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My example  

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8/30/2019 10:44 pm
My example

Okay, so, I was married to a Ga girl when I was younger and like most men, especially from my area, I thought I was supposed to be the boss. I thought that my wife would cling to me and my only worries would be the occasional guy or guys that I might catch trying to talk to her or flirt with her and like most men I felt I was supposed to stop that and to expect her to be mine all mine. However, life had a different lesson for me to learn...lol...see, we dated long distance and I would come down and see her on the weekends. It was great and I fell in love with her and she with me and so we decided to get married so we did and we moved in together (as husband and wife) and I found a job. I still didn't know her family very well but I assumed everything was fine. I had met her brother, mother and step dad and we all hit it off pretty well, but Woah...lol...was I in for a new learning experience...lol...Well, I knew her brother was only a year older than her but I never thought about the fact that his friends would be the whole families friends still and that a couple of them had even dated my wife one of which she did confess she had been in a sexual relationship with. Well, you can imagine what my first year was like. After we had only been in our own place (we rented a trailor) for about two days, I came home from working all night to find her brother and two of his friends passed out in my floor. At the time they were all strangers because I didn't hardly even know her brother. i mean, I had only seen him once or twice and talk to him for a moment. Anyway, I went balistic (like most men would) and told them to get out and ask what in the hell was going on last night. I mean, I knew two of those guys wasn't her brother and had no idea if he had been their all night or just crashed their that morning. Anyway, as time went on I realized and learned that I either had to forbid my wife from seeing those friends (which was impossible...I mean, they weren't going away) or try and trust that she wouldn't fuck them when I wasn't around. Now, I know that sounds like it should be easy enough, but hell, I would be fine for a while and then one day I would come home and find out that one of the new guys I just found at my house was one of her old<b> boyfriends. </font></b>Of course I did tell her I didn't want her around him or the one she had been sexual with, and that I didn't want him to ever be back at my house when I wasn't there. She was or seem to be pretty truthful with me and so they (at least as far as I knew) never come over and if they did happen to come by then they didn't act like they didn't respect what I had said or anything they might just say what needed to be said and then leave (like for instance, I saw your mom and she ask me to come by and tell you...etc..etc.). Well, I didn't know what was happening or ever expect how I was beginning to transform, but I began to realize that I had to soften my position on the idea that it was my place to "protect," my wife and her chastity, and realize that I would have to be that Asshole that try's to control her and abuse her, or the guy that was in love with her and just except the fact that if they were fucking her when I wasn't around, but she still loved me, and wanted to be with me, that maybe I shouldn't be so concerned about it. Well, I was still concerned about it, but I realized what I was so concerned about was not my pride or her extra fun (if that is what was going on) but only that I was afraid of losing her, and that all my efforts to try to control the situation was actually giving her more reason to want to leave or feel unhappy. Well, I was reared to be the traditional guy, and she pretended to be the traditional type girl, but there was so much reason to wonder and expect she was cheating that to not consider it would have just been foolish. Anyway, all this time wondering and having to soften my view on the position more and more was also transforming me or awakening my inner perversion. The more I begin to think of them fucking her or seducing her when I wasn't there, instead of getting angry or hating her like most would, I began to like the thought of it. Oh, I didn't like the vision in my head of them talking about her like she was a , or using her like she was only a piece of ass they would laugh about later and brag about conquering. I still loved her, that part or thought of them disrespecting her kind of did still piss me off when the thought went through my head, but the thought of them getting her drunk (they were there with her brother sometimes drinking) and then him leaving to go on a date or something and them being there and them seducing her once her inhibitions were lowered or something began to excite me. I still tried to act like the typical jealous guy (like most men, I thought I had to, or she would lose all respect for me) but I found myself more and more wanting to catch her in the act, hoping to catch her in the act. Not because I wanted to leave her or beat her or make her feel like she was a cheating bitch, but because, I wanted to watch my favorite porn queen get fucked. I began to fantasize about coming home early from work (like being sent home for them not having enough work or something) and then just before I put my key in the door to go in, I look through the window and see them all challenging her to a game of strip poker or something and her drunk ass, giving in, and me standing there outside and just watching until they all pass her around. Oh, I always had that image in my head that they would all talk about her afterwards like she was just a cheap slut. I mean, we were all still young and that is what do to they use. However, I would imagine once they would leave, while she was still wiping the cum off of her, walking in and saying, "I want you to know that I was out there and I seen everything that just happen." and of course the discussion that would follow. How she would try to explain or try to deal with it (like expecting me to leave her or something) and instead, i would say, "No, baby, I am not going to leave you. I just want you to know you don't have to lie to me anymore. I still love you. I saw how much you were enjoying all that attention, and well, I liked watching them pleasure you too. Well, that never happen lol....but I did began to turn more and more and she did get bolder and bolder. There was one time when she expressed that she thought our landlord was sexy. He was about 15 years or more older than us and was married and I think had . I knew if he did fuck her that he wouldn't want to leave his wife and family or anything and so I realized that if she wanted him, he might be the best person to expose her sexuality and help me and her to both come clean on our past history of trying to pretend to be the typical (traditional type) couple. I started out by first by acting like I was sort of accusing her. I said, "so you like him huh, you would like to fuck him wouldn't you." and of course she looked at me she was a little hurt, and then said, "Well, no, I mean, I do think he is sexy." and so then I smiled and put my arm around her and said, "baby, I love you, if you want him you can have him. I wouldn't