed me so nicely.

"Oh Dad," I moaned as he moved to my other nipple and started all over on it.

My heart pounded and my slitty dripped while I used every ounce of energy to restrain myself and let him take his time with me. I wanted my Dad to teach and guide me with love, desire, and lust. I wanted him to teach me to love him better than mommy. I wanted to make sure he was never teased again. I needed my Daddy to be the man to make me feel wonderful and give me these intense pleasures I have never experienced before. He slowly moved away from my nipple and reached behind my head and guided me to his mouth for another one of our deep kisses.

He stood up, and I saw his cock raging against his shorts. He crawled on the bed and sat back against the headboard. He spread his legs and patted the bed, calling me to him. It was mine time. I crawled up and sat between his legs with my back against his chest. My arms draped over his legs. He placed his left hand under my chin and tipped my head back to accept another deep, wet kiss from my Father. His other hand stroked my tummy. I opened my legs as we sat together and kissed, Daddy’s hands stroked my lower, smooth tummy softly. I felt the heat rising from my pretty panties. His hand moved and traced between my inner thighs so close to my warmth.

"I’ve wanted to show you how special you are to me for a long time sweetheart," he whisper deeply.

I moaned softly as I heard him say this to me. Both of his hands gently rubbing my inner thighs. I opened wider for Daddy aching for his touch. He reached with one hand and grabbed the material of my tiny thong in the middle at the panty line. He gently tugged upwards which rubbed the soft, warm material against my most sensitive, erotic skin. He bunched up my thong and pulled tighter and moved back and forth. I rotated my hips along with Daddy’s motion. I moaned again.

"Oh Dad. Oh Daddy" in a voice I’ve ever been able to make.

His extremely hard cock was against my back as I pushed harder against him. My motions telling Daddy he was pleasing me very well. He tugged further yet, which pulled the material of my thong against my slit with more pressure. Daddy kissed my neck as he tugged which made me respond with more vocal moans and sighs.

"Dad please.....please.......Daddy please," I pleaded for him to take me deeper, more intense pleasures.

He guided me forward and slid his legs behind me, scooting off the bed. He took all of the pillows from both beds and stacked them against the headboard.

"Lay back here sweetheart," he told me.

I laid back in a half sitting half laying position. Daddy laid between my legs. He pushed them apart, knees bent, high heels on the bed. He kissed the insides of my thighs. Daddy’s arms under my thighs and reaching around and stroking my tummy. Daddy rubbed his beard and cheeks against my soft skin and kissed my inner thighs with care. My warmth radiated to his face. I could smell my scent and I could tell daddy enjoyed it. No longer would he have to use my panties to smell me. He gently rubbed his chin and cheeks against the moist, warm material of my thong. I moved my hips to Daddy’s face as he did this. He gently rubbed the tip of his nose softly up and down my panties until I had soaked the thin material with my juices. He looked up at me in the candle light as he teased my panties.

"You are so beautiful sweetheart," he said in a growl. "I wanted to taste you and show you how much I care for you,"

He looked so caring, loving but lustful at the same time. Such an incredible Daddy. As he rubbed his nose, I opened my legs wider and placed my heels on Daddy’s back...offering myself to him. He reached up and slid his fingers under my thin string of my thong and slowly pulled down. He carefully pulled them past my knees and guided them off my heels. As he looked me in the eyes he smelled them deeply and moaned. He crawled up and placed them around my neck like a necklace. The lust in his eyes was evident. He saw and loved no one but me. He moved back down between my legs and pushed my knees apart and back towards me. In the dim, romantic light I saw him look at my smooth pussy. I have thought about Daddy licking and using my pussy many times and now it is here for my Father to taste. My heart was pounding. I couldn’t believe it. He looked in my eyes and gently blew across my swollen, wet lips. Daddy’s hot breathe covering me. Daddy has me wide open and exposed for him now. He bends closer and whispered,

"I love you sweetheart," as he softly placed his warm, wet tongue on my tight, little asshole.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," he growled and moaned as he licked. Daddy’s warm tongue circled and tasted my ass. He slowly licked up and finally tasted my pussy. Daddy moaned into my pussy as he licked up and down very slowly and lightly, between my lips.

