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KtMnDu 68M
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8/23/2013 5:06 am

I stood behind her, moved her hair off to the side and softly kissed the back of her neck, along the top of her shoulder, and then onto her upper arm. My hands slid across her stomach, over her navel and then up under her breasts, She arched her back a bit as her hips pushed back against me, Soft, little kisses behind her ear, the smell of her was most stimulating. My tongue traced the edges of her ear, and then I took her ear lobe into my mouth. Her hands reached behind her and found my hips......her fingers spread wide as she held me to her. She could feel my arousal against the cheeks of her ass, my erection quite obvious to her, and to me. My hands cupped her breasts now, her nipples, firm and erect, between my fingers. My tongue traced the side of her neck as she sighed softly, her hips moving slow against me, my own motions in time with hers........

She leaned forward and spread her hands wide on the tables edge. My hands went to her hips, and then across the smooth shape of her ass. I leaned in and kissed her between her shoulder blades, then down the center of her back.....soft kisses, my tongue playing. She rolled her hips gently as I kissed between the cheeks of her ass, my hands squeezing her against my face.

Again I leaned in, my hands around her, finding her breasts. Holding her against me, my chest and stomach against her, my cock nestled nicely between those cheeks as I again kissed the back of her neck. I leaned back a bit, paused, and took it all in........her hair off to one side, her shoulders, the shape of her back as it flows into her hips, my erect cock lying between her cheeks.......she spread her legs a little, tempting me, knowing the effect it would have on me……….

There was a deliberateness to it, a slow, methodical dance between us. We had known each other for a few months, and our times together had evolved into this connection, this understanding along with a realization of what this all meant. How we could come together, and with a focused desire to please the other, to cater to all that they desire, that in turn, our own needs would be met, and together, we would experience a level of stimulation and arousal that only we would know. It was all available for us, perhaps even beyond that which we could imagine. Every time we got together in this way, we reached a bit more, lost ourselves in each other a bit further, and the connection became deeper and stronger.

Why had we not found this before? There had been other relationships, but over time they seemed to change, to evolve in ways unexpected. The changes were subtle over time, but the closeness slipped away. Everyone changes in some ways over time, and perhaps now, we had learned to approach these relationships in a different way....we came to understand better what really matters. Then again, maybe it just took a certain amount of time to find each other. Looking back, I was most appreciative that she had put herself out there for me to find.......and that our lives had intersected when they did.

She reached under and back, her fingers slid over the closely trimmed bit of pubic hair, and then over the lips of her pussy. Her back arched as she touched herself, her fingers slipping over her moist lips, then making small circles around her clit. I leaned back and watched as she played. I moved the head of my cock against her fingers, and she reached back, a finger on either side of my cock. As I slipped into her, she moaned softly, as did I.......that first moment is exquisite....

My fingers were spread wide across her cheeks, squeezing softly as I stroked into her, my motions slow, but firm. I look down and watch as my cock draws back out of her, and then slides back in……that image will stay with me long after this moment. She rolls her hips in time with my strokes, and we find that rhythm………that pace that will take us there. I put my head back and savor the feelings………I focus on the sensations down below………and then I am there. I plunge hard now, deep into her as I cum. The intensity of it all overwhelms me as I ram my cock hard and deep. She gasps on each deep stroke, and then cums herself………her body spasms are clear to me as I hold her ass, squeezing the flesh there. I move my hands along the narrow part of her waist, my thumbs towards the small of her back and hold her to me as my cock stays deep inside of her…………this moment is ours and ours alone……..

And then there is the calm………that peaceful, quiet appreciation………how so very good we are together………………

CampoGirl 54F  
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9/3/2013 6:35 am

Very nicely written, a pleasure to read.

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KtMnDu replies on 9/3/2013 5:31 pm:
Thanks CampoGirl for the comment.........I enjoy the writing, and it is always good to hear that someone else enjoyed it too......

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