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Double the fun
Posted:Jan 29, 2021 10:19 am
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2021 12:49 pm

one point in my life in my late 30's I was living near University of Hawaii campus. I had an afternoon part time gig at a local college bar. The tips were great because these white boys from of state loved brown skin women like myself. One late afternoon was a table of 5 men having fun as their semester had just ended. They were on life and pretty sloshed on beer. I had cut them off as I didn't want anyone puking in the booth. One guy was totally smashed so two of his friends carried him back to the dorm. The 2 remaining boys both from the south AR and MS were left and asked if my skin color was all the way brown without tan lines. I smiled and said 'oh you want to show you my tits' eh? The guy from MS said 'dude, that's not polite' why you would say that is beyond . Sorry Mam, but be the beer. Mr MS says I have to go , be right back, then we can leave. Mr AR said 'well what if I do want to see them?' I can lose Charlie easy enough, he's kinda a wet blanket anyway. I leaned down and my top was low cut enough for him to get a good luck at my cleavage and I whispered, 'is he the shy type'? Mr AR said shy doesn't begin to explain it, he's kind of the clumsy sort. Too bad cause he's pretty tall with a good athletic body, but he's more into academics than sports.

A few minutes later the friend Charlie returns and said ok Robby we can go now. Sorry again man. Then Mr AR says, change of plans you go ahead and go, going to stick around a bit longer. Charlie looked perplexed 'what do you mean?" then I said no actually about to finish my shift and would love if you BOTH could accompany across to my place. I would love to know about where you guys come from and what your studies are about. Including the shy Charlie put a smile on his .

We walked the 5 minutes to my 2 bedroom condo. I turned on some Hawaiian music and took a couple of beers . Robby was totally aroused and it was hard to not see the lump in his jeans. Charlie on the other hand was super polite and said he loved Hawaiian culture. After a little chit Robby asked if I could dance the hula. Of course I can, you can't be from Hawaii and not know. So I said here is the way it was done before the missionaries came and threw sacks on our people. I selected a sultry Hawaiian chant and removed my shirt and bra. I danced and hitched my hips using my knees to sway. Now I had 2 hard cocks on my futon. Charlie's was slightly larger. I kept dancing and as the next song came on I stripped of my skirt. Now they could see I was completely brown with no tan lines. Charlie whistled low 'holy shit mam' I weren't expecting you to do that! I danced closer to him and caressed his . These guys were in their still 19 the most. Then Robby popped up and took my hand and said what you did as he placed my hand on his hard cock. I smiled and took Charlies hand and took his middle finger and inserted into my cunt which was slippery. I said well Charlie at what your erection did . Fellas I think we have a dilemma that needs be rectified. Remove your clothes and follow .

We all laid on my bed with going back and forth on each cock. Charlie was longer than his buddy. He was flushed too probably a combo of the beer and shyness. Robby asked to lick , I agreed because it left to have this nice long cock in my mouth. Charlie was moaning and asked Robby was it good licking . I never did that before. Robby made a wise crack, dude you're such a wuss sometimes. Get down here and get some. He did and Charlie tentatively put his tongue in me with Robby giving instructions. Once Charlie got into it he was a beast burying his in my bush. Robby was more experienced and knelt in front of my giving his thick cock. He made up in girth where Charlie was in length. I asked Charlie to enter with his cock slowly. He did and his mouth just opened and he whispered 'oh my God' so slippery. He fucked good and when I put my knees on his shoulders Robby got down and started fingering my asshole. It was divine to say the least. I couldn't resist this sensation and had to .

I wanted to try a new position with them so asked Charlie whom I favored to get on his knees and trust . I took some lubricant and started to stroke his long cock while I licked his asshole. first he clenched, until i whispered relax and enjoy it. Meanwhile as I too was on my knees i could feel the tip of Robby's fat cock open up my ass. He spit on it and rubbed it while I was darting my tongue into Charlie. I felt my asshole open up as Robby pushed in. He soon had all of his cock balls deep in me. It was super , pretty soon I felt Charlie start shudder as he exploded his across the room a floor lamp. I laughed, was just I could wipe down. Finally I felt my ass filling up with Robby's and he let a loud grunt like a . We all cleaned up and had another beer. Robby asked his shy friend how he liked licking my cunt. 'Pretty cool huh?' Charlie replied I don't think cool covers the words I felt. It was very intense be inside of a women's birthing hole. was wonderful, the taste, the scent. Then Robby got up and said, 'well time for us go dude' I showed them and gave them each a hug, but whispered Charlie, you come back whenever.

