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Are there really any true 'Alpha' males?  

JuliaBiSlut 41T
35 posts
2/12/2019 9:32 am
Are there really any true 'Alpha' males?

So, a lot of the guys that I chat with on here (and meet up with are married). It just works out that way. They're older and not looking for anything serious, I have daddy issues and love playing the homewrecker role. Of course I don't really wreck homes, it's just hot knowing a guy is cheating on his girl with me. There's a good feeling about it (I'm so sexy he's willing to take this risk) and a bad (I'm a shitty person), so it fits right into the whole pleasure pain matrix. Like, I can't feel good without a little shame. It is what it is.

And since I'm submissive, I'm always looking for guys who are very dominant. I love when someone just takes control and I'm completely at their mercy. Even the thought of it makes my panties wet.

So inevitably we'll be chatting, and they're getting me all worked up talking about the nasty ways they're going to violate me, taking whatever they want, using me, they're an alpha male, yada yada. And then at some point it'll come up that they haven't gotten laid in forever, because their wife just isn't interested, and on the rare occasions they do have sex, she definitely isn't sucking their cock or letting them fuck her in the ass.

Now, I'm all about never forcing your fetishes on someone else and always having consent, etc. (although consent can be a little murky, I think it's all about knowing your partner and being on the same page). But when a guy tells me something like that, I can't help but think you're not even the alpha male in your own house. Like i said, I totally understand it's more complicated than that and that isn't how relationships work. I'm definitely not implying a man is weak or sub because he doesn't pin his wife down to the bed and take what he want; in fact, it's the opposite - that's what makes him a decent human being. So it's more of an abstract question. Are there really any "true" alpha males, outside of prison (or those who just haven't been caught yet)?

On the flip side, I believe I'm a real sub. Sure, sometimes there's a bit of a game to it, but it's at it's best when it's real, and I'm really fighting against you as hard as I can to try and make you stop whatever it is you're doing, and you're really overpowering me so you can have your way.

I've also chatted with my share of married guys who claim to be sub, but won't tell their wives. I find this one so weird, because it seems like they want to go through the motions of being sub, while still dictating control. Like, what are they afraid of? Their wife will yell at them? Humiliate them? Choose not to sleep with them (her right, if she's the dom)? Think they're a weak little bitch and choose to sleep with real men (again, her right)? Ignore them and their pervy little fantasies (probably the most likely outcome, and also the most truly dom)?

What do you guys think? Is this relationship dynamic 99% pretend? Have any of you been in a vanilla relationship that suddenly became dom/sub without both of you talking about it first? Did it work out?

voyeur2017 57M
811 posts
2/18/2019 8:08 am

good thoughts to ponder ~~~

TimeToBreakOut00 47M

3/14/2019 9:29 am

Speaking as a married male, you hit the nail on the head for me. Would love to make my wife gag on me or even ATM, but I know it'll NEVER happen. Hell, she doesn't even like my finger near her ass! But I must respect her boundaries. As you said. Decent human being.
As for the sub thingI do not want to sub with my wife. Be too weird for our overall dynamic. I have subbed long before I got married and not adverse to it with another woman, but the dynamic we have at home just doesn't make it work. And I don't think of myself as a true sub... just dabbled occasionally long ago.

I tried with one of my older pre married relationships to steer it towards a dom/sub relationship. I could demand things of her that weren't too far past vanilla but things fizzled out eventually anyway. Personal connection didn't work. I think that is the key to a dom/sub relationship. Even with an Alpha male. He needs to know what his sub will do and be respectful if a safe word is used. But that's just my two cents!

JuliaBiSlut 41T
14 posts
3/15/2019 8:07 am

It's amazing how tricky it is, with all these desires out there, how hard it is for us to find someone that fits us. Even more frightening, your wife might secretly desire to choke on your cock and then have you hold her down and fist her ass, and maybe she just isn't willing to admit it to you. Heck, she might not even be able to admit it to herself. And you'll just never know.

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