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erotica hands, mouth, beads and vibe
Posted:Mar 9, 2019 5:01 pm
Last Updated:Feb 29, 2020 6:52 am

testing each other's self control, taking turns having to lie down, stretch out and hold still until teased to the point we break and have to thrash about, who will break faster?

a string of small round beads, generously oiled,... you are sprawled with a pillow under your ass so I have easy access to your balls, inner thighs and ass....

hmm, add in a small soft brush dipped in the oil to stroke you with when close to the edge...

first hands wrap the beads around your shaft loosely enough to slide with my hands as I stroke and such you, sliding up and down, spiraling back and forth...

taking the beads in hand to rub over your balls, then coil loosely once around and pull gently, inch by inch letting some of the string dangle to tickle your balls as it sways, dangling and pulling over your inner thighs, between thighs and balls, then coiling under your ass to pull between your cheeks, little by little varied with a faster pull....

have you moved yet? wrapping back over your head and shaft, curling the flexible vibrator to fit your shaft over the beads, changing speeds and patterns as I suck and jack you with the beads rolling with one hand, the other sliding on your shaft and my tongue teases the groove and tip of your cock savoring your precum. Have you moved yet?

now to stop for a bit, tease you with the brush, perhaps not oil but ice water, painting spirals on your cock, zig zags on your thighs, circles on your balls, twirling it between your cheeks

have you moved yet?
What is the purpose of a message or comment that is only critical?
Posted:Sep 27, 2020 8:58 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2020 1:21 am

Why would someone take the time send a PM being critical of my profile because I wrote enough filter out those who would not be compatible? Saves everyones time and avoids irritation when some trumpanzee who didn't read my profile realizes I despise that POS and consider his supporters gullible ignorant peasants or as corrupt, greedy, bigoted and power as he is?

If I'm too much of anything for you, too liberal, too outspoken, too outraged over the human fuckups that have led to corruption, tyranny, environmental tipping , social injustice, economic woes and such, then you are likely not be enough for .

If my tastes in music, food, entertainment, clothing etc. are too much for you, you will be too bland and boring for me.

I'm not going out of my way to tell some man his profile is boring, that he's either a dolt or a dickhead for being conservative but I sure as hell will rip into him for contacting me to be critical.

Someone yesterday said I was an angry person. Nope, I'm a person who is angry. I don't like being angry. But anger is an emotion that shows you something important is in danger. Lots of various dangers right now so Yes I am in the emotional state of being angry! And I use that anger to focus on the problems so they can be fixed! Once the root cause is resolved, the anger resolves to satisfaction, appreciation and gratitude. Anger helps get things done and then can stand down for more pleasant emotions.

I'm not here seeking the approval of others. Dont try to baptize me, pray that I find jesus and get saved, persuade me the gop is anything but the greedy party or that I might enjoy being spanked if I only let you try. You either didn't read my profile--too lazy or incapable of reading anything above a third grade grammar level, or you disregarded and had the bad manners to go out of your way to tell I am too _____ and fill in the blank with some criticism. I refuse to dumb down, intellect is NOT equated with education--I know some brilliant informed people who dropped out of hgh school and some educated idiots. Take your bad manners elsewhere.
licking honey carefully
Posted:Sep 25, 2020 4:47 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2020 6:55 pm

warm drops of honey dotted over swollen head and shaft. thick, slightly gritty but melting in my mouth, dissolving as I lick and suck, texture changing. requiring a thorough licking remove all stickiness. a drop on the tip of your cock blending with your salty precum.
one drop each on your nipples explore how sensitive they may be and what pleases you. does licking and sucking send electric tingles balls and cock? light nibbles? lips, tongue teeth, gliding, circling, grazing skin, stronger pressure deeper, hands massaging pectoral, moving up your chest to hollow at base of your throat, up one side of your neck to nibble your ear lobe, tongue tip and lips find spots on your ears and neck to tease, do you want a love bite? softly or firmer? mouths meeting, tongues dancing, exploring, a conversation of mouths, lips, teeth tongue without words
Morning dreams
Posted:Jul 2, 2020 6:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 6:35 pm

