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My first BBC  

Kedwards747 41F
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8/2/2020 8:06 am
My first BBC

As the title says...

After being married for and having it seemed like the spark between my husband and me had dulled. Our sex life also was nearly nonexistent. He works 60 hours plus a week and I chase our around school, activities, and stores. So life gets in the way. To say I was "ripe" for the picking would be an understatement.

My girlfriend from highschool was having her first baby and asked me to be in delivery as the father wasn't available and her mother wasn't speaking to her. I really didn't want to, having lived it times, I wasn't in a rush relive birth vicariously through my long time friend. But, she didn't have anyone else, so I told her yes.

The eventful day came after a few false starts. Of course, I put on a good face and told her it would be over before she knew it. I thought I was ready for everything, having been there done that times of my own. I can tell you, it is different watching and supporting someone than actually being the one who feels like she is dying. The biggest surprise though was seeing she had a mixed baby.

After the nurses had left. I asked her about the father. That is when she told about Jamal. I had heard stories about black men and the size of their dicks but she confirmed the rumors. She told me he was the biggest she had ever seen and he made her do and feel things she never imagined.

Prior to this, I had never known anyone who had sex with a black man. I mean, yes,I had seen young white women with mixxed babies in the mall, but to actually know someone that had definitely had sex with a black man, and not only once, but many times according to her, and to see the physical proof, well that was mind blowing.

Something in my mind snapped. I had grown so sheltered. I had never even considered a black man as a sexual partner. And of a sudden, it's I could think about. I was 29 and had been married for and I could think about was sex with Jamal.

Overnight, it seemed, my curiosity into the world of interracial sex had been piqued. I started, like many, searching on the internet. Even a dozen ago the internet was full of the kinkiest forms of sex imaginable. In quick order I had all the<b> explicit </font></b>photos of black men and white women I would need to move out of curiosity into obsession. Pics, videos and sex stories had my pussy on fire. I found myself masturbating daily for hours from when my got on the bus until sometimes right before they got home. Many times even after while they watched cartoons and hubby was still at work

In a short time, I had gone from IR sex virgin to size queen slut. But it wasn't until I found my first sex site that I started taking the first steps losing my BBC cherry. I can't name the site here, but I love interracial became my go website. It quickly became the favorite in my history folder. At first I was very anonymous. Lurking and watching. I didn't even have an avatar. That ended because of James.

James started chatting with me early in my lurking days. I was very shy, and he took it slow. The room was full of<b> explicit </font></b>and images but he was polite and even respectful of my lack of knowledge. When he found out I had never been with a man other than my husband, much less a black man, he made it his mission take my BBC cherry. Like I said, he took it slow. The first thing he got do is send him a pic. I still have it actually.

It wasn't dirty but it made feel so naughty because I was a married woman doing something a man not her husband told her to, a black man at that. Shortly after that he made me add an avatar that was pretty risque, lots of cleavage but no nipple no face.

But the next step was the craziest, full nude selfie, just for him of course. Things got pretty raunchy after that with us both sending each other naughty naked pics. But it got very real with his tribute video jerking and cumming my tits and face pic.

I masturbated and came so many times and so hard watching the video. I didn't know it, but that was the time when I decided give my cherry James. We had been chatting for maybe a month, and in that time, he had turned me from a prim and proper housewife into a wanton bbc slut. His<b> explicit </font></b>pics and videos had my pussy constantly soaked and I could think about was James shoving his big black cock into my tight little married pussy.

James suggested, more like told me, to go to the porn shop and get some toys to work my pussy for him. From the pics I had sent him, he told me my pussy looked like I was still a virgin lol.

He did have some very specific instructions of what I should wear there, see through blouse, sheer panties, no bra and a miniskirt.

He then told me to pick 3 sizes of dildos, staring with 6 inches (twice as big as hubby) then a very thick one that my hand wouldn't fit around and finally a monster inch super thic He was going train my little virgin pussy swallow big black monster cocks.

My pussy was so wet while walking around the porn shop on the phone with James. As I picked up each dildo and felt it's weight in my hands I was literally gushing as james made me describe how they looked and felt. James wanted me show off anyone in the store, so my tits were plainly visible, but that wasn't enough. He told pull my panties up between my lips and let the men see my bald pussy. I felt so naughty.

The panties were rubbing my clit and keeping me at a constant state of orgasm. As I approached the counter, James told me to show the guy my whole pussy. And then I was told to hand my phone to this complete stranger so he could take a picture and send it to James.

theme150 75M  
12 posts
8/3/2020 4:39 pm

Love the read ....only wish it was my BBC entering your tight wet pussy

profcoquin27bis 56M
3556 posts
8/4/2020 5:53 am

very goob first start

penede20cmsdeslp 49M
16 posts
10/18/2020 12:07 pm

Veri exitant history!

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