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KtMnDu 68M
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8/16/2013 5:36 pm

It’s all about the yearning.........how we long to find that partner who we are so in sync with, that soul mate……that “ one”.......that when found, would make all things right. I suspect that most of us believe that they are out there, though the probability of crossing paths with them may be highly improbable. Even so, I think we all consider the possibility every so often in our lives, some more than others, obviously, and may make a concerted effort to find that partner in life.

The internet has made it easy to reach out to large numbers of people, for whatever reasons, and as such, the proliferation of dating sites feed this, and provide an outlet to actively, in real time, to reach out and make ourselves known to others.

And then there are sites such as AdultFriendFinder, which allow members with a particular focus or interest area, to seek out other like-minded people. But even here, with its’ orientation toward the physical, sexual side of things, there are many who ponder the thought of finding that “one” who completes them. And while considering that possibility, I suspect that they are not holding their breath in anticipation. But still, that thought, that possibility, lingers in their mind.

We’ve all come here for our own reasons, but I consider AdultFriendFinder primarily a site for the “alternative”, “swinger” lifestyle……those who are seeking multiple sexual partners of all kinds, in a variety of situations……..thus the large number of couples seeking other couples and select singles allowing them to pursue their desires in those ways. But there is also the large number of single members who don’t want or need a relationship beyond the occasional sexual encounter. But beyond those, there are a great number of members seeking that “one”………some come right out and say it, but most imply it in their profile, slipping in their strong sexual desires as an aside, but their real focus is the whole deal, that one life partner who will bring it all around.

It’s a worthy activity, listening to those yearnings and reaching out in the off-chance that something will come from it. Imagine, that after honestly laying one’s self out there, that those paths cross, and what may have once been improbable is now possible, or even within reach?

Our minds deal with all our day to day stuff, overwhelming at times, and yet we hang on to a few things, way In the back………our dreams are there, as are our fantasies……and then in the corner, there is the thought that there is someone out there, that "one" person, that together, we would make all things right……….

KtMnDu 68M
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8/20/2013 7:10 pm

Mcsnert....thanks for the comment....but this really jumped out for me:

"shelved any judgement while seeking the smiles and insights and adventures".......

One could live their whole life by those words, and be giantly happy....


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