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Uncle Kainoa  

Ladyjz1 73F
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2/4/2019 12:32 pm
Uncle Kainoa

While living in Hawaii and my husband was out to sea, an Uncle of his Kainoa came to a family celebration. I hadn't known him much only stories of his bachelor lifestyle. He was 53 and never married or had . There was a<b> wedding </font></b>celebration for one of his niece's that he decided to attend and everyone was so excited to have him there. Kainoa was one of those tall dark exotic Hawaiian's who's age didn't show at all. He was funny and the life of the party and very carefree. He teased the with coin games, talked with the elders while playing cards. He was a good guy if I'm being truthful, but he was still a rascal at heart.

When the luau reception started to wind down and the drunks left in their cars or by foot, Kainoa states, OK who's house am I sleeping at? Some of us were still cleaning up and then an older cousin, stat at Sunny's she's got room. I wasn't too thrilled to have this rascal in my place alone. Like I said there were stories, most involved sexcapades. Some of under age girls, which I later found out is why he left the islands. Apparently he de-flowered a 14 yr old girl when he was in his late 30's and the Father swore to kick his ass and then some if he found him. So he left promptly. But that was over 20 yrs ago surely he's grown up? right? I was 23, I didn't think he would be interested in stirring up trouble. I had to say something so I say 'sure sure, you can stay by me' no problem. I have a futon in a spare room.

So Kainoa and I head back to my place he a little intoxicated but not drunk. Me a little tired because I was involved with the reception and food handling. I needed a shower a joint and my bed in that order! On the ride we chit chatted about nothing in particular, he asked about my husband his nephew. I explained the Navy kept him busy out to see most of the time. He said he missed his growing pains but was glad he was doing well. We got to my duplex and he helped me unload my car then he said he was going to watch TV. I showed him to the spare room and went to my bathroom.

I was so exhausted I didn't notice the sound of the TV as the shower was hitting my skin. As I turned off the faucet I could hear slight moaning in the background. Who was that I thought to myself. I slipped into my nightgown still damp and peeked in the hallway. I didn't see anyone so I crept to the spare room and there was Kainoa watching porn on our video player. He was stroking a big 9" brown cock. My nipples got hard and I could feel that slickness between my pussy lips. I continued to watch him rub his cock and the chick on the video moan. My cunt was soaking wet and I thought I'd better scurry back to my room and use my vibrator. I backed up and shit one of the floorboards creaked. I stopped in my tracks and proceeded to get in my room.

From my night stand I pulled out the dildo but didn't dare turn it on. I didn't want the vibrating sound to alert Kainoa. It didn't take long for me to cum as I was way overdue for a good climax. Now I had to go back down the hall to the bathroom to wipe off. Creeping along the floor again I couldn't resist looking in on his cock. It was magnificent as was Kainoa. He was a very handsome guy, muscular and the head on his cock amazed me. Just as I was about to pass his room he gently said 'come Sunny, I won't bite you, I promise'. I hesitated until he stood up and opened the door all the way. There he was in all his glory, big erection bopping as he moved. He said I won't tell if you don't? I'm sure you need it, right? He was right. He took me by the hand and he had be sit over his face. He laughed and said 'oh I see you started without me' He proceeded to lick all my cum from my cunt and inner thighs. It was delicious how he took his time. I couldn't wait to feel him inside me and to feel his cock in my mouth.

Sitting on the futon he stood in front of me as I took as many inches of his cock in my mouth. It was hard warm and sooo good. He even had a scent of coconut oil, apparently he moisturizes his junk. I gave him head for a good 10 minutes and was waiting for him to cum but he didn't. Then he laid back down and had he sit on top of him in a squatting position. He held my ass as he lifted me up and down his cock. He went in deep and at one point I let out a small cry. He was long and thick and it felt so good, but yet so wrong. I felt myself releasing 6 months of cum and his cock was so slick. Then he asked me to get on my knees as he ran the length of his cock between my cheeks but didn't enter my ass. At this point I hadn't had anal yet and wasn't too keen on it being with him. Not to worry, he never went there. But he did slip it in my pussy and fucked me good and hard. He was holding my hips and pulled me on to his dick forcibly. I thought for sure he would cum now, but he didn't.

He pulled out and had me lay down as he began kissing my body from my toes to my forehead. Wow, Uncle was making love to me. He wasn't fucking me anymore, he wasn't being lustful he was being slow and tender. He lifted my legs on his shoulders and thrust into me as he massaged my nipples. I could feel my climax building up again and I could feel and hear he was close too. Just as I was cumming I heard him groan and then quickly pull out and shoot his load onto my tummy. Wow he had a wad of cum. I was perplexed until he said, I can't cum in you, you're my nephew's wahine. So he was a rascal and a gentleman. who knew? we both turned in as he said he had to leave out early the next day. before he did though he crept into my bed and took me from behind. I took his cock and he let his load go right in my mouth. He didn't have quite the wad as before which I was thankful for! We didn't run into Kainoa for another 6 years when he came back to Honoluluu. We didn't act weird or speak of it.

justme51 70M
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2/25/2019 2:45 pm

What a beautiful time in your life I hope you rod your Uncle more often discreetly.

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

logjam4u 52M
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3/5/2019 12:36 pm

intresting lady id like to know better

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