Daddy felt so wonderful. I could have never imagined such a perfect feeling as my Daddy’s tongue inside me. FINALLY he is tasting me

"Oh my goddddd Dad.....Oh my goddddd.......Daddy......Daddy.......please don't stop.....pleaseeeeee Dad," I moaned with lust and intense pleasure.

Daddy was so incredibly turned on my response He kept licking between my lips and up to tease my clit. Daddy pushed his mouth between my smooth swollen lips and "made out" with my pussy just like he was kissing my mouth. I tried to kiss him back with my pussy as I squirmed and rotated against Daddy’s mouth. My pussy got wetter and wetter as Daddy tasted me with passion. He kept kissing my pussy as I my moans got more desperate and needy.

"Don't stop Dad........pleeeeeese don't stop Daddy......Im so close......Im close," I moaned with deep lust in my voice.

Daddy slid his mouth up and found my hard clit and sucked it into his warm, wet, slippery mouth. Daddy moaned loudly into my pussy as I neared my first orgasm with my Dad. Daddy sucked my clit and teased it with his teeth. I reached down with both hands to pull Daddy’s mouth tighter to me. Daddy sucked and chewed lightly.

"Dad I’m cummingggggggggggggg......Daddy I’m cummingggggggggggg," I shouted loudly.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," Daddy growled into my wetness as he sucked and licked harder.

"DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"........."OH MY GODDDDDDDD!!!!".......suddenly I exploded all over Daddy’s face.

"Cum for Daddy," he growled into my pussy and looked up and locked eyes with me. My hips now wildly rode my Daddy’s face...grinding up and down.....washing Daddy’s face with my pussy. I kept cumming and soaking Daddy’s entire face. A huge wet spot formed on the bed under my ass. Daddy’s face looks so shiny in the dim light. My knees shook and my stomach muscles tightened and released. Over and over I exploded unable to control myself.

"Good girl sweetheart......Good baby girl," he said in a loud deep voice. My legs went limp and I was ultra-sensitive all over my slitty. I looked in his eyes as I recovered from the sexual explosion I just experienced. I loosened the grip on Daddy’s head and I lightly stroked his head and face.

"I love you," he said quietly

"I love you too Dad," I respond.

He crawled up and kissed me deeply sharing my juice with me. We kissed rough and wet as I tasted my pussy from his face.

"I want to be inside you sweetheart," he whisper.

"Yes Daddy....yes, yes, yes, please Dad.....I want you inside me," I whispered back, almost pleading.

He stood on the floor and removed his shirt and boxer briefs. Daddy’s balls tight and heavy and his cock proudly standing erect. He reached down and stroked his thick cock looking in my eyes. He crawled on the bed and got between my legs. He grabbed my ankles and opened me wide. He slid his big cockhead against my wet, wide open swollen lips.

"Daddy...let me taste you first," I said with confidence. I wanted to finish the job mommy never did.

I got up and traded places. As Daddy got comfortable, I laid between his legs and I reached out and held his throbbing shaft. I looked in his eyes as I slowly licked his massive cockhead.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM," he moaned in disbelief and pleasure.

I moaned softly as I tasted my Father's cock for the first time. I heard my moan just like this, which I hope he enjoyed very much. Our eyes locked together deeply as we shared our profound bond. My tongue lapped and licked his whole shaft. I reached up and held his balls perfectly.....massaging them with care.

"Like Dad?" I asked coyly as I still looked in his eyes.

I then placed his cock in my mouth and lower my head slow with a deep moan.

"Oh sweetheart......'s so perfect and sexy, " he half moaned and whispered.

"'s perfect sweetheart.....you look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth," he told me.

His eyes glued on me as I sucked Daddy’s cock. My mouth slid down and sucked Daddy’s big, warm, balls.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM", he moaned louder.

I continued to moan on his cock and started to pump up and down with deep, long, wet motions as I swallowed him. Daddy’s cock disappeared in my little mouth. I was so turned on having my Daddy’s filling my mouth. Wide open and completely filled with his cock. I bobbed up and down in a sweet and loving way. Treating it with the respect and care it deserves. I loved playing with his balls exactly how I saw mom do it. He stroked my hair and told me how beautiful and sexy I was to him.