At dawn, I woke remembering one day after you left. I'd been drowsy, basking in afterglow. Feeling your wetness trickling from still swollen vulva, my own wetness, the literal chemistry of your essence in me making me aroused enough again pleasure myself, remembering you in me, moving together, salt taste of your skin, getting warmer and breaking a slight sweat as your rhythm sped , closer climax, then as you came, feeling you pulse, your pleasure is mine a contact high, slowly coming down, resting together, your cock eventually sliding out, slick with our pleasure essences.
pleasuring myself with fingers but not nearly as pleasurable as sharing with you.
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WTF is it with men thinking spanking is every woman's delight?
Posted:Mar 18, 2020 8:53 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 6:14 pm
I was a member of a large swinger club near Seattle long ago. And in all my romps with men there over several year not one ever tried to slap my ass. Nor did any of the women I chatted with there ever mention spanking or ass slapping as anything they were interested in.
Since being single again 3 years after my husband died, I've had 4 men try slapping my ass without asking. Which triggered my self defense training. One almost got a broken nose after a back elbow to the ribs and a head butt. This was not pleasant, in no way erotic to me. I felt disrespected and demeaned.
Is this something men now have come to think women like from watching porn? Perhaps some women do but not one of my women friends now that I can talk to about sex have ever mentioned it as being something fun. Those who have had men try it were also pissed off over it.
For men to try this without asking first is rude and disrespectful. Demeaning. Is this some power trip? would it be erotic for men if I without warning started pinching balls and thighs with my strong fingers and thick fingernails? slapped your face hard enough to leave a red mark? started to pull or twist balls to the point they yelled in pain? or without warning or asking used pepper spray on their balls? Hey dude, what are you complaining about? I think it's really hot to see you flinch, pull away and scream! doesn't it make you horny? What, I should have asked first? where's the fun in that?
The only time I've ever had my ass slapped or slapped an ass was in fun with my first husband. We had a wrestling game where we counted coup by licking a nose or getting a mild ass slap in. nose lick was 2 points and ass slap was 4 points. First one to get 10 points or push the other off the bed won. His or her choice of a massage or other desired pleasure. Which never included a spanking or ass slap.
What is shown in porn isn't always what most women want. Ask first. And No means NO!
Or risk having your anatomy rearranged.
Restraining you, teasing then releasing
Posted:Jan 12, 2020 6:40 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2020 9:05 am

I have a heavy bag with stand in a bedroom. Taking down the bag leaves the chain dangling to tie your hands to just slightly overhead. And the U shaped base has clips to tie your ankles to. Legs spread far enough apart to give me access to inner thighs, dangling ball and cock, spread ass cheeks apart to reach all sensitive areas. Yet you have enough room to move some, arch and twist trying to come closer to my touch. Standing in front of you first dressed only in a long sheer black veil. Approaching to kiss, lips, tongue and teeth exploring your mouth, tongue you, sucking your tongue as I will suck your cock, teasing your lips as I will want you to tease my lower lips later. Brushing my nipples across your chest through the sheer black silk, teasing your nipples to see if sensitive, moving behind you to press against you, undulating waves up my body against yours as I rise on tip toes, rolling hips side to side, twisting and swiveling up as I wrap arms around you, breasts against your back, nibbling your neck and shoulders while hands slide down chest, stomach, hips, thighs, back up inner thighs to finally caress balls, cock, fingertip spreading precum over head and groove. Then stepping back, not touching but blowing a stream of air down back to ass, quick puffs and slow stream, licks and nips intermixed. And stopping again, stepping back so the contrast of no touch makes you crave even more. Warm oil and water, ice cubes ready. But also peppermint and cinnamon extracts. Peppermint first cool and tingly then bringing warmth. Dots across body, spread with tongue and followed ice then drops of warm water. Closer to your cock and balls, a few drops on an ice cube tracing inner thigh, the sensitive crease between balls and thigh, circling balls, melting water trickling down, behind you working between cheeks up and back down to finally spiral up your cock. Then menthol cool at first then bringing a warm flush, drawing even more blood to the skin of your shaft and head, more sensitive. A soft brush with warm water and drops of warming cinnamon extract repeat the same path. My mouth, lips, tongue sucking licking, flicking, teeth lightly nipping. no hands yet. In front of you taking the veil off to wrap around us both, tightly after I straddle your hard shaft, between my thighs, brushing the peach fuzz on my vulva and softly swollen inner lips, the mint and cinnamon making my skin feel even more on fire. Finally hooking one leg around your hips, rising on tip toe to guide your head to my inner ring, slowly sliding down your hard shaft, inch inch. backing off some to make you arch, thrust forward wanting to be deeper in me again, then moving to take all of you grinding deep in me, winding the veil around us tightly and rocking locked together from the chain, only small motions possible. Squeezing you with inner muscles, pulsing on you tasting the salt sheen on your neck. Feeling you throb in me. Undoing the veil, sliding off your cock kneeling to taste, suck, oil you and stroke, jerk, tease cock, balls and ass. then move to stand in front of you pleasuring myself while you can not touch. And then untying you to do as you wish with the pent up passion.
Livening up the party
Posted:Aug 20, 2019 5:26 pm
Last Updated:Feb 29, 2020 6:57 am

