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erotica hands, mouth, beads and vibe  

Ladyvivamus 65F
35 posts
3/9/2019 5:01 pm
erotica hands, mouth, beads and vibe

testing each other's self control, taking turns having to lie down, stretch out and hold still until teased to the point we break and have to thrash about, who will break faster?

a string of small round beads, generously oiled,... you are sprawled with a pillow under your ass so I have easy access to your balls, inner thighs and ass....

hmm, add in a small soft brush dipped in the oil to stroke you with when close to the edge...

first hands wrap the beads around your shaft loosely enough to slide with my hands as I stroke and such you, sliding up and down, spiraling back and forth...

taking the beads in hand to rub over your balls, then coil loosely once around and pull gently, inch by inch letting some of the string dangle to tickle your balls as it sways, dangling and pulling over your inner thighs, between thighs and balls, then coiling under your ass to pull between your cheeks, little by little varied with a faster pull....

have you moved yet? wrapping back over your head and shaft, curling the flexible vibrator to fit your shaft over the beads, changing speeds and patterns as I suck and jack you with the beads rolling with one hand, the other sliding on your shaft and my tongue teases the groove and tip of your cock savoring your precum. Have you moved yet?

now to stop for a bit, tease you with the brush, perhaps not oil but ice water, painting spirals on your cock, zig zags on your thighs, circles on your balls, twirling it between your cheeks

have you moved yet?

backpocket13 46M
8742 posts
3/10/2019 6:46 am

Hey Darlin,
That just sounds like a little slice of heaven!
Sinfully Yours backpocket13

Ladyvivamus replies on 3/10/2019 8:49 pm:
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

WellSeasoned2 70M  
393 posts
3/10/2019 7:22 am

OMG...I am already moving and you haven't touched me yet....can I return the favor ??

need4freedom 58M  
102 posts
7/13/2019 7:43 am

delightfully tantric ladyv - and it seems you're right about exploring anew with a measure of creativity and controlled abandon

HDSoftail20067 53M  
249 posts
1/15/2020 5:23 am

MMM such lusty and erotic thoughts, the thought of being restrained to your touch, whim desires, working your magic sounds delicious!

Ladyvivamus replies on 1/15/2020 9:17 am:
We can hope that your trip this way in spring will give time to explore, you sensual delicious man! 💋

Suavegeekster 52M
5 posts
2/27/2020 8:36 am

Even in wanton and appreciative stillness things move...subtle twitches of apt appreciation of erotic skill applied with deft art.

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