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Friday Again  

KYKatie 42F  
382 posts
8/3/2018 3:11 pm
Friday Again

Hi everyone , just noticed that I haven't posted a blog in awhile so here goes . It's Friday again and time to have fun . Lately I've been going bar hopping after work or going to the shop were Mr. Loud works , he's the one from my last blog when I was DPed on a windy day . Going there on Friday after work has become a naughty habit .
Anyway , I was recently at a country bar , cowboy , redneck , people call them those , after work on a Friday and I was dancing with a tough old redneck . He was all dressed up ,jeans ,boots , shirt and big cowboy hat . It's been so hot out I don't know how he does it , I just wear a cute little dress , almost naked . After our dance we went up to the bar and he lifted me up into a stool and we ordered drinks . His friends were crowding around me and my friends and talking and laughing when we got our drinks . He reached over me to get them and his big cowboy belt buckle pressed right up against my ass , I could feel the cold metal so my dress must have been up and my bare ass exposed . I looked back at him a said that his belt buckle almost went deep in my ass , he gave me a nasty smile and said 'lucky buckle ' . Well , everyone heard him and started laughing , I was almost embarrassed but now I was real horny and ready for some hard cowboy 'cock' . I turned around on my stool and spread my legs as he got between them and started to touch my pussy . I noticed the white ring on his finger where he had removed his<b> wedding </font></b>ring , this happens a lot but I'm not going to pass up this hard ride . We finished our beer and I then realized he was friends with the bartender , no wonder he acted like a boss in there . We went back on the floor and I was ready for some line dancing but he put his big rough calloused hand on my ass and led me down the hall to the back office . Once inside he pulled my dress off me , so I was wearing just my stockings and cute little heels , and laid me down on a couch and went right to my pussy , licking and slobbering all over . He was real good at it and I was close to cumming real quick , his tongue was hard and long , not normal . Anyway , he looked up at me and said ' you do know I'm going to fuck you in your ass ' , I was hoping he would but I acted like I've never done it before . Out came his 'cock' all hard and calloused , sweaty and the hair matted and smelly . I sucked his 'cock' and squeezed it , licked it all over and when I looked up at him he had a nasty mean old grin on his face . When his 'cock' was big hard and throbbing I said I just have to hop on for a ride . He sat down on the couch and I got up on his 'cock' and in it went and I cummed right away , wow . He went to my boobies and was slobbering all over them as I went for a long hard ride , up and down , rocking back and forth , grinding down on him , everything I could do and I even grabbed his hat and went 'yahoo' as he sat there with that nasty grin on his face . I had cummed so much and was a sloppy mess when he lifted me off and bent me over putting his face right up to mine and saying that now he was going to fuck me in my ass .
I stuck my ass up as he spit a goober on his 'cock' and smeared it all over and on my ass too . He got up on the couch and put his 'cock' straight into my ass , deep , with one hard thrust , oh boy , real deep . And now he rode me hard and steady , grabbing his hat and shouting out a 'yahoo' . He sat back on the couch so I was sitting on top of him with his 'cock' sticking straight up deep in my ass , I could barely ride so he was thrusting up in my ass when he cummed , a lot , it was hot and gooey deep in my ass and it oozed out all over . We sat on the couch for awhile , all sweaty we had made a mess , and I could feel his 'cock' go soft in my ass . Finally we got up and it slipped out , all slimy and covered in cum , it hung down almost to his knees . I grabbed my cute little dress and went to the restroom , my ass was all wet and sweaty and covered with his 'cock' hairs .
Anyway last Friday I went to the shop were Mr. Loud works , I've become kind of a regular on Friday afternoons when they sit around drinking beer after a hard day at work . The old geezer likes to show up too , free beer and a chance to fuck me too .
The other guys that work there know what's going on and don't hang around for long . I had been there a few times since I wrote my last blog when I had first been DPed by them but I wasn't planning on going there last Friday , I was hoping on going swimming . It's been so hot and muggy that as soon as I get off work I want to cool down so I start talking my way into a friends pool . I went to a friends apartment complex all ready to swim , I was just wearing my bikini bottoms and a little top but the pool was full of . But hey , Mr. Loud's shop was right across the street , I hadn't noticed . So I just walked right on over , they were finishing up the last jobs and starting to clean up . I smiled and said hi to everyone , the guy I used to date was there doing the paperwork and Mr. Loud came out and when he saw me I could see his 'cock' swell up in his jeans . I didn't have to wait long before the last customer came by and picked up their car and we were all sitting around