The crowd at the fundraiser parted for a moment and our eyes met across the room. Glimpses of each other, flirting with expressions and subtle movements while talking with others.
I decide tease you. Letting eyes wander down your body, yes, looking at your crotch and smiling appreciatively. How far can we tease without others noticing? I raise hand cheek brush hair back as you watch, then nip the ball of thumb while looking at your inner thigh. I turn away slightly reach for drink and leg just happens slide of the slit of wrap pants. Black stockings with lace at the top, just a touch of lace showing.
Drink empty, I walk to the table to get a glass of wine, cupping the bowl in right hand, stroking the stem with left, fingers of right hand inscribing circles and spirals. Catching your eye while sipping, running tongue tip over the rim briefly, then over teeth and lips. Seeing you squirm a bit. Looking at you then at the food table, I walk towards it. You meet me there, exchanging hellos as we choose grapes, strawberries and cheese, no table available to sit and but a bench along the wall. of the way enough be discreet while eating the fruits in a manner showing how we would lick, suck, savor each other. Taking a berry, so ripe that it almost melts against lips, needing have the juices on lips sucked in and licked off. Grapes taken whole at times and other bitten open enough part the skin and let the inner flesh emerge. Tongue tip exploring the gash.
sitting close enough for legs and hips to touch, hand finding reasons to touch your arm, hand, fingertip circling your palm, the ball of your thumb then inner wrist. The party is starting thin and we become bolder. Your hand sliding up the slit in wrap pants find the soft skin of thigh above the stocking. I stroke your thigh and tease higher, watching your cock swell hard in your pants. A door leading to a patio that is dimly lit invites us become more daring. Standing of sight of those inside, you behind me, undoing the ties the back of pants, unzipping your pants free your swollen throbbing cock and slide between wet lips as I roll head back kiss you. your hands teasing nipples, our hips rolling and grinding together slowly, listening to make sure no is approaching. I feel sweat breaking on your skin, your breathing getting faster and ragged, a moan rising up as you get closer cumming. I want taste you and turn kneel in front of you, hand on your shaft, teasing your balls. Tongue flicking and swirling on the head of your cock as I alternate taking you as deep in mouth as I can and sucking on the way back, tongue sliding and curling around your shaft and then head. Feeling the quiver and throbbing that means you are going to cum, the precum so slick and salty, wanting to feel you flood mouth, and when you do, tongue flicking with each pulse, making you jerk with after shocks, sliding your slippery cum all around before swallowing, drying you off and we straighten out clothing, and walk back in with Chesire cat grins of satisfaction.
Seeing you again, my lover. So near and yet so far.
Posted:Jun 28, 2019 8:19 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 6:46 pm

Life does get complicated doesn't it?
To see you again in circumstances when it is unwise to share Eros together. To see your smile, your eyes sparkling as we talked, so easy to be together just to talk over coffee even while we both felt the pent up frustration of not being entwined.

Hearing your voice, laughter, and also the sadness as we talked of personal burdens. But to feel so alive in your company again. Feeling the deep connection where we understand each other and accept each others burdens, the trust, support and appreciation of each other as is. Both battered and bruised but life events but still standing, still taking pleasure in what moments we can while we can. And for the moment, unwise to make love and share Eros. Even the longing is a pleasure and source of vitality as well as frustration. The challenges we have each faced have not destroyed our ability to take pleasure in the moments, exquisite touch as well as fiery passion, still there, rekindled by each other. The desire is a restless burning of pleasure and frustration.

To see your face, smile, hands moving with expression as you speak, hearing your voice, your laughter, wanting to touch you but restraining myself. It is enough for now to see you, hear you and long to touch you.

This is not the time for Eros. Wondering if we will ever again be entwined with Eros, passion, deep connection and afterglow. Memories sustain me for now. But I hunger for your touch, your mouth on mine, your scent, taste, heat, strength and tenderness. So near and yet so far.
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New IM has a glitch with blocked members
Posted:May 16, 2019 7:32 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2019 6:15 am

This jerk chkinyouout2 contacted months ago and seemed reasonably sane first. Were going to try for a meet and greet when he was closer to the area and he suddenly asked if I lived alone and did I have restraints. I blocked him. Hadn't had any contact til tonight. He kept pinging me even after I said I was reporting him and the glitch. Became snotty but finally signed off when I said there was also a man's profile had his pic, profile name and screenshots of messages being sent were claiming he was part of a couple and was told not to message any more.

