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Catfish and Developing a Taste for Stink Bait  

Just_because62 58M  
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4/8/2020 5:30 am
Catfish and Developing a Taste for Stink Bait

I haven't been on these sort of sites very long. One of the things I've noticed is what appears to be a very large number of not-so-real accounts. The number of times I've had someone attempt to scam me has FAR exceeded the number of times I've had conversations with a real person. For me there's been a pretty quick learning curve to weed out the scammers from the genuine.

The very first message I received (different site) was from a young woman in Florida. She instantly wanted my phone number (OK, I was stupid here and gave it to her). That was followed by multiple text messages asking various questions with several rather revealing photo's. I finally asked her why a 30 years old attractive female that lived in Florida was interested in someone older like myself. Surely there was plenty of young attractive and in better shape men closer to home. I don't remember the answer but it wasn't impressive. The next question was, "Where do you see this going?'

And that's where she (or he) tried to set the hook. She had this "old jalopy" of a van that she could drive across country to be with me. All i had to do..... Yep, send her/him a gift card to be used for travel expenses. OK, I might be horny but, I'm not stupid either. I cut that one off and blocked the number.

Then another, and another and another. Most have been someone posing as a younger woman. Often in their 30's (I'm 57) that are drop dead gorgeous, shapely toned with a perfect ass. Big boobs, as in D or larger also seems to be a theme of these photo's. Now I don't consider myself ugly but, let's face it, I've seen better days and, I'm 57. Unless there's a larger population of young attractive women out there with daddy issues i didn't know about, this makes no sense at all to me.

For the most part I have a very weird sense of humor. I find humor in things most things people would not., There have been many times my sense of humor gets me into trouble. So instead of being appalled I was entertained. I'll play along with these fools who believe I'm a fool. I have a mirror, i know what I look like. There is no way I'm going to believe that if I only send a $50 Google Play card to some hot 30 years old she will magically drive 500 miles just to fuck my brains out. At this point in my life, if I want to live out that fantasy, I'm pretty certain I'd need to go to Nevada and hire a pro to be my date.

The typical catfish scam starts with a younger woman who lives just far enough away but close enough for one of us to drive to the other. Typically a little over 3 hours but under 5 hours. I have had several cross country contacts but, they're pretty unrealistic and never go very far. They don't want me to drive to them. They want me to get a hotel room and they'll drive to me. Of course they want to be "certain" they'll have a safe place to stay so they ask for a hotel reservation number. Then, on the day we're suppose to meet comes the hook. "I don't have enough money for gas to get me there. Can you send me......" Of course this is PAST the deadline for cancelling the hotel room and getting a refund. My bet is most fools will risk the $50 to $100 with the anticipation of getting laid, which is why this issue continues. I'm also certain newbies to sites like this bite down HARD and lose not only the cost of the hotel room, but whatever they're stupid enough to send the person on the receiving end of this scam. Most men are cheating in some fashion so, do you really think they're going to notify the police and, if they did, are the police REALLY going to put any effort into tracing down someone over a $50 gift card?

My favorites so far:
1. The Dom who proposed a D/s relationship (I've never been in one, I am intrigued). The conversation went on for 2 days before she/he attempted to set the hook. One of her "rules" was she refused to meet before hooking up (BIG warning sign guys) because to many men would check her out and ghost her after that. She explained tribute and wanted me to send her a $500 eBay gift card. Pretty bold for someone I don't know I thought.

Now I'm not quite the fool I might look to be. Texting gives me a phone number. This woman supposedly lived in a small town adjacent to the city I live in. The problem was, I instantly recognized the phone number was NOT anywhere near local. It was in fact an area code from another city I had lived in several years back. This is where i jumped off.

But it didn't end there. A few days later she/he contacted me again. They had looked up MY phone number and was now making vailed threats that they would notify my wife. I'm currently separated and quickly heading for divorce, so I don't really give a shit. To my surprise when i told them as much, they went right back to the original plan, but this time I was a little better prepared.