leave you if you fucked him." Oh, at first she still try to act like was innocent but then she kind of playfully said," well, i bet it would be good," or something like that and then she looked at me like she was only saying it as a sarcastic remark. Then I walked up to her and put my arms around her and kissed and said, "No, baby, If you want him, if you would like to fuck him, then you can and you and I will keep it our secret. I want us to stop fussing about me not trusting you, and you thinking that I will leave or whatever. I mean, you know it is only natural considering the guys you have here sometimes to wonder and i do trust you, but if you want him I want you to enjoy yourself, just remember I am the one that loves you. Anyway, I don't think she fully believed me and I never fully confessed to her that I was serious, but for a while there, our new "trust," thing did get exciting. She did act like she appreciated me leaving it up to her, and I did find her more freely flirting with him to be erotic. I think if we could have fully been honest with each other that we just might have wound up in the same type of swinging lifestyle that many here have, however, I wasn't so concerned about me fucking other women, (I mean sure, that could be fun if it happen) but I actually felt somewhat more relieved now that I didn't have to worry about her slipping around, and with the fact that she was beginning to realized that I was willing to accept it if she wanted too. My transformation was almost complete. I was no longer the dominating controlling husband that many women expect and seem to like (i don't know why...lol) but I was a loving husband that was now perfectly willing to let my wife decide whether or not she would let those "friends," fuck her or not (and the landlord) and committed to defending her reputation if someone should tell her family and friends about it. I only wanted her love, respect and friendship, I was open to letting her have her sexuality if she wanted too. Our marriage seem to get better then, but it still ended. She never did fully believe I was serious and willing to be okay with it if she got fucked and she did meet a guy but decide she wanted to be single instead of being married, well at least for the six months they were together, and then she had him put in jail for hitting her. She did call me back too eventually after it failed, but even then she talked to me like she was doing me a favor. So, I told her to take a hike. It is funny that when people do cheat that they do seem to loose all feeling and respect for the one they are cheating on, by then, she had played me for her fool long enough to where I didn't want her anymore. Oh, if she had called me back and seriously expressed her sorrow for leaving and for doing me the way she did I probably would have took her back, but you know, she was still trying to play the lie card and act like she just wouldn't mind seeing me again. My response was, "baby, you will never see either one of my heads again, and then I hung up the phone. Funny thing though, i still loved her, I just knew I had to let her go, not because she cheated, not even because she did so many things to hurt me, but because she still couldn't be honest with me. Anyway, it would be nice to be in love like that again, but I know that that may only be a one time thing. I mean, most of these dating sites, even the ones with g rated stuff, are people looking for a quick date, or a one night stand, and most of them, will lie their ass off about wanting a serious relationship...lol....I don't know, I still like to think their is a woman out their I can fall in love with. i still get pretty hot at the thought of her being both my loving wife, and my insatiable porn queen. What I am saying isn't necessarily that I don't want a monogamous woman. A woman that truly only wanted me and was happy that way would be great i am sure, but what I am saying is if i get the other kind like her that likes to have other guys she wants to chat with or would like to be seduced by, then, I do love the idea of her loving me and being free to flirt with them online if she wants too. I would be okay (and want her to be discrete about it to our family and friends) but I would be okay sometimes with letting them stop by to see her. I would probably just sit to the side as if i wasn't their if she wanted and let them drink and dance and fuck her right there if she wants just like they are alone. I thought about a poly lifestyle but I know that isn't what I want and i don't want her to see other men as her husband. However, I am flexible to her having other male friends, and if she wants to fuck them sometimes, I would be open minded to it too. The really hard part though is finding that woman that i can fall in love with and hopefully will fall in love with me, that also has that high sex drive that will some day lead to having my loving wife, and also my exciting hot horny porn queen. Oh well, we can dream right...lol...I guess it would be best if I could find that old fashioned girl that would cling to me and only me like women use to do, but now I know that if she needs more excitement than just her loving husband, that i am the kind that will give her a little space, share her by watching and protecting her, while she enjoys her kinky little fuck fling. Anyway, i don't have a pic up her because I am 51 years old and have nieces and nephews and family that i wouldn't want to judge me and if you are a grandma, or mother, and you are looking for a guy, then look me up. I don't have any of my own and I would certainly never do anything to make you look bad to your family, but, I would be very open minded and understanding if you were like me and also liked a more exciting love life too. If we found ourselves in that type of relationship, and someone were to expose you, then, I would lie for you to help you cover it up....(-:....I am just hoping to find my special lady or at least that special lady that would be perfect for me...(-:...I am sure there are women out there that have or grand , friend and family that they want to respect them, that also desire a more adventurous and exciting lifestyle. I am not looking to have a lifestyle like that with just anyone. However, if i were to meet that special lady and we fell in love and got married, I do eventually envision that if she wanted other friends, that I would be both her husband, and her partner in crime...(-; and we would have a whole lot of exciting fun together, but if I get the other type that only wants me, and doesn't want or feel the need to have or flirt with other men then i will live that lifestyle, but I intend to accept whichever lifestyle, I end up with. Anyway, Hi if you have read all this and if you like it then lets talk sometimes or chat, i am not in any rush. I don't have to fuck you on the first date, and if you want to fuck on the first date, then remember that I am not looking for just a one night stand, but I will (eventually, after we have sealed our own relationship and gotten married) encourage you to enjoy it if you would like a one night stand from someone else because I don't have to own you, I just want to love you and for you to enjoy and love me so we can have a wonderful life together... happyf; happym; ?* >>! ...\8 ...

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