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Girls just wanna have fun  

JuggsyMalone 30F  
19303 posts
7/29/2017 8:40 am
Girls just wanna have fun

The things girls do to make detention pass quicker lol

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JuggsyMalone 30F  
3427 posts
7/29/2017 8:41 am

Seems I upset someone with my last blog lol

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peterlikesplay2 64M
454 posts
7/29/2017 8:45 am

what...you've upset someone...shame on you...go to my room!!!!...

amwfcurious 50M
325 posts
7/29/2017 8:52 am

upset someone??? okay, that's it, detention everyday for the next week.

or is that what you really wanted to begin with?

HamburgDave2 77M
16528 posts
7/29/2017 8:53 am

Looks like they are enjoying themselves

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valdezvicvic 62M
996 posts
7/29/2017 9:58 am

Punishment in school has become so harsh ..... Have you seen BREAKFAST CLUB, a Molly Ringwald film, 80's ....

newyorkc1 37M
16 posts
7/29/2017 11:56 am

I owuld not report you that picture is hot

Leegs2012 47M
56487 posts
7/29/2017 1:19 pm

That is HOT!!!

goodatpoetry2 70M
16562 posts
7/30/2017 6:03 am

That's one skinny hallway...

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