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Date with Grandma  

LAGirl00 20F
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5/5/2020 9:56 pm
Date with Grandma

I'm not much of a storyteller, but I'd like to relay a firsthand account of the most intense sexual experience I've ever had.
To preface, this story includes my new Grandma of which I'm still currently seeing. At this time, this was our second date, our first date being a 3way with my Grandma and her friend.

My Grandma is a tall, heavyset woman, and her friend is also quite tall, but with an avg body for her age (I think she's in her mid-60s). I guess we can call her friend "Deborah". Though Deborah isn't a real BBW, she makes up for it with an exceptionally long and thick tongue. Like, when she kisses me, it fills my mouth and goes halfway down my throat!
Our first date was amazing as well, and maybe I'll tell the full story of that one in another post, but for now, I'll just say, It was a great time with the three of us.


I've been looking forward to another long and lustful night of getting ravaged by my two Grandmas for the past few days. Then comes the day, and the first thing in the morning, I get a call from Grandma informing me that Deborah won't be able to make it.

I'm a little disappointed by the news, but still excited as now I can experience an intimate evening with Grandma, just me and her.
I begin thinking about what I'm going to wear, as my Grandma loves cute and sexy attire. I know she hates underwear, and at this point not sure how she feels about bras, so I play it safe and decide to go full commando.
I put together a cute easter green mesh skirt, a matching mesh scarf (kind of a flight-attendant style one that I had to cut out myself), then some frilly socks with Tbar shoes, and a shortsleeve white blouse. I also had my hair pulled up using barrettes with a pho-orchid as a finishing touch. Pretty much the cutest thing ever!

After waiting around all day, it's now 7:30 and getting dark. My phone rings. It's Grandma and she's ready for me to come over...

I pull up to her garage, make my way to the front door and knock. The door opens and there stands Grandma. She immediately gasped and put her hand over her mouth.
"Oh my goodness- So precious! Just look at you..."

She led me inside and sat me on the couch and could see I was nervous.
"Don't worry sweety, we have the whole night ahead of us. Let's just relax and get to know each other"
She pulled out what looked like a joint.
"Do you partake?"
I usually don't, but what the hell, maybe this will settle me down a little as well as make things a litte more fun.
So I went ahead and 'partook'. This was probably like the 6th or 7th time I've ever smoked pot, and dang was I a lightweight. Everything felt dreamy and sounded 'tunnelly'. Kind of hard to describe, but anyway we ended up just talking for what felt like a blur of hours.
After completely losing track of time, Grandma draws the conversation to a close-
"I'm going to go upstairs to take a shower. Feel free to make yourself at home in the meantime."
She softly touches my cheek, smiles and heads upstairs.
I could hear her turn on the shower, and at that moment I went from being in a light jovial mood of friendly conversation, straight into realizing why I was there in the first place. I suddenly became overrun with lust and excitement to the point of nausea thinking about what was to come after she got out of that shower.

I followed the sound of the shower up the stairs, down the hallway, and into her bedroom where the bathroom was connected. I plopped down on the bed and couldn't help unbuttoning my blouse and rubbing and fingering myself. All I could think of was Grandma making passionate love to me. Kissing me, carressing me.... defiling me...
After some time, I could hear the shower turn off. I became even more excited. I kept rubbing my pussy softly and slowly, trying to keep my moaning to a minimum. I kept my eyes closed for as long as I could as it made me feel even more vulnerable knowing she'd be somewhere in the room with me, watching, but not knowing where exactly.

I could hear the bathroom door crack open, I slid my left arm up grabbing a post on the headboard, fingering myself with the other, softly writhing in ecstasy on her bed. Just hoping Grandma would appreciate my presentation for her. I couldn't help but peek between my eyelids at her standing over me in a short satin robe. I squeezed my eyes shut again and turned my head away, continuing to finger myself and breathe heavily. I felt the bed sink as she knelt on the bed next to me. Then I felt two hands slide between my arms and torso, lifting me... for a long anticipated and deep kiss. I was now hers completely....