I had been intrigued by the D/s relationship and had done a little research. This time around I better understood the terminology and the idea of paying tribute to the Dom. BUT, I also had read MULTIPLE warnings of scams and to NEVER pay tribute to anyone until you had met them, gotten to know them and both parties had agreed to move forward with the relationship as proposed. Trust is a major factor so build trust first,

So here's my weird sense of humor again playing into my personality. I wanted to see how far this road would go. Once again I was asked for the $500 tribute money. This time I countered with the concept of trust and, just like she didn't trust me enough to meet me for fear I'd ghost her. I didn't trust sending her tribute without a face to face meeting would result in the relationship moving forward. So, I proposed meeting at a local adult entertainment store and allowing her to pick out all the kink and fetish toys she wanted, I'd pay for them and we'd continue to talk. She, of course, would take the toys home with her. This would be show of good faith that I had no intention of ghosting her and we'd move forward. When we developed the trusting relationship necessary for a D/s relationship, THEN I'd pay the tribute she requested, but only then. It quickly devolved into a terminal loop conversation and I blocked the number.

Would I have actually followed through on my offer? Maybe, but I knew the phone number being used was a land line 300 miles away, not a local cell number (Spokeo can be handy).

2. This one was a little better. I don't mind driving to meet someone. In fact I rather prefer it. I enjoy driving. I'm alone with my thoughts and get the chance to think, which in my daily life is a rare commodity.

This girl was more age appropriate but lived a 3 hour drive away. We enjoyed a nice conversation and she wanted to meet for coffee now. Sort of a big red flag there because we're in a pandemic. I had already checked out her phone number, which was associated with upstate New York (I live in the mid-west), so i already knew it was a scam. Again some really hot pictures of a very large breasted, attractive lady who did not look her stated age.

The day before we were suppose to meet she tried to set the hook. More imaginative but still a scam. First came the questions. What wireless carrier did I use (I lied). Was it pre-pay for post-pay (again I lied). What was my credit rating. WHOA WTH! I told her I don't share that information with just anybody, let alone someone I hadn't met.

Now the story. Her uncle quit<b> smoking </font></b>20 years ago and she wanted to buy him a surprise gift to mark the occasion. "What sort of surprise" I asked. "It's a surprise" was the answer. "I'm not the one you're buying if for so I don't need to be surprised". She explained her uncles phone had crapped out and she wanted to buy him a new one. He had a thing for iPhones. She tried to buy one on her wireless account but was rejected. She wanted to give me "her" CC number so I could buy it on my wireless account for her. Yep, she wanted me to buy a $1,000 iPhone using what I assumed was a stolen credit card number.

What sort of fool falls for this shit? I might be horny but I still think with the head on my shoulders, not the one in my pants.

So if you read my profile it clearly states, DON'T ATTEMPT TO CATFISH ME. Slow them down yes, stop them nope. Since it's usually the same game I'm not as entertained by them anymore and just delete them.

I have also adopted two rules.

1. I'm NOT sending you any money, gift cards or anything of value with the thought we're going to hookup.

2. I want to meet you in person. FWB isn't just benefits, I like the idea of being friends as well. Maybe that's odd for a man, maybe not.

CampoGirl 54F  
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4/8/2020 1:41 pm

I read every word! and some other writings of yours

Can you see my testimonies?

I was a Dominatrix to him....thats the only way I wanted it in that game;. I wont see him anymore. He blogs too many details about his dates!

Soo you dont have to worry about me blogging about you....I might drop YOU a line or two in one that only you would understand...but Im pretty serious about being discrete.

Now if a man gets off on it and wants me to.;....I do. He enjoys.
Trouble is...........................I havent had sex in about ....I guess 9 mo to a year. Pathetic eh!

But I find conversation and time spent together in general.....can be foreplay in itself. I WOULD ENJoy meeting .

Im gonna take a leap.....

my phone number is 405-406-9653. you may TEXT only, for now....tell me both names in your text, I forget names , we may be alike in a lot of ways really!? I enjoyed your messages and blog....keep blogging! Its great fun to get to know the bloggers (They meet all the time!!! secret) so ....IDK

What do we do until pandemic is over, Im going stir crazy, we are a military family so we have very nice masks~ lol Some may find it sexy!?!
You dont know it but yoou cheered me up a great deal. my blog has my woes. I dont wanna think about no more.

dont call yet, just a text....


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