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Prostrate Massage  

Joeyarso 53M
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5/22/2020 10:52 am
Prostrate Massage

I had never had a prostrate massage before and somehow it became the topic of discussion at a party I attended. As with most things there were different opinions and as usual an expert amongst the group. The conversation was interesting but talk morphed into another topic so my interest subsided for the moment which was actually a good thing as my pants were starting to get tight. Later that evening and many drinks later with some people leaving it seemed a good time to duck out as well. Outside I was about to get in my truck when I heard a voice ask me if she could get a ride. I turned to find the expert from earlier and she was probably near as tipsy as I was. I told her if she was going with me we would need to stop so I could get something to eat and sober up a little. She agreed and we found a diner just down the road. Conversation was good and food hit the spot. Eventually she brought the subject back up about the massage because I seemed interested earlier. Asking me if I had ever had one I replied only if you count the Dr giving me a chec She quickly said no that does not count! She then asked if I wanted her give one. My pants started getting tight again quickly and I hurried up and paid the bill. We got out of there and I took her to her place which was on my way home anyhow. Once inside she became the boss and instructed me to lose the clothes and head to the bathroom. I did as asked and in a few she followed me in there with only a t-shirt on. I could just barely see here pretty shaved pussy peeking out from under the hem of the shirt. She then told me she needed to prep me first if I wanted her to do this. Of course I would have jumped through hoops of fire at this point but I said o She then got out an enema bad and proceeded fill it with warm water. I quickly told her I felt like I was fairly clean and she replied rules are rules and we could stop if I wanted. Well.... next thing I know I am bent over getting filled up. It did feel good I must admit and she left the room so I could clear it all back out. When done I let her know and she told come into the bedroom where she had set the mood with soft dim lighting. Then she instructed me to lay on the bed with my knees up. She said she had warmed the lube a little for my comfort and proceeded to slip one finger in my ass. She was moving it around loosening me up some and then she put in a second. Then I felt her gently applying pressure on my gland and rubbing on either side of it slowly stroking it. This had my cock leaking per cum big time. She pulled out her fingers and dabbed them in the gooey mess I was making and slid them back in me. This went on for several minuted and I was getting close. She knew it too and said not yet... after giving me a break for a few seconds she started again and even though I did not see what was going on I knew something felt different. I opened my eyes and saw that she was using a toy on me. This felt goodand I did not protest. I was getting close again and again she seeemed to know because I was moaning and gyrating and all of a sudden she turned the toy on and it started vibrating against my prostrate and I started shooting cum all over myself. Probably the most since I was a young man and all of this without her ever touching my coc As my orgasm subsided She reached out and gave a few<b> strokes </font></b>and asked if I would now help her out. With my erection in no way departing I grabbed a towel and cleaned up and got behind her and slipped right in her very wet pussy. As I was giving what I could she was working her clit with a different little vibe and shortly was cumming too. I pumped as hard and as fast as I could and shot all over her ass. This was one of the best experiences I had ever had and give her cudos for being the expert she professed to be! Oh what a night...

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