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With A Middle Name Like  

KtMnDu 68M
7200 posts
12/9/2016 9:42 pm
With A Middle Name Like

The Seattle Times tells me:

The man accused of driving the wrong way down Interstate 5 in Seattle on Wednesday evening, hitting nine cars, told state troopers that he had smoked methamphetamine and “thought he was part of ‘Fast and Furious,’ ” according to court documents.

Stephen Thrash Brant, 22, of Greenbank, Island County, made his first court appearance Friday, at which a King County judge found probable cause to keep him in custody based on statements from the Washington State Patrol.

“The defendant stated that he had smoked meth and thought that he was part of ‘Fast and Furious,’ ” a state trooper wrote in court documents, apparently referring to the septet of street-racing movies and their associated video games. “He told me that he had set the record for the farthest distance and most damage for the game.”

Brant was ordered held in lieu of $1 million bail for investigation of attempted robbery, driving under the influence, trespassing, resisting arrest and nine counts of hit-and-run.

No one was injured Wednesday when Brant allegedly drove a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria the wrong way down I-5 near Georgetown, careening off vehicles before driving the wrong way off an exit ramp. He then, according to authorities, abandoned his car, jumped on the hoods of two other cars, entered one of the cars and wrestled the driver in an apparent attempt to steal the car.

After a struggle, the other driver fled the car, taking the keys with him, the State Patrol said. When Seattle police arrived, Brant was in the driver’s seat attempting to drive that car, police said.

Officers got Brant on the ground, where he “was yelling that he wanted his dad to help him,” police said in court documents.

He displayed drastic mood swings, was sweating profusely and was talking extremely fast and repetitively, police said.

He allegedly told police that he had not slept in three days and that he regularly uses heroin, meth, ecstasy and cocaine and has been a “dope fiend” since age 15, the documents say. After he was arrested, authorities took him to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

“The defendant stated multiple times that I was going to kill him and he also stated that he had two bullet holes in his head,” a trooper said.

Ah, the of today......

KtMnDu 68M
6213 posts
12/9/2016 9:47 pm

"a King County judge found probable cause to keep him in custody".......Ya think?.....

nosexnu 60M
101 posts
12/9/2016 11:34 pm

Lets see since he has a lot of charges looks like plea bargain time. In my state NO Fault would make all those cars he hit be responsible for themselves. Then all charges but a minor one would be dropped if he plead guilty. Maybe a year which would mean 6 mo. credit for time served which do to overcrowding he may also get credit for 3 days for every 1 he serves and don't forget credit for time already served.
Isn't this a great country. Now let's pay also for his drug treatment.

maggeemay 52F
320 posts
12/10/2016 2:40 am

Sounds like an average Wednesday night in Seattle. Things really get interesting Saturday night.

pocogato12 68F  
34304 posts
12/10/2016 5:10 am

Throw the key away and lock him up. I live in a "fault" place so those other driver might as well go get him- not gonna happen

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wickedeasy 70F  
32408 posts
12/10/2016 10:22 am


and they're worried about weed?

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

tickles4us 58M
7175 posts
12/11/2016 9:39 pm

We had a guy do something like that here in Vermont on I89. He was driving the wrong way in a toyota tacoma and ran head on into a car with five teenagers. The car was on fire and the police were trying to help the teenagers when the guy jumped into the police cruiser and took off. He went down the interstate for a ways then turned around and headed back toward the scene of the accident. He came flying into view of the police officer going about 100 miles an hour and slammed into the rear of the toyota he had been driving without having used the brakes and spun around crashing into several other cars at the scene. He was thrown from the cruiser and tried to escape when the medical personnel were trying to help him. All five of the teenagers in the car he hit died at the scene. Several other people were injured as he crashed into seven other vehicles while driving the police cruiser.

I'd say he was trying to kill himself what do you think? Plenty of ledges he could have run into to do himself in with out hurting anyone else.

He was shown to have been at the local medical center several times early that day apparently trying to get mental health help, or at least he was referred to the Howard center which handles mental health issues and substance abuse issues. He has a history of domestic assault and DUI.

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