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Jojunk89 32M
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12/8/2017 5:27 am

I failed to keep my promise on posting, apologies, its just AdultFriendFinder seems so dull in Toronto. So I don't use it too often.

Just a small introduction to this fantasy, something that I am looking forward to try or imagine doing when I visit SE Asia on vacation. I will try to make chapters before my actual vacation.

It is a cold January in Toronto, whistling chill air, and light trickle of snow begins to fall. I smile, pick up my bags and enter the airport. Gleefully thinking how great of an adventure I will have in SE Asia, food, scenery, beaches, culture, and the women. As I wait for the plane, hanging about, chatting with my friend and noticing a cute girl also waiting for her flight. I glance for awhile, she catches me staring, I sheepishly look down, waiting for her to avert her gaze. I nervously pick my head up to glance at her again, she is still staring, I look down once more. I decide to own my creepy behaviour, and confidently look up to give her that "alluring" glare. But she's gone...my friend goes to the washroom and I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and there she is, she did what I couldn't do, she calls me out on my staring, we laugh and I tell her that I couldn't help how cute she is. We chat for awhile, and noticed we will be heading to the same place, and luckily enough she is sitting relatively close.

She is so cute as I stare into her eyes, green, small smirk on her face with rosy dimples, relatively short strawberry blonde hair, tiny but supple lips. The boarding call rings, and we line up together, my friend comes back and notices we are chatting. He gives me some space but introduces himself to cut any awkwardness. Best wing-man ever, as he goes back to looking at his phone and preparing the boarding passes. She stands calmly with great confidence, a little plump figure, with a shaped butt and a possibly a B or C cup size. She is not some supermodel, but she has a stance of confidence, proud form, that just makes her sweeter for her humble take on life. We enter the plane and find our seats. My buddy asks if she wanted to trade seats for the first leg of the trip. She smiles and agrees to sit next to me. There is just something so nice and sweet about her, but yet in our conversation, there is that subtle naughtiness in her jokes.

The plane takes off, see you Toronto! The frigid air and the skulking snow is adrift, she peers out of the window and smiles.

She turns to me quickly and asks about some personal questions and some erotic ones. I smirk with a nervous grin, and answer each question, she smiles back and laughs. We have some cute banter, and I decide to grip her hand a mildly flirt with her. She blushes, but enjoys every compliment, she release her hand from mine and gently caresses my leg. I turn over, embarrassed but feeling horny. She moves her hand closer and closer, feeling the firmness of my cock. She giggles, but uses her finger to poke and sift my shaft. It gets firmer and firmer, I start to respond casually massaging her inner thigh. she rolls her eyes, and lets out a quiet sigh, we stopped abruptly as the stewardesses come around. I strike up the idea of a "mile high club" fantasy, and she smiles at the intrigue of the idea. We wait till the lights go dim, dinner is over, and decide our game plan.

Luckily for us, we have an open seat next to us, we receive a blanket and snuggle. We fondle each other and lightly kiss. I kiss behind her ears and slowly move to her neck, my finger riffs over her top while my kisses follow. My finger, moves further down, as I tickle her inner thighs, teasing her pussy patting her panties till the warmth seeped through. She forces my hand firmer over her pussy, she whispers, to fondle her more firmly. I stroke, and penetrate her pussy with my index finger, pushing forward and outward, feeling her wet pussy. She lightly moans with every penetrating tip, flicking her clit and rubbing. She rubs my hard cock back, slowly unzips my pants to reveal its firmness. She strokes it firmly, she goes under, and I freeze nervously. I can feel her tongue surrounding my balls, licking up and down on my shaft and finally swallows it whole. I take it in for a couple of minutes, and move her off. I whisper to her to initiate our game plan as we cannot stop the heat anymore.

I leave to the lavatory first, I hear a knock that is light but rhythmic. She enters, as she squishes in. There is a tight fit for us both, but some room to adjust. As uncomfortable it was we adjust and she starts to straddle me, we attempt to quietly moan and after seven and a half minutes we give up. The high of attempting to have sex in the bathroom stall ends up being a discouragement. We sneak away back to our seats, and I dive under the blankets to return the last favour. I lick and finger her pussy, she grabs her breasts, fondling and moaning, she shakes on her seat and lets out a small shriek as she gushes. Her hands covers her mouth as she cannot stop with her whimpers, I lick her juices till there is no more, she quiets down as a stewardess pops by and asks if everything is alright? She replies sheepishly that everything is okay, asks for a pillow and some napkins. The stewardess leaves, as I peer out of the blanket, she smiles and giggles. The stewardess returns, finds me in my seat suddenly, and passes me the pillow and napkins. She can see that I am slightly tattered with a mix of sweat and possibly another liquid. She giggles and leaves us.

We quickly put our things back on, and fall asleep next to each other. Hours fly by, we land at our first stop, we exchange contact information as we depart and hope we meet each other again. It was fun she said, hopefully we can have that much fun the next time we meet. We separate and continue on with our adventure to the SE.


author51 58F  
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12/31/2017 12:54 pm

Nicely written.... Happy New Year to you...

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


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