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Was George Carlin right?  

Leapingnome75 46M
40 posts
6/13/2020 1:35 pm
Was George Carlin right?

George Carlin once said eat a thousand pussies nothing but suck one dick you are labeled a cocksucker. But what if you did not intend swallow....the first-time. Or maybe you sucked the same cock multiple times but only that dick. Maybe you were just trying wake him by making his dick hard with your mouth. Comment below if you have been called a cocksucker.

Leapingnome75 46M
25 posts
6/13/2020 1:38 pm

Having sucked more than one cock, I admit that I am a cocksucker

wob4wt2 58M  
114 posts
6/14/2020 8:58 am

I'm a cocksucker and I swallow...wouldn't have it any other way!!!

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