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JuggsyMalone 30F  
19560 posts
2/22/2017 1:40 am

Which turns you on most ?
Ass fucking

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JuggsyMalone 30F  
3427 posts
2/22/2017 1:41 am

Or do you like none or all ?

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funiithesun58 62M
1155 posts
2/22/2017 2:55 am


HamburgDave2 76M
16567 posts
2/22/2017 2:58 am

All apart from Fisting..I want it Tight when I am in there >>!

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profcoquin27bis 55M
2984 posts
2/22/2017 4:10 am

i like all option

nkbtm23140 73M
88 posts
2/22/2017 4:53 am

I heartily agree with sexslave59 and nick98114. Can't seem to get enough of a man's hard cock inside my welcoming, warm, tight ass. Mmmmmmm. The feeling of being on my back and watching him stroke faster as he gets closer to cumming in me is a rush you must experience to fully understand. Does he have power over me? Sure, but only because I give it to him (so to speak). I want him to want me, fuck me, empty himself into me and share his most precious baby fluid. Wow! I'm leaking just thinking about it.

justskin1 68M
11606 posts
2/22/2017 5:54 am

I voted Fingering but what turns me on the most is whichever makes her wettest and moan, squirm and cum the loudest, with least control and the hardest.
The fisting I can skip.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

brandygirasol 51T
674 posts
2/22/2017 6:33 am

LOVE 3 Out Of 4 But Never Fisting Because I'm A Super Tight Fuck And Wanna Stay That Way For My Boyfriends

oldnhorny82 61M
15 posts
2/22/2017 6:58 am

all but fisting but fisting pussy is cool.

sphxdiver 70M  
21074 posts
2/22/2017 9:59 am

I'd be game for all of it but fisting !!

Never seen the point to it at all !!

Might end up being a shitty deal too !!

Fantasytime4609 65M
100 posts
2/22/2017 10:53 am

No fisting but I'm in with everything else!

funsnellvillecpl 62M/51F  
2263 posts
2/22/2017 11:48 am

we love all 4

BiGuy4U53 57M
161 posts
2/22/2017 2:19 pm

i love getting done anal bareback by a nice 7"+ hard thick cock. also would let a woman strap on a cock and do me anal....rather get than give anal...

Bikerdave1507 67M
2 posts
2/22/2017 2:19 pm

I love giving all of them

mufdiver69er2 59M  
1299 posts
2/22/2017 2:29 pm

none of the above..

woop woop

Loverboy9991964 56M

2/22/2017 3:41 pm

I like them all

wetpet4you 53M/50F  
45 posts
2/22/2017 4:00 pm

I love it all!!!!

CaliTexGirl 55F  
18 posts
2/22/2017 4:25 pm

All of them, if she lets me. I've found that not all women like some of these ass playing scenarios. Fuck, I'm hot now, wishing there was a woman sitting on my fucking face!

banjo6660 54M
614 posts
2/22/2017 4:41 pm

The right questions is what do you like i love a hot ass to fuck

Leegs2012 47M
52741 posts
2/22/2017 4:59 pm

Rimming..I love giving and receiving!!

TB5758 61M/63F  
531 posts
2/22/2017 5:17 pm

Absolutely love my wife's ass and love rimming and sucking it!!!!!

sexydad1167 52M  
1361 posts
2/22/2017 5:50 pm

All of the above!!

1025mws 56M
677 posts
2/22/2017 6:50 pm

I like to have anal sex when I can!! When I can slide my cock into her ass and make her feel good if she is into anal sex.

CowboyandaGeek 38M/35F

2/22/2017 6:59 pm

We actually steer away from the ass play altogether - not something either of us really enjoys. But looking back on experience, I would have to say light rimming is enjoyable.

LadyTeddieBear 62F  
1131 posts
2/22/2017 7:50 pm

I love Ass fucking pounding >>!


notsure1949 71M
9582 posts
2/22/2017 7:55 pm

none at all, or only if she wants it that way in her

Dave10071963 56M  
504 posts
2/22/2017 11:26 pm

I actually love it all, and then some...

Dave10071963 56M  
504 posts
2/22/2017 11:30 pm

All but fisting. Love the sensations are lovely to me.

