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I have become a.......?  

Leapingnome75 46M
42 posts
12/28/2020 2:13 pm
I have become a.......?

Recently due to an increase in one particular sexual activity, my cravings for more of the same. That activity is giving blow jobs. My cock sucking has become an obsession. I dream about cock. I think about it all day. I see attractive women, then instantly think about what kind of cock her boyfriend has. Even watching porn,I envy the girl sucking or taking up the ass. My obsession even has me giving blow jobs in the park to men I have just met. They show me the cock and mouth waters. I also have started to moan with pleasure as I suck. Every time a man cums in my mouth, my cock cravings multiply. I have become so cock horny that I even want a man to fuck me. I am sure that I want to feel a cock deep in my ass, throbbing and squirting. The taste of cum is pure heaven and I willingly drink every drop. I guess for now I am a cum drinking cocksucker who after getting analized will become full fledged cum dump cock worshiper.

Leapingnome75 46M
25 posts
12/28/2020 2:18 pm

I know someone will comment calling me the derogatory f-word showing to other members that they have not reach mental puberty yet. Letting others know how hollow a sexual experience with them would be.

CuteGuyInThe916 48M

12/28/2020 3:39 pm

that's pretty hot that you've kind of become a sissy in your prime..

Leapingnome75 replies on 12/28/2020 8:35 pm:
I wouldn't say I am a sissy because I don't want to wear makeup or women's clothes. It's the cock that gets me horny.

Centraltexbiman 56M  
2 posts
12/28/2020 3:41 pm

I'm with you bro. I love the feeling of a clean hard cock in my mouth and can't remember the last time I didn't just gobble some thick goey cum!

AnewWoman 63F
269 posts
12/28/2020 3:55 pm

You have a choice, you can live your life the way others want you to live it, or you can live it the way you feel is right for you.

wob4wt2 58M  
113 posts
12/29/2020 9:07 am

Never regretted sucking my first cock or swallowing that first load and now I love a hard one in my ass. I'm bi but I'll never turn a cock away.

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