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my first time  

Johnnyl99999 45M
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9/2/2020 7:36 am
my first time

I was a freshman in high school. Her name was Lisa. Her older brother, Lisa, and I grew together and were always hanging out. For some reason, Lisa’s brother was gone for a week that summer. Lisa and I never really hung out alone so it was odd. She lived with her mom who spent most of her non working hours drinking so we were hanging out at her house. They had HBO and Cinemax. That night we decided to watch a movie that her brother taped. It was one of the Emmanuel movies. Halfway through I was visibly aroused. I was sitting on the couch next to her. She was squirming as well. There was an awkward silence which was strange because normally she would not stop talking. Our eyes met and I took my shot. I leaned in and she met me half way and we shared our first kiss. The next thing I know l am on top of her and we are dry humping.

I got her bra off, which was no easy feat given my lack of experience. She had nice B cups. Once she was topless, there was no turning back. I took off my shirt. We were like wild animals. We tore off the rest of our clothing. Now what, I thought. It was finally the moment of truth and i was choking. I was fingering her and went in for the muff dive. She had a fairly thick bush but I made my way through licking all the way. I spots completely randomly and let her responses and thrusts guide . Not long after, her moans were blaring and she shuttered. I now recognize that she had an orgasm but at that point, I kept licking.

She squeals and pushes back. She grabs my cock and is stroking it like she is trying start a fire. Our eyes lock, nothing is said, but the was loud and clear. She pulls her. The tip enters and meets resistance. Her hands go my hips and pulls close. I break through and go balls deep. The tightness was incredible. The wetness was overwhelming. I pull back and thrust again. We make love for the next 2 hours. Ok it was like a minute but memories change lol

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