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Kitten Play With Royalty ;]
Posted:Jun 16, 2020 10:46 am
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2020 9:59 am

Welcome back and thanks for sticking around my second post! My name is none of your concern, but you may call me Madame Rogue.
Some of you may know, I am a professional dominatrix and I travel from home home, giving my babies and pets the maximum pleasure!

For this session (that has been on my mind lately), I would love honor my lovable pet who enjoys what I enjoy... Pet ! It started with a text of scheduling a pet session. Instead of going her house, we split the bill for a luxurious hotel and spent the whole day playing. One of my favorite kinks is pet play whether its extreme pet play or light pet play. I love the feeling of tail plugs plugged deep in your asshole. I love the feeling of a collar being around my neck.

I got in my 2005 Subaru Legacy, said goodbye my wonderful hubby and left my cottage home . Dressed in a tight black dress and carrying my bag with handcrafted tail plugs, collars, and whips, I eagerly drove a hampton hotel. My pussy was dripping wet by the time I arrived and I was squirming to get some pet . Since she paid for the hotel, I agreed spend the whole day with her as a session. The profit was the last thing I was thinking about.

I walked the elevator and pressed the floor 3 button and while I was waiting for the elevator to carry the third floor, I decided touch myself to ease the squirming. My hands slid my dress and in between my black laced thong. I felt myself dripping down my thigh as I shoved my fingers deep into my drenched pussy. I stared at my reflection that covered the elevator wall. I kept thinking ”I look so beautiful with my fingers inside of ” this thought turned more as a slight moan escaped my lips. When the doors opened, the 2nd floor, I pulled my fingers out and returned a neutral poster. A man and his wife walked inside the elevator wearing a bathing suit. Little did they know, the elevator was going when they needed go down. My brown eyes kept glancing over the couple that were talking amongst themselves. Since I was used dominating older men and women (most of my are 40+), I felt my pussy pulse with anticipation. I adjusted my posture and kept my glance back at the slow elevator and then down at the husband's grind. ”I just want to suck your dick and sit on your wife’s face.” I thought to myself as my eyes eventually glued on to the couple. When the 3rd floor doors opened, I stepped out and quickly turned my head to catch a glance from the old man. “I love it when they stare” My mind raced with horny thoughts as I walked to the room.

I knocked on room 342 and waited for the door to open. What came to me in surprise was when my opened the door wearing her kitty gear and already in her kitten space. She meowed lovingly and purred while rubbing herself against my legs. “Hello my pretty girl” I cooed and stroked her brown hair. I walked inside the hotel room and dropped my things on the floor. She began to lick my leg and rub her paws up my thigh. “Now, now, my pet. Settle down. Let’s see how pretty you are my pet.” I sat down on the couch and observed what had begun. My eyes quickly eyed the rope laying on the floor along with a cute paddle shaped like a heart. An animal documentary was on the flat screen tv and I was glad she put on something that gets her into the headspace she needed. I watched her with a cat toy while I took a moment to get myself in the right headspace. I watched my pet purr loudly and touch her bare breasts from time to time. She glanced over with a seductive smile and I would chuckle and lick my lips.

She didn’t have much pet gear, but she always adored her black cat ears with her cat bone gag. She wore a black laced collar with a big bell in the center. “Royalty you are looking so beautiful today.” I spoke her kitten name and her eager eyes grew wide with anticipation. I named my pet Royalty because in her pet space, she loves to be pampered and treated like a royal. Her toys were top notch and finely crafted. Her hair was always perfect as if she groomed herself extra before I arrived.

I smiled lovingly and opened my bag of goodies. My beautiful black tail plug along with my chained black collar was quickly grabbed by my pet and played with. I also brought a sparingly black tail plug for Royalty. I had my choker collar and leash, my black wolf ears, my purple double sided dildo, and my black vibrator with me. She gripped the collar around her mouth and purred while rolling on her back and jingling the bells that were attached to the collar. “Have you eaten today? Let me feed you.” I sprang and walked into the kitchen. I opened the cabinet and found a can of cat food (she takes out the cat food and puts human food in it). Royalty dashed over to the kitchen, fours, and purred madly. I pretended open the can of food and placed the rice, chicken, and potatoes into her food bowl. I mixed it and placed it the floor. She ate the food as I filled her water bowl and placed it beside it. As she was eating, I stroked her hair and her back. My hand touched her ass every now and then which got her to squirm.

