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New IM has a glitch with blocked members  

Ladyvivamus 65F
35 posts
5/16/2019 7:32 pm
New IM has a glitch with blocked members

This jerk chkinyouout2 contacted months ago and seemed reasonably sane first. Were going to try for a meet and greet when he was closer to the area and he suddenly asked if I lived alone and did I have restraints. I blocked him. Hadn't had any contact til tonight. He kept pinging me even after I said I was reporting him and the glitch. Became snotty but finally signed off when I said there was also a man's profile had his pic, profile name and screenshots of messages being sent were claiming he was part of a couple and was told not to message any more.

Ladies, be careful out there! Most men I've met here have been nice and respectful. And creeps and predators are everywhere. A friend of mine had a scare in her own back yard last night. Her alarm system didn't work because of dead batteries. She was in the back yard without the lights on to watch the stars. Heard a strange thump and looked out to see a man had just jumped over her 6' fence. Startled she stood up and said is someone there. He didn't move but stood there without moving. Her impression was he was not at all afraid of her seeing him. She got back in the house, called the cops but in the ten minutes it took to get there, no trace in the neighborhood. Alarm batteries are being replaced now by a tech.

I very glad I have a large alert and highly protective to deter such bs and if it should happen, give more time to the cops, grab a weapon while heading out the other door and bellowing to the neighbors--I can bellow very loudly! and banging on doors, honking the horn and if be ready to drive off.

Some self defense courses have very sensible things to offer a woman on proactive safety as well as how to handle an intruder or attacker. I have had enough training I'd surprise an attacker but do NOT want to have to prove it. Deterrence is far better than defense.

Robert996969 39M
2 posts
5/31/2019 1:43 pm

It wouldn't hurt to get a pic of their face beside the driver's license and clear enough to read the dl number before a meet. If they won't do that simple thing dont mess with them

Ladyvivamus 65F
30 posts
5/31/2019 3:19 pm

That's an excellent suggestion! Yes, if they don't want to do that, don't meet them.

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