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The Swiss Trip  

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5/15/2021 1:33 pm
The Swiss Trip

The plane ride had been a long one, sitting together in the first-class cabin had its moments, but nothing like a little ground under ones feet to help you get your bearings again. I had surprised you with the idea of a trip to Switzerland in the middle of summer.

“but it’s not ski season”, you said.

“Who said anything about skiing?” I replied. “I think you’ll enjoy the trip anyway. You know there are other sights than ski slopes there.” And we left it at that..

In the taxi from the airport, I had the driver drops us by a hotel where we would be staying for the night, dropping our bags off . I have something else in mind for the rest of the day. Taking you back out we walk over to a park with its neatly trimmed lawn sitting on it watching the swans float by. Holding one another as the sunsets, and the orange red glow seems to make the swans change colors in the waning hours of light. We have dinner in the hotel restaurant that night, dinning lightly we finish up and retire to our room. Where we promptly zonk out after hitting the sheets, it had been a long day.

The next morning we check out of our hotel and grab a rental car and head for our next planned destination. Its a fairly long drive a few hours of the twisting turning roads as we change elevation along the mountain sides. You enjoy the views immensely as we travel along. Stopping for lunch at a small Gasthaus, we have a fairly local little lunch and watch the Lucerne cows graze in the nearby alpine meadows. Then it is back to the car and our destination.

Only an hour more of driving and we arrive there, its fairly forested I this area, a large castle/château, it has elements of both, call it what you will is at the end of the driveway. Getting our things out of the car we get up to the door. The heavy wood door with its old brass and black iron fittings, pulling on it we gain our entry. The inside is a beautiful mix of old art, and polished wood, nice dark wood paneling all around. Taking our luggage up the stairs and to the bedrooms (hey they are always upstairs in these places), finding ours we get settled and move on downstairs to look around and explore this place a little.

Our first stop is a large room that might have been a ball room or something from the looks of it, not much in the why of furnishings, but nice chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and some nice comfy chairs all around the outer walls, no windows but there seems to be a series of skylights that bath the room in sunlit spots across its length. We walk along the wall looking at the old world craftsmanship

We keep walking along the wall and find a hidden panel. As my curiosity has gotten the better of me I begin to press on the panel. It opens into a rather lush room, heavy on the large houseplants, there is a large skylight that has lots of condensation formed on it, the room seems to be an overgrown conservatory of some sort. The outside of the house shakes as a wind gust had hit it, causing the dew on the glass ceiling to fall. We are quickly drenched by the warm water, taking you by the hand I spin you around to me, I embrace and kiss you on the mouth. The humidity in the room has seemed to have gone up. We begin to help one another out of our wet clothes momentary coming together for wet hungry, desperate<b> kisses. </font></b>The panel has seemed to have closed, we don't seem to notice, as we peel the last stitch of clothing off the other.

“Still worried about it not being ski season?” I ask.

“Nope” you answer smugly.

“Good.” I reply.

We embrace and kiss again I hold you tightly then loosen our embrace as I begin to kiss down your face back to your ear, nibbling breifly on the earlobe letting myself loose myself in the scent of your shampoo and perfume. Lingering for a minute I kiss further down. Kissing your neck and gently biting it. Brushing against a few large leaves on our way to the floor we continue our embrace all the way there. I begin to kiss down your chest lingering to caress your breasts with my tongue nibbling gently at your nipples as my tongue swirls around them, my hands caressing them gently. Then moving on
kissing the spot between your breasts, leaving a trail of<b> kisses </font></b>to the south. Lingering once again in my journey, to kiss and blow on your navel, slowly letting my tongue explore it breifly. Then moving on once again. Kissing my way further south savoring the taste and feel of your body. My hands carressing your sides as a inch my way further to your secret spot. Parting your legs for me, I lay down and begin to slowly kiss the insides of your thighs. I slowly begin to work my way to the center of you, slowly flicking my tongue out and licking the length of your slit. Kissing the delicate lips gently as if they were butterfly wings. Slowly I let my tongue slip out again and part the delicate lips gently letting my tongue slip inside you for a moment, feeling your body enjoy the gentle intrusion I increase my pace just a liitle and then with draw my tongue and kiss up your lips and suck in on your clit drawing it against my teeth I begin to tongue it back and forth, back and forth as my fingers stroke the outsides of your lips.

