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Stage freight  

KManGarcia 35M
21 posts
9/4/2020 10:59 am
Stage freight

Hello Readers!
I have a request for a bit of advice. I am a fit early 30’s Hispanic that is well kept, well mannered, and a bit shy. I have had many women flirt and some that just flat out say they want indulge in carnal pleasures with my body. I find that I try my best be respectful, and respect the women around me, almost the point that I stay completely plutonic, even when the request for something more is . How can/should I proceed with these request without being a complete douche or seemingly toxic ? I always seem get past the ice breaker and small talk, I just get stage freight when comes down the finish line. Am I creating an atmosphere that doesn’t exist and selling myself short? Should I really establish a better relationship before moving forward with physical pleasures? Some advice would be greatly appreciated, as I am tired of being a nice guy and closing doors I wish I could keep wide open!

author51 58F
123907 posts
9/5/2020 12:22 am

Just be yourself, pleasant and respectful and you will eventually find what you are looking for...

You can never have enough JOY in your life.....xoxo


AnewWoman 63F
266 posts
9/4/2020 6:15 pm

I get it, you are not alone being shy. I was, and to some extent still am. What changed my life was agreeing to speak at a large city sponsored conference. At first I tried to write out a speech with what I thought they wanted to hear. I just couldn't memorize the thing and it made no sense. I tore it up and wrote a quick outline with 6 points I wanted to cover. A week later up on stage I opened my folder to see what I had written. From there I spoke from my heart and ended up being the highlight of the evening. This led to me speaking to an outdoor gathering of 1000 plus along with years of speaking at local universities.
You are probably wondering how this relates to your issue with women. Will it does. You need to break from looking for words you think they want to hear and instead speak from your heart. It is even okay to say you are shy. Be genuine and you will find others will listen.

KManGarcia 35M
22 posts
9/4/2020 10:59 am

Help please!

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