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On top, under, behind...  

LetsChillax 53F
8323 posts
4/4/2018 2:51 pm
On top, under, behind...

greencastle0401 65M
65 posts
4/5/2018 3:54 pm

Any way you like Beautiful

CountryCajunBoy8 39M
103 posts
4/5/2018 4:24 am

Love your blog thank you for sharing it with us

ProfessorNaught 107M
1185 posts
4/4/2018 10:20 pm

And yet all a man could really ask of a woman is to be in the same page

bigg_dre2000 40M
108 posts
4/4/2018 8:40 pm

In your mind.

Ravakevei 55M

4/4/2018 5:56 pm

Top, behind, side, bottom in that order...or can switch things up...lol

clittywhisperer1 56M
1414 posts
4/4/2018 4:46 pm

I prefer sidebottom .

flyingnether 33M
12 posts
4/4/2018 4:26 pm

I love being on the bottom

92camaro66 53M  
1702 posts
4/4/2018 4:02 pm

i am ready for some on top mmmmmm

topherific 57M
4689 posts
4/4/2018 3:42 pm

i accept! \8

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