drinking beer . The old geezer just happened to show up , oh boy , this is going to be fun . After the last guy left leaving me alone with Mr. Loud and the old geezer I chugged my beer and as I stood up I pulled off my bikini bottoms and jumped up into Mr. Louds arms . His hands were all over my ass and he pulled off my top and gave me long sloppy kiss . I looked back at the old geezer and he already had his 'cock' out . There was a van in the shop with a lot of padding or something in the back and Mr. Loud took me into there and was all over my pussy . They asked me if I wanted to DP again , of course I do . They both must have been ready because their 'cocks' were rock hard as I sucked and licked them all over , I know the old geezer takes Viagra or something because his 'cock' is so hard a straight and sticks up , perfect for a hard ride . Well he laid down and I got right on top and started riding as Mr. Loud got up and put his 'cock' in my ass . They were both in deep when Mr. Loud said that we were all getting real good at this and should it more often , it was funny how he said it and we all started laughing , the old geezer has a weird old laugh and a nasty grin , when he smiles you can see he's missing a lot of teeth . He's laying there laughing like a lunatic , his old nasty smile and drooling while I'm riding on his big hard throbbing 'cock' that's sticking up deep in my pussy and I can't get off because Mr. Loud is on me with his big hard throbbing 'cock' deep in my ass .
I was looking back and forth at the nasty grins on their faces as the y DPed me and how nasty we must look , all hot and sweaty when Mr. Louds cell phone rang . He found it in the pocket of his jeans , it was his old lady wondering where he was .
This is what he told her , 'a job came in at the last minute ' ' we got in too deep ' 'got harder than we thought ' 'I will be cumming soon' . I looked at the old geezer and we made eye contact and tried not to crack up laughing , the whole time I'm slowing riding his 'cock' while Mr. Loud's 'cock' is throbbing deep in my ass . She demanded to hear someone else from the shop , thinking Mr. Loud was cheating on her , so the old geezer had to calm down and talk to her too . After she finally hung up they fucked me hard cumming deep in my ass and I hopped off the old geezer just before he cummed and licked most of it up .
Now it's Friday again , should I go to Mr.Loud's shop or bar hopping ?

Buddieboy11 60M/65F
207 posts
1/19/2019 12:59 pm

Hot story.. lucky buckle and cowboy..

100yroldman 62M  
6 posts
1/23/2019 7:20 pm

Love your stories. I need to meet someone like you

Bluey5391 30M
2 posts
1/24/2019 5:28 am


NJGUY08090 55M
4099 posts
2/14/2019 7:09 pm

I wish I could meet you . I'd love to give you my cock in every way .. You are so hot and super sexy

CDNGramps 66M

2/28/2019 1:52 am

I suggest you go bar hopping where you have new dirty old men to fuck. If there aren't any after 2 bars go for your fall back old geasers.

titnazzman1000 49M  
78 posts
4/12/2019 6:20 pm

very sexy story need more

CDNGramps 66M

5/9/2019 12:53 pm

Hi Katie. Have you had any nasty encounters recently? I haven't seen any new posts cum up lately. Get that sexy ass and titties out there after work and see if some dirty old geezers will ravish you

MatureSensualDom 67M
15 posts
11/15/2019 8:32 am

Sound like you became a regular a Mr Loud's. Hope the old Geezers ticker keeps goin! ...\8

UbYou 58M
50 posts
2/27/2020 6:35 am

Your story got me super hard

surfing1725 64M  
90 posts
3/12/2020 9:01 am

I love reading your erotic and very sexual blogs. I find myself mentally in the story or participating as well.It takes your mind into whatever mood you are fantasizing about post 4126169

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