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Kayla Seeking  

Kayla_Seeking 52M/43F  
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10/11/2020 7:55 am
Kayla Seeking

Hello there!!

I'm Kayla. This used be the profile for DeeLicious_451. Last Spring, Dee was kind enough add a photo album for me and include me in the fun. I learned that I LOVE this!! Since then, due COVID-19 and various personal reasons, Dee is stepping back from the scene (for now, I hope). And I have moved in to be the star! Tee hee.

Please make sure to read my entire profile. There are so many types of men out there, and for me, I have be choosy with you single guys. Unlike Dee, I'm not a full-blown<b> freak. </font></b>Ha! I mean that as a term of respect. I'm a bit new to this whole big, wonderful scene. And I am excited! I've had a few good experiences and I am looking for more!

Regardless , I'm a regular woman. Please treat me as a lady. I have discovered that I have a high sex drive, and I guess I have always known that. I just never knew that I had this option here to indulge it. Be that as it may, I still must be attracted you. I must feel an inner connection in order turn on. I AM easy! LOL! But we must meet first at a bar or restaurant or, better still, a bicycle ride. Please understand. If you're cute with a good body, youngish and can perform, I'm interested. What I need beyond that is personality. I love to talk and touch and get close. Just talk to me , be nice, and we're off like a rocket.

Also, you must be ok with my guy being present as well. He gives me courage and also encourages me in the most wonderfully deviant ways. Tee hee! He makes feel safe enough in order do this. And when I hesitate, he'll give me that little push forward. Believe me ,it's better for YOU for him be there as well. He's the facilitator that makes this work for me. Read the testimonial on my profile, and you'll see.

Please know that I drive to Willow Grove from out of state about once a month. This is for discretion and to stay out of my area where I may know people. I have a public-facing career and a family and I must protect my anonymity in this. Dee and I and Michael have access to this account. I'm not online too very often. Email is how we communicate on here at first. But then Michael does the vetting and screening and puts you on my LIST. If you're not willing to talk to Michael, then please don't even write to me. That means that you are not good in a group with other men present, right? If you can't even talk Michael, then how is it going work when we're together? I don't want to sound mean, but I'm not on here for what YOU want. I'm here for what I want. If we want the same thing, then it's good! If not, then let's not waste time, please. My time is so limited for this endeavor.

So. My goal is meet just a few really great guys. I want be able text you in advance to let you know when I'm coming to town in Willow Grove PA. It will be so exciting for me!! Once we know each other and have some, ahem, experience together, it will simply be wonderful to see you and have you join us again.

I hope you like what I'm seeking to create here. I hope it excites you.
Come join me.

Love and kisses,

CarriedBack 57M  
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10/13/2020 10:07 pm

Hello, Kayla. And congratulations on your new "starring role" on this profile and blog.

As if your profile and terrific photos weren't enough...well, you had me at "bicycle ride"! Let's go, and let's ride now before the weather deteriorates further. (I'll send you some photos separately with photographic evidence that (a) I'm a serious cyclist and (b) that I have "a good body, youngish and can perform." (I'm also told that I'm "cute," but that tends to be very subjective, so I'll let you decide.

Your status statement said you're looking for someone for October 23. I'm available, but I don't know if that allows enough time to also do the initial meet and other preliminaries.

I look forward to getting acquainted. Talk to you soon via regular AdultFriendFinder email.


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