46fun9 62M
227 posts
2/23/2017 12:12 am

Luv to do all of it to you

ProfessorNaught 107M
1095 posts
2/23/2017 12:43 am

So young and so much to learn!
There's much more to anal that is far more reaching than the options listed and the base act of anal stimuli.

travismcgee69 50M  
8 posts
2/23/2017 3:51 am

I like them all. as long as the girl I am with is enjoying it its all good.

bamaman359 60M
1619 posts
2/23/2017 3:59 am

I love to do it all to a woman n I like mu ass finger n licked

Just4u3371 54M
244 posts
2/23/2017 4:46 am

All but fisting .. no pun intended

docotis53 67M
240 posts
2/23/2017 5:49 am

As a Dom I love to have a Sub rim me !

jd_1598 55M

2/23/2017 7:50 am

The 1st 2 do make for good foreplay ..... Anal sex is the ultimate gesture of submission, and I really love feeling her on my cock.

crissieme 53M  
1 post
2/23/2017 8:07 am

I like all of the choices, fisting the least. But it sure feels good to have my boy pussy stretched to the max.

nesprings 66M
72 posts
2/23/2017 8:38 am

why not go for them all

92camaro66 53M  
1694 posts
2/23/2017 11:47 am

my lady has orgasms when i fuck her ass. it is super hot!

08hd3 71M

2/23/2017 11:54 am

I'm for rimming and fingering.... xoxo

LimerickJohn 66M
1047 posts
2/23/2017 2:58 pm

I love giving all 4 of them.

ddtitlover 59M  
20 posts
2/23/2017 6:11 pm

Ass fucking makes her cum the hardest

temptationplus58 61F

2/23/2017 7:16 pm

Pass... I do have a question though. Why the need for the photos to ask a question?

Calhodad1974 45M
395 posts
2/23/2017 9:05 pm

Tongue, finger and then dick.

Love giving it all !!!

Chris3895 44M
22 posts
2/23/2017 9:27 pm

Love all but fisting

jamest393 42M  
158 posts
2/23/2017 9:38 pm

i love rimming just before anal. i just love how it feels on my tongue

mrxandmrsy 40M/35F
17 posts
2/23/2017 10:38 pm

It is all great but lets face it hard throbbing cock in the ass is amazing xxx

Janet4fun2016 58T  
870 posts
2/24/2017 8:02 am

Actually all anal is good.

SayHey2Me 57M
41 posts
2/24/2017 8:47 am

Do me all!!! Oh wait, excusee the fistingg part.

golosa1115 58F
1068 posts
2/24/2017 12:09 pm

I love feeling his pulsing when he cums. I love feeling that I am in his control. I love anal more than vaginal sex. I love having met man that actually enjoyed it, its not the same having anal sex with someone that seems to be forcing himself just because I like it. The pleasure is not the same. I have been rimmed, but if I am with a person that I am 100 % connected with , than I like to kiss that person and if he is going down and in there with his tongue there is no way that his mouth is going on my mouth. Its just not me. The guys that have done it, is because this is what they like and I have only let them after their constant attempt. I have enjoyed it, but still it feels awkward. I have thought of being fisted a few years ago I had the perfect collaborator but we lost contact. He was an ass worshipper.

I don't like being fingered, It seems that because of the nail, it just doesn't feel comfortable.

heretoday1212 69M
4 posts
2/24/2017 1:12 pm

Leave out the fisting and give me the rest.

Eyebiter 58M  
74 posts
2/24/2017 1:36 pm

I like it all kind of start with rim...work the fingers in the fuck like crazy!!

NowIC4U 58M
79 posts
2/24/2017 2:07 pm

I like to be inside my woman's ass, while she pleasures her pussy with a vibrator. As she clenches on my cock during orgasm, I just have to unload.

whitelunch 70M
9 posts
2/24/2017 5:49 pm

love getting cock fucked or pegged .....

niceguy54656 58M  
33 posts
2/24/2017 5:53 pm

I am Looking forward to having My 1st Female or Male Ass to Fuck, any Takers?

Be Happy And Keep your Ladies Happier

MomoBear1 69M/105F  
345 posts
2/24/2017 9:20 pm

I love all things anal, but prefer my ass getting pounded while husband films then takes over when the other guys have loaded it with hot cum

jk4fun6859 48F  
35 posts
2/24/2017 9:33 pm

Not into a scat trap ewww

greybear46 74M  
18 posts
2/24/2017 10:13 pm

I like it all.

ready2play140 48M  
4 posts
2/24/2017 10:56 pm

all but fisting but fisting

imrandy62 58M
59 posts
2/25/2017 1:36 am

all of the above

911curly 70M/67F
131 posts
2/25/2017 4:12 am

We enjoy it , don't do it all the time must have plenty of lube .

average62505 59M
17 posts
2/25/2017 4:18 am

Well I love rimming a nice arse, and fingering if they are clean as a prelude to penetration , but sliding my cock up an arse is a really fantastic feeling of the tightness around my cock it's an experience one should try if your partner agree to it.>>!