When I walked back into the living room, I pulled off my black dress revealing black laced thongs and a black laced bra. I pulled on my collar and held Royalty’s black tail in my hands seductively. “Come here kitty kitty” I heard a meow and Royalty come towards me. She jumped the couch and rubbed her head my neck while purring. I allowed the nuzzling for a moment before gripping her cheeks with one hand and directing her face towards mine. Our lips locked and our tongues explored each other's mouths. I heard a groan escape her lips when I touched her beautiful bare breasts. They were a size c and sagged when she was on all fours. This turned me on even more as I played with her brown nipples and moved my lips towards her neck. She breathed hard allowing moans and meows to come out of her mouth. I pushed her on her back and kissed her tender lips once more before nibbling on her neck and moving my hand down her pussy and to her ass. “Let me prep you my Royalty” I whispered so lovingly to her ear. She squirmed even more, rubbing her soaked pussy against my leg as I rubbed her asshole with the tips of my fingers. “That’s a good kitty” I cooed in her ear while kissing her neck and rubbing her asshole a bit more aggressively. Her hips pushed against and her face nuzzled into my shoulder. Soon my fingers entered her asshole as she gasped and clawed my arm. I stared into her eyes, moving my fingers in and out and stretching her hole for the thing I wanted to put in her. And when she was prepped and ready, I flipped her over on fours and kissed her bare ass while shoving her tail plug inside. “Now you’re ready my pet.” I breathed out and blushed hard. She purred loudly and got down off the couch. I watched her begin grab my leg and hump it slowly. Her wet pussy pressed against my leg and I couldn’t wait eat her out. I bit my lip and allowed my pet spread my legs with her face and shove her tongue inside my drenched pussy. I gasped in pleasure and smiled as she struggled to move the thong out of her way. She bit the thong and tugged on it lightly as I pulled it off. Then Royalty went back to eating out. I turned around fours, my chest pressed against the couch and my fingers slid inside my ass. She continued flick her tongue against my hard clit and shoving her tongue inside as I fucked my own asshole. Both of us were moaning and my primal instincts kicked in. I grabbed my black wolf tail and was assisted putting it inside . I turned around and placed my ears as well.

Then I directed Royalty sit the floor while I tied her . We spent 2 hours messing with the rope and I free formed a chest harness. By the time the rope session was done, we were both ready . I laid her down the floor and grabbed her gag. I placed it around her face and nuzzled her nose with mine. “Such a perfect kitty” I cooed and giggled with excitement. Royalty purred louder and squirmed my touch as I kissed her and licked her body. Every now and then, I would bite aggressively a piece of her fat that made her squirm more. I pulled her using her chest harness, and pushed her against the couch. Her ass faced and she was fours as I grabbed her paddle and rubbed it against her skin. She continued squirm in anticipation as I started with light taps. “My precious kitty, would you like with mommy's cock?” I grabbed my double sided dildo and rubbed it against her pussy while lightly slapping her ass. Every now and then she would squeal in delight or meow loudly. I watched her grip the couch with every slap and soon her ass turned from red bruised purple. I admired my work and allowed her a break from slapping. As I took a break, she got her back and purred. Drool dripped from her mouth and onto the floor as if she was hungry for my pussy. I pulled my thong off and her gag. I sat on her face, suffocating her with my pussy juices. A growl escaped my mouth as I rubbed my pussy hard against her mouth. “Good Kitty…” I groaned out and reached behind slap her breasts. She squirmed and licked faster, as my pleasure climax rose. “Kitty don’t you stop.” I breathed out while growling and gripping her tit aggressively. Royalty squirmed and moaned underneath me and soon my body exploded with pleasure. I let out a loud moan as cum was licked out and into her mouth.