As I feel you begin to get wetter I slip two finger inside you in rythm to my tongue dancing with you clit, working you in a rythm I can hear your little whimpers and feel more fluid being released, I increase my tempo just a little, my fingers sliding in and out of you as my tongue dutifully performs its favorite act. I can feel your body heat start to rise and you being to squirm more and more as you get closer, as the moment of release hit I can taste you, licking up every drop that I can get as you climax.

You roll toward me with a look in your eye as you grab my penis and slowly jerk back and forth on it as you make me harder you get the hungry look in your eyes and move forawrd licking your lips as you begin to suck on me. I lay there feeling your tongue swirls around my shaft teeth gently nibbling on it. Moans escape my lips as you keep up your good work. You lift yourself off me, moving forward you straddle my chest and rub your sex down my chest until you raise up and slowly impale yourself on my cock. Leaning over you kiss me and we embrace as I buck my hips off the ground driving myself into you as you crash down onto me. Our pelvic bones crashing together like rough waves on a beach, my hands firmly grip your ass as I help with you up and down thrusts as you ride my pole your muscles gripping me. Leaning forward in another desperate kiss you decide to roll us, I hangon as I am now on top of you as your legs encircle me. You can feel me starting to strain against you, working harder begining to work for the release to. My body temp rises as you begin to moan louder telling me you are close again. We both move in a frenzy of passion living only for the present the now. For that moment when we become totally enraptured pleasure. Monments go by and then it happens as to who went first it was unimportant only that wave after wave of pleasure racks our bodies as I release spurts of cum into your body, you tense and I can feel another release from you as we collapse on one another in a passionate kiss, lifting my self breifly off you I can hear you whisper to me.

“This is much better than skiing!”

The sunlight fell through the window, slowly creeping across us in the early morning. We lay intertwined in each others’ arms, the sheets a tangled mess wrapped around us. Slowly the light creeps further up until it falls across our dreamlit faces. Groggily we awaken, looking into one anothers eyes as we speak without speaking to one another those looks of contentment and closeness that no words can truly convey.

I pick up the phone in the room and order up some breakfast for us, instructing them to deliver it in about 40 minutes. The castle may be old, but it does have a few modern convinces. We move toward the shower, letting the heat build up in before slowly getting in. Ummmm the warm water flowing over our bodies is such a delight this hour of the morning, (ok so its like ten, still early for a vacation ) We each reach for a bar of soap and begin to lovingly lather the other, some of the lathering being more sensual than other our hands natural drift to one anothers pleasure centers for a little more “cleaning” rubbing one another in the gentle fall of the warm water. We hold one another and kiss. Kissing slowly. Kissing passionately. Kissing slowly and passionately. Our mouths break apart for a short minute and then resume again, my hands holding your hips and pulling you closer. You can feel my hardness pressed up against you, as we kiss and enjoy one anothers company. Then a loud knock happens at the door.

“Must be breakfast.” I mumble, and quietly curse on my way to the door. Throwing a robe on and answering it. The steward rolls the cart out onto the sun drenched balcony, as you emerging from the shower with a robe around you, drying your hair. We settle down in the sun, sitting across from one another, eating our breakfast and slowly sipping the Mochas. I read through the local paper slowly.

“Are you really reading or just pretending?” you ask.

“Really reading, just slowly is all, been a while since the German Classes. But I’m getting enough to understand a little.” I reply to you.

Breakfast slides by and we get dressed. And head downstairs. We each grab a light daypack that I had prepared in advance, you wonder what I might be up to. But take it all in stride. “Trust me” I say and smile at you.