After some time of tender kissing and foreplay, she stands me up, slides off my blouse and walks me over near the closet where she finds a ribbon sash and proceeds to tie my wrists together.
"Now I'm going to make you into my own cute little necklace" as she starts to circle behind me.
I hadn't the slightest idea what she was talking about.
"Necklace?" I ask, as I feel her breasts push up against my shoulderblades.
She grabs both of my forearms and starts pulling them above my head, then over my head, back, until finally
looping them around her neck.
I'm literally forced to the tips of my toes as she stands fully erect, her heaving breasts and belly pushing against my back forcing my torso to arch. She then starts pulling me backwards towards the bed, and lays me down on top of her.
Never have I been in a more vulnerable position in all my life. Wrists bound, arms looped around Grandma's neck with no escape, my breasts fully exposed to the cool air, with her hands free to do as they please....
She then proceeds to nibble and kiss on my ear and tease and tickle my ribcage, slowly making her way to the underside of my breasts. I can't even speak. All I can do is let out short interrupted breaths and whimpers.
As she cups my breasts she whispers into my ear, "I have a big surprise for you, my darling".
Suddenly the door to her room starts to open.
I knew exactly at that moment who it was on the other side. My breathing had completely seized....
There I waited, in complete disbelief, motionless, as the door creaked open.
Then, in walks Deborah, slowly making her way toward me with an evil and seductive smile.
I was overrun with emotion. Excitement, fear, but most of all pure lust. I was breathing uncontrollably, my heart was ready to jump out my chest... I almost felt I was going to cry out of excitement and lust.

The sounds of my pleaing moans interrupted by my own throat intermittently swallowing, turned both of them on even more. Deborah leaned down and rest my scarf under her fingertips.
"Well isn't this precious....?", Deborah continued, "You know, you've made a big mistake wearing such a seductive outfit in my presence."
I continue to whimper and moan uncontrollably as she rests her hand on my stomach, rubbing it softly.
"Oh poor little baby. No place to go.... I think you need a kiss from Auntie Deborah"
She sticks out her tongue as she lowers her head toward mine. I'm breathing so hard, I wouldn't even be able to shut my mouth if I wanted to.
She lets out a gutteral moan as her tongue completely fills my mouth to the back of my throat.
Her tongue moves and writhes like a snake. In an out of my throat, blocking and unblocking my airway. Both Deborah and Grandma respoponding subtly with delight to my muffled whimpers.

She withdraws for a bit when i feel Grandma's hand turn my head back so she can have her turn at ravaging my mouth.
Deborah then starts kissing my armpits and ribcage. She the moves on to my neck, then my sternum, followed by my breasts. Then I feel her tongue slide slowly from my chest down to my belly button where she begins to seemingly try to attempt penetrating it. She then circles around front of both of us.... I already know what this means....
I can feel her hands come to a rest on the tops of both my thighs, daintily lifting up my skirt to expose my freshly groomed chaplin pussy.
"Ohhhh, what do we have here?" I can hear Deborah say as Grandma is still hungrily delving her tongue into my mouth. "I'm sure you had your Grandma in mind as you were trimming your cute little pussy didn't you?"
I feel her lips on my inner thigh as she starts to lay down soft kisses. So very slowly moving her way to my pelvic region. I'm almost screaming into Grandma's mouth at this point, but she won't pull back as she is obviously taking great pleasure in devouring my cries of lust. Smothering them with her own gutteral moans....
Deborah continues kissing my inner thigh, then moves down and over to my other thigh. With her head making all of the movement, she sticks out her limp tongue and slowly makes her way up again. Slowly inching forward... her head pulling her tongue that feels like a slimy piece of limp meat... forward four inches.. then back 2 inches...dragging her tongue behind....all the time getting closer and closer. I feel as if I'm going to burst before she even arrives at her destination. I'm almost blacking out as I've already been at the point of no return for longer than I ever have. At that point I feel her mouth completely surround my pussy then feel the tip of her tongue prod at the entrance...

profcoquin27bis 55M
3090 posts
5/6/2020 6:05 am

fantastic first text, please the next

SingleItalianGy2 48M  
937 posts
5/6/2020 7:41 am

Hi and welcome,

Thank you for sharing this post. Reeled me right in like a fish. Look forward to reading more.

Thanks...... SIG

Lovemilfscougars 37M
34 posts
5/6/2020 9:56 am

this was one of the best blogs i,ve read on here. thank you.

looking2cumwthu 55M
211 posts
5/17/2020 4:34 am

ur grandma and her friend are hot

Trapper69 63G  
2517 posts
5/21/2020 1:41 am

Reading about your experience with your Grandma and her friend Deborah brought back memories of my very special niece. She would come to my house often during the summer to use my pool. I came home early one day, and found her entertaining two older widows (sisters) who lived a mile up the road. Not wanting to spoil the moment, I left them alone. After the widows left, I joined her on the patio. She asked if I was OK with what had happened. I assured her I was, and asked how she'd met them. She said that they often ate dinner at the restaurant where she worked, and they invited her to their home several months before. When she stopped by one day, they seduced her. She was 19, they were in their 60s. She told me that she visited them about once a week, and loved what they shared.

rdy_2_plz_ 21M
4 posts
5/30/2020 1:39 am

Cant wait for more grandma stories!

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