I got off and grabbed my double sided purple dildo while deviously looking at her face of pleasure. I slide the large object inside her tight pussy. She let out a long moan as I pushed the dildo in and out while rubbing her clit with my thumb. Then I pulled the dildo out and shoved it in her mouth for her to taste. “Do you taste good my dirty pet?” I growled out while she squirmed for more. Royalty whimpered and spread her legs wider for me to . Instead of the dildo, I grabbed the heart shaped paddle and lightly tapped her soaked pussy. Every flinch made my own pussy quiver for hers. “I love the way you squirm Royalty.” I said as I tapped her pussy a bit harder this time. She squealed and meowed while clawing my arm once again. After a bit of impact her tight pussy, I once again grabbed the dildo and strapped it on myself. Her mouth drooled widely as she smiled wide and watched push the dildo inside of while pushing the other sided dildo inside of her. Our moans matched and I clawed her tits while pushing my hips back and forth. My hands moved down her hips and I gripped tight while fucking her with my double sided dildo. I watched her beautiful breasts bounce and down before growing more wet when I watched her lick her lips and purr while grabbing her tits and squishing them together.

At this moment our pet turned dirtier and more wild. I pushed as hard as I could, slamming the dildo deep into her pussy while she purred louder and louder until moans came out. “You precious animal, moan for Mommy!” I knew she was close to cumming as I continued to pound her wet hole. Finally, I felt her quiver and her back arched with delight. “That’s right, cum for Mommy!” I dared not to stop and reached down to rub her clit aggressively. My pet squirted on my hips and all over my dick. I continued to slam my purple dick in her until she tapped my thigh indicating she had reached her climax. I slowed down and we panted hard with smiles on our faces. Royalty dropped her legs and I pulled out her end of the dildo. Before I could take a moment's rest, she flipped onto her belly and began to lick my thighs while spreading my legs.

The purple dick still inside, I instinctively grabbed my vibrator and turned it on. I placed my vibrator on my own clit and watched my pet pull out the dildo and begin to lick my pussy. I moaned as my sensitive pussy was being sucked and licked by my own pet. I moved the vibrator out of the way when she nudged it away and she gripped it with her teeth before sliding it inside my pussy. There, a black vibrator rested inside of me while she licked my clit and purred under her breath. “You are so naughty!” I moaned out while grabbing her hair and allowing her to make me cum. “Be a good girl and make Mommy cum!” I demanded with a growl. Like an obedient cat, Royalty licked faster and shook her hips back and forth. I watched her black tail sway from side to side; she knew I loved to see the sight of tails moving. I was close to cumming as my moans grew louder and louder. “Yes! My sweet, sweet pet don’t stop!” I coached her with my words and soon my climax came. My hole tightened so much, the vibrator fell out along with my juices. I held her hair so tight as I climaxed as she dug her claws into my thighs. After another moment of rest and hearing nothing but our pants and the animal documentary on TV, I heard Royalty purr and lick the floor of my cum. I sat and stroked her head sweetly while moving behind her and licking her pussy clean. Every now and then I would stop to feel her twitch from my tongue and continued on.

The rest of the day was filled with nothing but pleasure and fun! I would love to talk about the rest of the session in another post! For now, enjoy my sexy session as if you were sitting on the couch watching us with each other! ;]
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My Last BDSM Experience!
Posted:May 28, 2020 3:49 pm
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2020 9:42 pm

Hello my fellow kinky readers and thanks for stumbling into my current thoughts infused with my creative words. My name is none of your concern so call me Madame Rogue as all my submissive pets do.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell, but I am a professional dominatrix. Traveling from one mansion home to the next, I put the rich class on their knees.
Who knew powerful high class men loved to be dominated by a tiny and very cute (yet deadly) woman. As my personal business grows, by the spread of word, my own power shines bright.
And as I'm sitting at home, waiting out this tragic pandemic, I begin to think about all my submissive men waiting for the text message that states “my schedule for sessions this week is open”. I enjoy scrolling through their required sent snaps and videos, but it's not enough to satisfy my hunger for luxurious live fun.
I enjoyed traveling to the Hamptons and gazing in awe at the mansions and estates by the water. I never longed to live in one, but I was always fascinated by the kinds of creative builds architects conjured in their minds. With every home I visited, I could not help but think, “I love that portion of the house. Maybe I should include it into my own future tiny home?” And with every session I scheduled, one of the rules I demand to never be broken (after the aftercare, of course) was: first sessions, it is required give Madame Rogue a tour of your home. A rule that had never been broken; each one of my rich pets eagerly shows me around their home in hopes that I may return. I could go on about the homes I visited but that is for another day.