We start down a trail through the woods to Grandma’s house, (oops wrong story). We are walking through a trail in the woods however. Enjoying the sun shining down through some of the trees, we keep walking just enjoying the scents of the trees and the clean air all around us. After about two hours of walking the trees start to thin a little, as everything had been gradually uphill during that time. We both decide that it would be a good time for some rest and lunch. Setting our packs down, you open yours and take out a blanket and spread it on the ground, I open mine and produce a bottle of wine, some glasses. You take out a couple of 1/2 chickens, already cooked and some rolls. I produce some napkins and some eating utensils. Popping the cork on the wine and pouring out the beverage, you serve up the food and we sit down and eat slowly chatting about how lovely everything is here. Finishing up our meal. I lean over and kiss you. You kiss back.

I suggest that you lay face down. And at that you do. You then feel my hands on your back, rubbing your shoulders, slowly working down your spine, rubbing and stroking the tension out of them. Making slow circles of pressure on your lower back, then working my way down to your legs, they are bare, as you and I both had worn shorts for our hike. I delight in rubbing them and stroking firmly on your legs helping you to relax much, much more. I lean over you and kiss your ear and then go back to rubbing your back a little bit more, my strokes now working down your arms and rubbing those delicate hands of yours, stroking out from the palm taking more care on each finger, then repeating the procedure on your other hand. You decide it is time to roll over. You look into my eyes as I gaze into yours, both of us thinking the others thoughts. I watch as you smile and begin to unbutton your blouse. Watching as each button shows a little more of your chest. You then raise up a little and rid yourself of it. You had decided to go braless today, ummmm nice as my hand reaches out and strokes down one breast slowly caressing it. I lean over you again lowering myself down to you so that our mouths meet once again. Another kiss. Then I pull off my shirt and lay next to you on the blanket, our hands trace over one anothers chests. slowly caressing one another, hands exploring one another feeling the gentle touch flow over us.

Slowly your hand begins to rub the outside of my shorts, and you feel the bulge growing stiffer and harder, as I push myself against your hand, feeling that pleasure just from the pressure on it. My hands begin to rub on you through your clothes rubbing a steady back and forth. “You know we might want to be a little more careful as we might make these to wet.” I comment.

“Your right of course” you respond and grin. You begin to take off your shorts as I do likewise. Then fumbling with our shoes off, until we are both bare. Flopping back down onto the blanket our hands begin to explore one another quicker, my hands drifts back down to your garden and slowly rub there in a slow circular motion. As you rub up and down on me. My other hand slowly drifts across your breast and slowly traces a line around it, teasing the nipple. I sit up a little and lean over, still continuing to rub you as you stroke me, I kiss one breast then the other, then the spot in between them. Then I let my tongue trace around both of them, tracing a line to the nipple on each, slowly taking each into my mouth and biting very gently, and still rubbing you. I kiss further down your body leaving a trail of<b> kisses </font></b>to your navel which I take a moment or two to play with to gently kiss and tongue and then blow on then continuing my voyage further south. I kiss around your sweet spot and concentrate on the insides of your thighs, kissing each inside wall. As I am now laying down my feet down past your head. My other head near you, as you still stroke it slowly back and forth. I then put my lips to yours ever so gently and kiss you. My tongue slipping inside parting those delicate folds and tasting you for the first time today. Slowly I savor my reward, and then withdraw my tongue to trace the outside of your lips, then tracing a line up to your clit. I begin to lick slowly.

As all of the sudden you make a real sudden movement. Sitting upright and straddling my face. I notice a grin on your face as you begin to lower yourself tighter on to me. And grab my head a little as your grind your self into me. Telling me to lick you more. I can only obey. I begin to lick you faster as I can taste more of your juices escaping from you. Enjoying myself as you enjoy yourself I can look up at you as your head is thrown back as you keep a low level moan going, and pinch your erect nipples from time to time as I keep up my dutiful licking of your sweet tasting slit. I can feel you get closer as your thighs tighten around my head, my hands hold your ass. As I feel your body temp rise and a powerful series of “OH YES, YES, YES!” Escapes your passion filled mouth. Your body tenses for a moment and then I can feel the release as I work harder to try and keep from drowning. I lick as well as I can trying to get every drop of your reward to me. But can’t quite keep up. You rise up and collapse to one side, looking a little satisfied for the moment. Then as always looks can be deceiving as you dart out quickly and slowly begin to use your own oral skills on me. I can feel your tongue dance up and down the underside of my cock as it twitches this way and that from your skill. Slowly licking around my scrotum, driving me absolutely nuts, as I thrust me hips a little more toward you. Getting so hard. So much wanting you at this moment. Wanting to feel myself inside your warmness. Wanting to feel the pleasure of the ultimate embrace.