He did return several times a week for the remainder of his semester before returning MS. I taught him so much about giving and receiving oral and even let him do anal. He had be convinced was ok, once he got his cock in he didn't want remove . LOL He was sweet and I know he's making the ladies happy.
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Beggers can't be choosy
Posted:Nov 6, 2020 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2021 9:33 am

So I've been celibate for about a year, that is from side sex as I had a boyfriend I left in Chicago. His visits were not frequent enough keep me satisfied and as we're both sensible people he knew my libido was high and I needed be serviced. I said, I love you but I need a good fuck and it's been 4 months. He chuckled and said, I'm not mad you for that. Do what you need but be safe. So I decided get back out there.

So recently my townhome was being renovated with a new kitchen. I was getting some new hardwood flooring and counter tops. The company was a small family owned business. The contractor was a wiry guy in his early 70's. He looked his age with white hair and goatee, His body however was very trim and he had some muscles to boot! We had a cup of coffee and spoke about the work. Then I said I'll be upstairs as I didn't want to have to smell the product he would use on the counters. He had another older gent working with him as well, He was probably a few years younger and his body was the opposite. He was thick and had a barrel like chest. He reminded me of a grizzly bear as his hair was a burnt red color, beard an all.

While I was upstairs I decided to hop in the shower and as I finished drying off I stepped out of the bathroom and saw Grizzly standing at the top of the stairs. "oh" I squeeked in surprise. 'I'm sorry Mam, we just had a question'. I took a breath and said sure ok, what is it? He explained about the color of the counter wasn't what they ordered and one of them had to go and return it. I said it was ok. So the owner who's name was Jeb left in his truck. Meantime Grizzly or Bobby with the missing tooth came back up and found me trying to get in my panties. He said oh Mam, I keep catching you at the wrong time. But shit your pretty, I love the color of those nipples. I must have blushed because he winked and was also flushed. Not only that he had a huge bulge in his work pants. By then my cunt was dripping with juice as I was horny as heck. I said hey Bobby you look like that's a pretty big cock? He smiled 'oh yes Mam, " and sum. I said can I see? He said sure if you show me yours too. I laid back and split my pussy lips and he just whistled. Then he dropped his zipper and out came the thickest cock I ever saw. It was as big as my arm too. Then he said I'm going to get down and take care of you, you want that right? I just nodded and he got on his knees and pushed my legs up with his arm and delved into my cunt. He kept slipping his tongue in there and making slurpy sounds and moaning how good it was. He made me come almost instantly. Then he started to rub his thick cock against my wetness but didn't penetrate me. I was just about to ask him to fuck me already when I heard my door open and Jeb yelling 'I'm back'. Up here Bobby said. I was like wait, what are you doing. Grizzly just smiled and said oh we do this often.

Jeb comes up and said how wow ain't she purty. 'Mam, I got the right counter and we'll have it done shortly just as soon as we're done pleasing you. So Grizzly got on the floor and completely pulled of his trousers with his inch cock bobbing up in the air. I figured what the hell, this outta be good. So I straddled him while Jeb took out his nice 8" slim cock and let me suck him. I squatted over Bobby and let his thick cock spread my cunt open. I couldn't quite take all inches, but I sure as hell tried. Then Jeb said, Mam why don't you get on your knees over Bobby so I can have a go. I did and soon I felt Jeb's cock enter my ass. Oh wow, it was so intense, my cunt was stuffed with this thick cock and I had a nice slim cock up my asshole. We were heavy at it and I must have cum at least 2 times. Then Grizzly sat up and had me sit on his cock facing away from him. Then my surprise Jeb did the same and presented his ass me. He wanted be rimmed, so with my cunt full of cock I licked Jeb satisfaction. After we were all satisfied, we cleaned up and the guys went back and finished their work.

It was an amazing afternoon with these 2 rednecks. I love a good redneck, especially if he has a coon dog! LOL
Cabana Boy
Posted:Feb 26, 2019 3:04 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2019 2:49 pm
A number of years ago I won an all expenses 4 day trip to Barbados. It was at the Ritz Carlton and came with a $400 room voucher. The other amenities were zip lining, golf, outrigger rides and a full body massage in a private Cabana right on the beach. I'm sure you can guess which activity I chose?

