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Cannabis and Sex - A Review of Strains  

Leilani_Kush 26F  
19 posts
8/12/2017 7:16 am
Cannabis and Sex - A Review of Strains

Wild Sex:

Hay-Z Sativa. Its effect freed the mind and prepare her to play or to go straight to the point, the fresh and dry aroma is the perfect perfume to make an experience in which you can let yourselves completely go.

Romantic sex:

If you like sweet and romantic sex, long preliminaries, cuddles, taking it easy and enjoy the contact with partner long and sweetly, the Auto Blue Amnesia can be a winning choice. Strong but not too much, relaxing for the mind, it multiplies the effect of kisses and caresses through the whole body, resulting as a perfect complement for this type of experience.

Relaxed sex:

If you like relaxed sex, Easy like a Sunday morning, as the famous song says, you can find in the Big Bud XXL a precious ally.
It' s a strain of medium power, happy effect and sweet taste. But take care, the time can literally fly away if you are with the right person!

Noisy sex:

If you like noisy sex,that kind that your neighbors will envy you lot (and they will let you know, sooner or later), the Carnival is the right choice for you.
Carnival is a sativa too, with an instant hitting effect, with taste of orange and lemon. Try the carnival and you will take the risk of having your neighbors knocking the door and asking you to join the party.

Group Sex (My favorite)

Do you like group sex? If you do, you are without the shadow of a doubt a person with abundant hormones. But even the shyest person in the world can take a try to get totally lost in a situation where everything can happen.
With the Zensation, with her super powerful effect, you will not loose control or lucidity, but you will be ready to express all your cravings in a very direct way.


MrBagins1977 61M  
9 posts
10/28/2017 1:10 am

My Vote .."Zensation"..#1.. followed closely by Carnival... Put them together and you express your wants and desires in a very loud and vocal kinda way.

redmustang91 60M  
9601 posts
7/15/2018 8:03 pm

Lets experiment with the different ones.... Michael

1Daddy60 62M

9/15/2018 1:34 pm

I bow to the expert~ let's do them all.

jimmynvegas2 44M
5 posts
9/15/2018 2:41 pm


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