"You make Daddy feel so good sweetheart," he said with encouragement. I softly moaned and the light sucking sounds only made Daddy harder in my mouth as I loved his cock.

"I am so proud of you sweetheart," he said with sincerity and honesty.

His cock felt wonderful in my mouth as I cooed on it so hard and warm. He pet me with love as I sucked his cock the best I could. Occasionally I pulled Daddy’s cock out to lick his thick head like an ice cream cone. I could tell Daddy felt good and my slitty was on fire. My womb was aching to be filled with his manhood. The same cock filled my mom’s womb with his precious seed years ago.

"You taste good Daddy," I whispered between licks. He moved the hair away from my face and groan,

"I want to be inside you sweetheart."

I moaned with need and desire as I heard him tell me.

"Come up here," he whispered.

I kissed Daddy’s cock softly one last time and crawled up to him and we kissed deeply. My right arm around his neck and my left held Daddy’s head tightly. My breathing was deep and I push my breath into his mouth as we kissed deeply. He rolled me on my back and placed two pillows under my shoulders and head. My wet, warm pussy needed his cock immediately. He crawled between my legs and rubbed his entire shaft up and down my wet slit which was wide open and begging. He bent and kissed me deep and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt his cockhead up against my wet entrance. He very slowly pushed, feeling my wet folds wrap around Daddy’s head. I moaned deep into his mouth as he stretched me carefully.

"Daddy please.....please Dad," I begged

"I love you," he moaned

"I love you so much Daddy," I quickly responded.

As our kisses got serious once again he 'popped' the head of his thick cock inside me. We both moaned into our kiss. He held his cock there for a moment then removed it.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," he growled again.

I tightened my grip around his neck and again 'popped' Daddy’s cock inside me. My pussy lips almost sucked his cock like my mouth did. My pussy felt so fantastic with Daddy’s cock inside it. The overwhelming feeling of love, lust, guilt, and taboo made this all the hotter. We still kissed deep and he slowly pushed deeper. My pussy swallowed his cock eagerly. My soft moans were almost constant now as daddy fucked me with shallow strokes. Daddy’s cock filled me tightly and prepared me for a harder . My kisses were harder and deeper. I sucked Daddy tongue hard and our mouths pushed tightly together. With every ten or so thrusts he pressed deeper into my tummy. Daddy’s cock was now half way inside me. My pussy so extremely wet and I felt my flowing out every time he withdrew his cock before another thrust.

"You feel so good sweetheart," he moaned.

"I want more Dad.....please Dad......more......deeper," I pled loudly.

Finally, he pushed deep inside me until his balls rubbed against my wet, tight asshole. We both moaned loudly together, lost in the passion we had generated. Now Daddy began to fuck me like a big girl. Like I had always imagined. He pulled almost all the way out and then firmly thrust back until he was buried in me. Daddy started to develop a slow, firm, deliberate rhythm. My hips rose from the bed to meet his thrusts. My legs in the air, wide apart, my heels pointing up as I took all of my Father's cock. I was completely lost in this intense act of desire. I was getting fucked so well my Daddy. Daddy’s body started to slap at mine as his thrusts began to get harder. Daddy’s heavy balls hit my ass with every pump. I felt the intense, primal desire to be filled with his . His animal instincts making him crazy with lust as he fucked me deeply and hard. Daddy broke the kiss and he got up on his arms over me and now starts me like a sweet but dirty girl.

"Oh my God baby girl........Oh my God," he grunted and moaned as he pounded my tight pussy.

My moans now sounded like one long "ohhhhhhhhhhh".

Daddy fucked me hard and deep. My pussy completely owned by his cock. My womb now ached to feel Daddy’s liquid love explode and empty into me. My tiny butt moved in sync with my Daddy as he fucked me hard and deep. Daddy still on his arms pumped me hard, he bent and kissed my mouth wet and wild. I moaned deep in Daddy’s mouth as I enjoyed his cock for the first time. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

"I’m cumming Dad.........Daddy Im cumming," I moaned very loudly.

