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Space.....The Final Frontier.....  

KtMnDu 67M
7177 posts
8/12/2018 11:27 am
Space.....The Final Frontier.....

Whitey On The Moon

A rat done bit my sister Nell.
(with Whitey on the moon)
Her face and arms began to swell.
(and Whitey’s on the moon)

I can’t pay no doctor bill.
(but Whitey’s on the moon)
Ten years from now I’ll be payin’ still.
(while Whitey’s on the moon)

The man jus’ upped my rent las’ night.
(’cause Whitey’s on the moon)
No hot water, no toilets, no lights.
(but Whitey’s on the moon)

I wonder why he’s uppi’ me?
(’cause Whitey’s on the moon?)
I was already payin’ ‘im fifty a week.
(with Whitey on the moon)
Taxes takin’ my whole damn check,
Junkies makin’ me a nervous wreck,
The price of food is goin’ up,

An’ as if all that shit wasn’t enough
A rat done bit my sister Nell.
(with Whitey on the moon)
Her face an’ arm began to swell.
(but Whitey’s on the moon)

Was all that money I made las’ year
(for Whitey on the moon?)
How come there ain’t no money here?
(Hm! Whitey’s on the moon)
Y’know I jus’ ’bout had my fill
(of Whitey on the moon)
I think I’ll sen’ these doctor bills,
Airmail special
(to Whitey on the moon)

Gil Scott-Heron

KtMnDu 67M
6216 posts
8/12/2018 11:33 am

Somehow, we need to adjust our priorities.......

I got it!.....Let's get out the vote!......

lov2showit 68M  
76 posts
8/12/2018 11:33 am

Ha ha ha dead on!! Love it!

CleavageFan4U 63M  
62067 posts
8/12/2018 12:06 pm

Around here, the election that really counts has just passed - the primary - since there is little likelihood of truly contested general election.

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Patti_Kake 42F
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8/12/2018 3:09 pm



Come and visit me on my Blog, "Patti's (Blog) Page"Patti_Kake

wickedeasy 70F  
32438 posts
8/13/2018 1:12 pm

best check to see if you're registered. I found out moving to my own apartment, unregistered me. smh.

mybe the spaceforce culled me.

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