My last session had been recurring in my mind lately. It was with a 48 year old man living quietly in the outskirts of a community village. His wife understood the terms of the contract and had never broken her portion of the rules. She may join but with advanced notice. Instead, she had left for the night for her own swinger fun (escorted by her lovely date) while the were enjoying their night at a sleepover not far from their home. This was a perfect opportunity for my sub to get his own playtime in and become his true self.
I tossed my equipment into my blue and grey striped bag and took a moment to say goodbye to my family before heading out for the night.
My 2005 black Subaru legacy had many miles on him. So many miles that when I took him to the mechanic for the 3rd time in 2 weeks, their jaws would drop.
“348,845 thousand miles?! How?!” Is their regular response.
I named my tough boy, Butch, for getting into many car accidents and coming out with only miner dents and scratches, for having its original stock suspension rusted deep into his metal innards and still driving strong, and for how long the he survived despite his mileage and his rusted parts. Basically, Butch was the trusty car that would not die no matter how hard you pushed him.
So I got into my squeaky old boy and drove the 40 minutes deep into rich country. My car made it (of course) despite me praying to the Goddess, under my breath, that Butch should live another day for my leisure. I stopped in front of his gated community and was surprised to find a new face, but I still signed my name and jotted down the house number. The security guard took back the clipboard and paused.
“Madame Rogue?” He stared at the clipboard in confusion before peering at me with more confusion. I nodded my head sweetly and waited for the man to call the house. “Madame Rogue is at the gate… Ok no problem.” He hung his phone and nodded his head for enter. As I was driving through I muttered “New security guard, I wonder where Marvin is tonight?”
I arrived at his home with ease and saw the front door was already opened.
As expected, the session has begun.
I walked out of the car, bag in hand, and casually inside the house acting tired and weary from my travels.
“Darling, I'm home!” I smiled proudly at the image before me. A tall man who is not chubby (but not fit either) wearing nothing but black laced panties, a black shiny leather head mask, and a ball gag stood (in “wait” position), in the foyer of his own home.
Now to all my curious pets who are now thinking, “Madame Rogue, what is this “wait” position you speak of?”. Well, the sub stands with his/her arms and hands behind his/her lower back and his/her legs slightly apart and they wait until a command is given.
Another rule had been followed and I was more pleased with his obedience as the night went on.
He ran to my side and dropped on to the floor before gently removing my shoes and socks. My devious smirk turned to a frown and I landed a heavy smack across his black leather face. “Who told you, you can drool all over my beautiful shoes!” My voice echoed through the mansion halls and the sound of a grunt escaped my subs mouth. I proceeded to slap him again before yanking the ball gag off his face. “Drooling pigs don’t get to wear their pretty toys!” My voice grew low and I grabbed his slightly opened mouth with my fingers. “I am going to put on something nice. Clean .” I tapped his cheeks with a sweet smile my face.
“Yes Mistress” His response made my heart flutter and the inspiration hurry get ready.
For a moment I watched my sub lick the floor, fours, before I picked my bag and made my way the master bedroom.
I've always adored having my sessions in master bedrooms and my sub knew this from our previous sessions so finding was a no brainer. He knocked the door before I called him into the room, half dressed. “Table my Darling.” I acted weary again as he proceeded to get down four with his immediate response “Yes Mistress.”
I began place my stockings , using my sub as a stool. “You make a fine table my little pet.” I admired him for a moment, stroking his cheek. “Such a lovely piece of furniture…”, Soon my hand grabbed the top of his head as I jerked his head back and smothered his face with my hands. I peered down at his panties and noticed the bulge growing larger.
“You like that don’t you Darling?”
“Yes Mistress.”

“My pet, how much? Tell Madame Rogue. Beg for more.” I paused and crouched in front of him, cooing him, and allowing him to lean his cheek against my hand.
“Please Mistress… I beg you…”
“Beg me? To do what?” I continued to stroke his cheek and grazed my nails down his neck. “Kneel.” His position changed from all fours to kneeling on his knees with his hands behind his head.
“Smother me my divine Goddess. I need you to smother me… Please Mistress.” He whined out like the little puppy he was.
My smile grew wide…
And I stood up, staring him down…
Ready to pounce on my prey…
My hand reached behind his head and pulled the zipper down and I pulled his mask off. He did not flinch nor did he look me in the eyes; my sub knew better.

