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Eye of a hurricane?  

Just_because62 59M
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4/5/2020 6:17 am
Eye of a hurricane?

Normally I work a lot of overtime. I'm a nurse. There as been a chronic shortage in my field since before I began my career and it's only become worse as time has gone on. Anytime I've wanted change jobs, it's taken maybe minute find my next position. Part of that is because I've worked in the same town and kept my reputation clean, plus, everyone knows I'll be available to work whenever they find themselves short, and they find themselves short nearly every day.

Now comes the pandemic. The news media has made it sound as if the end of the world is upon us. Maybe it is. NY, NOLA and parts of CA seem to really be in trouble. I've fielded offers for travel positions that will handsomely if I'll take a temporary position of 8 weeks jump in the middle of the fray. But that would require i resign my steady position as they don't want let take a LOA go fight "the front lines".

So what about the Midwest? Currently I work at a smaller hospital attached a larger hospital system. We're sort of an "outlet" hospital that specializes in outpatient surgeries, telemetry and medical, We're normally around 70 90% capacity with approx 75 beds total. If there's no work at the smaller campus, I can easily work at the "main" hospital, Which i believe is licensed for over 700 beds.

Right now we are apparently in the eye of the storm. it's all quite the mid-western front. elective surgeries were cancelled, Good move since those cases could turn into a nightmare if exposed to Covid-19. But they've also started being VERY selective about who will be admitted and who will be turned away. They're not admitting anyone unless it's absolutely necessary. Thus, in a small hospital that has maybe 75 beds total, we have 19 patients. The main hospital is no better and there is NO extra work to be had. Even getting ones regular hours in nearly impossible.

When will the apocalypse ? will it ? Have we done enough avert catastrophe in the mid-west? The basic understanding was that we would begin see a spike in admissions this week. Now they're saying another 2 weeks. Maybe, maybe not.

I'm not complaining. I'm still working were many others are not. Sure my extra money is gone, but I'm still paying my bills. What I am wondering is, have we done enough dodge the bullet that caught places like NYC and New Orleans right between the eyes? No doubt it helps live in "fly over country" where towns often have many miles between them. so long as people follow the rules and stay put, the virus will have difficulty spreading. Or is it that mid-westerners have few options and staying home isn't as big of deal? I don't know.

One thing I do know is with the media hype, i'm not seeing it yet. Maybe next week? I hope not.

As for social distancing. I'm not out of the house unless it's necessary. I had a trip planned Las Vegas this weekend. those reservations have been cancelled and postponed until October. I was at least able to salvage some value from the reservations. Because of SWA's liberal flight change policies, I actually got a better deal and received over 8,000 FF points back into my account. I have another trip planned the first week of June into the Colorado Mountains. Will I even be able to make that trip? I hope so. I love watching the winter run off as the streams run full of water.

There are a lot of people this website I'd love meet. Even if it just turns out be for a cup of coffee, drinks or a meal. That will have wait. For now it's best stay home. Considering where I work, there is NO WAY i would ever want potentially expose any of you. That's just not how i roll.

Stay safe out there and, for now, stay home. We can all and find those connections that interest us, but save the phyciscal contact for later.

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