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Don't ya just love a nice butt  

JuggsyMalone 30F  
19424 posts
6/19/2017 4:22 am
Don't ya just love a nice butt

A great target to shoot on guys lol

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JuggsyMalone 30F  
3427 posts
6/19/2017 4:22 am

Keep commenting

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HamburgDave2 76M
16567 posts
6/19/2017 4:30 am

Much rather Shoot In, than Shoot On Juggsy

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goodatpoetry2 70M
16574 posts
6/19/2017 4:40 am


notsure1949 71M
9726 posts
6/19/2017 4:47 am

thank you

funsnellvillecpl 63M/51F  
2362 posts
6/19/2017 5:12 am

We both wanna lick it

BC2for2 64M/62F  
31 posts
6/19/2017 5:14 am

So sweet!! deserves a good licking!

platinum501 60M
29 posts
6/19/2017 5:16 am

nice very nice

19cowboy72 48M  
9 posts
6/19/2017 6:26 am


fun4us667 35M/35F  
20 posts
6/19/2017 7:50 am

we both love it, 3996351

rick315875 62M
10362 posts
6/20/2017 12:03 am

I agree! That is one sweet target to aim for. Or should I say one sweet target to lick!

funnyguy699 56M  
549 posts
6/20/2017 4:00 am

I want to see your nice butt

hotime585 69M  
111 posts
6/20/2017 4:43 am


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