gglcool 50M

2/25/2017 7:05 am


nkdplaymates2 58M/56F

2/25/2017 10:59 am

I like licking asshole and having mine licked. I like my asshole fingered while you suck my clit. and of course, love a hard cock buried in my ass.

lookingtoplay145 62M
127 posts
2/25/2017 8:00 pm

I like to perform all depending on what my partner wants; but I am not into receiving fisting.

aussieguy2765 57M
14 posts
2/26/2017 12:49 am

very good article. more please

jason2371961 59M
425 posts
2/26/2017 4:36 am

just like how it feels and cumming at the sametime

StangCobra 59M  
147 posts
2/26/2017 7:32 am

A finger feel good and is pretty personal, love to watch someone finger their ass on webcam

remuss57 105M
15 posts
2/26/2017 8:11 am

remuss57 105M
15 posts
2/26/2017 8:12 am


dwz5234 67M  
273 posts
2/26/2017 10:40 am

rimming ,fingers, n ass fuking

dokkss300 50M
13 posts
2/26/2017 11:13 am

feel go with what you and partner want

nice7694 63M
341 posts
2/26/2017 11:28 am

Anal Sex, and Running!

FBXM77 28M
3 posts
2/26/2017 5:22 pm

Never had a girl who let me fuck their ass =/

Loverboy9991964 56M

2/26/2017 6:40 pm

I like all

azfunbi69 53M
2 posts
2/27/2017 1:09 am

Anal Sex ????? LOVE IT !!!!! And it starts driving me wild, with the tongue.

summerfun270 56M
57 posts
2/27/2017 8:02 am

I love pumping a hot ass.

startthefun13 55M  
145 posts
2/27/2017 9:30 am

all both ways...mmm

872295433 32F
11 posts
2/27/2017 10:57 am

I like licking but have never experienced the other things but have done toys. When I am receiving I like toys, licking and bum sex as long as there is trust, the right situation, lube and time to open the bum up, anal sex. Why was dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and vibrators left out?

hetroman2015 52M

2/27/2017 5:13 pm

I love the act it self... or better her response..and this is what will make me nut.... but rimming, tongue fucking her ass. ( which would come first). or ...watching 2 women doing each other is what REALLY turns me on

Curioushubby8055 41M
4 posts
2/27/2017 9:47 pm

Pegging too

blueyeedvixon469 63F
14 posts
2/28/2017 4:27 am

Love it

rlyluvsmen 33T
7 posts
2/28/2017 7:25 am

ANALS AWESOME - FABULOUS!!! I do Luv IT, A Lot and Often Too, Mmm!!!

MagicRockRod 39M
1 post
2/28/2017 7:30 am

All of the above and plus some

wifespreads4BBCs 59F
5 posts
2/28/2017 8:18 am

I'm in the minority here, but I don't like it.

unclestub1955 65M
8 posts
2/28/2017 12:37 pm

I guess I'v rimed my share and like it. ass fucked some, and now that I learned to do it right I'm sorry for those I hurt. guess I want to be ass fucked myself but very nervous about it.

trixietrixster 52F

2/28/2017 4:17 pm

I'm actually an anal virgin - LOL - pretty much unexplored territory. My body just totally tenses up, a head space issue that I haven't been able to get past ...

In Luv, Lite, Laffter ...

odsratt322 53M  
17 posts
2/28/2017 5:22 pm

Rimming, fingering, and fucking are all great. Fisting is a bit much for me.

here2fixxurcable 41M
48 posts
2/28/2017 6:05 pm

I must say... those few brave souls... you must have to be pretty hard core to enjoy a good ass fisting!... lol

JessiPrincesss 26T
2 posts
2/28/2017 7:15 pm

i love all

tops6192000 54M
37 posts
2/28/2017 11:58 pm

Omg yes love it all and can't get enough xxxxxxxxxx think I need help lol xxx

playagay1 55M
42 posts
3/1/2017 3:40 am

I'm a gay bottom so I love for men to fuck me as much as they want. It is the ultimate surrendering of ones masculinity.

lakeview50 63M
51 posts
3/1/2017 8:22 am

I love anal sex love being taken an used

mayzz 64M
463 posts
3/1/2017 8:12 pm

I enjoy it all except for the fisting..... Not sure how that would work.

apole4ahole 55M
39 posts
3/1/2017 8:29 pm

Trick question, Receiving I like to get rimmed. Giving I like to fuck a nice, tight ass.