I whisper to you “ I want you. I want you as much as I’ve wanted anything. I want to make love to you now.” You smile back at me.

“Then have me you shall.” and you lower yourself on top of me. Rocking your hips on to me faster and faster. My hips and yours keep crashing into one another. Then a cramp stops us for a moment, as I get the kink worked out. And then we rollover, we are now off the blanket you can feel the grass and earth beneath you as your legs encircle me as I my mouth meets yours in another kiss of our tongues intertwining. Our laboring gets more and more intense. Both of us are panting loudly, our moans carried on the light breeze blowing downslope. Our breathing gets more and more ragged as the senses sharpen, the smell of pine and the flowers from the meadow become so much stronger in our preceptions. you can feel my cock enlarge a little, getting the last edge of hardness, before that moment when things take us past the edge of pleasure. Another breif moment as my body crashes into yours and a I erupt letting myself spray your insides with a hot load of cum. I just hold there as my cock pulses and pulses pumping out that white fluid. You reach another moment of release as I cum, I can feel you cumming just as hard as ealrier. I lean over you and kiss you. Looking into your half closed as eyes, and just thinking about how lucky I am to have you.

“We have a little more of a walk yet, there is something I want to show you further up.” We lay there another ten minutes just building our resolve to move on and get dressed again. Before we continue on the rest of the way for what I have in mind.

We climb higher and higher up the trail as the sun continues to beat down on our backs. Following the winding trail up the side of the mountain. We take regular breaks each hour to drink a little water and sit on a rock or two and enjoy the view. At times we both take a moment or to catch a glance of the other bent this way or that as they pause to rest, admiring the curves and muscles tone of the other. Each of us commenting on how beautiful everything looks, the patchwork colors of the fields in the valley below. The blueness of the sky around us, the fresh air giving us more resolve to keep going on the climb. You keep asking me that question of travelers everywhere though the ages. "are we there yet". Answered by the eternal reply "no, not yet." We passed the tree line a few hundred yards back and the only things growing at this level are various grasses, and of course that lovely little Alpine Flower of Edelweiss. Our major obstacles now are only rocks and the thinness of the path.

We climb over a series of rocks, me leading the way. "THERE! There is what I wanted to show you." Curious you climb up behind me grasping the rocks and enjoying the view. Gasping at what you see.
From here you can see a great distance down in to several valleys, but more breathtaking is the view opposite us. A castle stands there with cloud cover about, it appears as an apparition. Giving the illusion that it is resting on the clouds.

As you keep your grip on the rock wall in front of us, looking down at the sheer drop off below, I step behind you caressing your shoulders and kissing your neck as you stare across the expanse at the castle. I ease your pack off. Helping it to the ground. As I continue to massage your shoulder while you stare out at the castle, my hands work around to the front of your shirt slowly unbuttoning it, my body pressed against yours as my hands wander up and down your body. You taste slightly salty from the climb and our earlier exertions. I can hear you moan softly as I my hands slip inside to feel your breasts. I feel your hands reach up behind you to run your finger through my hair, holding my head, the wind gently blowing around us. The sun still beating down upon us. We break apart long enough for you to shed your shirt. Your beautiful breasts there in the sunlight the wind blowing across your nipples as I lean over and lick each one, letting mother nature caress each one with her breath. You, never one to be still, begin to take my shirt off, while kissing my lips, your mouth pressed hard against me. As your hands unbutton and pull the shirt up and out of my shorts, exposing my chest as you leave a trail of<b> kisses </font></b>down to my nipples. Taking each one into your mouth biting gently and sucking very hard, an ohhhhhhh escapes my lips only to be carried away by the wind.

