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Good Boy  

Knight_Skye29 64M
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12/29/2019 10:58 pm

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7/20/2020 9:43 pm

Good Boy

I woke today with such a craving, such a desire to be satisfied, the splash of the shower almost took me over the edge. I had a few hours before I had to go in, and tried to focus on assembling the bills to pay and letters to send out, but my mind wouldn't let me rest. I came here, not seeking anything in particular, but seeking something very definitely, somehow needing to address my deep cravings. The rooms were busy, but tepid, and I needed something more involved, more intense, so that I could at last settle down to my day. On a whim, I ventured into the cam room, and saw that it was filled mostly by men having a similar need and craving. Still, the idea of being watched aroused me and my mind fantasized about what could happen, what couples may be doing in the room. Many of the women were aggressively asking the men to do specific actions, coaching them onto their orgasms, rewarding them with their smiles and gasps of appraisal. It was like a circus, but I couldn't tear myself away...I wanted to be one of the ones being watched, and I desperately wanted to bring myself to orgasm. I hesitated, then turned on my webcam and waited. My fingertips found the zipper in my pants, and with a soft purrrr, I was open..my hand slipping between the soft front vent of my boxers. At the touch of my fingertips, I felt myself swell again and stiffen, wondering if I would have the nerve to continue. Watching the screen, I found to my dismay that there were no viewers, there was no woman that I could share this burning intimacy with. My fingertips gently tugged and encircled the rubbery stiff crown of my manhood, and with my thumb I slowly stroked the large vein that ran the length of my cockshaft. My eyes half closed at the sensation, and I allowed myself the thought, the fantasy, of a woman's lips tenderly loving me there. I was allowing myself the moment of intimacy I craved, when I heard a soft "ding" and saw that a viewer had arrived. It was a woman I never met or saw before on-line, and her only message to me in the dialogue box was a simple... "please ?"... My hand moved up my shaft and I found myself staring at the dialogue box, wanting her to say more, desperate to do whatever she requested. I was lost in the moment, never knowing that I could ever do this on-line, for a total stranger, feeling her eyes upon me, watching me<b> stroke </font></b>myself for her. A small pearl of my essence found its way to the tip of my cock, and I rubbed it over the head making it glisten in the dim light of the monitor. Tightening my grasp, I stared again at the dialogue box....this time she had typed a smiley face and a single word....."more?". My hand grasped and stroked my cockshaft harder, I found myself moaning softly as my pleasure built and intensified. My hips rose and feel with each tug on my cock, and I felt like at any second I could tumble over the edge and lose complete control. I imagined her eyes watching me, wide and excited...perhaps she was joining me in this intimate moment, her fingertips equally busy, her moans carrying softly as she felt herself tense. The thoughts drove me wild with passion, and I waited and waited for a response from her...anything...anything at all..then suddenly, I felt a deep intense spasm wash over me, and gasping aloud I felt myself release and spill my ropey white load over my hand and trousers. Another spasm, and a second volley of my satiny seed spurted and landed on my thigh. I was breathless at the sensation, and found yet a third spasm rocking me. I hadn't had that kind of orgasm in ages. My head was spinning, and I felt so totally at peace when it was over.When I finally glanced over at the monitor, I caught her final words .. "Good Boy! "...and another smiley face, and she was gone. I never did get her name ......

forbiddennnfruit 40F  
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1/2/2020 11:29 pm

Very erotic... I’ve thought about possibly venturing into that little world myself so I really enjoyed reading about your experience... thank you for sharing

Knight_Skye29 replies on 1/2/2020 11:34 pm:
if you are considering venturing... let's talk

author51 57F  
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12/29/2019 11:49 pm

Oh that is so erotic.I do not watch cams anymore but have in the past and loved watching along with enticing a man to stroke and cum for me..Good for you for doing it......

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

Knight_Skye29 replies on 12/30/2019 10:11 pm:
Love your new pic... mnnnnnn... easy to see how you could entice a man...

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