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Furs in front of the fire  

Ladyvivamus 65F
34 posts
3/10/2019 9:45 pm
Furs in front of the fire

On such a cold night, imagining the furs in front of the fire with you. Seeing you standing naked to admire your body, from your sensual smile and passion in your eyes, to how tracing the hair on your chest and stomach takes in a line down to your cock and balls, seeing you throb, squeezing the charmin as I admire that ass, seeing how the firelight flickers on your skin, the warmth playing on your muscles, hard cock, making quiver with desire to kiss you slowly, deeply, then hard mouth fucking with tongues and lips sucking, gently nibbling, feeling your hands on as we flow together, undulating in a fire dance, you tell how you want to kiss and caress your ears and neck, my hands grabbing your ass hard, then sliding over your skin, lightly stroking the crack of your ass as you spread your legs to let find the most sensitive spots, down to your balls, do you want to kiss, lick, tease you there? then down to massage the very base of your cock as I bury my in your balls, lick suck tease them then up your shaft eager to taste that pearly drop waiting for my lips and tongue,
then selfishly being spoiled and pampered by you in the firelight riding you for a while until I want to as you lay on your back, kneeling over your , back arching to offer all of to your so skilled mouth and hands, the fire's warmth and flickering light hypnotic, breath coming faster, rough, the moan starting deep inside and rising up as I start to shake, and then jerk as the waves of contractions spread ecstasy through my body. I want to feel you thrusting in my now, you have so open, wet, my pussy deeper and ready to take all of you as deep and hard as you want to fuck balls slapping against . do you want to kneel in front of you? on my back with legs over your shoulders or wrapped around you with heels pressing you deeper? do you want to flood inside my wet pussy or in my mouth for to swallow your essence? or inside my ass? slide an ice cube in and feel the cold alternating with our heat and as it melts trickles and down your shaft, your balls, my lips and down our thighs, the heat of the fire an accent to the cold and then the flood of your essence, so slick and slippery, both throbbing and gasping, moans until collapsing on the furs with the aftershocks leading to afterglow. Floating in the peace of 2 friends who want only to give and accept what is freely and joyfully given. now time for some strawberry shortcake, heavy on the whipped cream! hungry for you!

backpocket13 46M
8742 posts
3/11/2019 5:44 am

Hey Darlin,
That’s a sexy bit of writing, I may have to go take a cold shower just to cool down!
Sinfully Yours backpocket13

Ladyvivamus replies on 3/11/2019 8:12 am:
Now a hot shower together, slickery with soap sounds like a better way to heat up and then cool down. 💋

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