"Cum for me sweetheart," he said almost out of breath.

"Ohhhhhh Goddddddddd........Daddyyyyyyyyyy," I shouted without control.

My pussy contracted and squeezed Daddy’s cock as he fucked me. I ached to be filled with his seed.


My pussy EXPLODED !!!!!! My pussy flooded with my cum. I squirted my cum and splashed all over with every thrust. Daddy’s cock coated with my sudden rush of wetness.

"Good girl......good girl!" he growled loudly.

Daddy kept pumping as he felt my cunt tighten further, as if in a vice.

"Daddy is going to cum for you sweetheart," he growled, almost angry. “Daddy balls ready to shoot thick, warm cum for you.”


Daddy mumbled loudly. His balls exploded in a hard, overwhelming orgasm.....

"OHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDD!!!!!".....Daddy’s balls emptied inside my tummy.

"Pleaseeeeee Daddy," I begged. I felt a rush of warmth and wetness mixed with my cum as he pounded my young body hard. My Father shot load after load of his hot Daddy love deep, deep in my tummy.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," Daddy moaned a little quieter.

His balls wouldn’t stop convulsing and seizing. I was proud at how much cum I drained from my Daddy. I could feel his cum flow out of my pussy around his cock.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too Dad," I replied as I moved my head up to kiss him deeply.

Daddy collapsed on me with his experienced cock still inside my tummy. He wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my neck and kissed it softly as he caught his breath. My heart pounded against his chest and my breathing was deep. I tried to wrap my legs around my big Father. We held each other tightly as we recovered together. Daddy held me, his close to him as we shared this wonderful experience. Daddy slowly pulled out his cock and rolled to his side and pulled me next to him so we could spoon closely. He kissed the back of my neck and I moaned softly.

" felt amazing Dad. Did I make you happy?" I whispered, while he kissed my neck.

"I am so proud of you sweetheart. You always make Daddy happy and you felt wonderful tonight," he whispered.

As we snuggled together, both of us satisfied, we started to drift off to sleep. He held me tight as I melted into his arms. He fell sleep holding me tight and very happy. My mind raced with how much different the house would be how Daddy made me a big girl. He would no longer need to put up with mom’s torture and he would only need to love me from now on. Things were going to be A LOT different now.
LOT different now.
Cyber fun
Posted:Aug 19, 2019 6:30 pm
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2019 6:36 am

I slumped my way into my bedroom. I was so thankful it was Friday; college was kicking my ass and it was only October of my first semester. I dropped my bag and coat near the door and crawled into my bed. Finally, I could take the weekend to enjoy myself. I had finished my work at the library and I really wanted to stay up ALL NIGHT playing... It had been a long time since I've been able to play, and I REALLY needed it. I was aching for release.

I laid in my bed smiling to myself as I thought of all the fun I could have this weekend. After a minute or two of pleasant thoughts, I headed to the bathroom to shower. I looked in the mirror as I took off my clothes and sighed. I've never really liked my body. I've always been small, ever since I was a . Sure, there were some things about myself that I loved: my thick, shoulder length brown hair, my big green eyes, and my 34B breasts, but there was more that I disliked. I peeled off my shirt and jeans and stood there in my bra and panties (which didn't match... I get lazy when it comes to that. Who sees me anyway...?). I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, releasing my breasts. They were firm and smooth. I slid off my panties, stopping to examine the wet spot that had formed inside them while I was thinking about the fun I would have this weekend.

I turned from side to side, looking at myself. I like myself, but I never thought I was pretty or sexy like other girls, which kind of made me sad. 'No wonder you're still a virgin...,' taunted the stupid little voice in my head. I shook it off; whatever. It'll happen when it's supposed to happen. Right?

