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Two More Scenarios!!!
Posted:Sep 10, 2018 6:02 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2018 4:40 pm

I’ve had some fun so far and I wanted to add some new scenarios! Also, I just want to emphasize that keeping myself healthy (so I can continue being a slut) is of topmost importance. I am open to meeting people who may have an STI...As long as they are upfront about it so we can use the appropriate/necessary safe sex techniques (and then when whatever clears up and you get tested, I will feel so much more safe with you and NOT using unnecessary barriers). Unless you have an extremely recent verifiable STI screen, I will always use condoms with anal and if there is any concern, I might use condoms with oral as well (don’t worry, my condom-blowjobs will knock your socks off! ) In general, I appreciate people being totally upfront about the risks they take...And I’ve noticed that men tend to not have an issue bragging about past ‘conquests’ so it shouldn’t be too hard haha.

7. GangBang Member (Anyone who has no issue being around and [in the process of the gangbang] touching other naked men)

I have absolutely always wanted to have a big gangbang focused on me (and possibly another girl) but coordinating the logistics and staying safe proved to be incredibly tricky and it hasn’t happened yet. However, I have recently met someone interested in throwing me a gangbang, providing the hotel, and keeping me safe, so I am now looking for people who would be interested in joining that whenever it ends up happening (and hopefully it might happen more than once!). I am open to people of any age, race, gender, etc. The main requirements are that even if you can be rough and firm (in a hot way), you can always be respectful of the people around you and have no problem (such as homophobia) in being around other naked men trying to fuck the same (trans) girl.

8. A Real Friend (long term, men age 20-40 who would have no issue introducing their friends to a friend who is a trans girl)

Since I came out 4+ years ago, I have lost the majority of my male friends (most of whom live in the south), and I have found myself missing male friendship. If one exists, I am looking for a young (20-40) guy who is sex positive, pro-trans (and ideally a tiny bit educated about it) and who would be proud to have a (token) trans friend to introduce to other friends! I often find it easier to trust guys looking for friendship than for something more...and if I feel comfortable with you, as a friend, I would LOVE to periodically suck you off, totally platonically And in my fantasy, you then also introduce me to your guy friends at a party (any type of party!: frat, chill, roleplay gaming, play, dinner, etc.) where I can suck them off (either in the central area or a back room).I feel pretty neutral to sports, but am happy to go to game parties if there are lots of horny guys
(If you are interested in number 8, keep reading!)
I think what I miss most about my old guy friends was hanging out and playing video games. We’d have N64. Gamecube, PS2, Xbox350, and LAN parties where we’d play strategy games like StartCraft and Empire Earth. I don’t even have any recent consoles anymore. I’d love to meet a cool guy who would want to invite me over and chill playing video games. If one of us gets horny (or if I lose or something), I can give you a BJ, but otherwise, we are just being friends playing games! Anyone interested in being my friend, my interests (in no particular order) are software engineering (python is my fav), Music (composition, performance, and pre-historic study). Sewing/Design, Feminism and Gender Identity Problems, reading, comedy, Supporting any and all disenfranchised groups, video games, pizza, crafting, fixing things, and a bit of art in a lot of different media.
What I am looking for from Single Men:
Posted:Aug 27, 2018 4:43 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2018 6:06 pm

Right now, the following fantasies/situations are the only contexts where I am looking for single men. If you message me, please tell me which situation number(s) you are interested and we can go from there! If you don’t include any info on which situation you are interested in, I’ll assume you haven’t read this and aren’t a serious candidate for someone I’d actually meet!

1. Daddy Dom (long term, men over 40)
I am looking for a real long-term daddy dom. I’m particularly looking for someone older (over 40) who will treat me like a true princess in public and your personal slut when we are in private. I am a well-educated woman, so I need a guy who admires and respects my strengths and intelligence and doesn’t feel the need to show me up or put me down. I don’t always have the highest self-esteem, but I do know that I should be treated well and want a guy who understands that! I want a guy who enjoys putting his hand on my ass in public and showing me off...but not just because you think I’m pretty. The second we get indoors/into a bathroom/anywhere we can’t be seen, I want to drop to my knees and service you! I want you to take total control of me in private (making sure I’m ok sometimes) and enjoy every inch of your body. In an ideal world, this would also be a sugar daddy situation where you would help support me through an allowance and/or gifts. In general, older (cis) men have a way higher earning potential and can often give gifts to people like me that are really huge for me, but really small for you. That being said, finding a compatible daddy domme is more important to me than getting money from one, so that’s why I really want to focus more on how well we’d get along.

2. Daddy Roleplay (probably short term, men over 40)
I am also looking for an older guy to roleplay family kink where we pretend he is my father or grandfather. I know a lot of people wouldn’t be into so this is ONLY for someone who is already really into this idea. Because I never got to be a girl, I really like to pretend that I am one and go through the same type of sexual explorations that girls do in family porn. In the fantasy, I’d either want to pretend to be a cis girl or a trans girl who started transitioning before puberty. If this what you are interested in, let me know and we can talk more!

3. I service you on Video
I want someone who will come over (or I go to their place) and I service their cock while they record a video of me doing it. I would want to post the video myself, so if you are worried, just don’t include your face in the shot. I am looking for someone who I will drop to my knees for and start servicing (with me doing all the work). As you get into it, I want you to start fucking my throat, potentially laying me down on my back with my head off the bed so you can fuck my throat super deep. I love that! My phone isn’t great, but the camera is ok. If you have a better phone/video camera and if you are any good at shooting video, that would be amazing! But isn’t necessary. Essentially I am looking for someone who wants to fuck a trans girl’s throat and videos it for her!

4. I service you dressed down (someone near Oakland, ideally long-term)
I have been out as a woman full time for years. However, when I go out (or take pics), I pretty much always put on makeup and a wig. Under the wig, my hair is just buzzed short. I usually get all dressed up to suck cock (which I love). I still have tits and everything hormones give! However, I would really love to have a guy who doesn’t care if I don’t get dressed up who wants his cock serviced regularly. I would love to have a guy who comes over to my place regularly (every day?) in order for me to service him and for him to fuck my throat. I would absolutely love to have a regular source of cock/cum that doesn’t require me to spend a bunch of time/energy getting ready for. I want your cock if you don’t care about the length of the hair of the girl suking you off!

5. You service/worship my Clit
I am looking for a guy who just wants to worship and pleasure me. Ideally (like #4) I wouldn’t have to get dressed up, but I am flexible on that. It is very tricky and takes a long time to get me off, so I am really looking for a guy with patience, endurance, and determination...and who can take instructions on what I need from you. I may want to see, play with, or suck your cock to help me get aroused, but I really want the focus to be on my pleasure. If you actually get me to orgasm, I will totally return the favor as a reward, but because it really is quite tricky, I also need you to be ok if I DON’T cum and I don’t return the favor. This is only for someone who is willing/happy to serve me with whatever I want!

6. I service my boss’s cock
I know this isn’t super realistic, but I have ALWAYS wanted to work somewhere where I could suck off my boss on a daily basis. I am a trained software engineer (and am happy to show off my skills), so if you happen to be in a position to hire someone like me, let me know! I would love to be your subservient, cock-sucking slut!

With pretty much all of these, if I am really into it, I might be down for you to fuck my ass. However, my mouth is pretty much ALWAYS ready to be fucked hard while sometimes my ass just needs some tender care.

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