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Morning head
Posted:Aug 31, 2018 11:39 am
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2019 12:52 pm
So i woke up this morning to a warm cozy feeling down below. My cock was so hard, that it hurt. My balls were warm and felt like they were floating in a jacuzzi filled with warm milk. I looked down to see my girl massaging my balls with her tongue. Thw slurping and the moaning made my dick feel like it was gonna grow so big that it would split my skin. The a nice big dousing of saliva was spit onto my shaft. A small giggle as she began to work my hard shaft with her hands and continued sending my balls into her warm wet mouth. As my balls puffed up into a tight pouch, she transitioned up my shaft. As her tongue lapped up her saliva feom the folds under my tip, the blood rushed to my helmet and it began to swell and throb. My sensitivity increased heavily, i could distinctly feel her lips smack as she cleared the ridge of my helmet, licking the opening of my urethra before sliding my cock back down her throat. First slow thrusts all the way back, then the distinct sounds of gagging as she rapidly forced my cock down the back of her throat. So warm, so wet, i swear i could feel the warmth of the inside of her stomach. Til she backed off and rubbed the soft underside of her thumb against the under-folds of my tip. Sliwly regressing her lips back down to my balls. A nice soft popping sound as her thumb slid down and a nice engulfing, warm, wet sensation as her thumb slid back up to the opening of my cock. “Let me have it, dont tease me, just let it go, cum down my throat”, she moaned. “Cum, let me have that sweet guey candy that if worked so hard for”, she demanded before gagging once more. As good as i felt, and as much as I wanted to oblige, my cock had other ideas. He was enjoying this too much to let it come to an end. “Use me..... show me that im your cum slut”, she mumbled with my cock in her mouth. I sat up and pushed her on to her side. Put my hand on the side of her head and pushed it down against the bed holding it firmly in place. With my free hand, i slid my cock into her open submissive mouth, begging her to keep it open as wide as she can, i began thrusting my cock in and out causing her to gag and drool simultaneously. Deep gags filled the room as the sheets began to soak under me. Glancing over at that beutiful soaking pussy, i noticed that as my cock began to swell, she began to cum. I released her head and reached over to rub her now soaking clit. The vibrations of her deep moaning made my cock swell even more. My bed now soaked in cum and spit began to drive me wild and i could no longer take it. As i felt the pressure build up in my balls, i could feel the blood poll up in her clit and sharp shriek as she began to squirt all over my hand and my bed. My cock began to pulsate and with enough pressure to implode a pipeline, i shot my warm, thick, and apparenly sweet load down the back of her throat, unable to handle it all, she grabbed my spewing cock, slid it out of her mouth and rubbed it all along her face. Tongue extended, she began to lap up all the guey glory she had missed. As i lay in nirvana, she continued to give me a tongue bath. “I dont want to miss any of my reward”, she giggled. Now late for work, i lay almost lifeless, debating whether or not, i really needed this job. I reached for the phone, called in, took a shower and prepared for round two!
Shower fun
Posted:Aug 23, 2018 2:58 pm
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2019 12:53 pm
Who loves to have fun in the shower?!!!!! I know i do! Its my favorite part, especially when i have company! I love the way soap helps my hands glide all over her body! Its like sensory overload. I love to cover her body with dowp and the trace her body with the water. When shes all clean, i love to bend her over and run my tongue up and down her ass! When she begins to tremble, I push further, sliding my tongue inside! I like to lick back and forth, until there is no resistance from her now open lil hole. Then i like to slide my throbbing member inside. First, just the tip, feeling that warm slippery membrane the. Slide mostly out, but before it begins to tighten up, i slide back in, just past the ridge of my tip. Slowly makin my way deeper with every thrust until i feel her lips wrap around my nuts. That warm, thick dripping mess running down my balls, then my leg. Until I bust deep inside her intestines, then i love to clean her up and start again!

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