I had my shower, and changed into the clothes I intended to sleep in, a baggy t-shirt from a production of a show I'd been in in high school, and plain black cotton panties. Hey, I was going for comfortability here, not glamour. I signed into Facebook, just to see what was going on, and got an IM from my friend Kate. Kate was the one friend that I always discussed sex and masturbation with. I felt like she understood where I was coming from because she was also a virgin, so she know how it felt to have all this sexual frustration built up with no release. I informed her of my plans for the weekend, and she had an interesting idea to spice them up. Apparently, there was an anonymous website where you could meet strangers and talk to them, and a lot of people used it to find people to 'play with.' I figured why not? Honestly, what did I have to lose?

I said goodbye to Kate and opened up this website. I typed:

Jessika: female, 18, usa, looking for fun ; )

So what if I was being kind of slutty? It's not like I knew any of these people. The first person I got typed back:

Eric: male, 35, canada. hi baby girl =)

My first thought was to hit the disconnect button. After all, 35 was almost twice my age, and I wasn't sure if I was into that. But something told me to stay and talk to this guy. Besides, it turned me on a LOT that he'd called me 'baby girl'...

Since I discovered sex and different fetishes, I'd always been REALLY turned on by playing Daddy/little girl. I think it's because my relationship with my dad was so awful that I've wanted for a 'father figure' to satisfy me sexually. So I stayed and talked to Eric, the 35 year old male from Canada. We talked about mostly random things, and he stayed away from sex, which kind of surprised me, but only attracted me more. I started getting worried when he asked me for a picture...

I scrolled through my pictures on my computer and tried to find a decent one. I wanted him to think I was pretty, but I didn't want to send him something that wasn't really me... I finally found one of just my face that I liked. I sent it, and he responded with:

Eric: wow. you're pretty

I knew he was just some random guy from the internet, but his comment made me really happy. No one had ever told me I was pretty before... And it felt good to finally have someone say it, especially a boy... well, then again, Eric wasn't even a boy, he was a man... I typed back:

Jessika: thank you! wow... you sure know how to make a girl blush =)

Eric: i bet you look even prettier when you blush =)

Jessika: geez! what are trying to do, you sweet talker? =P

Eric: well who wouldn't want to have a pretty little girl like you wrapped around his finger? ; )

That did it. He'd called me a little girl. I wanted to keep talking to him forever now... Maybe he was the Daddy I'd been fantasizing about! I looked at the clock and realized that it was 3am; we'd been talking for almost four hours! I told him that I really needed to go, and we exchanged Hangout names and decided to sign back on tomorrow night around the same time and talk again. I didn't want to sign off, but I knew I had to. After all, it was late, and I didn't want to look clingy...

I turned off my light and slid into bed. As I lay on my side in my soft purple sheets, I closed my eyes and imagined Eric there in my bed with me, spooning me. My hand slipped down to my pussy and I started to rub my lips lightly through my panties. I was starting to get wet already. I pictured Eric, my Daddy, touching me between my legs like this. I slipped my hand under the waistband of my panties and touched my wet lips. I rubbed the tip of my index finger up and down my slit, gasping as I brushed my clit. I used one hand to spread my lips, and I found my little clit, and stroked a small circle around it. "Oh, Daddy..." I half moaned/half whispered, imagining Eric rubbing my clit and kissing my mouth and neck.

I tortured my little clit until I could hardly stand it, and I came hard, moaning for my Daddy the whole time. My whole body shook as I came; I'd never cum so hard before. I couldn't wait to talk to Eric again tomorrow...
Story Time
Posted:Aug 17, 2019 9:05 am
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2019 11:55 am
I love to write erotica.. I hope you enjoy


As I sat in the back of my algebra class, my thoughts kept wandering to my teacher. While he lectured on polynomials, all I could think about was what I would do to him if we were ever alone. Running my fingers through his short black hair, caressing his shoulders...When he moved on to factoring, I was picturing undressing him slowly to reveal his impressive cock. I could feel my slitty getting wetter and wetter as the class went on and was afraid when I stood up it would be obvious to everyone what I had been thinking about.

A year of fantasizing about my teacher had left me horny and frustrated. Masturbating every day (sometimes even multiple times) just wasn't cutting it anymore. I knew I had to act and act fast, only problem? I'm still am virgin. I knew what I wanted, but wasn't sure how to get it. I finally decided to ask my teacher to meet me for special tutoring.

