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She Is Smart Like That.....  

KtMnDu 68M
7197 posts
11/19/2016 8:45 pm
She Is Smart Like That.....

She comes to me all the time, and yet, there are these gaps….because there is this distance, those Life things get in the way…..like the laundromat….I spent an hour or so there, and She wasn’t there….She is smart like that…..

We talked earlier….well, we “texted”….does that count?.....jeeze, I hope so….there are times when we reaffirm our “oneness”…our desire to be as One…..it is there in very real way, and yet, given the distance, we stay after it….it’s important, and the dialog keeps us close…..She is smart like that…..

I have a fire going here in my Fort…..it has been a little chilly….and there is always the rain, though I kind of like that….it is spotty enough that you can get out and about….and when it gets serious, I got this really great space that Brad put together….I am really fortunate that I came along at the right time to get into here…..

She comes to me all the time here…..I stand out in the trees, and watch that river roll on…..and look forward to when She and I can be as One….you know, like together, in the same space, at the same time, over time….it is important, and we stay after it…..

So I sit here with the fire….comfy, but it’s just me….and She comes to me….She has that look….Her whole face is so expressive….Her eyes lead me on….She knows me, and She takes me there…..

She is smart like that…..

KtMnDu 68M
6214 posts
11/19/2016 8:46 pm

I got cookies too.....

nicelipss66 44F
23707 posts
11/19/2016 8:57 pm

I think her cookie taste good to you cause you sound hook to me

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pocogato12 68F  
34196 posts
11/20/2016 7:26 am

I love how you have expressed it. Smart man, cookie lover

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wickedeasy 70F  
32406 posts
11/20/2016 7:51 am


You cannot conceive the many without the one.

KItkat1415 58F  
19980 posts
11/20/2016 4:57 pm

And I wonder... why can't I be smart like that?
I'm laughing at myself, you know...

Rained here a little bit in solidarity, I guess.

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