As I entered the Cabana room I could already feel the Caribbean vibe through the kettle drum music and a display of tropical fruits on the table. There was an array of sparkling fruit drinks like papaya, guava, pineapple as well as wine spritzers and sparkling champagne. Being the diva I am I took a flute of champagne from a tall dark skinned man. He smiled showing me his perfectly white teeth and deep dimples. He said his name was Winston. I said 'really? as in Churchill?' He grinned and said 'yes mum, one and the same' He was kinda shy when he asked if I wanted a deep tissue or moderate and would explain the deluxe if I still needed more attention. I said deep tissue isn't my speed so let's go with a moderate and see how it goes. He gave me an extra large towel and stepped out as I disrobed and lay face down with my face in the well.

Winston returned and said 'Ok I will begin with a light touch and then use the oils. Do you have a scent preference? We have, rose petals, gardenia, jasmine, lilac, lily..I stopped him and sent let's go with Jasmine. Starting with my ankles he worked my calves and kneaded them gently. I could feel myself drifting to sleep as the music played and the ocean waves crashed. After what seemed like 15 minutes I felt his hands on my shoulders working towards my buttocks. When he stood next to my head I could see he had large relaxed penis through his sparkling white shorts. He was muscular and I commented on his stature. You must work out a lot I asked, your thighs are incredible! He smiled and said, not really mum. I do play a lot of rugby and do free style swimming in the hotel pool.

He stepped away from the table and selected a bottle of the oil and soon I felt him rubbing my calves again. This time he was further up my thighs with the oil. He was getting very close to my groin area. I felt myself getting aroused and my pussy getting wet. Then he whispered in my ear 'mum would you like the deluxe?' Oh, now I know what he meant. I whispered back, yes please give me the complete deluxe.

Once again he stepped away from the table and removed his watch. As he turned back I noticed his penis was very much bigger and outlined nicely crosswise. He saw that I was ogling his cock and smiled shyly. He asked if I liked what I saw and I nodded. Then he re-positioned his cock and let the tip peek through a little. Wow, it was a very long one! He wasn't wearing shorts shorts, but those long ones so his cock peeking out had to be huge! I put my head back down and felt the towel come off and again felt his hands working my torso. Then he worked on my ass slipping his fingers between my crack. His fingers were slippery with the oil and as my nipples hardened and pussy getting wetter! I felt him pull one of my knees up so as to enter my crack easier. Soon I felt him massaging my clit with his thumb. I though he was going to make me cum until he started rimming my asshole with his other hand. I was so lathered in oil I thought I might slip off the table. I wanted to turn on my back and spread eagle for him. He said 'sorry mum, it is discouraged as is me removing my clothes. What? oh man I wanted Winston to fuck me right now!! lol

Don't worry he smiled, I will take care of mum. Once again he was at the table this time he had a piece of the mango that was sliced lengthwise. He started to run it down my lower back and before I knew it had inserted the fruit in my cunt. With his thumb he continually caressed my anus. He removed the fruit and sucked and ate it up and said' yes Mum, is quite sweet and ready. He slid his long finger into me that one you flip the bird with. It was all the way to his knuckle and he was thrusting quickly in and out all the while rubbing my asshole and slipping in another finger with his other hand! I could barely handle it, with his hard dick in close proximity the oil, the Jasmine scent. ahhhhhhh cumming I managed to say in deep whisper. After a few minutes I felt him with a warm wet washcloth as he cleaned my pussy.

He stepped out as I dressed and noticing his tip jar I slipped in 2 twenty's. Winston returned and asked if I would like a visit tonight? Hello yes of course I would. I started to give my room number but he said I have it on the voucher mum. Can I visit around 9:00? I agreed to the time and returned to my room.

The first thing I did was run a nice warm bubble bath to wash off the oils. Then I took a late afternoon nap and later ordered a fish dinner from room service around 7:00 PM. I tried watching the local TV stations but the girl was anxious looking at the clock. It was finally 8:45 so I slipped on a sexy lingerie with cutouts where the nipples poked out. I could already feel my cunt starting to drip and then I heard a soft knock.

