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Hello everyone!  

Jouster22 51F
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10/12/2020 1:58 am
Hello everyone!

Hi !!!!

My lost best friend....

Not so long a go i hade a very nice meeting whit a very good looking handsome guy.
I did know him from here a whyle a go and lost eachother for a whyle.
But after a whyle he cald me and aks me if i want see him again cose he did mist and i did mised him !
So we did meet again after a long whyle not seeing eachother , so he came get and drove of his place..
So many things talk about when we left eachother.
Wel at his place , and he say wel hottie go sit down whyle i get a drink for us.
So i did sit the couch and look arount , woow what a nice place he lived in , so nice lots of space.
But he did come sit next and his hand arount and hold tight ..
Well everything did get well so smooth .
Wel after a couple of drinks we get so hot and warm and laught a lot , think we here a little drunk from al the beers lol.
Wel atfer a whyle we did want a little more than drink and talk lol.
His first move was kis lots of times in my neck ... mouth ... ear enz.
Later he did ask if i did like it mm and i sad yessss baby so go one
So he didnt stop kissing and than he put my top off over my head and rubt my breast slowely whit his warm hands.M,mmmm ooh that did feel so good..
Later we did go to his bedroom he did put half my close of only at the top so he can<b> lick </font></b>and kist my breast and suck my hard nipples mm.
Wel than i did put his close of of him and did al of him right the way
Than i say to him hey sexy go lay on youre back now cose i want to suck you're hard penis right now , im so f*cking horny, wel you made me so damn horny mmm
Wel after a whyle we did had wonderful sex ooh god what was this great have him in my life again wooow and damn what have i missed him al that time he was gone..
Wel we fuckt and fuckt al night long and he toek me every were in his house mm one many places , stars , couch , bed , bathroom , on the floor, kitchen woow almost everywere lol.
He toek me very good and hard to he suckt my pusssy , clity everything.
I suckt his penis his balls ride him very hard to , his hard dick stil in side me rock hard and troubling to , i just can feel he almost cumming oohh mmm .
After a whyle he did cum in my mouth and i can say it was a very big big load he had for me at that time mmmm.
Wel we both came at the same time and were exhausting and lay down next eachoter and and not far from that we did fall in sleep mmmm.
Oh damn hope we can do it again very soon , he was so wonderful and so ooh yeah horny just like me .. damn men ..
Wel i hope you enjoy this and maby to a othere hot blogs from me ..

Bye bye all

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