Joined together in an embrace we both turn our heads to watch the scene that we came so far to see. Our hands drift down to unfasten one another shorts and then begin pulling on one anthers underwear, exposing ourselves totally to the elements once more today. I begin to kiss a trail down your body, playing with your nipples as I go my mouth caressing each one my tongue tasting you as I trail further south. My lips kissing your fur and hands parting them your lips to expose your clit to the elements as well, I quickly kiss her and slide my tongue over her over and over, letting my tongue swirl in concert with the flowing of the wind over us. Unable to stand much longer you sit down on the rock ledge. I smile as you do that. "Hold right there a minute". I reach in to my bag and grab a couple of short lengths of rope, which I gently wrap around each ankle and secure to a couple of pitons that are still in the rock from other climbers. "Don't want you going anywhere" I explain. "Good idea." You reply.

Your legs are spread there on the rock, "And since you can't do much about anything right now, I have another surprise for you." I grin and reach into the bag, producing a vibrator that I rub around each of your breasts, slowly giving each nipple a little rub then running it down your body, teasing the tip on your clit, then rubbing its tip up and down your lips. Then running its shaft up and down the length of your slit. Slowly you scoot a little closer to me on the rock. I begin to thrust the vibrator in and out of you little bits at a time, as I lean over you with my tongue begins to lick your clit back and forth again, swirling around it and gently biting it. I can hear you gasp and moan in the wind. As I bring you closer, then let off and begin to take you to the brink again, you grinding and squirming against my face as a small puddle forms on the rock, my tongue slurps up as much as your juices as I can get. I slowly slip the vibrator all the way in to you and turn in to full, watch your eyes go wide as you pinch and rub your nipples moaning loudly , OOOHHHH GOOOOOOOD!!! YEEEEESSSS!!! Is carried away on the wind, but not before echoing across the valley.

I let the vibrator run as I tie some rope to my own legs and climb up on the rock as your hand slides under my scrotum to fondle my balls, I watch you lick your lips as you lick the precum from my cock head, and then run your tongue up and down the shaft. Gasping as your tongue runs up and down me. Ummmmmm. You bring me to the brink a couple of times as well, before deciding we should remove the piece of plastic and replace it with something much more real. I slip down and gently remove the vibrator from your dripping pussy. And slide my cock all the way into you with one thrust. I slowly climb back on to the rock with you, me hovering above you as our heads and shoulders are out over the ledge in mid air, our legs secured as we slowly and then with more passion and desire flowing through our veins. We begin to rapidly grin and buck our bodies together precum flowing from me mixing with your lubricants making us both wetter and more excited as we kiss and squirm on the rock ledge, turned on by the scene. The wind and edges of rock jarring bit s of our other senses as we keep up a fast grinding thrusting pace, my hips slamming into you against the firm rock wall, your hips ramming into my grinding your clit against me our pubic hair tickling one another. Our paces increase my cock exiting just enough to leave the head inside of you then plunging in then exiting again your lips gripping me all the way out and then folding in again as I enter you again and again. We gain even more momentum. Our body temperatures begin to go up you can feel my cock harder and enlarge that last little bit as you feel the first pulses of my cum shooting into you, spurting another large load of cum, as you go over the edge and your pussy begins to grip and milk my cock of its last little bits as you cum all over me. We rest for a breath minute, before we realize just how far off the ledge we are and begin to gently squirm ourselves back to a sane distance of safety. "Well at least we had the ropes." We both say in unison and then laugh about the shared thought.

Sitting there and talking for a few minutes letting the wind dry us as we begin to get dressed and start back down the mountain to start packing to go back to the states the next day, our visit to this part of the world concluded. You remark to me that this was a much better week away than you thought Switzerland could be in the middle of summer. I nod knowingly as we kiss and embrace with the sun to our backs as we move much more quickly down the mountain side than when we came up........

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