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Such a Good Girl  

LakeheadM 41M
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9/2/2021 5:44 am
Such a Good Girl

Let's call this a collaborative effort. Adapted from an actual sextual encounter.

One way or another she found my profile, and she must have started browsing my photos, because all of a sudden, without warning, I see this message appear in my inbox:

“A cock that thick and delicious needs a hungry mouth”

That certainly got my attention. I replied, “That's what I've been thinking!”

I wasn’t sure how far this would go, what she was after or what, so I thought I was playing it cool. She wasn’t.

“Your profile pic is the perfect view from my knees”

At the time, my profile photo was a shot taken from below, and in front of my thick,hard, oiled up cock. I’d used baby oil and rubbed it into my thighs, abs, balls, shaft and head. I took the photo in my bathroom, but kept the light off. The only light was coming from the hall outside the door. I bumped up the contrast a bit, and I have to admit, I looked fucking good from that angle.

I replied, “Can you feel the heat of my hard cock against your cheek?”

“Mmm yes I need to taste you, feel you pushing into my mouth”

I had the image in my head then. Full breasts, small shoulders. Long dark hair and a mischievous grin. I knew what I would do.

“My fingers in your hair. Your hand on my ass. I love that you want it so badly.”

“Sucking a big hard cock makes me so wet”

“Such a hungry girl. Would you lick my balls? Or are they too hairy right now?”

I had shaved or trimmed in a few weeks. Things were starting to look scraggly when I took the photo, but I hadn’t heard any complaints yet.

“Mmmm of course I would”, she confessed. “Suck on them as I stroke you”

“You might make my knees weak. I'll have to sit down.”

I imagined sitting on the toilet (seat down of course), slouching forward with my knees spread wide. My balls and taint easy to access.

“Means you can hold my head down” she suggested.

“and lift my legs up.” I added.

I was about to suggest something else. I wasn’t sure how she would respond, but she beat me to it.

“So you can feel my tongue press against your ass”.

“Yes please.” I replied. “Finger me while you suck on the head of my cock. I'm dribbling pre-cum and don't want you to miss out.”

“Mmm I need to taste it. Sucking and licking as my fingers take your ass”

“I bet you're really good at this.” I suggested.


“Such a good girl.” In my imagination I cooed it, almost to myself as if to a pet. “I moan and pet your head. My ass pulses around your finger. Slow and steady. I'm enjoying this.”

“Mmm I push a second finger in, feel you grow even harder in my mouth”

“Yes baby. Good girl. You take very good care of me.”

“Mmm yes I do”

“Do you want my cum?” I asked. “Would that make my baby happy?”

“So badly daddy”

“Both of my hands in your hair now. Holding your head and gently lifting my hips.”

“Deeper. Fuck my pretty little mouth”

“Hold still while I slide my cock into your mouth. Your teeth scrape the top of my shaft.”

“Mmm don’t stop”

“I don't want to choke my sweet darling, but I need to fuck your mouth.”

“I need it to”

“I thrust up, and press your head down.” I imagine her struggling to keep from gagging as I do this. “Who's my big girl?”

“Me daddy I moan onto your cock”

“You feel my pubic hair on the end of your nose, and then I push deeper.”

“Thrusting into my mouth, so deep I can lick your balls”

“So warm and wet. Your drool, dripping down into my ass.”

“My fingers inside you”

“wiggling. thrusting. in and out of my hole. my balls aching”

“Fuck my mouth daddy”

“My precum is thicker now. You can taste it.”

“Mmmm yes it’s so good”

“I fuck deep into your throat. Chin on my balls. Nose in my pubes. Will you gag?” I asked, not knowing her answer.

“A little daddy but it just makes you go harder”

Her response makes me harder. Almost painfully hard.

“Good girl. You're so good to me.” I feel genuine pride in this imaginary encounter. I think of how I would look into her eyes and caress her cheeks, stroke her hair, all while prodding the thick head of my cock against the back of her mouth.

“I lift your head and brush the hair from your eyes.” I continue, “My cock glistens with your slobber. You look like a mess, but your mouth is so fuckable.”

“Don’t stop daddy take what you need”

“I hold your head and thrust the head of my cock past your lips. Your tongue curls against the under side and I slide in and out of your mouth.”

“Desperately sucking you, by fingers inside you, I need daddy’s cum”

“I twitch.” It’s happening. “My cock throbs.” I don’t think I can hold back. “You feel the first spurt against the back of your throat and close your lips.”

“Taking it all in my mouth, needing every drop”

“Another spurt. Thick.”

“Sucking daddy’s cum”

“You pull out of my ass and<b> massage </font></b>my balls. You're such a good girl. Be sure to milk all the cum from my cock.”

I spurt onto my stomach. Cum dribbles onto the back of my hand. I reach for a tissue.

“Fuck I came so hard” she says.

“I hope so.” I type with one clean finger. “May I add you as a friend?”

“Of course” she says, and then blocks me.


author51 58F  
126416 posts
9/2/2021 7:03 am

I love conversations like this with a man of desire..Nice read.xoxo

author51 58F  
126416 posts
9/2/2021 7:05 am

    Quoting author51:
    I love conversations like this with a man of desire..Nice read.xoxo
Sorry just read the last line..She blocked you? Sounds like you dodged a bullet there than after a convo like that one..

agelesssexylegs 78F
1059 posts
9/2/2021 10:28 am

Oh yes i was getting into that as i read being a dirty old lady who knows no better,such a shame she blocked you,was she a silly young lady or older?

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