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Double the fun  

Ladyjazz48 73F  
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1/29/2021 10:19 am
Double the fun

one point in my life in my late 30's I was living near University of Hawaii<b> campus. </font></b>I had an afternoon part time gig at a local college bar. The tips were great because these white boys from of state loved brown skin women like myself. One late afternoon was a table of 5 men having fun as their semester had just ended. They were on life and pretty sloshed on beer. I had cut them off as I didn't want anyone puking in the booth. One guy was totally smashed so two of his friends carried him back to the dorm. The 2 remaining boys both from the south AR and MS were left and asked if my skin color was all the way brown without tan lines. I smiled and said 'oh you want to show you my tits' eh? The guy from MS said 'dude, that's not polite' why you would say that is beyond . Sorry Mam, but be the beer. Mr MS says I have to go , be right back, then we can leave. Mr AR said 'well what if I do want to see them?' I can lose Charlie easy enough, he's kinda a wet blanket anyway. I leaned down and my top was low cut enough for him to get a good luck at my cleavage and I whispered, 'is he the shy type'? Mr AR said shy doesn't begin to explain it, he's kind of the clumsy sort. Too bad cause he's pretty tall with a good athletic body, but he's more into academics than sports.

A few minutes later the friend Charlie returns and said ok Robby we can go now. Sorry again man. Then Mr AR says, change of plans you go ahead and go, going to stick around a bit longer. Charlie looked perplexed 'what do you mean?" then I said no actually about to finish my shift and would love if you BOTH could accompany across to my place. I would love to know about where you guys come from and what your studies are about. Including the shy Charlie put a smile on his .

We walked the 5 minutes to my 2 bedroom condo. I turned on some Hawaiian music and took a couple of beers . Robby was totally aroused and it was hard to not see the lump in his jeans. Charlie on the other hand was super polite and said he loved Hawaiian culture. After a little chit Robby asked if I could dance the hula. Of course I can, you can't be from Hawaii and not know. So I said here is the way it was done before the missionaries came and threw sacks on our people. I selected a sultry Hawaiian chant and removed my shirt and bra. I danced and hitched my hips using my knees to sway. Now I had 2 hard cocks on my futon. Charlie's was slightly larger. I kept dancing and as the next song came on I stripped of my skirt. Now they could see I was completely brown with no tan lines. Charlie whistled low 'holy shit mam' I weren't expecting you to do that! I danced closer to him and caressed his . These guys were in their still 19 the most. Then Robby popped up and took my hand and said what you did as he placed my hand on his hard cock. I smiled and took Charlies hand and took his middle finger and inserted into my cunt which was slippery. I said well Charlie at what your erection did . Fellas I think we have a dilemma that needs be rectified. Remove your clothes and follow .

We all laid on my bed with going back and forth on each cock. Charlie was longer than his buddy. He was flushed too probably a combo of the beer and shyness. Robby asked to lick , I agreed because it left to have this nice long cock in my mouth. Charlie was moaning and asked Robby was it good licking . I never did that before. Robby made a wise crack, dude you're such a wuss sometimes. Get down here and get some. He did and Charlie tentatively put his tongue in me with Robby giving instructions. Once Charlie got into it he was a beast burying his in my bush. Robby was more experienced and knelt in front of my giving his thick cock. He made up in girth where Charlie was in length. I asked Charlie to enter with his cock slowly. He did and his mouth just opened and he whispered 'oh my God' so slippery. He fucked good and when I put my knees on his shoulders Robby got down and started fingering my asshole. It was divine to say the least. I couldn't resist this sensation and had to .

I wanted to try a new position with them so asked Charlie whom I favored to get on his knees and trust . I took some lubricant and started to stroke his long cock while I licked his asshole. first he clenched, until i whispered relax and enjoy it. Meanwhile as I too was on my knees i could feel the tip of Robby's fat cock open up my ass. He spit on it and rubbed it while I was darting my tongue into Charlie. I felt my asshole open up as Robby pushed in. He soon had all of his cock balls deep in me. It was super , pretty soon I felt Charlie start shudder as he exploded his across the room a floor lamp. I laughed, was just I could wipe down. Finally I felt my ass filling up with Robby's and he let a loud grunt like a . We all cleaned up and had another beer. Robby asked his shy friend how he liked licking my cunt. 'Pretty cool huh?' Charlie replied I don't think cool covers the words I felt. It was very intense be inside of a women's birthing hole. was wonderful, the taste, the scent. Then Robby got up and said, 'well time for us go dude' I showed them and gave them each a hug, but whispered Charlie, you come back whenever.

He did return several times a week for the remainder of his semester before returning MS. I taught him so much about giving and receiving oral and even let him do anal. He had be convinced was ok, once he got his cock in he didn't want remove . LOL He was sweet and I know he's making the ladies happy.

RobK2006 54M
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1/31/2021 6:07 am

That story made me really hard. I would have loved to be licking your pussy. Watching you dance naked would have given me such a hard-on, my cock would have been aching.

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