After class, I waited until everyone left and then made my way to the front of the class, telling myself to stay calm. My teacher was busy packing up his things, but just I was approaching his desk, he looked up slowly and met my eyes. 

"Yes, Jessica, what can I do for you?

"Mr. G, I was wondering if you had some time to meet with me. I have a couple of questions about the lesson".

"Sure, I would be more than happy to if it's a good time for you".

" would be wonderful"! (To be honest, I was hoping for a little time to prepare. I'm was just thanking my lucky stars I had worn my black lace bra and matching panties under my sundress,

I tried my best to nod and smile, but I was freaking out inside. Was I really about to try to seduce my teacher?

I walked over and shut the door to the room. I took a deep death and turned to face my teacher.

"So, Jessica, what can I you with"?

"Actually, it's a bit personal...

I walked toward him with my eyes lowered to the ground. I could hear my heart bearing so loudly, it felt like it was echoing in the room. Right before I reached him, I looked up at him through my eyelashes, biting my lower lip.

"It's a bit hard to explain, I'll just have to show you...

I leaned in slowly and touched my lips softly to his, when he didn't resist, I deepened the kiss. I could feel his body relax as we continued to kiss, so I slipped my tongue into his mouth. I let out a soft moan when his strong hands pulled me closer to him, grabbing my ass through my dress.

I could feel his erection pressing against me, and I smiled knowing I was the cause. I ran my fingers through his hair and rubbed my body against him. He let out a low growl as I reached one hand down to rub his cock through his pants. He broke the kiss and pulled the straps of my dress down roughly revealing my black lingerie. He dipped his head to my breast and began sucking the nipple though the fabric while he caressed the other.

The feeling of his mouth on me and of his erection pressed between us was almost too much to take. When his attentions switched from one breast to the other, I grabbed his head and pushed myself deeper into his mouth. My breathing picked up and I could feel myself getting closer to the edge when my breath hitched, and I could feel warmth between my thighs.

I leaned in to kiss him as I reached down to undo his belt. I kneeled down in front of Mr. G as I pulled his pants down to his ankles. His erection was fighting the fabric of his boxers, and I could tell it was bigger than I imagined. I looked up into his eyes as I pulled his boxers down to reveal his impressive cock.

I reached out to grab hold and started moving my hand up and down his shaft. I held his gaze when I flicked my tongue over his tip to taste the pre- leaking out. It was so different than I imagined, and surprisingly I loved the salty taste and the feeling of holding his cock in my hand.

I lowered my mouth to him again and opened wide to take as much of him as I could. I started moving my mouth up and down his hard shaft while my hand rubbed him. I sucked faster and faster while trying to take him deeper into my mouth. I reached up with my other hand to with his balls and heard him take a sharp intake of breath as his hand reached into my hair and pulled gruffly.

I looked up to see he had his head bowed back and smiled seeing the effect I had on him. I slowed down and tried to take him all in. I started to gag as his cock reached further into my mouth. I relaxed my throat and felt his hard shaft hit the back.

Mr. G started to move his hips back and forth, so he could fuck my mouth. I couldn't keep him deep much longer, so I slowly pulled back until, with a pop, his cock was free. His head whipped forward and our eyes locked. I ran the tip of my tongue along his length and heard him release a low moan. I did this again when Mr. G grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth onto him.

I was sucking and rubbing him frantically when he said, "Shit, I can't last much longer. I'm going to if you don't stop".

I paused for a moment to say, "I want you to in my mouth Mr G. Give me all you have, I want to taste you!

"Holy, shit. If you want it, who am I to deny you?

I gave him a devilish grin as I placed my mouth back onto his beautiful cock. I felt him shudder just before his began shooting into my mouth. I continued to rub him as I tried to catch every last drop.

"Oh, Jessica. Jessica...Jess......Miss Jackson!?

My head snapped up as I realized my teacher was calling on me to answer the question. Just before I could ask him to repeat it, I was saved the bell. I quickly gathered my things and left the room. I couldn't believe the whole thing had been in my head. I guess it will be another night with my fingers!

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