Winston was in some grey Bermuda shorts and a soft white shirt and with his shy smile says 'good evening mum' so polite these islanders are. I gave him a sheepish smile and said I kinda started without you. He gave me a quizzical look. I explained I was quite wet already. He laughed out loud and started to remove his clothes, as I started to do the same he said, please don't. You are quite lovely mum. Now that he was undressed I could see his beautiful cock. Wow, 10" and throbbing with thighs that could crack walnuts. He laid me back and stroked my thighs through the lingerie and he smiled and said yes lovely. Then I felt him part my thighs and put his face under the lingerie as his tongue tasted my wetness. He delved in deeply and made this humming sound in enjoyment. Before long my knees were up as his face was fully engulfed in pussy juice. Wow, I climaxed quickly. He wanted to penetrate me, but I wanted to see and taste his cock and balls.

Starting with his ball sack I suckled them in my mouth then slipped a few inches into my mouth. I took as man inches of him that I could handle. I asked him to kneel in front of me and treated him to a good asshole rim job. He moaned loudly as I licked his ass and stroked his 10". Before long he flipped me over and with his cock smacked my cunt and teased me. Then I got on all fours my go to position for big cocks! Winston didn't need to tease me, he pushed right in and I felt at least 8" of his cock in me! Ahhhhhhh I groaned but he pulled out before I could cum. Then he sat on the settee and had me straddle him. I felt all of his cock deep inside of me to the hilt. I moaned half in ecstacy and part in pain. His thumb was in my asshole as I rode him up and down. He caressed my nipples with his tongue as I popped up and down on his generous erection. His cock was smothered in pussy juices as he slammed deeply in me. Winston was moaning hard and then 1 final thrust as he exploded his hot cum in my walls. He had a big wad and I was drained and could feel his cum slide down my thighs. Would mum like to rest before we go again? yeah mum needs a breather. So once again he cleaned me up then we laid in a spoon fashion with his cock nestled between my butt cheeks. Every so often his cock would stiffen as it got near my asshole, but I knew this wouldn't happen. LOL too much cock. but Winston did pleasure me and left around 1 AM. On my last day he came by my room to say farewell and gave me an oral send off. Great trip!!
Grease Monkey
Posted:Feb 16, 2019 8:23 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2019 3:07 pm
I've been told that when getting an estimate on a car repair the mechanic will probably try to overcharge me. So of course when my little Carmen Ghia needed repairs I was petrified to take it in, but it was either that or blow the engine! This was my pride and joy and was passed down from my dear old Dad. I had to take care of it and pamper it's every whim, sputter or backfire!

I found a place called "International Motors" specializing in foreign cars. The mechanic was German and his name was Helmut Schmidt, and the name went quite well with his accent. I began telling him what I thought was wrong when he turned the ignition and said ''very nice inside' referring to how impeccable my interior was. That made me smile until he said 'not so nice under hood'. Then he says we drive, indicating he wanted me to sit in the passenger seat. I nodded and hopped in next to him. He turned off my radio and said 'music is loud' cannot hear engine! It was an admonishment as if to say of course your car is running crappy you can't hear it over the blaring music! Guilty.

Did I mention Helmut was the typical 6'2 blue eyed blonde German? Totally not my type, I'm more of an olive skin black hair kinda gal. Still his baby blues were stunning and when he smiled he had the slightest dimple. We drove around the neighborhood so he could hear and feel how the car sounded, every so often he would brush my thigh as he shifted gears. His hands and arms were large with long fingers, I imagined his cock would be long too! As we pulled into the bay I was already dreading the estimate! Helmut looked at me, then the car and shaking his head said 'naughty girl'. If he only knew, but he was referring to my neglect to my car! Ok Helmut, give me the! I was prepared to which was for me a lot of ! He tells me it will be ! Eight hundred over budget!! I sighed and said sorry, I can't afford it. I will find another shop. He said no, I will fix the car for you now otherwise you won't have a car. We will work out balance, I will help you. So I agreed of course and thought of many naughty ways to pay it off! I left the car and took a cab home, he said 2 days it would be done.

