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My fantasy  

JohnOB1982 40M
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12/12/2020 1:35 pm
My fantasy


I'd love be at a bar/club/disco on MDMA, maybe at a booth, but still in the open where we can see and be seen, have a few drinks and a lovely bowl of weed.

My date, Monica, a tall, curvy trans- I started seeing recently, promised tonight would be special. I’m not sure what all special entails, but she promised that if I let it, tonight might change my life, and she was going to be there to make it happen. I’m very inexperienced, but I’ve been sexually repressed most of my life, and now I want it all.

We haven't gone "all the way" yet, but not for lack of trying! I went down on her a couple of times on our second and third date. Somehow I made her cum, but I didn't think she would because her COCK IS SO FUCKING MASSIVE that I know I was raking my teeth all over that big, beautiful phallus. At least inches long and the width of my wrist, I had no clue what do with it, but at least I managed swallow most of her cum the first time! I guess she likes the way cum looks on my face, though, because the second time I went down on her, she pulled out an came on my face, and I was fucking ecstatic! The first touch of her warm cum on face was magical, and so was the rest of her enormous load. She held onto my hair for dear life, letting out a scream as she painted my face with her hot load, milking every last drop.

"You look so hot with my cum on all over your face, Johnnie" she softly said, admiring her work. I grabbed her still erect penis and used it to shovel loads of cum from my face and into my mouth, slurping and sucking as I went and feeling like a super fucking lucky guy.

I tried to let her fuck me on the third date (she made us wait until then), but we couldn't get it in; her cock was too big and my hole was not ready. We tried and tried, but all we had to consume before my aborted fucking was some weed and a couple of drinks, and this just wasn't going to happen.

So we made a plan! That is, we would proceed to make a plan shortly, right after I got another load on my face on the balcony overlooking her apartment complex.

Couldn't leave this magnificent woman with blue -balls, that would be rude, so I grabbed her now half-flaccid penis, led her out onto the balcony, knelt down in a way that seemed slightly concealed, and starting stroking her back to life (Honestly, I was hoping someone was watching me, it turns me on I think. Never "performed" for an audience or anything, but I imagine it will be great, and she already mentioned on a prior date she was a bit of an exhibitionist, so she's in. I love the idea of someone pleasuring themselves while they watch me suck a cock, just thinking about it makes me horny). By now she had learned I liked my hair pulled, so she grabbed my hair tightly and let me worship her cock with my mouth. In short order, her cock was rock hard and she was gently fucking my mouth; I got a little over ambitious and gagged violently.

She retrieved her cock from my mouth, grabbed my face and asked "Are you ok?"

"Yah, just need to catch my breath," I reply, lightly coughing.

Still firmly holding my face, she replies "Ok. But don't do that. Don't gag like that. It was loud and wet and aggressive…. And it turns me on like few things do. I almost came when you gagged, but I pulled out because that would be rude."

I looked down at her cock and she was dripping buckets of precum.

"Besides, I want to fuck your mouth more, I'm not ready to cum. Open Wide!" She firmly squeezed her rod back into my face and continued gently fucking my mouth. Of course, now I'm curious. Does gagging turn her on that much? Can I make her cum on demand just by making a gagging sound?

Time to test the theory: I reach around, grab her ass with both hands, and doing everything in my power to orally impale myself on her, I shove that massive, cartoon size cock deep down my thirsty throat as far as it will go.

I think I managed almost 8 inches; she looked down at me, gasped, smiled evilly and said "Good , Johnnie, good--" and right at the moment, I thought I could take it like a champ, but then I couldn't anymore. I gagged violently, expelled her cock from my mouth and coughed loudly. Still with a death grip on my hair with one hand, she aggressively strokes her cock against my face like it's the last chance she'll ever get. Every time I cough, still trying clear my throat, she moans and jerks my head and strokes even harder; I lick her slippery balls, cough right against them as hard as I can. Monica jerks upward, tries not yell but does anyway "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" and cum she does. I only managed get about a third of it on me; the rest of just kind of sprayed all over the place.

"Oh my god you slut!!" she chides me lightly as she wipes the cum from my hair while I stand, "You did that on purpose! God, I came so hard, there's cum all over--"

"Dammmmmnnnnnnn, !!!!!!" An effeminate voice exclaims somewhere nearby "Where the hell did you find that piece of pussy?"