I ran my fingers through his golden brown hair and his eyes closed slowly with pleasure. I felt his breath on my stomach as I moved closer towards him. His face melted into my tummy as I pushed the back of his head harder. My grip tightened and I heard him begin to choke for breaths. I pulled away and took a look at my work so far. He seemed pleased with the session, but not pleased enough. My foot rubbed his throbbing cock through his panties as I smothered his face into my stomach. I kept the wild and devious smile on my face as he groaned in pleasure.
“I love it when you moan. You know how to make me so wet.” I smothered his face one last time before commanding him to the wait position so that I may continue to get dressed.

Every time I put on my leather outfits, I can not help but to feel so empowering in them! When I roleplay with my subs, I dress up in many outfits depending on the scene. I especially enjoy the days where I get to dress up in my collar and leash, but leather hits second on my favorite things to wear.

So when I finally completed my dominatrix look, I felt charged and ready to go.
For this session I wore a leather corset with black stockings and a black garter belt. I had black heels and a black leather collar around my neck along with black leather gloves. My sub got aroused by the classy black with a pop of color such as the color of red on my lips. The only color that I felt was needed for his pleasure.
The night was still young and we had plenty of play time before the session was over. I decided to take my time and command my sub, “Inspection.”. He placed his hands behind his head and stared straight ahead as I circled him with one of my leather snake whips. I handed him back his face mask as he placed it on. I also handed him his ball gag and he obediently placed it on.
“Inspection is done my pet” I placed the tip of the whip against his ass and rubbed it lightly. “Does my pet want to play now?” I giggled out while lightly tapping the whip against his ass. His breath was steady and he nodded slowly. I frowned at his response and slammed my snake whip against his side. He flinched and returned to the inspection position. I slapped him with my whip again, frowning.
“No flinching!” I snapped.
“Wall!” The position changed as he turned around and placed his hands against the wall next to his king size bed. His hands crossed and against the wall, he was ready for more punishment.

I rummaged through my bag and pulled my gloves out, ready to stretch his ass for play. My body moved beside him as I reached inside his panties and grabbed a hold of his hairy balls. I glared at his face. “Crouch now.” He lowered his body so that his face was leveled with mine. My hand grip, on his warm balls, grew tighter as he groaned in pleasure.
“Such a good pet…” I mumbled with my own pleasing voice. I took a moment to stare at my work so far. It wasn’t much, but I could tell it was taking effect on him. I pulled his black panties down, halfway, and rubbed his ass with my gloved hand as I stood beside him. His breath quickened when my lubed fingers slipped deep inside his ass and another groan escaped his mouth through the gag. A sweet smile crept on my face again as I slid my fingers in and out.
“I just love hearing you moan! You're making Madame Rogue so wet!” I blushed at his groaning sounds and bit my lip seductively. “I just want to… I just!” I was eager and pulled out my choker collar with excitement.
“Darling, be a good pet and be humble to Madame Rogue!” As much as I wanted to sit on his large dick and have my own pleasure, I wanted to pleasure him more. My sub obediently got on all fours and lowered himself to the ground with his ass sticking up. He placed his hands in front of him and rested his head on the carpeted floor.
I placed a cloth around his neck and then the choker collar before yanking a bit to see if it was working properly. Next I attached a leash to the choker collar and wrapped the leash around the bed frame. The metal links began to choke his neck as I pulled tighter thus increasing my satisfaction more. After, I pulled out his handcuffs (he has a trunk of bdsm toys) and cuffed his hands behind his back. If he were to move a certain way or try to move away, the collar would tighten which made his position more challenging to hold.
“I want to hear you scream for more.” I mentioned, seductively, as I pulled the gag off. I grabbed my whip and ran it lightly across his back before landing a full lashing against his pale skin. He groaned loud, flinching with such pleasure. My heart raced and I laughed widely
“Yes my pet, sing to me! Can you take 4 lashings!?” I yelled out with enjoyment. I bit my lip and served him his next lashing. This one was worse than the first, causing him to breath hard and fall out of imbalance. The collar tightened and he scrambled back into position before I grew angry for waiting. I laughed louder as I served him his last 2 lashings and watched his cock flinch with every lashing. And after the final lashing my fingers went back up his ass while the other hand rubbed his lashed back. He squirmed, groaning loud and breathing hard.
“Beg you little worm!”
“Yes Mistress! Anything for you! Please Mistress, give me more! I need more! I’ll do anything for more lashes!”