I finally got the call from Helmut late in the afternoon just before the sun set. He said he would come get me so I could see and hear how it performed. It was the end of August so I was in shorts and a tank top and looking forward to driving with the top down. I waited outside when he pulled up to my drive. Wow, huge difference, couldn't even hear the engine! It was purring like a kitten as it idled. I took the drivers side and headed to his shop. At the shop we settled with the , and as I was putting the receipt in my purse I noticed the garage door was descending and he was erect!

Next thing he was fully exposed with his large 9" pointed at me. I immediately got wet. I will take partial balance today and you will owe me 4 more. I agreed and started to pull off my shorts. Standing in a thong and a tank top he stepped to me and moving the thong to the side of my pussy lips inserted his long finger! Leaning back on the desk he kissed my throat as his fingers slipped in and out of me nicking my clit each time. I was drowning in juices as his tongue was in my mouth and his finger deep in my cunt. One more thrust and I was done, cum was all over his finger as he removed it and licked it clean.

He parted my legs and while on his desk pulled his face into my pussy. My thong was soaked and he sucked it before he put his tongue in my cunt. He kept saying hmm das guten! Then I felt a finger in my asshole as he continued to slurp my pussy. I had his head in my hands and was in ecstacy moaning loudly and he brought me to another orgasm! Wow he was quite good. We moved to his inner office where I saw a small futon. He laid back and guided me to his throbbing cock. Trust me I didn't need any guidance! I first wanted to hold it and squeeze the pre-cum. I started to stroke him feeling the massive size in my hand, I finally wrapped my lips around it and took as many inches of him as I could. He pushed in and out of my mouth while squeezing one of my breasts. I wanted to feel it in me but Helmut was taking his sweet time! Finally I felt him release his spunk down my throat. It went down easy and then he turned me around and had me squat over his still fully erect cock.

Ahh, I could feel my hole spread to accommodate his massive cock. He lifted me up and down wetting his cock with each thrust. He leaned me forward and kept pushing faster and faster. Then he had me on my knees so he could fully penetrate my cunt. He was only preparing me for the 'whole enchalada' aye caramba! it was so fucking big and I ain't gonna lie it hurt! He wasn't pounding me by any ways, he was slowly entering me adding an inch as he continued. With the aid of some lube he had nearby he finally got as much of his cock in me. I had finally stretched open enough for him to glide in and out without any pain, now it was fucking delicious! Now he started a faster pace and rythm and I matched his thrusting! My clit was on fire and before long I exploded with a loud cry and Helmut a very animal grunt. My entire body was soaking with sweat! Mind you my thong was never removed, Helmut finally pulled them off and knelt down for a few more licks to my wet cunt. He took me to his little shower and lathered me up and this time lifted me up on to his pole. We fucked a little more full of lather and then rinsed off. He kept the thong as I dressed and said, 4 more payments and then you're done. 'Or not' I winked.
Posted:Jan 3, 2019 3:12 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:41 pm

I moved into another neighborhood after my divorce in the early 80's. I was a young 32 and horny all the time. One evening a young man came to my door as I was taking a break from un-packing and on my 2nd glass of wine. He was about 18 and was trying to sell items for his senior trip to Lake Tahoe. He had a nice physique tall, and slender, but solid. He was very friendly but a tad shy. We sat together as we went through his booklet and he read the prices from another sheet. It was still warm for late summer in California so I was in a halter top and my Hawaiian baggie shorts so there was a lot of skin showing. He Marty, was also wearing shorts and I could see a visible outline of his dick. I already knew as tall as he was it would be a long one! I noticed he was looking at my tit's through my top. That kinda excited me and made my nipples hard. As I was filling out his order form I noticed he now had quite an erection. So I just said, looks like you have quite the boner there young man! Man did his face turn beet red! I said don't be bashful or embarrassed, would you like get rid of that hardness? He just nodded so taking his hand I guided him to my bedroom.

I asked him to drop his shorts which he did. Wow, nice 9" cock came springing out of his briefs. I knelt in front of him and took as much of him into my mouth, He was hard as a rock and his nuts were nice and compact and I loved sucking his balls. I could tell sex was still new to him so I didn't rush him. I asked if he had licked pussy before and he said just a few times. Do you want to lick mine? I would love to he said. I said ok, but we're doing it differently this time. So I climbed on my bed on all fours and was at the edge of my bed. He knelt down and took me from behind. He licked me deeply and said 'shit this is so hot'. I can see your pink asshole and it is turning me on!! I said you can lick that too if you like. He did and really got into it and brought me to a huge orgasm! Then I told him to enter my pussy slowly in and out. I was delirious to have his long slender cock hitting the hilt of my cunt. I came again and his cock was slippery as hell. I then asked him to enter my asshole and he said 'really'? I said yes please! Oh he was a great fit, hard and slender and he pounded me until he gushed inside me! I was so satisfied, but it was getting late so I had to send him on his way.