camel_toe4u 41F  
3 posts
3/1/2017 11:41 pm

i love my mans big cock in my ass

camel_toe4u 41F  
3 posts
3/1/2017 11:49 pm

i absolutely love my mans big cock in my ass[photo phuxurwife)

phuxurwife 47M
1 post
3/1/2017 11:55 pm

    Quoting camel_toe4u:
    i absolutely love my mans big cock in my ass[photo phuxurwife)
u fuckin better buttslutwife

camel_toe4u 41F  
3 posts
3/2/2017 12:00 am

    Quoting NiceCock691946:
    I love anal sex but the women that can take the length and girth of my cock are few and far between!!!!
lmafo...knot many can take ur length & girth? hehehe

camperdude_69 59M
4251 posts
3/2/2017 12:32 am

all but the fisting
like them tight

Luvmutt69 57M  
38 posts
3/2/2017 2:52 am

I personally enjoy rimming, but then again I think a tongue can be one of the most erotic tools available.

likyou695 62M
89 posts
3/2/2017 3:23 am

ALLLLLLLLLL of them girl ......cum hell or high water


likyou695 62M
89 posts
3/2/2017 3:24 am

AAAAAAALLLLLLLLL of them ...please


bob144333 65M
201 posts
3/2/2017 3:48 am

total turn off,exit only

Russo_2017 62M
44 posts
3/2/2017 7:35 am

Its very good!

cuddlyboytoy 56M  
50 posts
3/2/2017 2:27 pm

i enjoy all but fisting both giving and receiving.

camperdude_69 59M
4251 posts
3/3/2017 3:03 am

any anal is good not much into fisting like them tight!!

cdkathy_1 59M
342 posts
3/3/2017 6:37 am

I'm not sure about the fisting, but love the rest. Especially when a woman takes me with a strap-on. I too think toys should of been an option.

legend200673 44M
128 posts
3/3/2017 3:12 pm

Love anal play!!!!

NeedFun484 38M  
14 posts
3/3/2017 6:42 pm

Love to start with rimming and fingering to get her ready then anal.

Wanton_Wench2 58F  
1029 posts
3/4/2017 3:44 am

I just love Anal, hard and rough, I love the pain when it is rammed in hard, and then he lets me bring myself off when I am almost crying with pain, best orgasms ever,
p s, I have become an anal size queen , love BBC's the crowning glory in a BBC DP

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coyotefun2000 65M
27 posts
3/4/2017 6:51 am

Love mounting a lady from behind and pounding her ass long, deep and hard as her hubby or BF is below her in the 69 licking and sucking her clit and my balls.

summerfun270 56M
57 posts
3/4/2017 8:51 am

A tight ass hole feels wonderful.

URfantasyfilled 46M
191 posts
3/4/2017 9:20 am

You asked for what turns me on the most---I looked at Rimming, fingering, and fisting all as foreplay where anal sex is the prize. I enjoy all that you listed but I will take my cock in her ass over the foreplay.

CrazyDriven14U 59M
137 posts
3/4/2017 11:38 am

Whether it's going to be a cocks or toys, rimming and fingering a butthole are an excellent start. Penetration, given or received, is fun and feels good too... butt fisting, however exciting the fantasy, isn't really within my grasp.

Testing... Is this thing on!

fwnsa75 44M  
21 posts
3/4/2017 4:44 pm

There is no substitute for friction.

sjstretch2 60M
1 post
3/4/2017 8:36 pm

All of the above!

Fervent7 51M
458 posts
3/5/2017 12:41 am

There is definitely something extra naughty-sexy about sliding the big thick cock inside a horny woman's ass...

Dave10071963 56M  
504 posts
3/5/2017 1:36 am

Well, love it all, but fisting, lots of fun to be had.

legend200673 44M
128 posts
3/5/2017 6:30 am

I like all really!!!

dusty9993 54M
84 posts
3/5/2017 8:12 am

like it all except the fisting. I like some friction on my cock

dusty9993 54M
84 posts
3/5/2017 8:15 am

If I am ever down your way I would love to work you over

dusty9993 54M
84 posts
3/5/2017 8:18 am

    Quoting  :

Hey cock it looks like you are serving a full course meal and I am famished

tombc90 67M
2 posts
3/5/2017 2:29 pm

love to ass fuck LadyTeddieBear

Dhanya1966 53M
12 posts
3/6/2017 1:05 am

all though i have marked aii four i like ass fucking and all four make me hard

Dhanya1966 53M
12 posts
3/6/2017 1:12 am

    Quoting  :

ahhhhhha you have very sexy asset. i would love to lick your ass hole and pussy till you squirt in my mouth

tom_jacob 25M
9 posts
3/6/2017 5:17 am

I just love tappin that ass and going in nice and slow

Thank you,

itimebomb666 53M
521 posts
3/9/2017 4:21 am

My ex loved her arse being rimmed but she said the orgasm she had when I fucked it was 10 times better than vaginal sex (lucky me) Jon xx