Still covered in cum and only wearing the shorts she wanted see me in, I look around and immediately spot a couple of twinks snuggled together on their balcony, giggling and pointing.

Putting her cock away, Monica rolls her eyes at them “Trevor, Jamis, you’re a couple of pervs.”

“Look ho!”, Trevor/Jamis said, “We were sitting here quietly, jerking each other off, minding our own business, when out walks a naked man, pulling behind him right out onto the balcony, a with a huge cock and a hungry look in her eyes, so we’re not going anywhere, and then surprise! The man guiding the cock kneels down and sucks that cock life his depends on it!”

“, we both came before the first time he gagged!” Jamis/Trevor added. “We were already hard again and stroking away by the time that happened.”

“Then he chokes himself on purpose! On purpose!” Trevor/Jamis continues excitedly “This wants your cum so bad!!”

Monica smirks at their chatter. “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the show, you got that one for free. Thank my friend Johnnie here, he did all the hard work,” she says playfuly while smacking my half-bare ass and trying get me back inside.

Jamis/Trevor exclaim in unison “Thank you, Johnnie, you wonderful fucking slut!! us next time, we’ll get better seats!”

When we got back inside, Monica asked if I was ok with them watching me.

“Yah, I like it. Wish I knew they were watching whole time, I would’ve taken off the shorts”

She looks down at my barely concealed erection “You want me take care of that for you?”

“No,” I tell her shyly, “You know what I want”

And so, I proudly left her cum on face while we commenced planning the plan, and that plan involved lots of butt plugs, lube, molly and blow, for the night of my destruction

So here we are, a week later, I'm high and rolling, I've been stretching my hole all week and I've got the biggest plug I could find stuffed right up my pussy.

Sitting next me, facing the crowd next our booth, I recognize a couple of familiar faces and wave hello. Monica was getting bored and has her hand in my shirt playing with my nipple, She looks up and asks "Does this turn you on?" It is driving me insane! My dick is rock hard, 6 inches and throbbing through my pants, so I move her other hand from my knee and place it on my dick. "Does this answer your question?" A bit of a gamble because it's actually the first time she's touched my erect penis, but she doesn't pull away immediately. She strokes it lightly with one hand and reaches behind my back and gently grabs my hair, pulling our heads together.

"You have a nice cock" she breathes heavily into my ear. "But I don't want your cock. You'll be lucky if I let you fuck that twink in next booth over"

Suddenly letting go of my cock, she puts her free hand in my mouth. "Now kneel down, faggot" she orders me "and suck my fucking cock!"

Obviously, I oblige.

Or attempt to, at least. Her light brown cock quickly grows from half mast to a legendary erection, and I'm trying to jam as much as I can down my throat. I'm lucky if I'm getting 5 inches.

She has a solid but gentle grip of my hair, and she starts slowly fucking my mouth. I've been practicing at home on dildo, smaller and easier to handle than her member, so I don't gag immediately, but it's still inevitable that I'm going to choke, and I can't wait! I feel so good with her cock in my mouth, this is the best! I crouch down further so I can look up her and it is a glorious sight: Monica's cock moving in and out my mouth, faster now than before, I see her hungry, horny eyes looking right at me. My cock somehow gets even harder when she lightly slaps my cock-filled face and says in a greedy, horny voice "I told you tonight would be special, Johnnie."

To show my appreciation, I fuck my mouth with her cock even harder.

We are in full view of everyone, I can feel them looking at me, getting off watching me trying to swallow Monica’s cock, and it’s fucking magnificient! I am a cum guzzling, cock sucking GOD!

A crowd gathers, some start making out a little, some just watch, and some provide useful commentary like “Fuck his throat!” and “Slap him harder!” and my personnel favourite “Suck that cock, faggot!”, which was delivered by the twink in the booth over, in a sing-song voice, all the while he’s stroking the guys to either side of him. And if my mouth weren’t full, I’d thank him profusely because I enjoy dirty talk, it’s the bee’s knees.

My throat is getting sore, and then suddenly, things change when I aggressively gag on Monica’s cock.

"None of that!" she says, ripping her cock out my mouth, kind of mad because her blow job over as she stands me up, turns me around, and rips down my pants. She jams two fingers in my ass and pulls me toward her by the hair, quietly whispering in my ear as she fingers me, "I'm going to fuck your faggot ass right here in front of everyone, you little cum dumpster.”