Ladies, be careful out there! Most men I've met here have been nice and respectful. And creeps and predators are everywhere. A friend of mine had a scare in her own back yard last night. Her alarm system didn't work because of dead batteries. She was in the back yard without the lights on to watch the stars. Heard a strange thump and looked out to see a man had just jumped over her 6' fence. Startled she stood up and said is someone there. He didn't move but stood there without moving. Her impression was he was not at all afraid of her seeing him. She got back in the house, called the cops but in the ten minutes it took to get there, no trace in the neighborhood. Alarm batteries are being replaced now by a tech.

I very glad I have a large alert and highly protective to deter such bs and if it should happen, give more time to the cops, grab a weapon while heading out the other door and bellowing to the neighbors--I can bellow very loudly! and banging on doors, honking the horn and if be ready to drive off.

Some self defense courses have very sensible things to offer a woman on proactive safety as well as how to handle an intruder or attacker. I have had enough training I'd surprise an attacker but do NOT want to have to prove it. Deterrence is far better than defense.
I'd rather suck on a dead dog's nose! WTF is it with crudity as a come on?!
Posted:May 11, 2019 9:46 am
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2020 8:24 am
WTF is it with messages or IM's with a dick pic and 'i'll bet you want some of this" and 'do you like all three holes fucked?'
Most men haven't been such crude dickheads but recently I've had a series and snapped back with the retort in the title. Gee, that shocked them! Why was I so mean? It was only a question? And couldn't understand why I was annoyed. After all it's a sex site, right?
And most of these crude comments have come from men young enough to be my or grandson. Kiddos, I've seen and test driven a lot of dicks. VERY few of you have a dick that will impress me with size, thickness or a mushroom head. And the least important thing about a man being a good lover is his dick. It's his sensuality and that starts in the big head not the little head!
Then there are the creepy messages. Do you live alone and do you have restraints? Instant block on profile. How could that not sound like potential sexual assault?
Or do you have daughters? Find your mother/ thing somewhere else!
One guy offered to show me on cam how he could jack off with his vacuum cleaner. Fine if he wants to but not a visual that sounded interesting to me.
Requests to show you my titties or pussy do not motivate me to do so.
I don't consider men a meat stick or toy for my amusement. Nor am I a toy or piece of meat to get your rocks off on. I like men--those who are not acting like dickheads, pussy grabbers or all around guttersnipes. Can I be crude? Yup, when pissed I've told members of both sexes to go fist fuck yourself til you can pick your teeth from your throat.
I treat men, here and everywhere with the respect and consideration of a friend. If it evolves into a friendship with benefits my vixen side comes out to play but I'm not a , slut or cunt. Bitch to me is a compliment, I'm a retired protection trainer and Being In Total Control of Herself is one of my better traits. Protective, proud, playful, passionate and compassionate. Be wary of stirring her righteous wrath!
Or go suck on a dead dog's nose!
Treat women as potential friends first and then see what get them hot. The ones who do respond to such crudity may be sex workers out to get your money and may give you the clap as a bonus.
Mother-in-law in a porn shop
Posted:May 7, 2019 3:12 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2020 7:09 am

While my first husband's parents were visiting long ago, we were doing the touristy stuff in downtown Seattle. Walking towards the very large farmers market and shops from the parking garage, my mother-in-law spotted an adult book store and asked what that meant. My husband said it had pornography and she wanted to go take a look over the protests of her husband who was already starting to become red-faced as he knew something was going to happen.

This was around lunch time with quite a few 'suits' perusing the books and videos. The usual etiquette of not looking others in the eye wasn't something she was familiar with. So she's going down the aisles looking like a cheerful salt and pepper haired grandmother, saying Hi! and smiling at everyone, picking up magazines to thumb through and giggle over but not blushing. The suits were nervously shifting to different aisles and some starting to leave in a hurry.

After going through several aisles and racks, she got to the cashier's counter with a display case and paraphernalia on the wall behind. She saw the dildos and very loudly asked what they were. The cashier was starting to double over laughing, more suits heading for the door when she dropped the bomb. Turning to her husband, she pointed at the largest dildo and said "Look John! that one's big enough for a cow!"