BOOMSHENKA may the seed of your loin be fruitfull in the belly of your woman.(neil - the young ones)

pleasureby6969 50M

3/9/2017 9:55 am

Lick it before I stick it.....

abcxyz7729 35M
52 posts
3/10/2017 6:49 pm

awesome boobs & nice pussy's

IamBeerrun 46M
12 posts
3/12/2017 9:17 am

I like it all


TallDark052 56M
55 posts
3/12/2017 9:19 am

Hmmmm, love ass, nice and slow!!!

TheCaveman76 44M
18 posts
3/12/2017 12:59 pm

great poll I love all things anal

RandyNite70 50M
27 posts
3/13/2017 4:30 pm

All with the exception of fisting

smooth61941 79T  
40 posts
3/15/2017 11:22 am

Great tally....rimming is the top...or should I say bottom...lol.

hotnicecpl29 38M/38F
40 posts
3/16/2017 10:17 am


lgoweb2 56M  
25 posts
3/17/2017 9:34 am

any and all

hhhb27 56M
28 posts
3/18/2017 5:29 am

All but fisting - I haven't tried that

Electricblues4u 44M
128 posts
3/22/2017 8:01 am

Rimming and finger play Are a great addition to whatever I have going on with the pussy next door! I've had anal intercourse (with me driving ) A total of three times in my life. The first, my girlfriend was in tears after, I was too young, inexperienced and went too hard and too fast. The 2nd and 3rd times were with two different women and I was enjoying fingering their asses so much I lubed them up and slid my cock in and slowly but deeply fucked them silly Generally speaking. ... ass play is great, fisting I'm probably all set. (Watched my girlfriend fist a few random swingers) and while it was interesting their holes were blown out afterwards! Anyways. .... to each their own.... I do love having a woman ride me doggy style while her ass gets fucked from behind. That extra cock in her ass makes the pussy feel intense. In a nutshell... rimming, fingering I'm in!!! Fisting and ass fucking..... count me out, for today anyways!!!

jellyy91 27M
29 posts
3/26/2017 11:38 pm

definitely prefer anal fucking, but rimming is good too!

delos2000 52M
336 posts
3/28/2017 11:17 am

Apart the third, I love all the others!>>!

Alex_amg69 44M
27 posts
3/28/2017 12:41 pm


51007 64M  
528 posts
4/1/2017 5:08 pm


hotime585 69M  
103 posts
4/3/2017 6:12 am

Like all of the above

montecarlo37 41M
298 posts
4/4/2017 7:15 am

I like ass fucking....

43 posts
4/4/2017 9:57 pm


EricHole2172 48M
1 post
4/8/2017 6:55 pm

I like anal sex. Its hot if you lick and finger her ass before putting your cock in her ass.

Wanting321 102M

4/24/2017 9:55 am

Like to be rimmed for a warm up but love to fuck better!

rikirikardo80 40M
35 posts
4/27/2017 8:34 am

every but most fucking in ass

Pvillman1975 50M
17 posts
4/28/2017 5:10 pm

Love ass just hard to find

dermartin 41M
14 posts
5/3/2017 9:14 am

anal sex

jamest393 42M  
158 posts
5/5/2017 10:37 pm

as much as i love ass fucking i must say i have to lick that ass hole first. I love the feel of licking a womans ass hole trying to push my tongue deeper in her.

strangelove57 51M
218 posts
5/6/2017 4:57 pm

all but fisting.

jamest393 42M  
158 posts
5/7/2017 11:29 am

its amazing that my wife can cum really hard getting fucked in her ass hole. and she can take my cock all the way to the balls. i think she is built for it.

BringOnTheFun123 55M/55F  
3 posts
5/12/2017 8:35 pm

Depends... watching, or giving, or receiving?

justaswing200490 51M
446 posts
5/18/2017 1:14 pm

2 and 4

1Youngoldboy4U 59M
34 posts
5/19/2017 8:58 am

All are great.

BleuWaters 59M
19 posts
9/15/2017 8:43 pm

Hi JuggsyMalone...I voted for AssFucking, but all of the choices appeal to me. Fisting though, is something that I am going to have to go slow with and ease into. I'm in no hurry, since my exploration into my self pleasuring is an evolving journey of pleasuring myself.

strangelove2019 54M  
9 posts
9/2/2019 8:06 am

they all turn me

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