My whole body is on fire with how fucking horny I am, all I can think about getting fucked by girls with massive cocks. I don’t care how many, I want girl cock in my ass all day, everyday. I want cock. I want cock. I want cock!

I want cock!

“This ass is going to get cock trained tonight”, Moninca spits in my ear, all the while finger-fucking my tight hole harder and harder, doing her best to make room for her cock. The butt plugs appear to have worked though, she has almost her whole hand in my ass and I fucking love it. I love the involuntary moan I let out each stroke she makes in my ass. It is glorious.

She stops fingering me abruptly, and I feel lube dribbling all over my ass as she works it inside my hole. "Get this dick, faggot!" she yells at me as she shoves her massive, throbbing cock inches into my still too-tight hole. I almost black out from the pain and wonder of something so huge inside my hole. She planted her cock straight down my ass, and left it there for me to learn to like.

I’m learning quickly, I think, and some drugs are kicking in, too.

I moan and spasm as she rocks my whole body back and forth just using her cock. The sound of my screaming like a bitch is drowned out by the roars of the crowd, some congratulating me on taking all that cock, others imploring my date to fuck me until her cock pops out of my mouth, and a few are even lining up to see who gets to fuck me next. The roar from fans is intoxicating;

Apparently the next in line got impatient. She walks over and stands right in front of me, then wastes no time pulling out her rock hard cock jamming it in my open, moaning mouth. No clue what her name is and I don't care because I just want her cum. This new cock is smaller than Monica’s, but still bigger than my penis, and hard as a fucking diamond. And thanks her cock, I was able appreciate how loud I was; as soon as she started fucking my mouth, I'm still moaning, but at least now I notice a couple of studs fucking the twink in the next booth, . They're not getting half the cheers I am, though. I am a fucking star!

Monica's cock is all I can think about as she starts take longer strokes, letting me feel every inch of her cock. Her cock is my everything, my ass will never be the same again, I need this fucking cock!

After a few hard thrusts that make me whimper, she pulls her rod out of me and sits down in a nearby chair, and I collapse the floor without Monica’s cock support me. I stand up shakily and she at her beautiful, swollen member and commands "Get your pussy over here and ride this dick, faggot!",

Saying temporary goodbye cock number 2, I move straddle her. I've never even rode a cock, let alone this she-monster, and I have no idea what I'm doing, I was barely handling her before, this new position is going have her cock in my stomach for sure. I’m facing her when I feel the tip of her cock kiss my thirsty hole and my whole body shivers in anticipation. I can feel the needful eyes on my back, salivating for the moment Monica’s huge cock splits my ass in two and turns me into a christmas tree ornament.

I slowly start sliding down her massive pole, tentative, fully aware that Monica can decide at any moment that slow is boring and she wants my ass trained, and there isn’t shit I can do about it. I really don’t want that, but I’m so addicted to her cock right now I’d probably thank her.

She leans forward as I get the tip in and she whispers in my ear “You’re doing so good! I’m so proud of you!

Surprised and flattered by the praise, I reply between cock-induced gasps “Oh God I love your cock!!!”

I slip further down her pole, my hole beginning to learn to take her cock in my ass. I keep trying to form sentences, but I’m riding her harder now and I can barely think, let alone speak. My moaning speaks for me, and apparently Monica interpreted my moaning as saying: “My hole is ready, fuck me HARD!!!!!”

Monica had been helping to hold me up while I rode her, keeping her hands under my ass to keep me from overcommitting. I was near the top of my upward ascent, having picked up some speed on previous rotations, and the head of her cock nearly popped out of my ass, but I kept it in, and prepared to slide back down, a little further each time. Not this time.

As I start easing my way down, Monica stops me, looks me in the eye and says “Spin around, I want you to see your fans, and I want them to have a better view of you.” I had almost forgot i was being watched, her cock was so overwhelming. I quickly spun around on the head of her cock, and that’s when I get the first good view of the “fans”. They cheered as I spun around on that dick to face them, only then noticing that my penis was flaccid. The crowd didn’t seem to care, they just wanted me to get fucked and jizzed on, which is exactly what I want. I started stroking my penis to get it hard. In case you haven’t figured it out, I am all about getting my ass filled up with as many cocks as I can get my hands on. One of my favourite porn scenes is a guy riding a fat -cock while his erect cock bounces around all over the place because he’s getting his hole bored out.

