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Am I his bitch now update  

Leapingnome75 46M
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12/5/2019 1:57 pm
Am I his bitch now update

Last Wednesday I was the local park, sitting a picnic table when he pulled up to converse. I did not know him previously, but a few minutes later I was in his truck with his cock in my mouth. I find it exciting to suck cock in semi public spots. On Friday, I was at the park again when he drives up again. I ask if he wants round two and he said oh yeah. So once again I enjoyed a mouthful of his cock. Today, same scenario at park he drives up, but this time no words are spoken. I just get in his truck and shortly after for the third time in a week. My lips are wrapped around his shaft, my tongue is caressing his throbbing head, the creamy squirts fill my mouth. Like the first two times I clean up and drink every drop. He then drops me back my table with the taste of his in my mouth and my cock raging hard. As he drives away, I ask myself did he just make his bitch. That thought turned on. The next car that I could tell was cruising I flagged down then promptly offered him a BJ. I felt slutty as he told a Suv just drove and could see sucking. Yeah they got a BJ next. Those two got sucked because I was clearly turned into a cock sucking slut. So comment if you think I am someone's new cocksucking bitch.

Yes I am!!!! Today he got blow job four, then after I drink his , he asks if I liked the cock he sent me. I had indeed sucked a fat cock from a red SUV the other day. He is now sending friends for me to suck off. I hope he has more friends to .

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12/5/2019 5:10 pm

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

chbbttm4you 49M

12/6/2019 6:29 am

It sounds like you might be.

PantyCurious865 46T
301 posts
12/9/2020 5:28 am

Sounds like you are his cock sucking bitch alright.

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