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Just chllin' together  

Jonbar79 48M  
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6/27/2021 7:18 pm
Just chllin' together

Your pleasures would be searched out by starting with kissing and seeing what provides a buzz for you. Then moving down your neck and finding those special spots that send a chill thru your body. From your neck I move down your tits, caressing, squeezing and massaging with my hands and using my lips suck, tongue to vibrate and teeth to gently bite your tits and nipples bringing another round of thrill to your body. I would spend some time on your nipples and my finger on your clit providing double spots of intense sexual pleasure bringing you to your first orgasm.

After that I'm slowly moving down to your belly button where I would use my tongue to provide thrilling responses as my finger is still stroking your clit upping the moisture level below and bringing on your second orgasm. If belly buttons are exciting I spend time there, and if not, it's time to move lower.

My fingers move down to your dripping wet cunt, slowly sliding one finger inside and using my tongue to stroke your clit. I suck on your clit and stroke your cunt with fingers and my mouth. I'll take my time on your clit bringing out an orgasm or before moving my mouth down. I lick, kiss, stroke your pussy using my tongue, fingers and my entire face on your wet and wild pussy.

All of this is driving your sexual desires higher and higher. You're<b> pinching </font></b>and stroking your tits, pushing my head harder into your pussy yelling for more finger fucking and clit sucking. You've started begging to be fucked. It may be time for you to climb on top of me and suck my cock while I'm working on your wet pussy. This continues until you come at least twice. Your pussy is dripping wet and aches for more.

More of what is the question. Are you aching for a dick or a toy? Do you want something in your ass and something in your pussy? Do you want to suck on a dick with toys in your ass and pussy? This is the point where you can decide what's next or let me decide where things go. If it's up to me, I choose for you to suck my dick and I fuck your pussy and ass with toys.

This is just one time. We go many directions from there.

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