I tug at my penis vigorously, trying get a response, but he remains asleep.

“You have a boner yet, Johnnie?” Monica asks me as I continue milk her cock.

“No,” I pant, “Maybe later we can--”

“Maybe this will do it” Monica interjects, and then a lot of things happen at once.

Monica stops supporting my weight, and I suck her entire cock right into my ass. For a moment, all of my body weight was being held up by her cock, the pain and pleasure were indescribable. All I can do is moan and drool while she stands me up in front of everyone, on display for them to admire, impaled on her cock. She lets go of my hair and leans me forward a little so she can grind her cock even deeper into me, fucking me slowly.

I don’t want slow right now. I want to get FUCKED!!

Holding onto the chair, i push back suddenly to increase the pace, and Monica responds.

“You got a boner yet, Johnnie?” She asks. I look down and my penis is maybe half mast, so I reply in the negative.

“Good, guess I’ll just have to fuck you until you get one” My face lights up, she smiles at me and tells me to be careful what I wish for. She pushes me off her cock, and leans back to get a better look.

“You are gaping like a champ, we could fit a whole other cock in there!” Monica says proudly as she applies more lube. I don’t say anything, but at that moment, I really wanted two cocks fucking my ass.

“Maybe,” I reply sheepishly, “I’ll try anything once”

“Good to know,” she says slyly, “but in the meantime, I’m going to fuck your faggot ass so hard and so deep that you’re going to be shitting my cum for a month.”

And with that, she spun me back towards crowd, put my feet together and told me not to move them, leaned me slightly forward so my hole was presenting, grabbed both of my arms by the elbows, and proceeded to fuck my faggot ass harder than any ass has ever been fucked.’’\

I have no idea how long she fucked me for, time was blur. There is so much wonderful cock in my ass, I want more. I can’t think any coherent thoughts, all I can do is stand there and get fucked like a bottom cock slut, and I fucking love it.

At some point while my ass was being massacred, I popped a boner. Monica was so proud, she loves the sound of my penis hitting my stomach while she fucks me. I am in heaven.

The whose cock I was sucking earlier (turns out her name is Autumn) came and stood in front of me. I can’t move, all I can do is stand there and get fucked. Autumn reaches for my face, strokes my cheek and says “Open your mouth, faggot” as she pulls out her beautiful cock.
I could suck this thing all day, I’m living the dream with a cock in my ass and a cock in my mouth. Monica and Autumn high five as they spitroast me, Monica’s constant, violent fucking of my ass pushes Autumn’s cock down my throat. The only sounds I can make aren’t even words, just a sign to everyone here that I am having the best day ever.

Monica starts moaning louder and somehow fucking me even harder, my ass is getting destroyed and I love it. I start to feel a new sensation, warm and growing. I feel amazing, I’m losing control. I think I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum just from getting my ass fucked! Oh god this is amazing, I don’t know what’s happening, I’m cumming and peeing and falling apart all at the same time!

My whole body collapses from my orgasm, and the crowd is cheering like crazy.

“You fucked the cum right out of him!” someone yelled.

“His pussy is still ripe, keep fucking him” another patron suggested.

Monica and Autumn gathered me back without much delay, congratulated me on cumming, and then proceeded to continue fucking the shit out me, much to the delight of the crowd.

Then I hear sad words, Monica yells, “I’m going to cum”. I don’t want her to stop fucking me but I want her cum sooooo bad, i want to feel it inside of me.

And then it happened. There was a warm explosion deep inside of me when Monica came. Her whole body shook and spasmed inside of me, I could feel her cum filling me up, there’s so much!

And then more good news from Autumn, who had been dutifully fucking my mouth while Monica bred me.

“I’m coming!!” she yelled. 2 seconds after she dumped her load down my throat, on my face, and in my hair. She shoved her cock back in my mouth, slapped me, and told me I was a good little faggot. Being able to please her makes me so proud and horny, and I was revelling in all the cum I just got.

This cock belongs in my mouth, I fucking love it!

This cock belongs in my pussy, I fucking love it!

They were still breathing heavily and their cocks were still inside of me when they started calling over those would get to fuck me next, and I am horny with anticipation. Maybe I will try to take two cocks in my ass at once?

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