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LapisLepus 32M/32F  
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10/13/2020 5:43 am

We are participating in Locktober this year, I did not tell him and he forgot so he ended up starting a week and a half early. I was worried that if I unlocked him right before he would not have went back into his cute little cage for the month. So he is going the whole month, even though he is begging I am staying strong. He has asked if we are doing No November, we are, he is doing his best to convince me to let him out and let him cum before we start. I am not sure if I should, I was going to let him out for the month and just keep him denied but he is getting really desperate, so cute, and I do not think I can trust him to follow through. Plus I just keep getting more and more turned on the more desperate he gets and the fuller his balls get. So feel free to<b> tease </font></b>him, he like its lol, and help me keep him desperate and make his balls fuller.

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