Mass exodus of red faced men out the door, cashier laughing so hard he was snorting. Her husband took her by the arm and hustled her out the door while she was still exclaiming about how anyone could use such a thing. My husband and I were cracking up, nearly hyperventilating, father in law beet red and the only one of us not laughing.

I wonder if the cashier thought the laughter was enough to make up for the lost sales from the suits who were too embarrassed to have a woman too much like their grandmother in there.
A delightful surprise in a hot tub
Posted:Apr 26, 2019 8:47 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2020 2:53 pm

My first husbnd and I were members of the New Horizons swingers club outside of Seattle decades ago. A lovely facility with several hot tubs. One of which was in a corner of the pool.
There was one very attractive man alone in the tub when I got in. We were chatting for a few, flirting and letting things evolve. I leaned forward over the edge of the tub to check the temperature in the pool. As I sat back and was reaching for the seat edge, one hand came down on his thigh, slid up and found a deliciously hard, very large cock that throbbed in my hand.
My breath caught in surprise, my head rolled back to kiss him and his hands came up to tease my nipples in a smooth flow. A rare natural rapport that had us both hot in a few heartbeats. Exploring with hands, mouth, rocking together in the water, we were disrupted in moments by a horde of people who saw us and crammed into the tub. That was breaking our mood so we found a more secluded spot to focus on each other.
That moment when my hand unexpectedly found his throbbing cock and we flowed together is still a very hot memory in my top 10 erotic moments.
We had quite a few other fun times. He was a firefighter. I stopped in his station one day to chat as I worked near there. We snuck into a rarely used equipment room in back for a quickie while one of his friends--also a member of the club, kept an eye out in case an officer came by. After, they gave me a lift in the aid car and dropped me off at work. Mmm, mmm, mmm! those firefighters are some hot studs!
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The time I nearly had some father/ action
Posted:Apr 25, 2019 5:49 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 6:36 pm

This story still makes laugh and has some fond memories of 2 special men.
Beau and I met on a dating site and realized quickly we needed each other as trusted friends more than trying for a LTR. Yes we had some playful romps at times but both had stuff going on in our lives making the sex less important that then real crises we both had been helping each other through.
One of those was his elderly father, heavy drinker who had some seizures in the past was not sounding right to Beau. A 22 hour drive and with his father's health record, a possibility if he was alive when we got there that it might be the last time Beau saw him and the only chance for me to meet the man Beau loved and admired. We made it there in time. Dehydrated, would have been in heart failure within 24 hours but he pulled through.
Beau's father was a brilliant history professor, funny, humanitarian, charismatic and an old horn dog. But with being in his mid 80's and health issues had been having some issues with getting an erection. Didn't stop him from having 2 girlfriends. And while straightening up his place, we found a dildo on the dresser. We laughed over that but the funniest part was when both ladies showed up at the hospital at the same time. The first thing that came to my mind when the second walked in and they traded glances, was each one realizing that the dildo may have been used on both. I had to strangle a laugh by choking on my coffee and left the room. Told Beau in the car later when we left the hospital and we both laughed til we had tears rolling down our faces. Long drive, short on sleep, real worries and the break in tension was welcome.
So the old horn recovers, moves in with one of the ladies and a month later comes to visit Beau. I was glad to see his father again, we could all sit around, have some 42O, some beer and talk about a broad range of subjects. Sex as a topic quite frequently. His father couldn't understand why Beau and I weren't a regular item and we both just said things were complicated but we did romp at times.
His father was complaining about his erectile problems and not being able to use Viagra due to a heart issue. He'd told Beau privately that he though I was pretty and wished he'd have once last change to see some tits.
Beau, nutty but loving that he is, gets the bright idea to ask if I'd be willing to have a father/ threesome to see if I could get his father's dick hard. And he knew that I was the only woman he'd ever be able to ask such a thing and have me not get pissed, might even consider it.
I truly fell on the floor laughing. Slid of the couch--his father was asleep so it wasn't as if I was laughing at his father. Simply the idea of a friend asking this of me as a favor to him and his father was both a compliment and rather absurd. I agreed, saying if his father really wanted to, and we all had some 42O and were feeling comfortable I'd give it a go.
His father declined the offer, claiming he was now feeling committed to the lady he was living with but did ask if he could have one view of my tits and cop a feel. For such a charismatic gentleman, I agreed.
I was complimented that Beau trusted me enough to ask something like this. That he knew I wouldn't get pissed off or indignant. It was hilarious and all three of us laughed over the suggestion of a father/ duo.
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