3 weeks later he was back to deliver my items and we fucked again only this time I was on my back so I could see his face. I taught him a few positions, knees on his shoulders. squatting on his cock etc. He asked if we could keep having sex regularly while he was still in town. So for 8 1/2 months we fucked a couple times a week until he graduated HS. I traveled over the summer so wasn't around to meet him. I did get back the week he was leaving for college for one last time with him. He was a great young man and a quick learner!
He doesn't bite
Posted:Nov 20, 2018 9:09 am
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2020 3:50 pm
I've had many different experiences in life in my 70 of existence. This one took place in the mid 80's with a neighbor. I had a recent divorce and had just moved into a nice little complex. a very outgoing person so I always take time to introduce myself to my neighbors. The folks next to me were all different, a honeymoon couple on one side an Indian family across and a mechanic on my other side. this point of my life I was ready for a fresh start. The divorce took 4 too long and I was pre-occupied with the well being. Now it was behind , things were starting to get normal again. My now had weekend visits which left to fend for myself. I didn't know any single people because all my friends were married couples, and you know how turns after the dust settles. I wasn't lonely, just alone and bored. I spent too much time my sisters drinking too many margaritas and watching movies. One weekend I decided to just stay home at my place and chill . It was the end of August and the weather was still in Ca. I was sitting outside in front having a corona and then my neighbor the mechanic Jake rolled . He waved and exchanged greetings with . He came back out with his Max and proceeded to let him relieve himself and started his weekly stroll with his dog. By the time he returned the sun was setting and I was finishing my 3rd beer.

Hey, have you noticed any issues driving your car he asked me? I said no why? I just noticed there was an oil slick when you pulled out and you could be losing oil, which in the long run will screw your engine. He offered to take a and I said sure would be great. I said if I order a large pizza will you eat it with ? He only laughed, is a trick question? While I was in the kitchen he had found I had a bad hose and replaced it. The pizza was on the way so he went back to his place to clean and feed Max. When the pizza arrived I just popped next door and he said 'oh cool' in and chill . He had no dining room setup, but he did have a lot of plump cushions on the floor so we sat Indian style and ate pizza and drank more beer. He was very charming and easy to speak to about all kinds of things. After the pizza he asked if I smoked pot, LOL. I laughed and said hey I was around the Vietnam era while you were in ! Mind you I was around 42 and he was not! Leave it ... so he pulled his baggie and we toked . After a bit he said 'wanna fuck'. Caught off guard his straightforward approach. No kissing or touching, just wanna fuck! So I of course replied 'might as well, I got nothing else to do' ha.

Like I said he didn't bother with any deep throat kissing, but he did deep tongue my pussy. I was sopping wet with lust as it had been a long while for to have sex. He was articulate with his tongue, raising my knees he rimmed my asshole and slurped my pussy juices. I never had such a long oral session, he was insatiable. On my knees he licked and down, including my thighs and ankles. My juices were flowing like crazy. He finally let taste his cock and he did not disappoint. A nice hard 9" cock was teasing my mind. I had to have it in so I didn't stay too long on his dick. I got on all fours and let him have it. Oh it was divine! Deep thrusts as his balls slapped against my ass. He teased my asshole too with this knob but didn't enter. He flipped over and went back to licking again and then with my knees on his shoulders he thrust in again- deeper, harder and with force. Before long we were both cumming, although I had cum 3 times prior I came one more time. Then he held me knees in the same position as he pulled his knob and said 'Max-' his came and then proceeded to lick all the in my cunt. first I reacted and he said don't worry 'He doesn't bite'. To say it was exciting is an understatement. It was ! Max really liked his owners , or maybe it was my pussy? Not to mention had a very long tongue and used it everywhere including my asshole. Anyway it was very good and throughout summer Jake and I would indulge frequently with Max as clean !

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