I yanked my fingers out again and slapped his ass with my bare hand, making him squeal. I took the leash off and used my foot to aggressively push him onto his back. His hands still cuffed behind him, my sub was vulnerable to my doing. He looked up at me with fear in his eyes as I moved my black thong away from my dripping wet pussy and dropped down to his face with my ass against his nose. I faced his hard dick and thought about sucking his thick cock until semen oozed out. Instead, I grabbed the whip and trailed it along his stomach and cock.
“Suffocate in my wet pussy” I felt his tongue slide around my vagina as I moaned loudly. My hips moved aggressively against his face as I heard him trying to take breaths. As I stood up slightly, to give him air, I whipped his dick hard. “Thank you Mistress!” He groaned out before I sat back down and felt the warmth of his slimy tongue against my asshole. I gasped in pleasure, taking in the moment my sub gave me. “You filthy old pig!” I moaned as I whipped him again. I heard his groans between my legs and we both moaned in pleasure. I whipped him so much, bruises and cuts began to form. Yet, we were still not finished.
I pulled myself up hearing him thank me one last time for the lashing. I could tell by the look on his face how badly he wanted to cum. I felt the need to hold on longer until he could hold on no longer. “Crawl” I grabbed his choker collar and practically dragged him on to the bed. As he was positioning himself, I pulled off my thong and tied him down with the bed frame cuffs hidden under the bed. I tossed the whip to the side and pulled out my dildo. I stood on top of the bed, over my sub, and growled low with a devious smirk on my face.
“You have been such a good pet tonight. You followed most of the rules…” I started while placing my heel against his dick. He looked down at the heel that was crushing it and then back at me. His face pleading for more, begging for me to never stop.
“I want to fuck you like the dirty pig you are for following most of the rules.” He nodded quickly and kept his eyes on his dick. “Good boy.” I leaned down and stroked his cheek lovingly before grabbing my dildo and shoving it into his mouth. He obediently sucked the silicone and soon I moved the dildo towards his ass. A few kisses against his lashes to ease him was enough for him to be ready. I slid the lubed dildo up his ass and he groaned once more.
I slowly started to fuck his ass and my hand slid down to my pussy. I pushed my fingers deep inside and stared at my sub while fucking him and myself. He started to say something and then stopped. I kept going and asked in a cute way “Don’t tell me you're cuming soon.” He shook his head yes and I stopped.
“No, no my pet. Not now, we're so close.”
“Please Goddess! Can I cum!”
I shook my head no and took off his mask with giggles escaping my mouth. “Almost you eager mutt” I crawled on top of my sub and grabbed the chain to the choker collar, making him choke a bit.
“You cum when I say you can cum. Understand?” My tone of voice quickly changed as he looked deep into my eyes.
“Yes Mistress.”
“Never ask me if you can cum again! Understand!”
“Yes Mistress!”

“For pissing me off and for being an ungrateful shit, I'm going to wreck your ass with this fake cock..” I growled with anger and yanked on the chain tighter. His face grew red as I smirked and released.
“Thank you Mistress” I pulled out a condom and rolled it on to his quivering penis.
My hand rammed the dildo deep into his ass as he squirmed with pleasure. I quickly got on top of his dick and began to work my own magic. With one hand controlling his collar and the other ramming the dildo into his ass, I rode his dick and matched his moans. His toes curled as he squirmed with growing pleasure.
“Thank you Mistress!”
“I can’t hear you!” I was ready to cum myself as I rode him harder and wilder.
“I’m so close, Mistress! Thank you Mistress! Thank you Mistress! Mistress! Thank you! Thank you!” He yelled as the climax drew near. His hips pushed upward as I felt his body help me reach my own climax.
“ yes! Yes! YES!!” Finally his legs shook madly and his body convulsed.
For a moment things were quiet only the sounds of our breathing. My forehead rested on his sweaty chest as we took a moment to come back to reality. His cock was still throbbing in my pussy and after another moment I managed to take off his restraints and collar. Being ever so gentle and kind, I let him lay there before kissing his forehead lightly and giggling sweetly down at his closed eyes as he said tiredly,
“Thank you Mistress…”

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