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I Am So Not A Farmer.......  

KtMnDu 67M
7177 posts
7/29/2017 8:59 pm
I Am So Not A Farmer.......

Where I live there are a lot of farms.....and ranches......and those animals which are found on these places......

It is all new to me, and I have none of these creatures, nor do I know what is involved in keeping these animals alive and healthy.....

In town here....Yelm Washington.....there is the Yelm Feed and Pet store.....the tag line here is "The Poop Starts Here"......and they got it all......all the mechanical stuff like fence posts, well pumps, rabbit pens, chicken hutches, horseshoes, and the like....and then all the feed and food products needed to keep your goat herd healthy......

I was in there the other day, and came across Poultry Nipples.....and I thought, wait, chickens got nipples?........

Turns out Poultry Nipples are little valves which one uses to make water feeders for their fowl.......

KtMnDu 67M
6216 posts
7/29/2017 9:01 pm

Note that these are for Adult Birds only......

bulehyatt 61M  
1688 posts
7/30/2017 12:22 am

I was in there the other day, and came across Poultry Nipples.....and I thought, wait, chickens got nipples?

One of the more interesting business-cases in a long-ago marketing class was about contact-lenses for chickens. For real!

It turns out that - for chickens - lenses are used to distort/blur rather than to enhance their vision. The term "pecking order" is a description of what chickens often do to each other to establish dominance. The outcome can be - at worst - fatal for the pecked hens. Even at best, the pecking traumatizes to the point where their egg-laying is affected.

I'm no farmer myself - all I know was from that case-study - but evidently one way to stop chickens from pecking each other is to cut off the sharp part of their beaks . . . which is both cruel and also traumatizing to the hens - duh!

So when a chicken farmer realized that chickens with cataracts . . . eye-conditions that distort/limit their vision . . . ate less, fought less and generally caused less problems in the hen house . . . the idea was born to - on-purpose - distort the hens' vision using red-tinted lenses. Something about the color red in their field of vision further reduces aggression. Go figure . . . smile.

If that teaser provokes your interest do a search on "optical distortion" and "contact lenses for chickens". Bizarre but true . . . a classic business-school case-study in new-product introduction.

Better still . . . since lens-wearing hens still have their beaks . . . they oughta still be able to use poultry-nipples. The magic of cross-selling - grin . . .

seems6666 49F
3901 posts
7/30/2017 5:48 am

I would stick to pussy's

LiveLifeDoU 65F  
2204 posts
7/30/2017 10:52 am

Professional, farm grade nipples....hmmmm think there's a sexy story that could be had there lol and not to do with farm animals either

wickedeasy 70F  
32438 posts
7/30/2017 1:50 pm

chickens are not pleasant. cows are pleasant and they have nipples. but ever so stupid. horses are smarter but they are not docile like cows. goats? meh.
sheep, smarter than cows, nipples and can be raised to be friendly.

don't even get me started on turkeys.

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